tagNovels and NovellasCaroline Ch. 07.03

Caroline Ch. 07.03



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will! All sex in this one – to make up for the previous chapters!)

Caroline's tale continues:

Friday night threesome.

Jo and I went out shopping on Friday morning, just to pick up a few more things for our trip, mainly for me in the clinic. Mike stayed in to get the car ready and everything. I was looking forward to driving down to Italy. Jo and I had been on holiday a couple of times together but always by plane so driving was a novelty. Mike had arranged two overnight stops on the way down so we'd arrive in Bologna around lunchtime Tuesday. We were due in the clinic midday on Wednesday so that gave us only a day to settle down still, best get in there quickly I say.

We took a light lunch in with us and something easy to cook for Saturday night. We didn't want any distractions caused by having to cook complicated food! Mike had suggested we go out to dinner tonight and we both agreed that it was a good idea so the afternoon was rather lazy. A few last minute things to do, we wouldn't be leaving till late morning on Sunday but be didn't want to be messing about then so we tried to get everything ready. We would do all the packing on Saturday whilst playing our games, we thought that would be interesting!

We went to a nice restaurant in the evening, fairly early, we had a busy night ahead! We all ate quite lightly. I know I don't enjoy sex as much on a full stomach! Nor do Jo and Mike so it was small but enjoyable. We didn't have anything to drink either. Mike certainly won't before he has to 'perform' as he puts it and neither Jo nor I wanted to spoil any feelings we might have. I think we all felt that tonight was going to be special. My only worry was that Mike would find it hard going, literally. I know I felt really hot and I wanted him a lot and Jo, well Jo was running so hot it was untrue.

She'd got up hot this morning, looking at Mike as though she wanted to eat him! As Mike left the breakfast room I said to her, "Jo, what's the matter, you look like you could eat him?"

"Lena, I feel so hot. I had this wonderful dream last night. It was me, with Guy and Mike, but it wasn't Guy and Mike all the time. Sometimes it was Guy who turned into Mike and sometimes the reverse. Sometime they'd both be inside me, one in the front and one in the back, then one would disappear. Then I'd be sucking one while the other was in my bottom or my pussy. Then they'd change round or disappear the come back somewhere else. All the time you were watching and egging them on, telling them to bonk me harder. It was so strange but, bloody hell, it was good."

"It sounds bloody good," I said, "I wonder if Guy will agree to being shared. You will ask him to share you won't you?"

"Yes Lena, I will at the right time. I don't really know what will happen if he says no, I hope he won't. If I talk to him about if properly it should be OK but I don't want to think about him not agreeing. I'll just have to deal with that when it happens. I don't know what I'm going to do then Lena."

"I know," I said, "let's just wait and see, and hope," and I cuddled her. This subject could get her very sad very quickly and I understood what a terrible position she would be in if he didn't agree. I didn't mind not sharing him, I had Mike, but I would be devastated if he didn't want Jo to continue her relationship with me. I love her and so does Mike but I don't think it would affect him quite so much: he has me after all. I'm sure it would hurt us all if it ended, particularly ended like that. But, you know me by now, I'm an optimist. I was sure that, in the end, Guy would see that forcing Jo to finish our relationship would probably sow the seeds of the end of theirs; her through resentment and him through guilt. I just hoped he would see it like that. Anyway our little discussion had calmed her down somewhat and she was her usual self all day.

We got back from the restaurant about 8:30 and Mike went straight off to have a soak in the bath. We left him there for a while then both showered and got ready in our usual way. We were very careful with our enemas. Making sure we were very clean so we were ready to take him anywhere and he could change between us: eager for him to do so in fact. I know I wanted him everywhere. It's only on occasions like this that you wish your man could go on and on but they're not made like that are they so we have to be thankful we have a man who can last for such a long time before he cums.

After getting ready we went to find him in the bathroom. It was funny, he was nearly asleep in there so we dragged him out of the bath and dried him down. Then we both took turns kneeling in front of him and sucking his cock to full hardness. I think he enjoyed it.

I knelt in front of him first and took his flaccid penis into my mouth. Jo took one look down and said, "Bugger, I don't think I've ever sucked one from soft, let me have a go," and she knelt down beside me. She took all of him into her mouth and began to use her tongue to wind him up.

