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Caroline Ch. 05.02



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will! This episode is a bit longer.

Can I just ask, no BEG, those of you who are reading my story and enjoying it, to let me know. There seem to be some of you out there from the marks the episodes receive. I only seem to receive negative feedback about this series lately, some quite nasty, and it makes me wonder whether it is worthwhile continuing to post this story. As I said in the introduction, it is a fantasy, my fantasy, so I understand that it may not appeal to some but, if you do like what you read, PLEASE SAY SO. Just an 'OK' will do but I do like to hear what you think. I don't really even mind negative feedback if it is constructive and not presented in an insulting way.)

Sunday Afternoon: Jo tries but can't.

We went downstairs and began preparing lunch. It was lovely, he kept on going up to Jo and whispering in her ear, a couple of times causing her to blush beautifully. Then he'd come over to me and whisper what he'd said. I told him to keep it up, I could tell it was making her feel really good, and that was the point of it after all. One time he whispered that she tasted wonderful and that he couldn't wait to taste her again, this caused a major blush and a laugh from me when he told me.

Jo turned and said, still blushing, "What did he say to you, come on Lena, tell me?"

I laughed with him, "He told me what he just said to you and I said that, yes you did, and I couldn't wait to taste you again either!"

"Oh, you two," she said blushing even more which, as usual, made her even more attractive, and laughed with us.

A little later he whispered to her again, this time putting his hand on her bottom, and she laughed, nervously, back at him and blushed.

"What did you say this time," I said, although I could guess really. I knew how much he desired her bottom so I suspected it was something about that.

"He said that I have a beautiful bottom and that he wants to 'attend' to it this afternoon. What does THAT mean?" she asked jokingly.

"It means," I said looking at him and smiling, "that he will massage, lick, and do everything else imaginable to your bottom and, if you want him to, he will take you there." She looked suddenly apprehensive, which Mike noticed straight away.

"Jo," he said walking over and holding her gently, "don't worry, Lena knows I won't do anything that you don't want me to and I most certainly won't hurt you intentionally. I don't believe in that and it will never happen again. It has no place in a loving relationship. And if I can't have your bottom," he added gently cupping her bottom cheeks in his hands, "I can assure you I'll still have a wonderful time pleasuring you."

Reassured, she kissed him, "I'm not worried," she said, looking at us both. "I know you won't hurt me," she went on then she ended softly, "unless I want you to,"

He looked at me and raised his eyebrows quizzically and I shrugged my shoulders in response, I wasn't sure what she meant.

"Come on, enough of this, I'm absolutely starving," I said, "leave her alone for a minute Mike, let's get lunch."

He laughed, "I'm sorry," he said laughing, "yes let's get on. I wouldn't be much use yet anyway!"

"Oh, I don't know," I said laughing back at him, "you've got a pretty mean tongue."

So we finished and sat down for lunch which was long and rambling. Enjoying the food, the wine (not that Mike had much to drink) and each other's company. After clearing and everything we ended up in the lounge, me laying down with my head on his lap (as usual) and Jo sitting next to him snuggled up. She didn't seem to want to let him get too far away from her, it was quite funny really. She was really hooked on him I think, even at that early stage of our relationship. We got to talking about his friend Silvio. I'd told Jo about Silvio and his family, but not about Maria and piccolo Silvio. I thought that was something that I should ask Mike about and see if he wanted to tell her the story. She should know because I knew she would notice the resemblance when she met the family next Sunday.

Mike told us how he had met Silvio when he (Mike) was quite young. Silvio is more than 15 years older than Mike and he was struggling then doing various catering jobs and not really happy. He wanted to open his own restaurant (I didn't realise 'til this time that Silvio was an absolutely fantastic chef in his own right) but he had no money. Mike put up the money to form a partnership with Silvio to enable him to open his own restaurant. They had been staunch friends since that time. He was best man at Silvio's wedding to Gianna and was godfather to their three oldest children, Bernardo, Maria, and Guy. He told us that they were all coming out to Bologna for the wedding, something, he said, they wouldn't miss for the world and Bernardo was making all the arrangements.

I said to Mike, "Mike, about piccolo Silvio, can I tell Jo?"

