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Caroline Ch. 07.04



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!

More sex! And Mike experiences something of what it is like to be the recipient!)

Caroline's tale continues:

DP'd with a strap-on.

I woke in the morning still tired from last nights enjoyment and, to tell the truth, my bottom was a little tender. He had been in there for ages it seemed but I daren't let him know because he would blame himself and get all upset. I didn't mind because, although I was a little sore, it reminded me of how nice he felt inside me there. I was also aware that, if I was a bit sore, so might Jo be. Mike and Jo were both still asleep but I decided to wake her and see if she was OK.

I shook her gently and whispered in her ear, "Jo, wake up, Jo."

She opened her eyes and looked at me, "Come on, get up," I whispered, "I want to talk to you. Quickly, before Mike wakes up." She sat up sleepily, put on her dressing gown and followed me downstairs into the kitchen

"What's up," she said now awake.

"Look Jo, I'm a bit sore back there, what about you?"

"Mmm," she said, "I am too. He was going for ages last night wasn't he? I don't know how he kept going for so long but I know I enjoyed it. Doesn't the soreness remind you of how he felt in there. It's quite sexy isn't it?" she ended laughing.

"Jo, I don't think we can do that thing I suggested all day do you? I expect he's tired out. You know he came again, in my mouth, just after filling our bottoms don't you, well that must have really drained him. I've never seen him have such a powerful orgasm as that." I smiled secretively at her, "And, you know, I sucked his spunk out of him as he was cumming. It was lovely!"

"Lena you are a terror. I suppose you are right though. I'm tired after last night, I'm sure he must be as well. He was hard for ages and then that cum. When he started it was like an explosion in my bottom. He only let out a couple of pulses but I was flooded. Did he put much in you?"

"Oh yes, tons. I could feel it hitting my insides and his cock pulsing and expanding each time he pumped. What a lovely feeling. I wanted it to go on forever but I'm suffering now, I am sore. I hope I'll be all right for tonight."

"Tonight?" she said.

"Well, if we don't do DP tonight we probably won't get to do it for a while. You know what he's like. He won't want to make love to us in hotels, so he won't do anything on the way down. Then we'll be at Bernardo's and we don't know how much time we'll have then before we both go into the clinic. Afterwards he'll be recuperating so he won't be able to do anything for a while. So, you see, if we don't do it tonight, well . . ."

"Mmm, I see what you mean. Look why don't we just have a rest today. We've only got a little bit of packing to do. We can lay about, have a light lunch and send out for dinner then go to bed early. I want to try it as well," she said smiling, "I think that two inside me will be quite interesting!"

I laughed, "I know it will be interesting. But you won't take him in the back will you, not with me in the front?"

"No," she said frowning, "I don't think I can manage that." Then she laughed, "But the other way round should be fun. What about you, will you take him in your bottom?"

"Oh yes," I said. "I want to feel him there with you in the front. We'll have to do it like in the film though, so we'll have to be careful not to flatten you. Is that OK?"

"Is what OK?" Mike said as he came into the kitchen.

"Oh, we were just talking about today. You know I suggested that we play that game all day, you know, someone in charge?"

"Mmm," he said pensively. I could tell by looking at his face that he wasn't too keen although he didn't say so.

"Well," I said, "we're both very tired after last night and we thought it better if we all just had a rest today. Is that OK?"

"I didn't hurt you did I?" he said showing concern.


"No, no you didn't, we're both OK aren't we Jo?"

"Oh yes," she said.

But he was having none of it. He swept us up in his big strong arms, "I did, didn't I. I'm afraid I got a bit carried away but you did get your own back Lena," he said laughing and kissing me. "When you made me cum again it was excruciatingly wonderful and painful at the same time. To be honest, I couldn't do anything today. I think I've shot my bolt. Look," he said turning serious, "I'm sorry if I did hurt you. I probably went on for a bit too long didn't I. Am I forgiven?"

"There's nothing to forgive is there Lena," Jo said, "I loved you in there for so long. I never realised it could feel so good to have a big hard cock stuck so far up my bottom," she ended laughing, "and, although I am a bit sore, I can't wait to get it back there!"

"Me too," I said, "We expect to get DP'd tonight you know. Will you be able?" I asked in my little girl voice. "We'll be ever so, ever so disappointed if you can't," I added giving him a great bit pout and both big blue eyes.

