tagNovels and NovellasCaroline Ch. 10.02

Caroline Ch. 10.02


Caroline – Part 2, Ch. 10.02


If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!)

Jo takes up the story again so, sorry, some repetition. Please persevere because I hope that different viewpoints will add interest to the story.

Joanna's Tale, 08:

Jo's Second Night with Guy

Hi, it's me again. Lena wants me to write about my night with Guy before she writes about hers! First I ought to say how I felt about Sunday afternoon.

Lena is right, I was apprehensive about making love to her that afternoon. I had told Guy about my feelings for Lena and Mike but not that I wanted to continue to make love to them now I was in love with him. I was worried that he might not understand and either leave or force me to choose. I suppose I didn't really think he'd leave. Even this early I was certain of his love for me for that to be a real possibility but he might ask me to stop going with Lena and Mike. All these worries were coursing round my mind and making me nervous about the future. I love Lena, love her in so many ways and the thought of the possibility of giving that up was haunting me. On the other hand there was no point in delaying the issue. Oh, I could give Guy more time but I didn't think that was going to make things any better. He may think I was just avoiding the issue, trying to hide things from him and that is no way to start a loving relationship so I agreed with Lena that we should 'disappear' that afternoon.

The trouble was, and I'm sorry to admit it, I didn't have the same level of faith in Mike's persuasive powers that she did. It is true you know, she thinks he is capable of anything he puts his mind to. That's the power of total love I suppose.

Anyway, she spoke to Mike and he would do his best, of that I was sure and, if anyone could persuade Guy, it was his father. So after lunch Lena grabbed my hand and we went upstairs together. I couldn't help but feel that it might be our last time together and I was saddened by this thought. I think that Lena sensed my reluctance and it must have worried her so I had to explain my feelings to her. She was great, building my confidence in Mike's ability to persuade Guy.

I got really upset when she mentioned going away. I didn't think I could stand that, leaving Mike and Lena. She was so grown up then, she'd thought everything through and she knew that I would choose him if he asked me to. I saw, as she explained, how difficult it would be to stay with them both if I had to stop loving them – not that I would ever do that, but stop making love to them. To have to do what Mike did to his love for Gianna would be a very difficult thing. I hit a very low point then, wondering whether it was really worth falling in love with him but Lena was marvellous. She managed to talk me round and to see that Mike would probably be successful and we ended up making love. We were still both tense so it wasn't 100% but it was still wonderful, as always.

Afterwards she was full of the new things she and Mike had done last night. He's amazing really, he keeps coming up with these ideas. I suppose he's seen so many films so he can pick up things from them. I was definitely going to try sitting on him like that and some variations on anal sex. Lena was most interested when I told her about my night with Guy, how he used to think about her sucking him. She was pleased that he really fancied her and I could see that she wanted him. Strangely I suppose, I didn't mind. After all she had shared her man with me hadn't she and that had helped me through my problems after Steve. I don't know what I would have done after the business in the hospital if it hadn't been for Mike. I felt good about sharing him with her. If all went well and he didn't ask me to choose what a wonderful life we would have, the four of us together. She even talked about falling in love with him a little herself. I thought she would, at least a little bit. After all, he is a younger version of the man she adores so it wouldn't be that strange would it?

I enjoyed talking about our men like this. We always talked about Mike after we made love, now we had Guy to talk about as well but the time had come. We had to get dressed and go downstairs and 'face the music'. I was very tense, frightened of what would happen. Lena said she'd go down first and look for a sign from Mike so she tentatively went downstairs. She must have seen him almost immediately because she turned and whispered, "It's all right, he's done it."

Well, it really is impossible to describe exactly how I felt at that moment. All my tension dissipated and I felt light-headed, silly really, as if I was walking on a cushion air. I felt deliriously happy and I had to take a few moments to compose myself before going down. When I did I saw Lena in Guy's arms and heard the last bit of her teasing. I shooed her away, I wasn't annoyed, and kissed him, kissed him properly. I looked at Lena, then back at Guy. Would he mind? I felt I had to say thank you to Mike. I loved him then, perhaps just a little bit more than usual. He had made all this possible hadn't he? Guy didn't look too bothered so I literally threw myself into Mike's arms and kissed him. This kiss was my most provocative. He immediately responded, I could feel it! I wanted him then and I knew that I had to have him at least once more before he and Lena married.

