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Caroline Ch. 08.02



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will! Plenty of sex in this one (mostly anal)!

Caroline's Tale

The Villa Mimosa –

Jo's period and Caroline's basque!

The Villa Mimosa, Mike's villa on Lake Maggiore, was built on a hillside between Stresa and Baveno overlooking the lake and the islands. The journey up on Monday was very pleasant because Mike left the motorway and drove up the side of the Lake. We stopped on the way for lunch at a lovely little restaurant by the lakeside. Because so much that is important happened at the villa I should describe it in some detail. I didn't know then but it was built to Mike's design, only a couple of years before, by Bernardo as a present for giving him the controlling interest in the company. So you can imagine what sort of money we are talking about here.

Set into the side of the hill, the villa had four levels really. You drove into the garage at the back, next to which as a fitness/table tennis room with all the keep fit devices you could think of and a full size table tennis table. There was also a small shower/changing room so you didn't have to go back into the villa to bathe. Finally there was a small wine cellar. From the garage a staircase led to a small hallway between the lounge and the kitchen/dining area. The lounge stretched the whole width of the villa with French windows opening out onto a terrace with a pool and seating area set off to one side of the building. The whole thing had a magnificent view over the lake with just a glimpse of the islands. At the back was the kitchen, fully equipped with everything you could want, and with a dining area at one end also leading onto a terrace behind the pool. Finally, this floor had a small office tucked into the corner which had his computers and other things he needed for those occasions when he had to do some work.

Up another flight of stairs to another small hallway and the bedrooms. Two of these were magnificent. Both had balconies overlooking the terrace; the lake; and the islands; and were in sunshine for most of the day. They both had a small en-suite with a shower and toilet and a great big six foot bed. The main bedroom, only slightly bigger than the second, had one wall completely mirrored rather like our bedroom at home (My home!). The other was furnished all in white. The third bedroom, quite a lot smaller than the other two, had a single bed for guests. Completing the top floor was a gorgeous bathroom. No bath but an enormous shower cubicle, big enough for four people, again just like the one at home.

That wasn't all. Another set of steps from a doorway in the hall led up to the roof. This had been planted with small trees and lots of pots giving a completely private space totally un-overlooked. There were loungers and even a small bar to save going downstairs for a drink!

I fell in love with Villa Mimosa the first time I saw it, so did Jo.

"Well," he said as he finished showing us around, "what do you think?"

"Oh Mike," I said, "it's absolutely marvellous. Did you really design it?"

"Well," he said laughing, "not precisely, an architect drew up the plans, but I did give him an outline of what I wanted. I wanted somewhere here in Italy where I could live, you know, not feel as if I was on holiday, but feel at home. So I designed a few bits like our house at home and a few bits like a holiday home. I'm rather pleased, it all seems to fit together quite well. How about you Jo, will it do?"

"Oh yes, it will do. It's lovely."

He hugged her to him and whispered conspirationally but loud enough for me to hear, "The walls between the bedrooms are soundproofed."

We both laughed, "No seriously," he said. "You know how I feel about that. Silly I know, but I wanted people who stayed here to be able to make love without worrying about noise. That's why the windows are all double glazed with shutters and the doors soundproofed as well. We've got air conditioning as well because they get very, very hot in the summer."

"Well," I said to Jo, digging her playfully in the ribs, "you won't have to worry about making a noise with Guy will you."

"Nor will you with Mike," she said laughing.

We settled into the villa very easily. Jo and I slept together for several nights because Mike was still recovering from the operation. He encouraged us to make love but unfortunately Jo's period arrived soon after we got there so sex took a back seat for a few days. That didn't matter really because, although he couldn't do anything he was still the most attentive of men. He would often just hold me, kiss me, and talk to me in that loving way of his; that way that made me feel like a million dollars.

He took us out, showing us the islands and the other lakes, and to meet all his friends in the area. I found out how well he spoke Italian then. There's no doubt it's a beautiful area and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

It wasn't until the second Saturday after his operation that Mike suggested making love. "Gorgeous one," he said that afternoon as he held me tightly, "do you think I could love you tonight?" Love me tonight! You bet.

I kissed him. "Oh yes," I said, "I can't wait."

