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Caroline Ch. 10.03


Caroline – Part 2, Ch. 10.03


If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!

Some gentle and loving spanking here. Most of the 'spanking' stories I have read (not only on Literotica) seem to be about the pleasure of administering the punishment. I wanted to write about how it might feel if the whole thing was for the pleasure of the recipient. Mind you, I have never done this so it is pure speculation (i.e. fantasy). Important to note that, in my mind, all this is done with LOVE. Another sexual experience that two lovers can have.

A tiny bit of repetition here as we see things from Caroline's point of view.)

Caroline's Tale

Lena gets a spanking.

Mike's told you all about how we feel after making love with men. I haven't mentioned it before because this is really about Mike but it's true. We both seem to need to be together. We make love but, most of all, we talk about the men or, before Guy, about Mike. Our lovemaking is always tender, just like Mike described and I suppose it is an affirmation of our feelings for each other. This is just to explain how Jo and I felt that Sunday morning.

My need for her was worse that morning for several reasons all, I'm sorry to admit, a bit selfish. I wanted desperately to hear about Guy, how she got on with him, what he was like in bed, everything really because I hadn't had a chance to talk to her alone on Saturday either. I also had this terrible premonition that this might be the last time we made love together. I desperately hoped that Guy wouldn't make her choose but he could and well, you know me, if there's a problem brewing I'll worry about it. On the other hand, we all had to get this sorted out pretty quickly otherwise it would start to undermine everyone's feelings, particularly mine.

I don't think Jo was 100% keen on going upstairs, she was afraid of what Guy would think and, I suppose, because of the possibility he might make her choose, would rather have put it off. I could tell however, that she wanted me. She always did after sex with a man.

I couldn't really see any other way forward than for Mike to talk to Guy. To try and make him understand what he would be asking of Jo. I was worried that if Guy just walked into the situation he might react without thinking and force Jo into a position where she had no choice. It was better, I thought, if he faced the issue calmly. Well at least as calmly as anyone could in his place. I felt a bit sorry for him, so much had happened to him in such a short time. Here he was, in love with a woman who was in love with him and also in love with his father and his future step-mother. I was sure it would be difficult for him but I hoped and prayed that he was his father's son and that Mike had taught him to be caring, considerate, and to think of the feelings of the one he loved.

So I asked Mike. He seemed reluctant at first and I guessed why. He'd had a pretty tough two days as well. Friday really took it out of him and then the joy of yesterday on top seemed to have left him emotionally drained so he wasn't keen to go over it all again. However, we talked and he saw how important it was to both Jo and me so he said he would. If anyone could persuade Guy it was his father!

Well, after lunch I grabbed Jo and we disappeared upstairs. First to the shower then the my bedroom. She was still reluctant, worried about Guy but I said to her, "Jo, it's best that he faces it sooner rather than later. Later and he might think you were hiding it from him."

"I told him I loved you and Mike and he obviously knows I have been making love with you both but he probably thinks that now I've said I love him I won't go with you two any more. Me being up here with you will probably upset him. Oh Lena I'm so frightened. I don't want to have to choose, he won't make me will he?"

"Oh Jo, I don't know but I do know that if he's his father's son then Mike will be able to make him think about the effect of asking you that question. If he thinks about it I don't think he'll make you choose. It doesn't make sense. All he has to realise is that, if he loves you (and I'm sure he does), then he wants to see you happy. Asking you to stop making love with me or Mike would make you sad and you'd have to go away wouldn't you?"

"Go away?" she said shocked.

I hugged her close too me. For once I had thought it through! "If he asks you to choose you'll choose him won't you?" She nodded. "Well I don't think either of us could stand the tension of being together and denying how we feel about each other could we? You might choose him but that is only because you love him in that way, you'll still love us and we'll love you. I think it would be intolerable for all of us."

I could see the effect this was having on her. Look, it's difficult for people who haven't experienced what Jo and I have. You know I owe her everything and now I'd shared the man I love with her to help her over Steve. Our threesomes with Mike had, if anything, made us even closer and we loved each other through and with him.

She started to cry softly, "Lena, Lena, what have I done. Damn this falling in love."

Like before she laid her head on my shoulder and I shushed her just as she'd done to me so often. I had to be strong for her. I felt just as bad about her leaving.

