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Caroline Ch. 09.01



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!

A longish chapter but, hopefully, enjoyable as Jo has her way with Guy.)

Joanna's Tale, 06:

Joanna seduces Guy and

learns that he knows about his father.

Before I talk about Saturday and Guy I'll just say a few words about Mike's confession yesterday. I wasn't surprised when he admitted that Guy was his son but I was surprised that he told us. In the end I suppose he had to get it off his mind if I was really serious about Guy, and I was, and am.

I was surprised however, by him telling us about Gianna and how he behaved. It's easy to see now, how he has become the man he is. It's almost impossible to imagine him acting so selfishly because he is so unselfish now. It proves, I suppose, that we can learn from our mistakes. I was worried though, about how Lena would react. You know how silly she is about losing him and I could see that she was beginning to get jealous of Gianna. I know it's silly, to be jealous of a 25 year old love but that's what she's like. She worries so much that she will lose him to the past. I think she sees his past as a great big anchor dragging him away from her but I'm sure that's not so. I told her later to stop worrying about it.

"Lena," I said as we were getting ready for dinner that evening and she was musing about Gianna, "of course he doesn't love her like that any more. How would he be able to stand it? It's as if he knew you were with me but he couldn't have you any more, it would destroy him now just as it nearly destroyed him then. I think he just has the memory of his love for her."

"Yes," she said deep in her self doubt, "but he told us that she said she'd love him for always. You saw the way they kissed and held each other. What if he does love her like that?"

"Lena, I am going to get very annoyed with you in a minute. It was hard for him to open himself to us both like that and the only reward from you is to doubt his love!" I decided I would have to be blunt with her. "He talked about his love for her being possessive, selfish, and destructive. Be careful Lena that your love for him doesn't become the same."

She looked shocked, "Oh I'm not am I Jo. Please tell me I'm not." She began to cry.

"No," I said gently to her, "you're not but you could be. Lena, Lena, he loves you with a love that knows no bounds. You don't honestly think he could still harbour that kind of feeling for Gianna do you? How would he ever hide it. You've seen them together. Of course he is fond of her, he probably still fancies her after all, but he doesn't love her any more. Buried deep down inside of him is just the memory of his love. He has to hold on to that doesn't he but that won't affect how he feels about you.

"You've got to stop this Lena. He has a long past and many things have happened to him I expect. In a way you should be thankful for those experiences because they make him what he is today, kind, considerate, thoughtful, unselfish and totally in love with you in that way. You're not jealous of me are you?" I asked changing tack.

She looked rather shamefaced, "No, I'm not jealous of you. Not at all."

"Well then, stop being so silly and trust his love for you. I told you before Lena, you can't keep going on like this, constantly distrusting him every time you find out something about his past. You already know about some of his previous lady friends, Nerys and Sarah for example. He sees them all the time doesn't he? That doesn't bother you and after all he was married for years. Come on Lena, snap out of it and stop doubting him."

"I'm not like that am I," she said sniffling, "I'm not selfish and destructive am I?"

"No, I just told you you're not, but your love could become like that if you don't trust him and his love. You'll be forever questioning him about how he feels about you and sooner or later he'll wonder why you don't trust his love. Please Lena, for yourself, for Mike and for me, stop doing this."

She was gently crying now, "Jo, you know why I'm like this. I try, I do try, but I am so frightened of losing him. Oh god I wish we were married and I was carrying his baby."

I cuddled her to me. I did know why she was like this. He was not only her lover, but her father figure and the rock that stabilised her life now. She had me but now she had him and she couldn't bear that to disappear. I felt sorry for her then and I knew I'd have to keep a close eye on her until the wedding. I was sure that once she got that gold band on she would be OK.

"Come on Lena, stop crying. He needs you to be strong. This afternoon was difficult for him. Dredging up those powerful memories from all that time ago. Dry your eyes and let's get dressed."

"I'm sorry Jo. I will try, I promise."

"I know you will," I said but I wasn't going to hold my breath just hope that he would understand.

So Saturday arrived!

I didn't sleep very much on Friday night I must admit. I think we were all restless. Mike recovering from the emotional experience of the afternoon, Lena with worry despite what I'd said to her, and me thinking about Guy and how I would behave.

