tagNovels and NovellasCaroline Ch. 06.03

Caroline Ch. 06.03



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will! We return to Jo's story again.)

Jo wears the basque and she gives him her final virginity!

Well these were certainly a few days that will rank among the best and most important in my life. Anyway, Lena wants me write about Saturday night first. I was a bit apprehensive about the basque. I felt really sexy in it and Lena had made love to me on several occasions while I wore it but I knew how Mike had reacted when Lena wore hers. I didn't think I could cope with him doing to me what he did to her, although I know she absolutely loved it. Perhaps after he had had me there a few times I would enjoy it but not yet. Lena was certain, however, that he wouldn't do that and I tended to agree with her. Although he seemed to be letting himself go I always felt that Mike was in control of himself. Of course I hadn't seen them together on that fateful Sunday, only seen the results, but I still felt safe when I was with him. He wouldn't hurt me intentionally or do something I didn't want him to do no matter how much he wanted to do it. So, in the end, I decided to wear it and, boy, then did I feel like sex that night. My whole body was singing in anticipation. I was sure my orgasms would be out of this world.

We got ourselves ready, showering and powdering and perfuming. Not much makeup and no jewellery. I really enjoyed Lena giving me the enema. All the time she kept on talking about how his cock felt inside her bottom, how she could feel every bump and vein and how, when he came, she could feel it pulsing. She was really enjoying herself and she was getting me to a high pitch.

"Lena," I said laughing after a while and as she inserted the tube for the second time, "if you go on like this I don't think I'll be able to do anything I'll be shagged out by you!"

She laughed and kissed me, "Oh, I'm so excited," she said, "and it's not even me that's going to get buggered is it?"

This made me laugh out loud, "Oh Lena, I do love you," then more seriously, "will you be near when he does it because it will hurt and I'll need you."

She was serious now, "Of course I'll be there. I'll hold you tightly and help all I can but you mustn't be frightened you know. It will hurt at first but I bet you'll like it after a while."

"I hope so. I so much want to enjoy it so that I can do it again for him. After all we have to give your bottom a rest don't we," I added laughing and patting her there.

As we prepared to go out into the bedroom I had this wonderful feeling of anticipation. Oh, I'd made love with him twice now, Sunday with Lena and Wednesday on my own. This was somehow different. Lena was there, watching, helping and I was going to do something that was important for two reasons. I'd only ever done it with Steve. I was virgin when he first took me and it hurt, hurt a lot and, although I didn't mind it afterwards I never rally enjoyed it, never had an orgasm that way and he was never gentle. It was never him making love to me, it was him using me. He never came there, always cumming over my face. He wouldn't even let me suck him he always wanted to see it on my face, in my eyes and hair so I didn't ever feel that he was doing it for me, only for him. Then there was the last time.

I told Lena that he hurt me then, front and back. He didn't use anything, protection, lubrication, or anything. He just threw me on my face, held me down, and pushed into me and, although he isn't very big, he was as hard as a rock. He really got off on that film. I wasn't ready and it hurt like hell. I cried and screamed at him to stop but he just laughed and kept on. I hadn't got myself ready there either so, you know, it was difficult. Anyway he got right inside me despite that and my hurt and pain, and he buggered me really hard, enough to draw blood. He seemed to pound into me for ages and the pain didn't go away. Then, before he came, he made me suck him with everything on his penis. He held my head on himself and fucked my face. Then he held himself deep in my mouth making me choke before he came all over my face. It was horrible, the taste, the feel of him in my mouth after my bottom. The whole episode was horrid, as you can imagine, and I couldn't even think about sex there until Lena started to use the dildo we bought.

Slowly, as she made love to me gently and caringly, I came to enjoy it. Enjoy it, I suppose, as I should have done with Steve, but he never worried about whether I enjoyed it did he. So this evening was important for that reason. It would let me put Steve finally behind me.

The other reason was for him, for Mike. Giving him my bottom sort of rewarded him. Oh, I know that doesn't sound right but he had become such an important part of my life now. He had re-established my faith in men, made me feel feminine again and not some sort of sex object. The party, the days afterwards, Sunday and everything that had happened since then had, sort of, given me a new feeling about myself. Confident, assured, and sexy. So I was really looking forward, although with some apprehension, to what he was going to do tonight.

