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Caroline Ch. 11.02



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!

Perhaps This is a touch 'Mills and Boonish' but you know me by now! (No pontificating this time!). Contains oral, straight, anal.

Caroline's Tale

Lena and Guy again, the party and marriage.

After we'd finished eating Jo collared me in a corner. "Lena," she said pensively, "tonight?" I knew she was going to ask me something. "Can I have Mike again. I really think I'm pregnant you know, don't ask me why, I just feel that I am." She laughed, "It might be a side effect of those pills you're taking. Seriously though, you said that Mike wouldn't want you to go with Guy while you're pregnant, well I think Guy will be the same. Tonight will be my last chance until after the babies." She looked at me with a silent appeal, "I need him you know Lena. I don't know why, now I've got Guy, but I need him again. You can have Guy if you want." I'd never seen her like this, she seemed almost desperate.

"What is it Jo, you seem funny?"

"I don't know," she said, "I just look around at all this, Guy, my parents, the wedding, you and Mike, Guy's family, oh everything and I think it's all because he loves me just a little bit, because of him. I'm sorry, you should have him really. It's just, just . . . . oh I can't explain it. I just need him," she ended lamely.

"Oh Jo, Jo, of course you can have him. I've got him for the whole weekend and for the rest of my life. You know you can have him whenever you want Jo. You don't have to feel bad about it."

"What will Mike say?"

I laughed, "He will do as he is told. Jo he knows how you feel about him. He would never say no to you, not if he knows I'm OK about it."

"What about you? Do you want Guy?"

"If he wants me, of course I do. You know that Jo. I do love him a little bit. I told Mike about it and he understands. Look, I'll tell Mike in a while, why don't you sort it out with Guy."

"Oh thank you Lena," and she gave me a kiss.

Mike drifted over having noticed, I suppose, our chat. "What was that about," he asked smiling.

"She wants you tonight," I said looking up at him through my lashes. "She thinks she's pregnant, she doesn't know just feels that she is."

He laughed, "I'd be surprised if she isn't after all those little buggers he's been depositing inside her." Then seriously, "Why now?"

"She knows you don't want me to go with Guy after the baby and she thinks Guy will be the same. You won't go with her will you, when she's pregnant I mean?"

"No," he said, "No. I think I should respect that and how Guy might feel."

"I don't know why but she seems almost desperate about tonight. You will won't you. She feels all of this, everything about her life now, is as a result of you loving her so I suppose she feels the need to be with you."

He looked down at me, "What about you, how do you feel about it. And," he said seriously, "about Guy. She's offered him hasn't she?"

He was reminding me of my feelings the first time with Guy. "Yes she has and I want to. I want to try and make up for the first time." I smiled up at him, "I won't feel guilty this time. Oh Mike, you know I don't mind you going with Jo. I told her she could have you whenever she wanted. You don't mind do you?"

He laughed, "No, I don't. How could any man mind that two such gorgeous women should dispense his favours as they saw fit. No, I love you both and going to bed with Jo is a pleasure surpassed only by making love with you."

Ooohhh, isn't he lovely. "Well, you'll have plenty of opportunity to do that on Saturday won't you?"

"Yes," he said smiling to himself then at me, "I intend to take advantage of that opportunity to the fullest." He was planning something, I could tell. I began to get excited which, I suspect, was just what he wanted.

"You're planning something aren't you? Please tell me, pleeezze, pleeezze," and I pouted outrageously at him.

He smiled and kissed me on the cheek, "It won't be a surprise if I tell you will it? For now you'll just have to imagine."

I knew he wouldn't tell me so I had to give up. "I'll tell Jo about tonight shall I?"

"Mmm," he said. He hugged me tightly, "She wants to feel like a princess is suppose?"

"Yes, I think she does. She seems to need that from you. I expect Guy hasn't got it quite there yet." I had a thought, "Could you had a quiet word with him, you know, about poetry and all that." I laughed, "He can practice on me tonight if he wants."