I pulled away from his lips and smiling, said to Lena, "Mmm Lena, again tonight?" This was a signal for her to go into her playful mood which I picked up immediately especially when she started on Guy. He seemed a bit bemused by it all. I felt sorry for him then. So much had happened to him in such a short time but it is fun, talking about them like this.

I saw Mike look at Guy and shrug his shoulders, he was used to this and he enjoyed it as well. He picked up two glasses, gave one to Guy and they sat down to enjoy the show! Mike whispered to Guy and I just caught the end, something about 'upstairs and teach them a lesson'.

"We heard that," said Lena, "and we think that you are both naughty boys who deserve to be punished."

Poor Guy but at least Mike understood as he said, "Don't worry. I can assure you that you'll enjoy being punished by Jo." Then Lena started again.

"Oh that's not fair, don't I get to punish him as well." Then she sat on his lap. Guy looked completely bemused by this playfulness.

"Oooohhhhh Jo, you're going to have to punish him a lot but be careful he's got a great big stick in his pocket. I wonder where that came from?" she asked artlessly looking at him with her big blue eyes wide open. Finally he understood and he threw his head back and laughed as Lena got up and sat on Mike's lap.

"Mmm, mine's got a big stick as well. It must be catching. You see Jo, sit on your one's lap."

I was really into this now and I did want to feel his 'big stick' so I sat on his lap. I turned to her and said, "That's not a stick silly, that's his prick," and I turned and kissed him. I find this play exciting as well and what with the release of tension I was very excited indeed so the kiss wasn't exactly platonic. Indeed, if Mike hadn't stepped in just then I might have dragged Guy upstairs immediately.

"Now you two minxes, we're going out to dinner tonight so let's have a coffee and get ready." Then to me, "Leave him alone Jo, you can play with him tonight." Then to Lena, "Lena, stop it or I'll tan your bottom." Perhaps that was the wrong thing to say to her then because I could see she was quite excited too because she poked her tongue out at him, smiled and said, "Dare you!"

From the look on Mike's face I thought he might! Now that would be interesting! Lena dragged herself away from him and went into the kitchen where I followed. I was so happy, all had gone as well as I could have wished. I grabbed Lena in the kitchen and swung her around. I felt as if I had wings, "Lena, I feel so happy I could fly," I said as I hugged her.

We took the coffee back into the lounge where Mike and Guy were sitting together so Lena and I sat on the other settee. I could see that Guy wanted to say something. He had an intense look on his face, determined, I liked it, it made him look so strong and even more like his father. He looked at us both and took a deep breath as if gathering strength.

"I wanted to explain," he said, "to Jo and to you Lena." I could see his confidence growing as he looked at me and I suppose he felt he had to explain.

"I was angry and sad when Mike told me you were upstairs together," he said looking at me. My heart did summersaults, had I imagined him agreeing? I started to say something, what I don't know, but something. Something to ease his pain but he stopped me.

"No," he said, "Jo, let me finish. Please." His eyes pleaded with me. He had to do this didn't he, to tell us all how he felt so I had to let him do it. I sat back to listen. Emotionally I was a wreck. All sorts of feelings rushing around inside me. Elation, worry, love, desire, relief, oh I felt so strange as I listened to him.

"I couldn't understand that you could say you loved me more than anything yet still go upstairs and make love to Lena." His eyes fixed me as he relived the emotion. "You were mine, you said so, so why?" He looked at Mike then back at me. "I was getting a bit stupid before dad spoke to me. Jo, he made me see how selfish I could become. I'd only just found you and now it seemed I was losing you but he made me see that I wasn't losing you, that I never could." Then he looked at me with eyes full of love. They destroyed me those eyes. All thoughts of anything were banished as I gazed at him, drinking in the sight of him and listening to his words.