"Off course," he said, "with the same proviso about secrecy. I think she should know, don't you? The real story of course, she won't fall for the lie!"

"Know what?" Jo said sitting up and looking at him, "is this a dark secret?"

"Well," I said, "it is a secret and, I suppose, from one perspective it is dark but overall it's a very uplifting story," and I proceeded to tell her about Maria. How he had taken all the blame, been beaten by Silvio and all the rest. She looked at him with eyes wide open and said, "Oh, that's lovely. You lovely man," and she planted a great big kiss full on his lips. "Wasn't there any other solution?"

"No," he said sadly, "there wasn't. Maria wouldn't have an abortion because of her religious beliefs and, anyway, it would have been impossible to arrange really. We had to find a 'father' who wouldn't 'get in the way' as it were and I was the only candidate. I was pleased to do it really. Despite one or two ups and downs," he sighed as if remembering something, "I love Silvio and his family dearly, I'm an only child you see, and I see him, in some ways, like an older brother. I just felt that there was no other way. Lena will tell you, I don't think that Gianna ever believed that I was the father, she quizzed Maria for hours about what happened. That's why it was so important to go over everything with her so she wouldn't be caught out."

"What do you mean, 'go over everything'?"

"Well," I interrupted, "Mike described, in detail I might add, exactly what he and Maria were supposed to have done. He sent Bernardo to make coffee and drummed into Maria the supposed events, describing how he seduced her, what it was like the first time, even down to the size of his penis."

"It must have been a difficult experience for her," said Jo, "how old was she?"

"Thankfully, just turned sixteen. Any younger and I couldn't have done it or I might have landed in gaol! Yes, it was difficult for her, very embarrassing, but it had to be done otherwise Gianna would have been even more suspicious. As it was she couldn't get any evidence to back up her hunch that I wasn't the father and, of course, she would never have suspected Bernardo."

"She's a very lovely woman now and Silvio is a lovely boy."

"Yes he is, I am worried though, Maria is 27 now and she still hasn't had a regular man friend, had a few short romances but no man seems to stay around for long. That's surprising because she is very beautiful. Lena had an idea that she had a crush on me," he ended, looking at Jo. I was nodding my head 'yes' all the time as he went on, "Luckily she's met Maria and it's not that at all."

I was mouthing 'bollocks' at Jo and she raised her eyebrows quizzically. He must have thought that she meant Maria having a crush because he said quickly, "No, it's true. Lena assures me that yes, she loves me, but as an uncle. Not in any other way."

I was mouthing silently at Jo while he looked at her, 'I'll tell you later'. She nodded and smiled at him, "It was a good thing to do for the family, and they still don't know the truth?"

"No," he said, "even now I think it would destroy Silvio so it's best left unsaid, for now anyway."

"What about Bernardo?" Jo asked, "what happened to him?"

"Well, he was due to do his last year at university, so I arranged for him to do it in Bologna. He spoke pretty good Italian so it wasn't a problem. As it happened, it was a great move. He met an Italian guy out there and, between the two of them, they invented this gizmo, don't ask me what it does, that speeds up internet pathways. They needed some money to get the thing off the ground so he came to me and I invested a £100,000 in getting him off the ground. That gave me a 49% share. Then I loaned him the money to buy his friend out later on. He now has 51%, a controlling interest. I wouldn't take that from him. He's been fantastically successful, one of the youngest millionaires in Italy. He's married to a lovely English girl, Sally and he's got two gorgeous kids. I must admit that most of my cash comes via his company, it seems to grow and grow."

"What's his house like?" I asked.

"Oh fantastic, you'll love it. It's an old Italian villa estate in the hills outside Bologna. Massive rolling countryside with his own private lake and a lakeside house where we'll be staying. The villa is 17th century and he's restored it beautifully. The chapel," he smiled at me lovingly, "where the wedding will take place has been completely restored in the style of the period and the light through the stained glass windows is magnificent. I know you'll be happy there."

"I'm sure I will," I said smiling up at him. "Will Jo's parents be able to stay there?"

"Oh yes, there's plenty of room. I've asked Bernardo to give them the very best guest suite. I think they'll be happy and they can stay as long as they like, make a holiday of it if they want. What about that Jo?"

