tagNovels and NovellasCaroline Ch. 05.01

Caroline Ch. 05.01


Caroline – Part 2, Ch. 5.01

Caroline's story:


If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!)

We are three!

We were both up with the lark on Sunday, both happy and looking forward to the day. After breakfast we had a bath together, laughing and playing. I think we were both quite horny already but we resisted touching each other. I didn't think our first orgasms would be very long in coming this morning, it seemed to me that Jo was almost there before he even arrived. Despite her fear that he wouldn't be able to take her bottom, she still insisted on me giving her two enemas in preparation, just in case then she gave me mine. This was sexy in itself and took us to a new plateau.

As we started to get dressed I said to Jo, "You know, I'll be surprised if he gets out of the door this morning. You look as if you could eat a man let alone make love to one. I've never seen you so excited."

"I know," she said, "I haven't felt like this for a long time. I think I'll cum when he looks at me. Anyway, you can talk, you're not far behind. I'm beginning to feel quite sorry for him, does he know what he's let himself in for?" she ended laughing.

"Oh yes, I think he does," I laughed, "he may be a bit worried that he can't keep up with us but I know he's looking forward to trying. And," I added archly, "I know he wants to fuck the arse off you."

Strangely, she blushed, "How do you know, what has he said, come on tell me!"

"Well," I said teasing her, "I told you before, he said that you had a fabulous body, lovely boobs and a gorgeous bottom that he couldn't wait to 'pay attention to' (and you know what that means) and that he was really looking forward to getting his penis in that beautiful mouth of yours before making mad and passionate love to you," I ended cuddling her. "Come on, stop worrying. If you don't have 10 orgasms today I'll eat my hat," I laughed, "and don't worry about your bottom," I added patting her there, "it is truly beautiful and, if he can't have it I'm sure he'll enjoy exploring it with his tongue."

This got her licking her lips in anticipation and I could see she was really warmed up now so I dragged her into the bedroom so we could get dressed. What to wear had caused us something of a problem. We knew we were going to take control immediately and drag him upstairs to the bedroom and go from there. I suggested that we wear loose skirts so we could undress him then sit on him fully clothed just taking our knickers off. Jo thought this was too extreme but I managed to convince her that it would be really exciting for him as well and we could undress each other as we bounced up and down on him.

"Won't he be annoyed if we do that?" she asked.

"I don't think so," I said, "he'll be too busy enjoying us, one on his face and the other on his cock!" You don't know how exciting it is to be doing this, getting ready knowing that you are going to seduce, fuck, screw, etc., a man. It's so often the other way around, we are the prey, the man is the hunter, as it were. When you change it round like today, where we were going out with the intention of having him, whether he liked it or not, it is so, so, invigorating.

So we agreed, we both wore loose skirts, mine crimson and Jo's blue. Neither of us wore stockings or tights very often so we were happy to go without them, just a pair of knickers easily removed. We wore loose shoes as well so we could just kick them off. On top we both wore bras that unfastened at the front for easy release and white blouses with just a couple of buttons.

I joked, "We can strip down for action very quickly in this, he won't know what hit him."

"You're right," she said, "but its not very glamorous is it?"

I laughed at her, "No, the packaging may be a bit bland but we don't want to detract from the contents do we!"

The we did each other's hair, taking time to get things just right, and put on a little makeup. I seldom wore very much for him, he seemed to like it that way, so I suggested that Jo shouldn't wear too much either. She hadn't on Tuesday and she had looked exquisite so she didn't today. When we were finished I felt so sexy it wasn't true. Here we were dressed for the kill, as it were. We were going to almost rape this man, in fun or course because he wanted to be 'abused', as he said, by two beautiful women. I could tell Jo was up for it as well. I remembered what he'd said about a woman being sexy if she felt confident in herself and her sexuality, well we both did and, I bet, we could have walked into any room in the country and have every man there drooling.

Despite this apparent feeling of confidence, when the doorbell rang Jo looked apprehensive. I got up and gave her a little kiss, "Don't worry," I said, "it'll be all right."

We both went to the door, in a hurry to see him. I was bursting, feeling so good it was almost impossible to describe. I couldn't wait to touch him, hold him, kiss him. I don't know why but I was so excited. I rushed into his arms and held him tight then kissed him.

"Oh it's so good to see you," I said, then turning to face Jo I said, "Let me introduce my friend Joanna."