He carried on speaking, "I love you Joanna, more than anything, and I want you to be happy. Dad showed me that real love was about wanting the person you love to be happy, not wanting what you wanted. That was selfish. He showed me that it was wrong to try to possess, to own, the person you love or that persons love. He told me about my mother and his feelings for her and now I understand." He gave me that lovely smile of his, so like his fathers, "All I want is for you to love me and to be happy. If your being happy means you loving Lena and dad then that's OK. It might take me a while to really get used to all this but I love you Joanna so I will."

I couldn't speak with the emotion of it all, all I could do was to start crying softly. Oh how much I loved him at that moment! My eyes continued to devour him. I wanted to take him inside me, hold him, keep him forever. Then he got up, knelt in front of me, and looked into my eyes.

"Now I've made you cry," he said softly, "I'm sorry. I don't ever want to leave you now." That made me cry even more. I think at that moment I was emotionally full up. I could hardly think. All I could see was him on his knees in front of me. He looked back at Mike and took a deep breath. Then he took my hands in his. I was trembling with emotion, unable to move let alone speak.

"I know we haven't known each other for very long but I know you are the one, I want you to marry me, will you?"

Oh God, how could I say yes, I couldn't speak, couldn't catch my breath. My throat was full of tears, tears of happiness at hearing this. I was crying, sobbing almost at the rush of emotion coursing through my body. All my senses were focussed on him at that moment. I could almost feel his heart beating, fast now as he waited for my reply. He looked forlornly at Lena sitting next to me and I heard her say, "It's all right Guy, she'll say yes in just a minute when she catches her breath. "

Well, I finally managed to squeeze out, "Oh yes, yes, yessss. When?" was all I could think to say. This seemed to flummox Guy who looked at Mike for help then back at me. By now I was OK and I jumped on him and threw my arms round his neck. "Oh love, love, oh you wonderful man, yes, yes, yes." I held him so tight, I didn't ever want to let him go. We fell on the floor together and ended up kissing. I kissed and kissed him, and he kissed me back. All over his face and I held him close to me. Then I was aware of Lena kneeling next to us.

"Come on you two. You can do that in bed later," she said laughing.

Then Mike got up and pulled Guy upright. He was beaming, "Good for you Guy. It's nice to see you making an honest woman of her," he said full of laughter. By now Lena was hugging me tightly and, as the emotion of the situation got to her, she started to cry softly, a happy cry. That started me off again. We were both crying joyfully as the men came over and held us both together.

Mike was first to regain his composure and he got us all sitting down to talk about our wedding. Lena will deal with that so I won't go into any detail only to say that I was sure my dad would be surprised at giving two women away!

It was funny at the end though. Guy asked Mike if he would tell everybody. I think he thought he would get some stick from his brothers, particularly Bernardo but Mike insisted that he do it himself. "Confidence lad," he said. "Tell Nardo and don't take any nonsense from him, and tell Silvio and your mother." Then he looked at Lena. Oh, he knew she was jealous of Gianna, "I'll speak to your mother and tell her that we both know. I'll make sure that she knows you didn't break your promise to her." He turned to Lena, "Is that OK Lena?" She smiled and nodded and I was sure it was OK with her, hopefully she had put it behind her.

So we finished our coffee and all got ready for our evening meal in town. We went to one of Mike's favourite restaurants and had a lovely meal. It was one of those truly happy occasions. We laughed and joked, sharing each other's company. I held on to Guy through the whole meal. I couldn't bear the thought of letting him go. Silly really, I'd got him hadn't I? I did notice that Mike drank rather more wine than he usually does so I wondered whether he would 'punish' Lena tonight but then I saw him whispering to her and she reddened up a bit. His hand was underneath the table at the time and I wondered what he said, and did!

After the meal we decided to walk back. I was a lovely October evening, warm enough for only jumpers. The stars were out and there were lots of people strolling in the park. I was snuggled up to Guy all the time, quiet now, just enjoying being with him. Then we found some seats, quite out of the way, and sat down. The first thing I did was to kiss Guy, the second was to kiss him back!

I whispered how much I loved him, he whispered how much he loved me. It was marvellous, the night, the place, so romantic. It's a wonderful place to fall in love. We sat there as lovers do, just whispering things to each other, oblivious to everything else in the world. I finally came out of my reverie and looked across at Mike and Lena. She'd undone his shirt and was holding him tightly. Everything will be all right, I thought. Mike softly called to us and we continued home together.