"Oh fuck," he said, "come here Lena and kiss me."

I stood up and he turned his upper half towards me and held me. I planted a kiss on his lips and he returned it with interest, his tongue pushing into my mouth. He was obviously very hot. I pulled away, "How's it going down there?" I laughingly asked Jo.

She mumbled something with his, now half hard penis, still in her mouth. He was rapidly getting hard and getting worked up. I knelt down beside her and started on his balls, hard themselves now as he became more excited. His hands reached down to hold Jo's head still and he began to plough her mouth quite hard. She enjoyed it, looking up at him with her big brown eyes and forming her mouth into a perfect 'O' for him. I imagined her tongue was working overtime.

But, hang on, this was getting dangerous. They were both enjoying this and I began to think he might actually fill her mouth with spunk. From the look on her face I think she wanted it but it would mean a short end to the evening and neither of us would get bonked properly. I took hold of his balls and gave them a hard squeeze. This caused an, "Oh shit, Lena, that hurt," from Mike as he pulled his saliva dripping erection from Jo's mouth and a pout from her as she lost this lovely pillar of flesh that I'm sure she hoped would fill her mouth with his cream.

"Hey you two," I said laughing, "don't forget we've got the rest of the night to go. And you," I said mock seriously to Mike, "have got a lot more holes to fill with that weapon of yours so don't go off half cocked."

Jo stood up, put her arms round me and said, "I'm sorry Lena, but the feeling of him growing in my mouth was amazing and the taste of him, oh dear, I'm afraid I got carried away. I really wanted a mouthful of spunk just then."

"I'm sorry too, darling," he said to me putting his arms around us both, "but, bloody hell, that was good. You know we ought to do that more often. It's absolutely marvellous to feel myself growing in such a lovely warm, wet place. Especially when it's being stroked all the time by an energetic tongue." He kissed us both.

I gently grabbed his erection and started towards the bedroom, "Come on you two, time to bonk!!" He laughed and hobbled on slightly behind me while Jo put her hands on his bottom to hurry him along.

"You know you two are going to pay for this," he said laughing.

"How," I asked archly as we entered the bedroom.

He grabbed us both and looked at us, his eyes hot with passion and desire. "The last thing I do tonight is to fuck both your arses in tandem off the edge of the bed while you French kiss each other. Then I'm going to drop half my cum in one arse before I change and put the rest in the other." I think he was using this language to hot us up even more!

We looked at each other, "That sounds good," I said laughing, "how about you Jo?"

"Sounds good to me," she laughed.

"Then," he said, "we'll get really naughty."

"Mmm, do tell," I said sexily.

"Then one of you will suck my cock clean while the other sucks my spunk from her arsehole. How about that?"

I looked at Jo and raised an eyebrow.

"Bags I suck cock," she said smiling just as sexily.

"Not finished yet," he said smiling, "then you kiss, mix it all up and swallow."

"Mmm, I love spunk and anything it's mixed with. What next," I said.

"Then you change places and do it again."

"Oh good, I wanted to suck the spunk out of Lena's arsehole."

"And I wanted to suck some cock," I said.

"Not finished," he said laughing. "Now you both kneel back on the edge of the bed and I inspect your bottom holes with my tongue. Do you think you can stand it?"

"Oh fuck yes," I said, "I can stand that all day!"

"And I'll give you two hours to stop doing it," Jo said. I noticed that we'd both picked up his use of language to heighten the excitement of the situation.

I don't know where all this came from but he was obviously very, very excited tonight. Perhaps bringing him hard from soft like that gets him more excited, I don't know but we're certainly going to try it. I wasn't worried about doing those things because Jo and I are always very clean down there before we do anal sex. You've got to be you see, especially if you're going to move from one to the other. So we are very careful about cleanliness there, making sure our enemas were effective. Anyway, it's much nicer when you are completely empty, you can feel more and the spunk hits your insides and makes you cum!

"Well," I said, "if you're going to do that to us we're going to sit on your face! Whether you like it or not. Come on Jo, let's get him."

With that we both pushed him on the bed and jumped on him. We had a little 'rumble' on the bed during which his hands seemed to be everywhere, particularly on our pussy's and bottoms. He finally gave up the struggle (not that he struggled very hard!) and lay on his back. "I give in," he said laughing, "you can have your wicked way with me."