"Well, I've only just told them about Lena getting married. I haven't actually told them that it will be in Italy, it might come as something of a shock. They know she's been seeing an 'older man'", she laughed, "and they were a bit surprised when I told them but they very much want to come. I'm sure that they'll be made welcome there so I expect they'd love to stay. I'll call them tomorrow and sort it all out."

"Do they know about you moving in here and everything," he asked, "only I wonder if they might disapprove."

"I haven't told them anything about that yet but I will tomorrow. I think they'll be OK. My parents are both quite broad minded considering."


"Well, considering my dad was solicitor's clerk and mum was a teacher."

"I thought your mum might have been a nurse, you know."

"No, she wanted me to teach but I always wanted to be a nurse," she laughed, "I think that's how Lena and I became such good friends when we were little. She was always happy to be a 'patient'. I used to bandage her up all sorts or ways, remember Lena?"

"Yes," I said laughing, "I used to look like a forlorn mummy from an Egyptian tomb. And all that 'medicine' you used to give me, you know Tizer and Lucozade."

"You loved it though, didn't you."

I was serious, "I loved you, even then," I said, "I think I loved you from the start even when I was a little girl."

Tears formed in her eyes and she bent her head to kiss me, "I love you," she simply said.

Mike stroked our hair as we remembered those early days playing together, "I bet you were two of the prettiest little girls in the town," he said.

"Oh no, I was quite plump and spotty at that age," I said, "it wasn't till later that I grew my big bum and my plain face."

He laughed out loud, bent down and kissed my lips, "You little minx, isn't she a minx Jo? She's fishing for complements again." I pouted up at him causing even more laughter, "but I don't mind," he said, "I've told you a thousand times you are beautiful and, as a matter of fact, your bum is perfection."

"You are very naughty Lena, and I'm sure that Mike and I will have to punish you later, right Mike?"

"Oh yes," he laughed and looking at her with his 'I'm going to fuck the arse off you' look, "but only after Lena and I have made sure that you are suitably 'punished' for falling asleep this morning."

She blushed, oh it does make her look so, so sexy, and looked up at him coquettishly, "I can't wait to be 'punished'," she said breathlessly.

I thought that his might lead to an afternoon 'session' in the bedroom but he wasn't ready yet (he had worked VERY hard this morning after all), "About your clothes for Italy, any thoughts?" he asked.

"Not really," I said, "we haven't really talked about the wedding. What sort of dress will I need?"

"Well, there'll be two ceremonies. The first, the civil one, will be carried out by the Italian version of a registrar. With Bernardo's clout in Bologna, he is able to get one to come out to the villa and perform the ceremony. I suppose you can wear what you want for that one. The second ceremony, the next day I thought, will be the blessing in the chapel. Because I'm divorced they won't do the full marriage, Bernardo's checked, so we'll have a blessing, which is just as nice really. Is that OK with you Lena?"

I knelt up on the sofa so our faces were level, "Does that mean I need two outfits," I asked with a smile and a little pout.

"Yes," he said smiling back, "it means you need two outfits. I've had a word with Sally and she said that she would take you and Jo to the top shops in Bologna before we go to Lake Maggiore. You can choose and get fitted for your outfits. I want to see you both wearing the most beautiful things, their beauty only surpassed by yours," and he kissed me. A kiss which I returned with interest. "I don't think you need to take too many clothes with you to Italy. Why not get everything there."

"But it'll cost the earth," I said, "it's all very stylish but it's very expensive."

"Beautiful women should have beautiful clothes," he said smiling at us both, "and don't you worry about the cost. Go out and enjoy yourselves. Bernardo gets massive discounts anyway, he's so important in the town. You two go out with Sally while I'm still in the clinic. I'll have to stay a day or so afterwards."

I was suddenly concerned, "Why, there's nothing wrong is there?"

"No, nothing's wrong. They have to perform a small operation to get the sperm out and they will keep me in for a day, possibly two. Tell her Jo, there is nothing to worry about."

"He's right Lena, they will have to make a small incision down there and they will want to be sure he's OK before he leaves," she said, then she added, "you'd better tell her Mike, that you won't be able to have sex for a week or two afterwards."