I was sure that he wouldn't stay if he realised he would be around me and Lena in our swimming costumes. I was also sure that he wanted me, wanted me like that. When we kissed goodbye after our meal that Thursday evening it felt as if he wanted me so I thought he would be embarrassed as well, unable to control himself. He would also be terrified that I was going to 'attack' him, not to mention the possibility of Lena teasing him. Particularly as I thought he fancied her as well.

I remember Lena telling me that Mike thought he had only been with a couple of girls. I didn't think he'd ever been with a woman. I would be his first and I was determined to be so! I knew however, that I'd have to be careful. If he had the slightest idea that I was going to make love to him I think he would probably go into his shell so I had to ensure that he made the running. That was going to be difficult for two reasons.

I would be hot, very hot, so close to having him. I'd actually been dreaming about him having me nearly every night and that dream I had before we came away with him and Mike was pretty fresh in my mind. That would make it difficult to keep cool and to keep off him! The other problem was that he might not really be aware of how to seduce a woman; how to go about bedding me! I was pretty sure he knew what sex was all about. Lena told me that Maria had watched her brothers' videos and DVD's and looked at their magazines so he must have as well. I didn't think he was that naïve. Mike must have spoken to him about sex as well but he probably didn't have the confidence when faced with a real woman. It's all right looking in the magazines and everything but they don't show you how to get to that position do they! Once he got in that position nature would take over wouldn't it, it was getting there that was the problem.

So, you see, I'd spent the past two weeks thinking about this. I was quite happy therefore, when Mike suggested that he and Lena go out for the afternoon. I realised that I would just have to play it by ear and go at his pace, provided he didn't run away completely!

Saturday morning seemed to drag, the wait was interminable. Lena was very good. She didn't tease me at all, nor did Mike. They could both see how up tight I was waiting for him and they sort of looked after me.

When I heard a car draw up at the back my heart began beating so fast and so loud I was sure Lena would hear it. And butterflies! Every butterfly in Italy was dancing in my tummy. Mike went down to see who it was and Lena came over and cuddled me.

"Calm down," she said smiling, "I'm sure everything will be ok. Now come on, let's get these sarongs on and cover ourselves up." So we did and waited for Mike to return.

Sure enough it was Guy. He was just as handsome as I remembered, hair astray as it always seemed to be. My heart beat even faster if that was possible. He looked at me, those eyes, Mike's eyes, "Hello Joanna," he said smiling.

I walked up to him and kissed him on the mouth. Only gently and he didn't seem to be bothered by it, "Hello yourself," I said smiling warmly at him. He smiled back, a warm welcoming smile that melted my heart.

Then Lena walked over to him and I could see his nervousness return. She did look lovely, so did I as a matter of fact. I'd taken special care! I think that he thought she was going to embarrass him again but she didn't. She just pecked him on the cheek and said, "Hello Guy, it's nice to see you again, isn't it Jo?"

I smiled at her. I knew what she was doing. "Yes, very nice," I said smiling at him again, "very nice indeed."

He seemed a little embarrassed at all this female attention and Mike noticed straight away. "Come on Guy, I'll show you around while our nymphets get lunch ready. You've got the spare bedroom by the way, you are staying for a few days aren't you?" Oh crafty, I thought. He can't really refuse now can he but he did wriggle.

"I don't know uncle. Nardo said I had a lot to do in Milan so I really should get back. And I haven't got any clothes."

"Don't worry about clothes," said Mike, "I've got tons here and most will fit you. I've put some in the spare bedroom. We'll speak to Nardo tonight. I'll show you around." Off they went and Lena and I went into the kitchen. Everything was ready there, it was just a matter of putting it out.

"He seems a bit more confident with you," said Lena. "He didn't blush or anything when you kissed him."

"Oh I hope he is. This afternoon is going to be so difficult."

She laughed, "But you will enjoy it, I know. You promise to tell me everything, promise, everything."

I laughed back at her, "I hope I've got something to tell you," I said, "but yes, I will tell you. Thank you for not teasing him just now."

"I'm not going to tease him any more," she said then she winked at me. "Next time I kiss him like before he will respond!"

I laughed again, "Lena you are a minx just like Mike says." Then seriously, "I am worried though Lena. What if he isn't like that, you know, if he's possessive, doesn't want to share."