He laughed, "Lena you are a minx and Jo, you are beautiful, a beauty only surpassed by that gorgeous girl standing next to you." I curtsied to him as he looked us both up and down. It must have been obvious to him that we were both very hot indeed because he said, "Come on let's get going, by the look of you two I'll be lucky to get home in one piece," and he laughed as he led the way to the car. I motioned Jo to sit in the front with him although I knew he wouldn't take that much notice whilst driving. It would, however, give her a chance to touch him which she did all the way back to his house.

As we stopped on his drive he turned to us and said laughing, "I'm not too sure that I should go into the house with you two, am I safe, will I make it out in one piece?"

I laughed back at him, "Oh, you'll make it out in one piece, knackered, but in one piece," I said, "you are going to be abused but you might just be able to cope."

He laughed back, "Oh Lena you know I love being abused by a beautiful woman and when there are two and they are such gorgeous creatures as you, I can't wait."

I poked my tongue out at him and laughed back, "Come on Jo, he can catch up." With which we strolled down the path to his front door giving him a sight of our bottoms swaying side to side.

"Does he know what's coming?" Jo whispered to me.

"He doesn't know but I'm sure he can guess we've got something lined up."

He opened the front door and we all went inside, closing it behind us. He said smiling at us both, "If you two go into the lounge I'll make some coffee." I'm sure he didn't think this would happen but at least he was trying. We were having none of it.

I grabbed one arm and Jo grabbed the other, "Oh no," I said, "We're going straight upstairs to the bedroom and we are going to fuck the arse off YOU, aren't we Jo?"

She wasn't really aware of how Mike and I played these games so she just looked somewhat abashed and nodded 'yes'. I chuckled and smiled at her, egging her on and winking, "Come on Jo, tell him what we're going to do. We mustn't keep him in suspense."

She smiled, still a bit unsure of herself, so unlike her really but I suppose this was a new man for her, however she picked up our playful mood and, looking up at him in the most sexy manner said, "Yes, I don't want coffee, I want YOU. I've been waiting ages for this and I can't wait any longer," and she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. "Now, get upstairs this instant. Do as you're told."

He threw back his head and laughed out loud as he climbed the stairs, "Yes mistress," he said, "anything you say mistress, please don't abuse me. Please don't sit on my face, please don't sit on my cock. I can't stand it." This got us all laughing and we quickly followed him upstairs into the bedroom. Here we put our plan into action. I stood to one side and began to kiss him, pushing my tongue into his mouth. He was not slow in responding. Looking down I could see that Jo had taken his shoes and socks off and undone his trousers. Her eyes were glowing and I knew she couldn't wait to get a glimpse of his manhood and to taste it in her mouth. Meanwhile, up top, still kissing him, I started to unbutton his shirt and finally removed it. I knew when Jo had got to his penis by his sharp intake of breath that must have been caused by her oral attentions.

We had both kicked off our shoes as we came into the bedroom and now Jo reached up and pulled down my knickers as she gently sucked on his hardness. I had warned her not to get too enthusiastic down there as we certainly didn't want him to cum too soon. Although we had the afternoon to look forward to we wanted to prolong the morning as much as possible. It was time for us to change places so, after she had removed my knickers she came up and began to kiss him while I knelt down and played with his erection, rock hard now with all the attention he was getting. I took him softly into my mouth to allow my hands to remove Jo's knickers and, as she stepped out of them we were ready for the next part of our plan.

I stood up and began kissing him along with Jo. Both of us were running our hands across his body, his chest, his back, his buttocks, and, occasionally, playing with his penis and his balls. We took turns at kissing him, pushing our tongues into his mouth. He seemed somewhat bemused but he was enjoying it. Then we pushed him onto the bed so that he was lying on his back with his erection sticking up in the air. We had discussed last night who was to be first 'on board' him, as it were, and decided that it should be Jo as she hadn't had him before. He was just laying there passively, letting us enjoy ourselves with his body. We were still fully clothed apart from shoes and knickers so he didn't have very much to get hold of. It was so sexy taking him like this, with all our clothes on: really exciting.

Jo moved down to his rock hard erection, kneeling alongside him, and began to kiss, lick, and suck his cock and balls. She gave me a fabulously sexy look, smiling with him stuck in her mouth, "This is bloody gorgeous, bloody gorgeous," she mumbled.