Jo was smiling at us both, "Well," she said laughing, "looks like we'll need the soundproofing then."

I poked my tongue out at her, "You're just jealous." Then I looked at her archly, "He can take your bottom you know, he likes that. Nice and tight at this time!"

She blushed bright red. She'd never had sex during her period, that I knew. We never did it together and I knew she'd not done it with Steve or any of her boyfriends. "Oh," she said, "I don't think I could do that."

I laughed, "Only kidding. You ought to try it though, you might like it." I looked at Mike. "Are you up to Jo's bottom," I raised my eyebrows at him, "and mine as well."

"I'm yours to command," he said looking at us both. He wanted it, I knew. He loved our bottoms didn't he.

"Come on Jo, try it. He'll stop if you don't like it won't you Mike."

He didn't look very sure, he was getting hot now, I could tell. But I knew he wouldn't hurt her and I knew he would be really excited by taking her during her period. There's a sort of illicit pleasure in having sex then, even sucking him make me feel very naughty. To be honest, I don't like him in my bottom during my period but, as I said to Jo, until you tried it you wouldn't know.

"Of course I will, you know that Jo. If you want to try it I'm more than happy to oblige," he said with a silly grin.

She looked at me and I could see that she wanted too. It's sort of forbidden isn't it and that makes it all the more exciting. "Go on Jo, I'll be there and he won't cum inside you. He'll be keeping that for me won't you Mike."

"Oh yes," he said laughing, "I've got an awful lot stored up for you, my angel."

She looked at him and I could see her weighing it up then she blushed, she was going to do it. She smiled, "Mmm, I think I might try that." Then coyly, "Do you want my bottom then Mike?"

He stood and walked over to her and stood behind the sun lounger she was laying on. He moved forward so his crotch was above her head and she could see his erection standing proud in his trunks. "I think that this gives the answer to that question."

I looked at him with hunger in my eyes, "Sod this evening, come on Jo, let's go and get ready. You," I said firmly pointing at him, "get showered and get ready, you're going to get screwed!"

He looked a bit bemused but he was used to this playfulness and my taking charge like that so he just smiled and said, "Your wish is my command O Mistress. I will await your pleasure."

I took Jo's hand and we went off into the bathroom to get ready. A quick shower and then to the enema's. He was going to have my bottom of that I was sure, although I did hope he'd visit my mouth and my pussy first. I longed for a bottom full of his essence, hot and sticky, hitting me inside and filling my bowels. Trouble was I felt the same about my mouth and my womb. Would that he had three cocks, four even, so he could fill Jo as well.

As I gave Jo her enema (we always did each other when we both went with him, it made it a bit more exciting) I could sense that she was not really certain about carrying on although she did seem to enjoy it.

"You don't have to you know, Jo. He won't mind, you know that."

She smile, "Yes, I know that but I do want to try. It's just that I'm a bit shy what with my period and all that."

"Don't be," I said, "he understands. I was a bit worried the first time he did it but he's very considerate." I laughed, "After all, like I said before, it's in his interest isn't it, that you enjoy it. Then he gets to do it again. You might not like it, I don't very much and he doesn't do it to me but you might mightn't you. Just think of that lovely piece of flesh filling your bottom, stretching you, sliding back and forth."

"Stop it Lena," she said laughing, "you'll have me cumming before he starts."

I laughed, "And myself as well." Then I had an idea. "Jo, wear the basque, we brought them didn't we, and go in first. He'll realise you're asking him to make love to you there this time won't he. Oh go on Jo. Ooohhh, I can't wait to see that."

She looked a bit apprehensive. "I don't know whether I can cope with that now," she said. "He'll be pretty hot won't he."

"Yes, he will and I bet you enjoy it. Oh go on Jo. Just think of what he will do and you'll want to wear it."

She licked her lips and I could see she was imagining him buggering her like that, just like I described when he did it to me. "Yes," she suddenly said, "'don't die wondering'," she laughed. "All right, I'll wear the basque. Can you nip out and get it, I haven't heard him in the bedroom yet."

I peeked out, then raced to the second bedroom and got the basque, stockings, etc., and bedroom slippers. When I got back to the bathroom I helped Jo get dressed. She looked fabulous. I guessed he would give her a severe test this afternoon. We were going to enjoy ourselves, of that I was certain and, of course, there was the possibility of him being fit again later tonight as well.