"Well," he said laughing, "with you two flittering about all day acting like that I should be able to." Then serious, "But I don't want to hurt you. Are you sure."

"Oh yes," I said looking at Jo for confirmation, "we're very sure!"

He laughed again, "All right," he said, "I give in, I'll do my best."

"And I'm sure that will be enough," I said kissing him. "Come on, let's have some breakfast then get the packing done." So we had breakfast and did the packing. Not that there was very much because we were going to get most of our clothes in Italy. As breakfast was so late we didn't want any lunch and, in the afternoon, Mike settled in front of the TV watching cricket. Now he loves cricket but I can't understand the ruddy game, nor can Jo, so we decided to pop to the shops and get some food to cook for dinner rather than sending out. It would be our last meal at home (!) for a while and we had decided that we wanted it to be special.

The afternoon passed quietly and we started to cook dinner about 4:30. Jo and I fussed about the kitchen as he continued to relax in the lounge. He was very tired and the rest seemed to do him good. Dinner was ready at six and we called him through. We'd put on a proper show for this last meal, laid the table nicely and cooked some special things. We'd even chosen the wine which was unusual.

"This looks wonderful," he said as he came into the room, "very special. Thank you very much."

"Well," I said archly, "we need to make sure you are big and strong, don't we?"

"Mmm, I suppose you do," he said laughing.

"Come on, get stuck in," said Jo pointing him to his chair.

We started with mushrooms in garlic butter. A speciality of Jo's and followed that with some delicate smoked salmon mixed with scrambled egg on a brioche roll. He was enjoying it immensely.

"This is lovely," he said smiling at us both. "So it's not true then."

"What's not true?" I asked innocently falling into his trap.

"It's not true that if you're good in bed you can't cook!" he laughed.

"Are we good in bed?" I asked playing along with him.

He fixed us both with his lovely eyes, "Oh yes," he said, "I would say that 'good' is an understatement. You two are fabulous."

"You called us 'houri's' last night. What's a 'houri'?"

"Well," he said, "it comes from the Arabs. A houri is, properly, one of the beautiful virgins of the Koranic paradise but it can also mean a voluptuous woman. I just think it means beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, women like you two."

"Flatterer," Jo said, "you're only after one thing!"

"Well," he said again fixing us with a great big leer, "two things actually!"

We all laughed and continued our meal which finished with a lovely ice cream and raspberry dish that Jo made so well. That was good because he loves raspberries!

"Phew," he said as he finished, "that was fantastic. Thank you both very much."

"You go and sit down, we'll clear up and bring the coffee in."

He kissed us both on the cheek and went back into the lounge happy to see us 'domesticated' I think.

We made him a liqueur with his coffee; Amaretto on ice, his favourite, then sat with him. It was a nice peaceful evening. Probably one we needed in the light of our important week ahead. He talked about our journey; about the hotels he had booked. Jo and I hadn't paid that much attention, throughout our later lives we always left that sort of thing to the men but just now he began in let us know what to expect.

"We'll leave here about 10 to get a train at just past 1:00," he said. "Then we'll drive down to a town called Troyes, just past Rheims where I've booked the hotel. I've been there before so I know it's OK. We've got a suite. Two bedrooms, if we need them," he added smiling at us.

"We won't," I said, "will we Jo."

"I doubt it," she laughed.

"No, I don't suppose we will," he said thoughtfully.

I realised he was thinking about sex in the hotels so I thought I should make it clear that we both understood how he felt. I suppose it is nice really, that he thinks of us like that but it can be frustrating sometimes!

"Look Mike, you've no need to worry. We both know how you feel about hotels and us." I looked at Jo, "We both promise," I said laughing, "no hanky panky on the way down, OK?"

He laughed, "I'm sorry," he said, "it's the 'old fashioned' in me. I just can't relax properly in a hotel room. Silly I know, but I always think someone can hear and it seems so, I don't know really, seedy I suppose."

Jo laughed at him, "Oh don't be silly, we both understand and we're flattered aren't we Lena?" I nodded. "I think it shoes how much you respect us as well as love us. I think it's nice. Where do we stop on the second night?"