I looked up from kissing him, "Be careful," I said, "we mustn't have the naughty man shooting his spunk too soon must we." Then I looked down at him and said smiling, "Now, you naughty man, you mustn't cum too soon otherwise you'll be punished."

He laughed and pushed himself into Jo's mouth grimacing with the pleasure he felt and said, "And the threat of 'punishment' from you to is supposed to stop me cumming," and he reached up to pull my mouth onto his. Pulling away he said, somewhat breathlessly, "God, this is heaven, you two are nymphs draining me of everything." Then he kissed me again, shuddering slightly as Jo again sucked hard on his erection.

I looked down at her again and saw she was really enjoying herself, then she took him out of her mouth and said to me, "Shall we sit on him now. I really want this lovely cock buried inside me. I'm ready, are you?"

Well, I was, but I wanted to tease him just a little bit more. I whispered in his ear, "Do you want Jo to sit on your cock?"

"Bloody hell, she can do what she likes now but when she's finished I'm going to have my revenge," he said laughing.

"I won't let her sit on you unless I can sit on your face," I said kissing him again, "and, if you're not a good boy, we will change places after we cum."

"Oh shit," he said still laughing, "do what you want. I'll just lay back and think of England and of how I'm going to screw the both of you silly when you've finished here!!"

I looked at Jo and nodded. She took her mouth from his erection, now well lubricated with her spittle and his precum and, lifting her skirt, straddled his thighs. Her hand reached down, took hold of him and moved the head backwards and forwards across her cunny. Her face was a picture of lust. I suspect she had never been in this position with a man before, in almost total control. It's wonderfully sexy for a woman to behave like this and I was getting very wet thinking about sitting on his face and getting his tongue and mouth working on my sex. I stopped kissing him for a moment to watch as Jo settled down. I know she is a bit tighter that me, she hasn't been taken so much by a penis as big as Mike's, so I knew they would both really enjoy his first visit there.

As she settled down his face was a picture, "Oh shit," he said, "Oh shit," and he closed his eyes. He was trying not to cum. I motioned to Jo, 'stop' and mouthed "keep still for a mo'". It was obviously difficult for her because she was really enjoying the feeling of insertion by this big tool. After a moment he whispered with a laugh, "Phew, OK, go on, abuse me," and I nodded to Jo and she needed no urging, she just let her weight bear down on him and took him deep into her pussy.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck," was all I got from her as she must have had an orgasm immediately. Then she calmed down a bit and began to really enjoy the feeling of his erection deep inside her. It was time to 'crown' him off so now I lifted my skirt and knelt over his head. I lowered myself down onto him and was rewarded by his mouth planting itself on my sex and his tongue brusquely rubbing my clit. As before his arm went over my thighs and he pulled me down onto him as he moved his head backwards and forwards so his tongue and mouth even more roughly stimulated my already highly aroused pussy and clit. Then, again as before, his other hand stroked my bottom and his middle finger found my tight little bottom hole and thrust in up to the second knuckle. This was enough for me to cum, flooding him with my juice. He seemed to be able to breathe OK because he didn't push me off but continued to eat my pussy and to move his finger in my bottom so I leaned forward and began to kiss Jo who, all this time, had been gently bouncing up and down on his penis savouring the feeling of it thrusting deep inside her. I don't know whether she had had any more orgasms, I was too wound up in my own to see, but she seemed to be enjoying herself.

As we kissed each other we began to undo our blouses and, after removing them, our bras. Now we were naked from the waist up, stroking each others boobs and tweaking nipples: heaven!. He continued to stimulate my pussy and Jo continued to bounce up and down on his erection so I said to her, "Do you want to cum again like this or shall we change places?"

She smiled languidly at me, apparently she was in another place for part of the time, just enjoying the feeling of fucking a man like this, "Mmmmmm, what?" she said coming back to the real world.

"Shall we change?"

"Oooooohh, yes please, I want to sit on his face as well."

"You're welcome," I said pushing my bottom into his face as I leaned forward for kiss her.

She, apparently with some reluctance, knelt up and he came out of her. He was saturated. Jo always cums with more liquid than I do, I wondered how he'd manage if she came whilst sitting on his face, he'd nearly drown! As she got up she undid her skirt and slipped it off. I did the same as I lifted myself, I must admit also with some reluctance, from his face. So, as we changed places, we were now naked. I could feel his eyes on us both as he watched us knowing what we planned to do.