"You'll have to cross that bridge when you come to it," she said. "I think you need to bed him a few times first. Get him properly in love with you. I think he does you know. He looks at you like that and I see what you mean about Mike and him. They do don't they?"

"Do you really. Oh I hope so. Yes, they are alike aren't they. Lena, I'm so excited."

She smiled softly at me, "It will be all right, I know it will. Let's get lunch out."

We had lunch by the pool. It went well. Mike was the centre of conversation, keeping Guy involved. I noticed he kept on ensuring that Guy noticed me by drawing us both into a conversation, discussing something with each other. I spent most of the time just looking at Guy when he wasn't looking at me. I didn't eat very much I must admit, I wasn't hungry: not for food anyway.

Near the end Mike set his trap. "Look Guy, we're going into Stresa this afternoon why don't you have a dip in the pool and sunbathe, eh? I've put some trunks in the spare room."

He look round the table and saw no threat so he said, "Thanks uncle, that'll be nice." He swallowed the bait hook, line, and sinker!

The meal ended and Lena and I cleared up. Mike chatted with Guy until we had finished, keeping him too busy to change. Then, when Lena signalled she was ready, he ushered Guy into the spare bedroom.

"We're off now," he said, "see you later," he shouted through the doorway then he winked and smiled at me. "All yours," he whispered quietly, "come on Lena," and off they went.

I sat on the settee in the lounge. Guy would have to come through the lounge to get to the pool and I'd 'ambush' him there. A few minutes later he came into the lounge. He didn't see me at first then I turned to look over the back of the sofa and said, "Hi there Guy, I'll come and join you."

His face registered a number of emotions. If it hadn't been so serious it would have been funny, indeed we did laugh about it later. First was surprise, followed quickly by embarrassment, then fear.

"Errrr. I thought you were going into town," he managed to blurt out.

Remaining completely nonplussed I replied, "No? Only Mike and Lena." He was wearing a pair of Mike's trunks, a bit like boxer shorts but for swimming and he was clutching a very large bath towel which he now quickly wrapped round his waist.

"Errrrmmm, I'm sorry Jo, I thought you'd gone as well," he stuttered.

"No, I'm happy sunbathing. Why are you sorry?"

He was completely confused now, realising I think, that he might have said the wrong thing. I felt sorry for him, amongst other things!

"Come and sit down for a minute and talk to me," I said in my non sexiest voice. Gingerly he sat in the other settee. I decided to tease him just a little to try and break the ice, relax him a little bit but I would have to be careful.

I smiled at him, "Bernardo said you'd told him about me."

He looked embarrassed, "I told him not to say anything, I'm sorry. Oh, I keep saying that don't I," he smiled wanly just like his father I thought.

"He said you told him I had a figure to die for but he wouldn't go into detail. What did you tell him?" I softened the effect of the question with a big smile and I think that he realised I was just teasing him although he still blushed red.

"Oh Joanna, this time I am really sorry."

I laughed, "Guy," I said fixing him with my gaze, "I don't mind. I don't mind that you told him I was your girlfriend either."

"He didn't, did he. Oh dear, I told him not to. I'm sorry, bugger!"

Now I had to press this, "What are you sorry about, that he told me or that you told him I'm your girlfriend." This made him think and forced his hand really.

"Do you mind?"

"Mind what?" knowing full well what he meant.

"Mind that I said you were my girlfriend."

"Do you want me to be?" I asked smiling at him.

I could see him gathering himself for what he thought would be a difficult time. Little did he know.

He looked up at me, eyes wide open, literally and emotionally, "Yes," was all he said but he said it with such a depth of feeling that it frightened me a little bit.

"That's all right then because I want you to be my boyfriend: will you?"

This seemed to startle him. I don't think he had worked out that if I was his girlfriend, he was my boyfriend. "Well?" I said.

He smiled his lovely smile, "Oh yes," he said, "I will."

"Don't boyfriends usually sit next to girlfriends?" I asked coyly. He looked worried at this. He would have to sit next to me now wouldn't he. "Come on," I said, "don't you want to?" I was trying to make him move towards me. I thought that if I moved towards him he might be frightened off. I also thought that he wanted me, he was making sure that his groin was covered by the towel!

He took a deep breath, gathering courage I suspect, came over and sat next to me; making sure that the towel didn't reveal anything.