"You look fabulous," I said laughing, "sometimes I wish I had a penis so I could do what he does. Come on, let's go get him!"

She smiled provocatively, "Sometimes I wish I had too but we have to make do with the strap-on don't we."

He was sitting on the bed as we arrived in the bedroom. His eyes widened as he saw her in the basque. The message was obvious wasn't it. 'Fuck me in the arse like Lena' Jo was saying in so many words. He stood and took her in his arms, kissing her full on the lips. "Do you want me to," he asked her as he looked down at her.

She looked up through her lashes, "Yes," she mouthed quietly at him, "yes please."

He looked towards me, naked now and getting really excited at the thought of watching him take Jo's bottom in this way. Would she like it? I hoped so. He was silently asking my permission so I nodded 'Yes' at him and he went back to kissing Jo. His hands travelled over her bottom, caressing and stroking, before his fingers found the shallow channel between her cheeks. A sharp intake of breath indicated he had found her tight little hole and I could see him move aside her knickers and gently insert his middle finger, pushing past the minimal obstruction of her anus as she was ready for him. I'd already put KY on her tight little back door and inside her. He was going straight there wasn't he, so she was ready.

She pulled away from him and he stood, almost paralyzed as she walked to the mirrored wall. His eyes followed the sway of her bottom, accentuated by the 3 inch bedroom slippers, and the hunger was almost palpable. I followed Jo as we had planned and helped her take up the position he loved so much. After slipping her knickers off, this time she bent even lower and thrust her bottom out behind, slightly bending her legs as she moved them apart. I was there to help take her weight and make it a bit easier for her. Finally she was completely 'presented' to him and he moved towards her, losing his boxers on the way. His erection stood out proudly in front, strong and vibrant. How much I wished it were me he was going to make love to, but he would later wouldn't he.

He stood behind her and put his erection in the valley between the cheeks of her bottom causing an intake of breath. Then he leant forward and kissed her neck and shoulders before reaching round and cupping her boobs. He began to slide his penis up and down the channel between her cheeks caressing her anus with his length. Now she was breathing heavily as the effect of his movements were transferred to her bottom. All to soon he turned to me. "KY Lena, please," he almost pleaded. So I used a small amount to massage his erection, now as hard as I'd ever seen it. I suppose that being 'presented' with Jo's bottom together with the fact that it was her period was almost too much for him. I wonder whether he'd be able to control himself and save some for me!

With the KY applied he leant forward again and whispered in her ear. "Oh yes," she said again, "oh yes, I want that in my arse, deep, long, and hard. Please. Bugger me."

Well, of course, this was enough. He put the head of his erection against the tiny little ring of her anus and, surprisingly considering the look of passion on his face, gently pressed forward. She opened for him and easily took the head inside. Breath rushed from her mouth as she moaned, "Oh sweet fuck, oh, oh, oh, oh," over and over again. Then she actually pushed backwards against him, taking him halfway inside her. His face was a picture.

"Lena," he said, "kiss me."

So I reached for him as he turned his head and kissed him deeply, my tongue in his mouth. "Oh god," he said, "she's so tight." Out a little then he thrust forward again burying himself completely inside her back door, his thighs tight against her buttocks. He stayed completely still then controlling himself as I moved to watch Jo who was moaning incoherently in pleasure. Now he began to bugger her, moving slowly at first and only a little at a time; waiting for her rectum to become accustomed to his entry. I know when he did it to me during my period, it took me a while longer than normal to adjust to the feeling, to loosen up for him. It must have been the same with Jo. It didn't take long however, before he was moving in and out of her with long firm strokes, getting deep inside her with every thrust. Suddenly Jo let out a scream, "Aaaaaggghhh," and almost collapsed. Luckily he was holding her as he took her so she didn't fall. He pulled out, his penis glistening with the KY and still rock hard, and lifted her to the bed. She'd passed out.

He was suddenly concerned, his erection disappearing almost immediately. "Is she OK," he said concerned, "Lena, is she all right."