"In a little village just north of Milan," he said. "A nice family hotel. Two rooms there, for propriety, but they won't mind if we share. The owner is an old friend of Silvio's who was born here but went back to Italy many years ago. You'll like him and his family, they are very friendly and," he winked at me, "understanding."

I laughed, "When will we get to Bernardo's house?"

"If all goes well, around lunchtime on Tuesday. That should give us time to settle in. I'm sure he'll want to give us a welcome dinner but, of course, I can't eat anything can I."

"Why," I asked concerned.

"Because of the local anaesthetic on Wednesday. We're due in the clinic early Wednesday afternoon so I've got to fast for 24 hours."

"Oh, that's not fair, is it Jo?"

She laughed, "No it isn't but it is necessary. He can eat all he wants when he comes out. I'm sure Bernardo will make sure there's a feast awaiting his return, eh Mike?"

He smiled, "I'm sure he will. But," he said looking at us both with his hot eyes, "enough of that. I understand that my presence is required upstairs tonight to provide some entertainment. Is that right?"

"Mmm, yes it is," I replied sexily, "you need to perform tonight." Then I put my hand on his crotch, "Is it ready?" I asked in my little girl voice.

"Oh yes," he said, "its ready. You two go and sort yourselves out and I'll shower down here." He looked at me, "You ladies are in charge tonight so I am at your command!"

"That's what we like to hear," said Jo as we went upstairs.

Now I should tell you about the strap-on we bought in the Anne Summers shop. As I said, the assistant was very helpful and we finally chose one that did several things. The 'cock' wasn't too big, about six inches long and only a couple round. This was because Jo was going to take this in her bottom so she didn't (at that time anyway) want anything too big. She did take a lot bigger later, but that's another story! The problem with strap-ons is that they have to be held on tightly or they don't really work so this one had a strap round the waist and between the legs. Now this was the interesting bit. At the front, underneath the fake balls, was a small probe like piece which fitted over the clitoris and into the vagina. The effect was fantastic, pressure on the clit every time you thrust forward. That wasn't all! At the back of the strap was a small 'butt' plug about 3 inches long and quite round. This fitted into the wearers bottom and was held in tightly by the strap. I can tell you this was quite stimulating.

So, not only was the idea of be doubly penetrated exciting, so was the idea of wearing this sexy item of gear.

As we got ready Jo said to me, "How are we going to play this. He might feel a bit 'used' if we don't make sure he enjoys it."

"Mmm," I said thinking. "Who's going first?" Jo shook her head. "All right, I'll go first," I said smiling at her. "Are you OK with being underneath?"

She laughed, "As long as you don't both lean on me," she said.

"Oh, I think Mike will understand and I'm sure you can cope with just me!"

She smiled, "I want you in my back door," she said, "even after last night I don't think I can cope with him in there with you in the front."

"I think he'll enjoy that," I said, "he'll be underneath and can kiss you can't he."

"Lena?" she said softly. She was going to ask me something. "Can he cum in my mouth. I haven't had his cum there yet. I can share it with you afterwards if you like?"

I could see that she really wanted this. I suppose watching me with him last night had put it in her mind, and she was right, she hadn't had his cum there yet. I cuddled her and said, "Of course you can, he'll enjoy that. Try and suck as he pulses, it feels really funny and it really sets him off."

She smiled, "Thank you Lena, do you want to share it afterwards?"

"Mmm, yes please. That'll excite him as well." I know this probably sounds a bit dirty but, you see, as far as I and concerned, and Jo I think, taking the man I love's offering in my mouth and swallowing it is another way of showing how much I care for him. After all, he uses his tongue on my pussy and my bottom and he must swallow sometimes mustn't he, so what's the difference?

So, back to the original question, how to play this so he didn't feel 'used'. Not that he'd mind but we wanted him to enjoy himself as well. We talked about it for a while and decided what to do then went out into the bedroom.

He was sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for us. He was wearing silk boxers as usual and, surprisingly, he wasn't hard. Perhaps tonight was going to be a bit difficult for him. He stood, put his arms round us, and pulled us to him; planting kisses on our hair and faces. "God, you two are lovely." The he stood back at attention and saluted, "Ready for orders ma'am," he said like a soldier in the ranks.

We both curled up laughing then knelt in front of him. "First job," I said, "is to get this," holding his now semi-hard penis, "hard!"