"That's better," I said. "Are you glad I didn't go into town." I gave him my totally innocent look, wide eyes, looking up at him through my lashes. He didn't stand a chance did he?

He was a bit stiff (and I don't mean like that!!), holding himself in check so I touched his arm, "Well, are you?"

He relaxed a bit, "Yes, I am." Then a deep sigh, "Oh Joanna, I'm sorry. I've never had a girlfriend before. Well, not a girlfriend like you."

Mmm I thought. What does that mean. "What do you mean, 'a girlfriend like me'?"

"Well, errrrmmm, beautiful," he said looking at me with those eyes.

"Am I?" coyly. Cow!!

"Yes, very."

"Do you want to kiss me?"

"Mmm," he nodded his head shyly.

"Go on then. I know you know how. You've done it before."

He smiled gaining some confidence as he leant forward and our lips met. Oh dear. It was all I could do to control myself but I had to. He had to put his arms around me first. I put everything into that kiss and slowly his arms came round me as nature took it's course. It was heavenly, particularly and he was naked from the waist up and I only had my bikini top on. He must have felt my nipples, they were as hard as peanuts, same size as well! I suddenly wished they were like Lena's, he wouldn't miss those.

The kiss went on for quite a long time before we broke apart, for breath really, I certainly didn't want to stop.

I smiled at him, "There, that wasn't so bad was it?" Now he was really embarrassed – I could see the bulge under the towel.

"Errrr, I'd better go and get dressed," he said giving me the opening I needed.


"Errrr, Errrr. I'm sorry Jo, I shouldn't." Poor boy (man but he was like a boy wasn't he). He was digging his own hole.

"Shouldn't what?"

He looked down unable to meet my gaze and blushed so red he looked like a beetroot. I felt sorry for him so I put him out of his misery.

"You mean that," I said nodding down towards his waist. "You don't have to be sorry about that. It's what happens to boys when they kiss their girlfriends like that." Now the crunch point. "You want me don't you, you know, like that?"

He looked at me as if I'd stabbed him with a knife. Oh hell, careful, careful. I touched his arm. "Look, I am not going to attack you, do you hear me. I'm not like her. She was silly girl, I'm a woman. You don't have to be frightened of me." Then I thought of a way to ease him forward. "Did you dream about me?"

He nodded, "Yes, often."

"Naughty dreams?" I smiled to soften the power of the question. "I don't mind. I did about you."

He smiled at my admission. "Yes," he said taking a deep breath as if moved by the memory, "naughty."

"Good," I said, "you don't have to dream now, I'm here. I'm really here but it can be your dream so I can't attack you can I, it's your dream. Where were we in your dream?"

"In bed."

"Do you want to go there, in your dream remember. You'll have to take me there if you want your dream to continue." I think he got the message now. I was telling him he was in charge, he could do what he wanted. "The bedroom's upstairs, do you want me to go there with you?"

He took a very deep breath, looked down at me, nodded then he bloody picked me up and carried me!

"I dreamed of this," he said, "is it all right?" he asked nervously

Oh fucking hell, of course it is, oh shit this was impossible. How the hell can I keep my hands off him? As calmly as I could I said, "Of course, it's your dream isn't it." So he carried me upstairs, my head resting on his shoulder. He went to go into the spare bedroom but I whispered in his ear, "That's my bedroom there," pointing to the second bedroom, "it's got a double bed." I was just wallowing in the feel of him, his closeness and his maleness.

"Oh," he said simply and changed course.

I opened the door and he put me down on the bed. Then he realised his problem. He had no towel to cover his 'embarrassment' it must have fallen off. And boy, was he embarrassed! He blushed again, almost all of his body reddening as he realised his position. "Oh dear, I'm so sorry Jo, I shouldn't," and he turned to go.

"Come here and lay next to me," I said, "that's what you do in your dream isn't it?" He nodded still embarrassed.

"And you're like that in your dream aren't you?" Again he nodded. "Then it's all right isn't it," and I gave him my biggest, still non sexy, smile.

He gathered himself emotionally and laid down beside me. Relief flowed through my body. I'd got him this far and he was still OK. And, you know, he was just the same as Mike, leaning on one elbow looking down at me – where did he learn that?

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