"Oh, don't worry, we will," said Jo and she kissed him. "Now, you hold still and kiss my boobs while Lena sits on that lovely erection. Go on Lena, climb aboard." So saying she moved her chest over his face so he could suck her boobs. This meant, of course, that he couldn't see what I was doing. Well, I just pushed his legs together then knelt beside him to suck his penis. I hadn't tasted it yet tonight and I wanted to get the flavour of his precum because it always excites me. I took him in my mouth and gently sucked a few times. All too soon I was rewarded by a little spurt of precum, tasty as always, which I swirled around my mouth. It always makes me hot, just the taste of him, his essence. It's lovely; my way of loving him even more.

Now it was time to 'climb on board' as Jo put it so I pushed his legs together, making sure his tender ball sack wasn't trapped, and straddled him. I didn't want him all in at once so I took hold of his erection at the base, found my pussy with the head, and lowered myself down. Oh fuck, what bliss as he entered me. I was totally in control then, as I always am with him in this position, and I enjoyed teasing his cock for a few moments before I let myself take him up to my hand. I assumed he enjoyed it, I couldn't tell because his face was buried in Jo's boobs at the time, she was enjoying it however, looking at me with lust in her eyes awaiting her turn on board no doubt. I bounced a couple of times onto my hand then took it away. I love doing it like this, how long will I wait before removing my hand even I don't know: this means he'll never know when either.

I sank down on him with a sigh. I think I heard a grown from him. Something must have happened because Jo suddenly took a deep breath. "Time for your fun now," I said as I settled down on him enjoying the feeling of all of his hardness inside me. Jo knelt up and allowed him to look at me. He did and smiled, "Oh that's good princess," he said, "stay there forever."

I smiled at him and said, "Be quiet, Jo's going to sit on your face now. Do you want her to?"

"Bloody hell, yes," he said, "come on Jo."

She wasted no time in squatting over his head facing me. Before lowering herself down on him she leant forward and gave me a lovely kiss. He reached up for her thighs and pulled her down onto his face as she did so. She let out her breath into me as his mouth must have touched her pussy then she pulled away, her eyes showing her pleasure at his tongue. I started to gently bounce up and down on him, absorbing the pleasure generated inside my vagina as the walls massaged his sexy muscle. I knew I had to be careful, I didn't want him to cum yet and I could feel he was very hard, usually a sign he was ready. It was difficult because I couldn't see his face because Jo was sitting on it, and enjoying every second of it by the look on her face. I could see she was near to climax and when her eyes opened wide and as shout of, "Oh yes, yes," escaped her lips, I knew he must have probed her bottomhole with his finger and brought her to orgasm. This made me even hotter and I bounced harder finally sensing my own climax almost upon me. I reached forward for Jo and kissed her, now in her post climax daze but still responsive to my mouth, and came; the orgasm filling my whole body with pleasure and making my nerve ends tingle. I hoped he was able to hold on because, at that moment, I didn't care too much. I just wanted to cum!

With our orgasms dissipating, Jo and I fell off him sideways and snuggled up to him.

"Oh shit," he said, "that was good. Come here Jo and kiss me."

Fully awake now after her orgasm she moved to kiss his lips, tasting herself on them.

"Now I think you should suck my cock Jo before you get on board, don't you Lena? Then you can park that gorgeous arse on my face so I can explore that delectable pussy of yours with my tongue."

Well, of course, we needed no second bidding and I watched with pleasure as Jo moved down to take his still erect member into her mouth. She must have been able to taste me on him and, mixed with his precum, I'm sure it made a heady cocktail. She seemed to enjoy it, sucking strongly and smiling up at us both with her mouth stretched around his erection.

"Oh shit Jo. Not too much please. God, where did you learn to use your tongue like that. Oh hell, kiss me Lena."

So I did, hot, long, and hard with my tongue pushing past his lips and swirling around his mouth, tasting him, drinking him in.

As I pulled away her threw his arms sideways, "This must be heaven," he said, "but Jo, you're going to have to stop doing that for a minute. It's too much and I'll fill that gorgeous mouth of yours with spunk." He looked at me, "and we all know where that is due to go don't we," he said with a huge and playful leer.