I looked at her face, she was smiling her after orgasm smile. I looked at him, sitting there worried about her. "I think she's OK," I said, "she must have had a massive orgasm," I smiled. "You know what she's like, it was probably too much for her. She'll wake in a minute I'm sure."

He knelt beside her and looked down at her face, softly calling her name, "Joanna, Joanna, wake up. Are you all right?"

Slowly the smile on her face widened even further and her tongue poked out and licked her lips. She opened her eyes and gazed into his. "Thank you," she said breathlessly, "that was bloody marvellous," and she reached up and pulled him to her, kissing him hard on the lips. "You can do that anytime you want. I've never, never felt anything like that." She turned to me, "Oh Lena, that was wonderful, excruciatingly wonderful. I'll tell you all about it later." Then to Mike, "Can you take me into the other bedroom, then you and Lena can make love," and she smiled softly at me.

He looked at me and I nodded to him so he picked Jo up in his arms and took her into the other bedroom. I followed and together we made her comfortable on the bed, still dressed in the basque and stockings. She still seemed half asleep but, as she got comfortable, she looked up and reached for him. He bent and kissed her, then she turned and reached for me, so I kissed her as well. Now she was happy and turned over to go to sleep. He looked at me and smiled, "That must have been something else again. She's completely had it."

"Mmm," I said, "I'll have to ask her about that later on. I think she liked it don't you."

He laughed, "Yes, I think she did too." Then he turned to me, "Time for you now amata, mi avanti."

Now, as you know, when he makes love to me in Italian I'm putty in his hands (well, I'm putty in his hands any time but with Italian I'm even puttier!). I went to him and he swept me up in his arms and kissed me, an 'I love you' kiss, then he picked me up and carried me to the main bedroom. It's soooo sexy when he does that, it makes me go gooey all over. In there he laid me on the bed and looked down at me. I reached up and kissed him again, "I want you to take me like that this afternoon," I said, "not now, at the end."

He smiled, "In a basque?" he asked.

"No," I smiled back, "it takes to long to put on. Just the slippers." I knew he'd like that, they make my bottom stick out even more, also very sexy!

"Of course," he said stroking my hair, then!

"Vorrei bacciare i tuoi cappelli biondi

le labbra due e gli occhi tuoi si belli

Vorrei morire con te angelo di dio

O bella inamorata, tesore mio.

Stringimi, o cara, stringimi al tuo core,

Fammi provar l'ebbrezza dell'amor."

He whispered these words softly in my ear in a sort of sing-song rough tune. Each one caressed me, stroked me, loved me. Oh, I didn't know what it all meant but I knew he was saying he loved me. I started to cry and I held him tightly, tight enough to make him catch his breath. I've said it before, this is a marvellous feeling, being made love to like this with words. I know they are other peoples words but he always chooses the most appropriate. He pulled away and kissed my eyes, my lips and stroked my hair. His eyes were full of love, no desire at all. I know it's difficult to believe but he can put his desire on the back burner as it were and just concentrate on his love for me.

Sniffling, I said to him, "That was lovely, tell me what it means, please."

He kissed me again and smiled.

"I want to kiss your blonde hair,

your two lips and your, oh so beautiful, eyes.

I want to die with you heavenly angel,

O beautiful beloved one, dearest mine.

Hold me, darling, hold me to your heart,

Let me feel the ecstasy of love!"

I started to cry again and I held him to my heart and I did feel the ecstasy of love! It was beautiful, beautiful. He reached to wipe the tears from my eyes then he kissed me again. Strangely, I'd forgotten all about sex in those few moments. All I felt just then was an intense love for him and a desire to never let him go. We must have stayed like that, holding each other, and totally in love for a while. I felt wonderful in his arms like this, safe, wanted, needed, it's almost impossible to explain. Finally he pulled away from me and kissed me again. "OK now," he said smiling at me.

I nodded, finished crying now just full of love for him, "love me," I said staring into his eyes, "love me totally, completely."

He said nothing just began to kiss me, my face, my neck, then my boobs. Sucking my nipples, kissing all over my breasts then massaging them with his hands. I could see that he wasn't hard so I stopped him. "Wait," I said, "it's not fair. Lay back, let me love you for a change." He didn't argue, just lay on his back, his eyes following my every move.

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