All this was going through my mind as I got dressed. Pulling the blue stockings on made me feel even sexier. The feel of the silk against my skin was wonderful. Lena was helping, stroking and kissing me. This resulted in me being at fever pitch by the time I was fully dressed in the basque.

"God you look gorgeous," she said looking at me with pure lust in her eyes, "I wish I was taking a full part in this evenings pleasures."

I laughed, "You've had it before," I said, "it's his turn now. Come on, go out and see if he's ready."

I really couldn't wait any longer. My lovely blue knickers were, even now, getting wet as I became so wound up in anticipation. She opened the door and went into the bedroom. I heard him say, "Lena, you look lovely," and a silence which I guessed was a kiss.

"That was just the hors d'oeuvres," she said, "here's the main course. Come on out Jo, let him see you."

I walked into the bedroom, a bit tottery oh the bedroom slippers, but feeling like a million dollars. I stood in front of the mirrors and raised my arms above my head to pose for him.

"Jesus Christ," he said, "God you look lovely."

Then I turned slowly around so that he could see all of me. I could feel his eyes burning into me, his lust almost palpable. When I'd turned all the way round he was there in front of me and then holding me tightly as his lips found mine. I was taller in the slippers, nearer his height, so I didn't have to reach up so much to kiss him. Then his arms around me and his whisperings in my ear, "Beautiful, gorgeous, lovely." His hands were everywhere on my back, my shoulders right down to my bottom, uncovered because the back of the knickers was just a narrow string now in between my bottom cheeks.

I sort of melted in his arms enjoying the pleasure of being held by him, and of his desire soon to be satisfied. He pulled away from me and said gruffly in a voice full of lust, "Turn, Jo, face the mirrors." Apprehension filled me and it must have shown on my face because he bent and whispered, calmer now, "No," he whispered softly, "not there. Don't be afraid now. I love you, you know that don't you and I would never hurt you. Trust me."

I did, so I turned and faced the mirror. He held me close to him and I could feel his penis pressing into my bottom cheeks. I wiggled and it settled in the valley in between, the length pressing against my anus through the two pieces of clothing. It felt heavenly. He moved slowly, rubbing himself across my bottom hole, pushing the material of my knickers into the crack. My anus was so, so, hot, sensitive. I could feel it pulsing wanting him there.

After a while of enjoying this feeling, he gently eased me backwards and then said, "Lean forward, take your weight on your hands." This was the same as he'd done with Lena and I looked sideways to see her sitting on the bed watching, wide-eyed, as he positioned me. She smiled and nodded, blowing a kiss to me. I leaned forward so that my back was at 45 degrees and my bottom thrust out behind me. I could see him in the mirror. His eyes travelled up and down my body, stopping now and again to take in the sight of my bottom 'presented' to him. I guessed that he longed to bugger me then and, in truth although it would hurt a lot in this position, I wouldn't really have minded. But I knew that he wouldn't do it now so I pushed my bottom out even more longing for him to use his tongue on my pussy and bottom hole.

He knelt behind me, his face level with my bottom, and removed my knickers. Now he gently prised my legs apart, finally about 18 inches, leaving me totally exposed. The high heels of the bedroom slippers forced my bottom right out. He told us later that this was the position that young girls in Victorian times had to take to be 'disciplined. He called it 'presenting'.

I certainly felt 'presented'. He could see everything now and my level of tension was high. Lena had come to stand beside me and stroked my hair and my back. Then his tongue. It was like an electric shock passing across my pussy, my sex. He parted the lips and began to lick inside, up and down, up and down. Then across my perineum and along the valley between my cheeks. When his tongue touched my bottom hole I felt as if he had taken me there already. A shock passed all the way along my rectum, in anticipation of later I suppose. A small orgasm rocked through my body and I pushed my rosebud onto his tongue. He responded by making it into a small prick, tonguing my back door. I was moaning now, in pleasure and with desire. Again he returned to my pussy, sucking, kissing and licking. From this angle he couldn't get at my clit so Lena reached down and began to gently stroke the little man who had poked his head out. Then back to my anus, pushing his tongue past and as deep as he could. "Relax Jo," he said, "open."