As we got closer to home I realised that I wanted, no needed, to have Guy tonight. I wanted to give myself to him completely so by the time we got home I was very, very keen to get him to bed. When we got in we sent the men to shower in the en-suites whilst we used the big shower room. I was also aware of how much I wanted Mike. Now this is funny and you might not really understand but, as much as I wanted to give myself to Guy totally and completely, I wanted Mike as well. None of this would have been possible without him and I needed to say thank you to him so, when we got to the shower, this was on my mind.

Lena started telling me about Mike, "Jo," she said, "Mike says he won't get hard tonight but he is going to tan my bottom and use the dildo."

"That sounds like fun," I said smiling. I rather liked the idea of having my bottom tanned, and of him tanning Lena's but that way led to darkness. I had to tell her now, tell her I wanted him. I didn't think she'd mind so more seriously I said, "Lena, I want him this week. I want him at least one more time on his own before we go back to Nardo's and you get married. I need to thank him properly for all this. Without him none of this would have happened. Lena, you don't mind do you?"

"No, of course not Jo," she said, "it might be a good idea to give him a few days to recover. He's had a really hard three days and I think they've taken it out of him. What about waiting till Tuesday?"

"Mmm, that sounds OK, Tuesday it is."

"What about Guy?"

"Well," I looked at her and smiled. She would have him while I had Mike. I was the least I could do. "I wondered whether you could take care of him while I'm with Mike. Mind he's quite a handful, but you don't have to."

She laughed, "Oh, I certainly will." Then seriously, "Are you sure Jo, really sure?"

"Lena, I'm as sure about this as I am about marrying him. Can you believe he asked me. Isn't he something else, just like his father. Lena we are so lucky. To have two men like these who love us. Oh I know they get all the sex they can handle but they think of us, even Guy is like his father. He already looks to satisfy me. Lena you'll love having him."

I sensed that she wanted to ask me something. "Jo," she said pensively, "you know I have the embryo implanted tomorrow fortnight?" I nodded. "Well, the doctors in the clinic say that in the first month afterwards sex has to be very careful for obvious reasons and I think that when I'm pregnant Mike won't want to do anything strange. You know, fours or threes, all that sort of thing. I won't have my next period because of the hormone pills so we have a chance for the next week or so to experiment. Will Guy be ready for that, will you." Well, I had given this a bit of thought amongst everything else.

I smiled, "I thought that you wouldn't be able to 'experiment' after the implant so I have thought about it. I would like to take them both, father and son inside me and, at the same time, kiss you. Yes, I'm ready for it." I smiled at the thought, "Mind, it will be a bit of a struggle. Neither of them are small. Will Mike go for it. You know what he's like about hurting us?"

"I don't know. He knows that DP won't hurt us. We both dealt with it OK but even so there are all sorts of things we can do. Jo it's so exciting thinking about it, having two men. If we give them a couple of days rest Guy could probably go for three or four couldn't he?"

I laughed, "He might, mind he only managed twice last night. Look, if you talk to Mike about it tonight and see if he's OK. I won't say anything to Guy but you can talk about foursomes when you're with him. If Mike is OK, we can get him to talk to Guy. I suppose the problem may be that he won't actually like to see Mike with me, but can deal with it out of sight. I don't know, we'll have to see.

"Come on," I said, "let's get ready. I need an enema tonight. He's going to have my bottom – whether he likes it or not," I ended laughing. So we gave each other enemas, put on our lovely silk housecoats and went to the bedrooms.

As I opened the bedroom door I became slightly nervous. I don't know why but things were different now weren't they. He'd sort of taken the lead really by asking for my hand so I felt he might be more confident now. How would he be? I was excited as well, really hot, ready for him. He was laying on his side on the bed propped up on one elbow, just like his father. He was wearing pyjama bottoms. Now when Mike does this it means he wants to talk before making love, did it mean the same for Guy I wondered.

He looked at me and smiled, "Come and lay next to me," he said softly. I moved towards him and began to take off my housecoat. "No," he said, "leave it on. I haven't had an opportunity to undress you yet." So I did and lay down beside him. He kissed my mouth, then my nose, then my eyes.

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