"Oh sweet Jesus," he said laughing, "I can't stand much more of this. Please, Jo, don't sit on my face. Lena, please don't force my cock up into your tight little pussy and fuck me. Please."

"Just be quiet and do as you are told," I said with mock seriousness, "you can be in charge later but now just do as you are told!"

"Yes mistress, as you say mistress. But, boy, are you two going to get well and truly screwed later," he added smiling.

"I hope so," I said wiggling my bum at him, "I hope we both are. In fact I'm counting on it!"

I moved to straddle his hips and I grasped his hardness ready to use it to stimulate my already engorged pussy lips but I wanted to watch as Jo sat on his face. She knelt over his head facing me and slowly lowered herself onto him. I was sure she'd never done this before so, like me the first time, she seemed uncertain of just how far down to go and she stopped just above his face. He wasn't happy with this and reached up, like he did with me, and pulled her down so that his mouth, which he opened just before she arrived, was fixed to her sex. I could see him licking and sucking her pussy then her eyes opened wide in surprise and I knew his middle finger had found her anus. She hadn't been expecting that and responded with, "Oh fucking hell, bugger, shit," as she came, flooding him with even more juice. Time for me to sit down.

I placed him at the entrance to my pussy, for a moment I considered putting it into my bottom. I longed for it there but he would cum if I did that, I was sure, and there was a long time left this morning. And I knew he would get his own back in the nicest possible way for our 'queening' of him. So I slowly moved his manhood along my pussy using the head to tweak my clit and then sank down on it, slowly feeding it into my vagina. This was a self inflicted torture as I really wanted to take him all in one go but I needed to prolong this a bit for my own orgasm. Jo was still in the throws of hers, pushing herself down on his face. God knows how he was breathing but he seemed to be all right. I took my hand from his erection and reached for Jo, kissing her full on the lips as I slid down and took all of him inside me. It was heaven, kissing her and screwing him at the same time. Jo pushed her tongue into my mouth and I came almost at once, squatting down even harder on him. Jo was moaning into my mouth and I figured she's had another orgasm as well.

We stayed like this for a while, kissing each other and stroking bodies and boobs. I bounced up and down on his erection and Jo slid her bottom backwards and forwards across his face. I think we both almost forgot about poor Mike but he didn't seem to mind. Slowly we came down from our highs and both slid sideways off him. He was still standing proud but his head was covered in both our juices, all over his face, neck and chest. I popped my head up level with him and gave him a quick kiss,

"Sorry," I said, "I'll get a towel to clean you up."

He smiled languidly back at me, "Thanks, did you both enjoy that?"

"Well I know I did," I said, "what about you Jo?"

She still seemed to be in a bit of a trance, still on her high. I suppose it had been such a long time that she had had really good sex. You couldn't count what she did with Steve, I don't think she really got anything out of that at all except for the early days.

"Jo," I nudge her, "how about you, did you enjoy that?"

She smiled, "Oh bloody hell, yes," she said and bent her head to kiss him, "Oh thank you, that was wonderful. Are we finished now?"

I laughed, "finished, I don't think so. Are we finished Mike."

"We are until I get cleaned up and then I'm going to have you both. You deserve a darn good spanking for what you did to me but I won't spank you, I'm going to make you both cum for being naughty girls," he laughed as I left to get a towel. I came back and we both wiped him clean. His penis had gone down a little while we were doing this and he looked at both of us and said, "Right you two naughty creatures, get that hard again. One each side please with your bottoms facing towards me."

"Oh dear," I thought as I crawled into position, this is going to be excruciatingly wonderful. I knew that he could see both of us completely, pussy and anus and everything. When we were both in position he said, "Start work then," and we both began to work on his slightly soft tool. I would suck the head as Jo licked the rest up and down then we'd change over, Jo using her tongue as only she can. I moved down to his balls, taking one then the other into my mouth and gently sucking. I could taste both Jo and myself on him mixed with his precum which was now leaking out of his tiny pee hole. While Jo continued on his cock I washed his balls with my tongue enjoying the taste and the tickling of his tiny hairs on my tongue. He was moving up and down slightly in Jo's mouth, enjoying the feeling of her lips around his cock. I licked a bit lower, almost down to his anus, then back to his balls then on to his cock to join Jo.

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