So I did. I relaxed my anus allowing him to put more of his tongue inside me, lick the walls of my rectum. Oh God, this was good. As a prelude to being taken anally this was wonderful. I was in seventh heaven by this time, pussy and bottomhole on fire. The only problem being that my legs were close to giving way and he hadn't even screwed me yet!

I needn't have worried. Just as I thought this he stood, boxers gone now, and placed his penis again in the crack of my bottom. Then moved it backwards and forwards across my now oh so sensitive, anus, not inside, just the length of him rubbing the tight little ring as it slid in the valley between my bottom cheeks. I felt as if the ring were kissing his erection as it slid over the rubbery tightness. I was very close to a gigantic orgasm at that moment. He must have sensed it because he took hold of his cock and placed the head between my pussy lips and pushed forward into me. The breath rushed from my body as his rampant penis invaded the soft folds of my vagina. I thrust my bottom out at him even harder, trying to get more of his lovely cock inside me.

He began to gently thrust deeper into my vagina, grasping my hips to pull me on to him. The feeling was unbelievably wonderful as he filled me with his solid pole of man flesh. Then it hit me. I screamed in pleasure as he filled me from the rear, like a stallion mounting a mare. Shock after shock of orgasmic pleasure rocked through my body as he suddenly stayed completely still inside me. I couldn't. I needed to move, to feel him moving in me, so I carried on thrusting back at him until Lena held me still and whispered, "Don't, he'll cum," and brought me back to earth.

At that moment my legs began to give way from the force of my orgasm and the pounding into me that caused it. He quickly put his arms around me from the back and held me tightly, still embedded in my sex from the rear. He lifted me and sat on the bed which caused him to enter even deeper into me and brought another orgasm, almost as strong as the first. He held me close to him as I must have passed out from the intensity of feelings.

When I came back to the world I was laying next to him. I opened my eyes to see Lena kneeling and sucking his still erect penis. She noticed me awake and smiled around his erection. I smiled languidly back, "Don't you dare make him cum," I said, "I haven't finished with him yet."

He turned to look at me, "Go on then, you suck it too. Taste yourself."

I turned and knelt opposite Lena and kissed her as she raised her head then bent mine to take him into my mouth. It felt lovely. The shape fitted perfectly. I gently sucked and rolled my tongue around the head. This brought an, "Oh shit Jo, you'll have to stop that or you'll get a mouthful of spunk!"

'That would be nice,' I thought but then I wanted more of his manhood inside me elsewhere so I took him from my mouth and crawled up level with him. He held me tightly and we kissed, tongues dancing together.

"Fuck me again," I whispered in his ear, "then take my bottom."

He took a deep breath, controlling himself I think, then said, "Lay back. I want to taste that lovely pussy of yours."

"Oh, yes please," I said as I lay back.

He moved down my body, running his hands across the material of the basque. I could see what Lena meant about wearing it. You couldn't feel his hands properly and he couldn't get at my boobs which were longing to be kissed properly by him. Then my legs. He stroked my legs through the silk of my stockings, then began to kiss them through the silk. He must have liked the feeling it gave him. He kept running his tongue around the stocking tops and licking the suspenders. It was obviously very exciting for him. It was pretty exciting for me as well! Lena was now kissing me as well and I had my arms around her pulling her to me as he moved to my sex.

His fingers fluttered around my mound, tweaking and pulling gently at my pubes then they found my pussy. Parting the lips, he started to tweak my clitoris before he moved to replace his fingers with his tongue. I would have sworn his tongue was three times normal size then, he used it to cover the whole of my sex, inside and outside. Licking then sucking, sometimes gently biting. Then I felt a finger inserted into my vagina and a gentle movement before it was removed and pressed against my anus. Whoo, he was going to stick his finger my bottomhole while eating me, and he did! His finger pushed into me as I opened my legs wider to allow him access. I was moaning into Lena's mouth, "Yes, yes, yes, yes," over and over again and I was very close.