Jo pulled her mouth away from him and laughed, so did I. "Give me a minute to get control please, then climb on board."

I moved down to Jo and we kissed. She exchanged the taste of him and me with me as we did so and I hugged her tight before we moved apart and got ready to 'queen' him again.

"You go first this time Jo, let him see you taking his lovely prick up inside you."

"Mmm," she said as she squatted over his erection, still hard but laying down on his stomach. She took hold of it and began to gently masturbate him, bring him back to full hardness, then she wiped the head backwards and forwards across her pussy as she looked at him and licked her lips lasciviously before poking her tongue out at him. Now for some reason, as you've probably gathered this, when we poke our tongues out at him it really turns him on. I don't know why, nor does he actually, but it does. So the effect of Jo doing this was to make him sigh and say, "Oh Jo, for god's sake, fuck me with that beautiful pussy of yours, please." He almost pleaded!

She took pity on him and, placing the head of his cock just inside her vagina, she settled down on him; taking him completely inside in one go.

"Oh fuck," he said.

"Holy shit," she said.

And I laughed, "That must be good."

"Oh Lena, it's heaven isn't it Mike," she said looking down at him. I think he was having trouble controlling himself, she is tighter than me after all, so it must have been very difficult for him.

"For god's sake don't move," he said to her, "bloody hell," he breathed.

I leant forward and kissed her. It was obvious she wouldn't be long coming to her second climax but she did realise the importance of keeping him fully loaded. I know I was looking forward to my arse being fucked so I didn't want him cum just yet.

She settled down on him, her face full of pleasure, and I thought it time I took his mind of his cock so I moved to cover his face. The feeling of anticipation was marvellous as I began to slowly lower myself onto him. I must admit that since doing this the first time I find it terribly erotic and exciting. I suppose it's being in control. Here we are, both helpless females (!), with this big, strong, man beneath us unable to do anything other than provide his penis and his mouth for us to use as we like. I lowered myself down on him and felt his hands on my pussy, pulling apart the lips to give him complete access. I was already starting to feel very, very good. It got better as I settled on him, his mouth in and around my sex and his tongue playing it's usual tune. Bloody hell, he said my mouth was wicked but his tongue was pretty exciting as well! As usual he reached up and pulled me down onto him as he moved his head along my pussy, sucking and licking all the time. Then his finger in my bottom, hell, then two fingers.

I looked at Jo. She was bouncing up and down in a world of her own enjoying the feeling of having him like this. I thought it best not to interrupt her reverie so I started to press down and back, taking more of his mouth and his fingers as my second orgasm began. His fingers were moving in my bottom, gorgeous, and his tongue had found my clit now; he licked; he sucked and I came. Gosh it was good as I ground down on his face. How he coped I don't know but he did, and I know he enjoyed it.

I slipped off sideways to allow him to breathe but Jo was still 'riding high' on his erection. How many times she came I don't know but after a little while she had finished and slid off as well.

"Bloody hell," he said, "but you two are hot tonight."

"Mmm," I said, "and we haven't cooled down yet. What's next?"

He looked at Jo now in her post orgasmic dream world for a while. "I think we ought to wait for Jo don't you. It'll give me a bloody rest as well."

I laughed, "All right. I'll get a towel and dry your face." I suddenly felt guilty. His face was so wet with both of us, all over his eyes and everything. "Oh Mike, I'm sorry. We shouldn't do this, you're all wet and everything."

He laughed, "I don't mind sweetheart. I enjoy you two enjoying yourselves. Give me a kiss then a towel." So I kissed him hand then dried his face and neck after which I kissed him again. By this time Jo had finally come back to life and was laying next to him stroking his chest.

"That was bloody marvellous," she said, "better than the first time I think. Don't you Lena?"

"Mmm. I enjoyed it. What about you Mike. Did you like Jo fucking you?"

He smiled, "Oh yes, almost as much as I'm going to like fucking her," he said leering at her. She blushed as usual when he started playing, this time all over. Oh, I do wish blushing did so much for me.

"It's not fair," I said putting on a big pout, "I don't look sexier when I blush."

He reached up for me, "Ah," he said, "but you look sexy ALL the time. Come here and kiss me, vamp!"

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