"Mmm, yes please," he said as Jo and I began to work on his cock and balls, sucking and licking. I took him in my mouth. Just like Jo yesterday, the feeling of it growing in my mouth made me feel really hot and I did want to take a mouthful of his spunk there and then but we had other things to do. It took a bit longer but he finally ended up as hard as usual and we stood and pushed him back onto the bed, continuing to kiss his groin and then moving across his whole body. He would grab one of us now and again and kiss us before we pulled away and continued to attend to his body. Before long we were both ready for anything, particularly two instruments inside us.

I whispered in his ear, "It's my turn first and I want you in my bottom. Is that all right?" I didn't think he'd refuse! "Then you have Jo in the front, OK?"

"Oh hell, yes," he said, "anything. When do I get to cum?"

I sat up and looked at him mock sternly. "Now you must be a good boy. You mustn't cum inside us. Jo wants to taste you today so you must wait until the very end. If you cum earlier you'll be punished." Then I had a thought. I laughed, "That's not much of a threat is it?"

He laughed back, "No, it isn't really but I can wait," and he looked at Jo with eyes full of lust, "for the pleasure of filling that lovely mouth with spunk."

She smiled and took his erection in her mouth and sucked, "Bloody hell, Jo, you'll get it early if you go on like that."

"I'll stop then," she said, her mouth still full of him.

I laughed, "Go and get ready Jo while Mike bonks me. You want to don't you Mike?"

He didn't answer, just laid me on my back, opened my legs and climbed in between. He held himself and entered the head in my vagina and pushed forward in one go; no messing about tonight. As usual the breath rushed from my body with the feeling of him inside me. Then he began moving in me, in and out, again and again. Slowly, gently bringing me on. I looked to one side and Jo was there, the strap-on in place. She already looked hot, the effect of all the extras I suppose, and she smiled suggestively at me.

"Are you ready for two," she asked in her most sexy voice. "You'll have to stop Mike and let her get on me."

He seemed reluctant, I know how much he likes the soft, slightly tight, warmth of my pussy and he knew how much I liked him there but my excitement levels were high. I was going to try my first double penetration. I knew not by men, that might come later, but at least by two penises. Mike pulled out of me and I felt that tremendous sense of loss that I usually did when he hadn't made me cum. I noticed he was really hard, as if he was looking forward to the experience as well.

By this time Jo had laid down next to me with her legs together and was holding the penis up ready for me. "What does it feel like Jo?" I quickly asked her.

"Bloody marvellous. You're filled front and back with this thing. God knows what its going to be like when we start."

Mike was watching us, slowing wanking himself to stay hard for me, his eyes following my every move as I straddled Jo's hips and lowered myself on the strap-on dildo. After Mike, of course, it wasn't that good but the strap-on had another little extra. Just above the penis was a clitoral stimulator for the recipient and I could feel it stimulating my clit so that was good! I bounced up and down a few times and leant forward to kiss Jo. All the extras were apparently having and effect on her because she was almost on the edge. I sat up straight and looked at Mike.

"Come here and let me suck you," I said, "then I'll put some KY on. "Will you do my back door?" He took a deep breath and crawled over to me on his knees. I took him in my mouth and began to suck and lick. This was good, one in the front door and one in my mouth. I suddenly had this intensely erotic idea and one in the back door as well. Three cocks servicing me. It was so exciting that I had an orgasm straight away, only small but good. He knew something had happened, I could tell from the way he looked at me so he would want to know afterwards I was sure.

I suspected he wouldn't be able to stand much sucking so I took him out and nodded at the KY which he gave me. Squeezing some onto his erection, I began to massage it in, all the while bouncing gently on the fake penis to keep me on the boil. Then he went behind me and I felt his fingers applying KY to my anus and my rectum: wonderfully exciting. My levels of anticipation were high, filled at the front and stimulated my the clit thing, I couldn't wait for him to get in my bottom.

"Lean forward Lena," he said, "stick your bottom out." The he knelt either behind and I felt his hardness bump my cheeks. Even this was enough to bring a small orgasm, god, what would it be like when he got inside. I soon found out as he presented his rock hard cock at my anus and, after waiting for me to loosen, pushed gently forward. Again the breath rushed from my body even though he'd only gone a little way in. I could feel the head of his erection pressing against the fake prick in my vagina. It was soooo, soooo, naughty.

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