"That's right sweetheart, I'll be a bit tender in that area for a while," he said sadly, "but we can make up for it later," he added smiling. "And," he carried on almost laughing, "we can stay in bed all day the Saturday before we leave. Hopefully we won't have anything to do then other than make love."

I strong feeling of love for him washed over me, he was doing this so that I could have his baby. I hadn't realised that he would have to have an operation. I was upset and worried.

"I didn't want you to have an operation. Jo, is it dangerous? He mustn't have it if it's dangerous. A baby isn't more important than you Mike. You don't have to do it!"

"I want to do it, I want to have a baby with you. I'm looking forward to seeing you pregnant. I bet you'll be even sexier then. Jo, tell her it's not dangerous."

"Well," she said hesitantly, "it's no more dangerous than any operation. I suppose they'll do it under a local anaesthetic, do you know Mike?"

He laughed, "Well," he said, "I'd much rather they did it under a general but I'm told that, at my age, it's better under a local, less risk, so I'll do it that way. Don't worry Lena, everything will be OK."

I leant forward and hugged him, "I love you," I said, "very much."

"I know," he said, "and I love you."

"What do you have in mind for that Saturday you mentioned," I asked archly.

"Sex," he said laughing, "lots of sex. That is, if you and Jo are in agreement. Jo?"

"What, all day?"

"As long as we can, yes. Are you up for it?"

"You bet," she said smiling at him with all her allure.

"I am as well," I said and feeling him getting hard next to my thigh added, "and I think you're up for it now!"

"Mmmmmm, yes," he said smiling, "the thought of a day long sexual marathon with you two is enough to make anyone excited."

"Come on Jo, let's go and get ready. Give us twenty minutes, and we'll be ready for anything!"

"Anything?" he said looking at Jo. I knew what he was thinking, could he take her bottom this afternoon. I know he wanted to and I wanted him to as well. I longed to see his penis going in and out of her anus. She appeared apprehensive as he looked at her and I knew she was still frightened of his size but she smiled at him and said, "possibly, we'll try at least." She knew exactly what he was thinking.

Off we went upstairs to get ready for him. On the way Jo poked me and said, "What was all that about Maria? There's more to this isn't there?"

"Yes," I said as we got ready, "there is." So I told her all about Maria, how she felt about Mike, how her feelings for him prevented her going with another man.

"When you told me the story I thought she would be fond of him for what he did and I'm not surprised that she feels that way. What happened when she told you all this?"

"Well, I hope you won't mind, but I sort of seduced her."

"Seduced her?"

"Well, errr, yes. I didn't mean to, it just sort of happened." I explained how it happened. "It's only happened once, I think she was worried she might turn out to be gay but I told her that, as she had pined for a man for nearly 10 years I doubted that. We see each other regularly for lunch and a chat. She really is so nice but she's a terrible mess sexually. I don't think that she'll ever settle down unless she actually gets to bed Mike properly. You don't mind do you?"

"Of course not, not at all. I'm looking forward to meeting her. She sounds as if she need some help."

"We . . . ll," I said.

"What are you planning now" she laughed.

"Not planning anything particularly," I said, "but I did promise her that I would find a way to get them into bed together. It's going to be difficult but I will try. I had to lie to him about how she feels, it would be terrible for him to think she felt that way about him but he swallowed it hook, line and sinker. He doesn't want to believe it really so it wasn't a problem."

"It will be difficult won't it. He feels that she is 'family' and with his beliefs it'll be difficult to persuade him otherwise."

"Yes, I know," I said, "but if we, you will help won't you, can get him in a position where the 'male' takes over and she is obviously willing I think we can do it."

"Yes," Jo said, "I'll help but I don't suppose there's any way at the moment."

"No, I don't think there is," I said pensively, "but enough of that for now, let's get ready." We prettied each other up and administered the enemas so we would be ready for anal sex if he wanted it. He'd already had my bottom today so I thought he would probably use the 'front door' this afternoon but I knew that he really wanted Jo in that way. I asked her about it.

"Jo, will you let him have you bottom today? You know he is very worked up about the possibility."

"I want to," she said, "but he is bigger than anything I've ever had, front or back. I could feel it this morning. He stretched me in the front so I don't know what he would do at the back."

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