Suddenly I was empty, his finger removed from my rear, his mouth from my sex. I need not have worried, I was soon to be full again! He knelt up between my legs and spread them apart, lifting my knees to give himself total access to my body. Then his was against my sex, pressing between the lips, forcing them apart. He called my name then, "Jo, Joanna, Jo. Look at me!" I opened my eyes and stared into him as he penetrated me and cried out in near ecstasy. I felt as if he was entering my soul, my inner being. Not only in my vagina but through my eyes, deep inside my body. It was almost too much to bear. Lena was sitting back on her haunches watching him take me, slowly in and out, in and out, until he was finally completely inside me. I threw my legs around his waist to hold him in me and my hands went to his bottom to try to pull him in deeper but he wasn't still. He kept on moving, back and forth, deep inside my body until I could take no more and I cried out, "YES," as I came, orgasm raking across my body but centred on this wonderful column of flesh pulsing inside me. I dug my nails into his back, I had him, completely, totally, in me. I wanted him to cum then, to fill me with spunk so I squeezed my vaginal muscles as much as I could to make him cum. Anal sex forgotten now, he was in me and I wanted his offering but he managed to hold back, staying stock still despite my wriggling, pushing and pulling.

Slowly the orgasm waned and I moved my legs away from him allowing his still hard erection to depart. I felt empty for a moment, then I remembered that I was going to feel full again soon. Again, as I often did after these intense orgasms, I must have, sort of, passed out because I came to with both Mike and Lena kneeling next to me soft calling my name. I smiled up at both of them, a self satisfied smile that caused them both to laugh softly at me.

"It looks like you enjoyed that," Lena said smiling down at me.

"Oh yes," I said breathlessly, "Mike that was wonderful. Will you fuck my arse now?"

He looked astonished, glancing at Lena then at me then back again. "Errr," was his only response. He didn't expect that from me did he. You see, I don't swear as much as Lena when I make love, or when I talk about it, only when I get really worked up. Well I was now. I felt well and truly fucked. Twice he'd made me cum, enormous orgasms that rocked my body. I knew now that I wanted him in the back door, what would that orgasm be like, if I had one?

I reached up to him, "I want you to fuck me in the arse," then, pouting at him, "will you?"

"Oh God," he said as he reached for me and kissed my lips hard. "Turn over," he muttered gruffly and, just for a moment, I wondered whether I'd gone too far. Apprehension struggled with desire as I rolled face down on the bed. My head was turned so I could see Lena and she was smiling at me and nodding. I knew she would be there for me now.

She reached out and touched my face, "It'll be all right, love," she said, "just relax," and she gave me her hands to hold.

As it happens I was relaxed, welcoming my fate. I'd crossed the Rubicon now, there was no going back. He was going to take me there, his hot piston breaching my tight back passage. I shivered in anticipation and my anus felt on fire waiting for the breach but it wasn't to be quick. He was going to savour this moment, make it last both for me and for him. I knew that and I could see Lena smiling knowingly as she watched.

He knelt up next to me and looked down. I know how much he loved that sight. A woman, face down, with her proud bottom sweeping outwards and upwards from her waist. A love heart he called it. Having seen Lena like it a few times I knew just what he was seeing. He gently prised my legs apart and knelt between, I could feel his eyes stroking my body, gazing at my anus awaiting him. Then his hands. Starting at my neck and shoulders, gently massaging to the line of the bodice. Then, one each side, they moved downwards caressing, holding, travelling the shape of my body before leaving the material and again coming into contact with my skin. His touch was electric, sending shivers up and down my body. Heaven must be like this I thought, only when he touches me there will it get better. He didn't stop, continuing down my legs to meet the silk of the stockings. Still he caressed me then, bending, he began to lick the backs of my knees through the silk then upwards to my bottom across bare skin. Oh, this was wonderful. His tongue was like velvet caressing my skin. I was moaning softly in pleasure as he laved me with his tongue and stroked me with his hands. Lena was close to me now, cooing softly to me and stroking my hair. I smiled at her, "Soon?" I said.

"Soon," she replied.

Then an electric shock through my body. His tongue had gone straight to my anus, licking around the ring and then across it, pushing inwards all the time. His hands on my bottom pulling the cheeks apart causing my back door to widen to allow his tongue even greater access. I was moaning louder now, almost sobbing in the pleasure he was giving me. This is what anal sex is about I thought and I wanted him, wanted him desperately, to bugger me then. I thought of it like that, buggery, sodomy, arsefucking. All those words bustling through my brain as he continued to rim my bottomhole. Now his finger probed inside gently moving in and out before finally leaving. He leant forward and I could feel his erection poking the cheeks of my bottom, it felt enormous but I wanted it.

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