"You mustn't say that," I said to her softly, "what you have with Guy is precious. That's your future. If the worst comes to the worst you must put us behind you Jo, you must for your sake and for his."

"Oh Lena, I think I could with Mike, but you. To lose you would be devastating," and she hugged me so tight.

"Ssshhh," I hushed her. "it's all right. Look darling, Mike buried his love for Gianna didn't he. He just kept the memory of his love for her. You can do that as well, so can I. We don't give it up we just retain the memory. We can do that Jo, it's the only way." Then I wanted to cheer her up. "Joanna, he may not ask you. I don't think he will."

She looked at me with hope in her eyes, "Why?"

"Because he loves you and because you love him. Mike will make him see that when you love someone you want them to be happy, to make them happy. Asking you to choose will make you sad, make us all sad. Come on," I said smiling, "I'm sure it'll be all right."

"Really," she said. She was like a daughter now I supposed, asking me to make things all right for her. I felt so grown up and I loved her so much then.

"Yes, really. I love you Jo and I wouldn't say that if I didn't think it was true. I know Mike will do it."

She smiled, "You love him so much don't you. You're so sure of him, of everything he does."

"Yes, I am. I think he could do anything if he wanted to, anything at all. Yes I do love him, more than life itself and that hurts sometimes but right now it feels so good. Jo, I need you now, you need me. Love me, please," I asked plaintively. I realised, you see, that this might be the last time. I honestly didn't think so, I hadn't lied to Jo, I did believe that Mike would succeed but it wasn't certain was it?

My confidence seemed to make her feel better and slowly she began to react to my soft caresses. It didn't take long, soon we were making love. A bit more tense than usual but wonderful all the same. Afterwards we lay in each other's arms talking about our men. I told her about the two new things Mike and I had done.

"It was lovely Jo, sitting on him like that. He could reach my boobs and my pussy, especially my clit. Then the anal sex. It was like he did that terrible Sunday. Face down, flat on the bed with my legs closed. He felt so big that way and the sensations were so different. You'll have to try it," I ended jokingly.

She seemed sad again but perked up as I asked her about Guy.

"Only twice?" I said as she told me.

She laughed, that was good, "Well that does make six times in one day," she said proudly. "You can't complain can you?"

I laughed as well. "No, I suppose not. What did you do last night?"

She smiled at the memory. "I sucked him again and I told him how much you liked sucking a man's cock. Then I told him you were better at it than me." She smiled again, "Lena, he really fancies you. Every time I mentioned your name he gave a little twitch. He said he used to imagine you sucking him before he met me."

I laughed, "Mike said he did, you remember, I told you."

"I told him you can deep throat as well." She smiled again, "That certainly got a reaction! He came in my mouth. I let him hold my head and fuck my mouth; he was so gentle. Then loads of cum, amazing really. He kissed me straight after I swallowed it all. He didn't seem to mind, just like his dad."

"Was it good?"

"Mmm, lovely. He was very controlled, I kept him on the edge for ages by squeezing his balls. In the end he was pleading to cum," she laughed, "I felt sorry for him."

"Did he get hard straight away?"

"No. He wanted to kiss me all over."

"ALL over?"

"Mmm. He was very good this time. I told him what I liked, you know, underneath boobs sort of thing, then he kissed and sucked my clit. He knows what that is now!"

"What about your bottom, did he do that?"

"Well, I turned over after I came and he kissed my back and my bottom cheeks but he didn't venture in between until I asked him if he wanted to. He did. He's definitely a bottom man Lena. He used his tongue almost as well as Mike does. He can roll it as well and he pushed his tongue right into my bottom hole 'til I came. Then I turned over and he made love to me. Just as he was beginning to cum I asked him whether he wanted to put it in my bottom. Well, that sent him over the top in a big way.

"Did he, you know, in your bottom?"

"No," she said smiling, "he was very apologetic but he was finished. Six times after all. I told him I liked it there and so did you. That brought a twinge," she laughed, "and I told him it was his father's favourite place but he knew. Lena, he found all Mike's DVD's. That's where he learnt about anal sex so I reckon that, while he may not be very experienced himself, it won't take him long to learn."

"Oh I hope so," I said excited now by the thought of him making love to me and by all the other possibilities!

"We may have to wait a while for that Lena, you know, him and you."

"I know," I said, "we mustn't rush him but Jo think of it. Him and Mike together, you and me, oh it'll be so good." I nudged her, "Do you think he might fall a little bit in love with me, you know, like Mike with you?" Then, "Oh Jo, you wouldn't be jealous would you, if he did?"

She smiled and hugged me, "No, I wouldn't be jealous darling, how could I. I know he loves me like Mike loves you so I know there's room for you. I suspect he's already a little bit in love with you anyway. He's probably dreamt of you for ages."

"I like that," I said. Well, I like to be loved and it would be easy to fall in love with him, just a little bit, because he was like a young version of Mike.

Jo was much happier now, she seemed to have shaken of her fear of that question but then, "It's time to go down Jo. Come on, let's get dressed."

"Oh Lena, I'm scared. What if Mike hasn't . . ."

"I'll go down first. Mike will be able to tell me straight away and I'll call to you. If it's bad and he hasn't been able to persuade Guy it's probably better if he comes upstairs and sees you isn't it." I hugged her tight, "Jo, Jo, it'll be all right, I know it will. Come on, get dressed. You can't go down like that you'll have both men all over you." This brightened her up and we both got dressed.

Tentatively, I ventured down the stairs with Jo staying at the top. I could see that Mike had positioned himself so he could see the stairs and, as I came into view he caught my eye, nodded, and smiled. Relief flooded over me and I quickly called to Jo, whispering, "It's all right, he's done it."

She came down just behind me. I was so pleased I bounced up to Mike and kissed him hard. Then I looked at Guy and decided he deserved one too. This time he did react, I could feel him getting hard. Hell, did I want him but I had his father didn't I? Jo came down and caught me with him playfully hustling me away before we began to play as Mike has told you. I was so happy because everything seemed to be going so well. Only one small problem as far as I could see, I didn't think that Mike was really up for it tonight. I realised he must be very, very drained after the last two days and I had to be very careful. If he thought for one moment that he wasn't up to it, couldn't perform, and Guy was around, he might get another attack of self doubt. On top of everything else that had happened, this would be too much.

After this playing which, by the way, is terribly exciting, we both went into the kitchen to make some coffee before getting ready for our Sunday evening meal.

"Well," I said to Jo, "he's OK. I told you didn't I." She was so happy she put her arms round me and cuddled me tightly.

"Lena, isn't he marvellous. He really is just like his father. He seems to have the same way of looking at things. He's kind, considerate, thoughtful. Lena, I feel so happy I could fly," and she swung me around the kitchen in her arms and I'm bigger than her!

So we made coffee and took it back to the lounge. Jo has written about what happened then so I won't go into detail. I listened to Guy as he explained his feelings then was surprised as he knelt in front of her. Flashing a look at Mike I raised my eyebrows but he just shrugged. Then he apologised for making her cry and followed that up by asking her to marry him! Surprised? Boy was I surprised but my heart sang at these words and I looked across at Mike who was beaming. I'm sure that this is what he wanted all along.

Jo was quiet. Looking at her I could see she was in a complete daze, the emotion of the situation was becoming too much for her. Poor Guy, he thought she was going to say no but I could see that she was having trouble saying anything and tears rolled down her cheeks. All the worry of having to choose and now this, everything she ever wanted. It was almost too much.

Guy looked plaintively at me. "It's OK," I said with a great big smile, "she'll say yes in just a minute when she catches her breath."

He looked back at Jo who was now managing to control her breathing and her emotions. "Oh yes, yes, yessss. When?" she finally managed to say.

This seemed to flummox Guy who obviously hadn't given it any thought. He looked helplessly at Mike, who I'm sure had no idea he was going to propose, then at me. By this time Jo had thrown her arms around him and was covering his face with kisses, "Oh love, love, oh you wonderful man, yes, yes, yes." She was completely overcome by it all and, in the end, they both ended up in a heap on the floor. Meanwhile I looked at Mike and raised my eyebrows quizzically. He understood immediately, should they marry at the same ceremony? He smiled a huge smile but shook his head. I sat beside him, "Did you know?"

He smiled, "I had no idea he'd do that. God I'm proud of him," he whispered to me.

Jo was still all over Guy and they were lying on the floor together kissing. I knelt down beside them. Laughing, I said, "Come on you two. You can do than in bed later! Get up and drink your coffee and talk to us."

Mike got up, pulled Guy upright and held him. "Good for you Guy. It's nice to see you making an honest woman of her," he said laughing.

I was holding Jo tightly, so happy for her and she was hugging me just as tight. Then she started to cry softly, not sad but happy. That started me off and the men came over and held us to.

"Come on," said Mike regaining his cool, "let's sit down and talk about wedding plans."

Jo and Guy sat on the settee holding hands. "Well," said Mike, "when do you want to do it?"

Guy looked at Jo, turned and said to us, "What about with you two?"

I chirped up, "We'd love that Guy, Jo but it's not practical is it. Look, you two will have a proper wedding won't you, not a blessing, so Jo will want a proper frock, won't you Jo." She wasn't getting away with me not planning things. "It'll be too late to arrange all that now won't it Mike?" I said looking at him for support.

He smiled at me. He knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to arrange everything didn't I? "I think she's right Guy. I'm sure Jo will want to choose a dress. Yes Jo?"

She nodded, "Mmm," then she looked at me and smiled, "and I'm sure Lena will want to help me choose it. After all she will be my prospective mother in law won't she?"

I would wouldn't I? Now there's a thought. "If you ever call me mother I'll crown you," I said laughing at her, "but yes, I do want to help you choose and arrange." I turned to Mike, he was always so good at arranging things, "Well, what do you think?"

"Well, Jo, Guy. What about two weeks after us. That'll give Nardo enough time to arrange it all. It won't be too long for everyone to stay for the wedding and we can come back here for the two weeks and enjoy ourselves before I'm faced with two old married ladies," he laughed. "Mind," he said seriously, "Lena will have to be careful because of the embryo. I think we'll have to go back to the clinic anyway to check everything is OK. How does that sound?"

Jo and Guy looked at each other then Guy turned to us and said, "That sounds great father. Will you be my best man?"

Mike smiled, "Nothing would give me greater pleasure. Your dad will give you away won't he Jo?"

She laughed, "If he gets over the shock, yes he will."

I had a sudden thought, "Mike," I said, "if Guy's your best man, who's giving me away?"

We all looked at each other. "Oh hell," said Mike, "I hadn't thought about that. Who do you want to give you away?"

I thought for a minute. Really I could only think of two people, either Jo's dad or Silvio. "Mike, I don't really have anyone who can do that." I turned to Jo, "Would your dad give me away as well?"

She smiled, "He loves you almost as much as he does me so I'm sure he will. I'll speak to him tonight," she laughed, "I'll ask him when he's picked himself up off the floor."

"Dad," said Guy nervously, "will you tell Nardo and everybody?"

Mike looked at Guy and smiled sadly, "No," he said, "you've got to do that Guy." The he held him by the shoulders, "Confidence lad. Tell Nardo and don't take any nonsense from him and tell Silvio and your mother." He looked at me, "I'll tell her that we both know. I'll make sure that she knows you didn't break your promise to her." He turned to me, "Is that OK Lena?"

I smiled at him and nodded. Do you know, it was OK. I wasn't bothered at all about it. I loved him so I wanted him to be happy. All the things he'd said to Guy I'd taken on board as well. I felt so good that I couldn't be unhappy.

"Come on everyone, drink this bloody coffee. It's getting cold. And we'd better get changed if we're going out." So this very important afternoon ended as we sat quietly drinking coffee and talking about weddings. Afterwards we all got ready for dinner at one of our favourite restaurants in the town.

We had a lovely meal, laughing and joking all the way through. The only problem I had was that Mike drank a lot of wine. Now, as you know, he doesn't usually drink much if he's going to make love, he says it slows him down. So tonight it seemed that I was going to be frustrated but I was very aware that I mustn't show it in case he had another confidence attack. Even more likely I thought with his son banging off six times in one day – although he had slowed down a bit! Because he drank a lot I was quite surprised that, late in the meal, I felt his hand on my leg, creeping up under my skirt and stroking my inner thigh. I looked at him in surprise.

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