"You," Mike said laughing, "are a naughty little minx. Just wait till we're married."

"Mmm, I can't wait," I said. Mike drifted off and I saw him buttonhole Guy and have a bit of a chat, all the while looking either at me or at Jo. Jo must have told him because he didn't seem bothered whilst Mike was talking to him. After a while he came over to me.

"We're together tonight," he whispered, "I can't wait. It won't be like last time, promise."

I smiled at him, finding it difficult not to grab hold of him and kiss him. That would be a bit inappropriate in this company on the evening before my wedding. I suddenly had a lovely thought, what a man I was marrying. He was happy to bed my best friend and to share me with her fiancé on the night before we married. Well, I suppose he was lucky two because I was happy with the arrangement!

"I know," I said. "I want you to make love to me," I whispered in his ear. "Come on, mingle, otherwise people will talk."

So off we went our separate ways until bedtime.

It had been a fairly long day, what with the drive down, so I suggested to Jo that we didn't leave it too late so, about 10:30, she and Guy came over and said good night. We thought it was better if we didn't all go up together, someone might smell a rat – not that we minded really. After all Gianna knew what we did but Mike wanted to keep some degree of propriety.

A little later we said goodnight to everyone and went up. As we only had one bathroom we told the men we'd get ready first, then they could shower. It was nice because it was different, it was usually them waiting for us.

"Thank you Lena," said Jo as we were getting ready, "I don't know why I feel this way. Perhaps it is because I am pregnant. Do you think so?"

"I don't know," I said, "but I do feel quite emotional at the moment. I suppose it's the pills. By the way, I had a word with Mike, asked him to chat to Guy about poetry and all that." I smiled softly at her, "Mike will be romantic tonight, I know. This will probably be the last time we swap before the baby, or babies," I laughed, "so I want us both to enjoy it."

"Don't feel guilty Lena. Mike doesn't mind does he and I have had a word with Guy. He understands now."

"No, I won't feel guilty. I don't think we'll do it with that sort of intensity tonight. Oh Jo, I want to be loved, romanced, you know. I do hope Guy can do it."

She smiled, "Well, he's shown he's his father's son in almost everything else so I expect he will pull something out of the hat."

With that we finished preparing. We did get ready at the back but somehow I wasn't concerned about having him there tonight and Jo would be happy just to be made love to. Oh I would if he wanted to but I wanted him inside my pussy and my mouth, to look at him, his face. I needed him to love me, only a little bit, but to love me all the same. You see, I did love him a bit, well perhaps more than that. He was still a young Mike, even more so after what Gianna had said about how much he looked like his father then. I must be hell for her all these years but perhaps we could do something about that!

I went into the bedroom to find Guy sitting on the bed. As before he wore a pair of boxer shorts in silk. I was naked and, as he looked up, I could feel his eyes caressing my body from top to bottom. He stood and walked over and took me in his arms. The he began to sing softly – it was 'Embraceable You', the Gershwin song.

Oh God, this was wonderful. He could sing as well! He had a passable voice unlike his father who, although he loves music, couldn't hold a note.

"That's lovely, lovely," and I did embrace him and held him tightly to me as I began to cry softly into his chest.

"What is it?" he said suddenly concerned.

"Oh, nothing," I said regaining control. "It's just so wonderful to be made love to like this." I smiled up at him, "It's nearly as good as poetry, that's Mike's speciality. He says poetry but singing is just as good. I didn't know you could sing."

He smiled that shy smile, "I did a little bit at college. We did "Les Miserables". I played Marius so I got some good songs. Anyway, I don't know any poetry." He laughed, "Not much poetry in Mathematics and Computer Studies is there, although," he added holding me tight, "a beauty such as you can inspire almost anything!"

Oooohhhhh, nearly as good as his father! "I'm not beautiful really, Jo is beautiful, I might be cute."

"Just like dad says," he laughed, "you are fishing for compliments. Well, I don't care what you say, to me you are beautiful. My second love," he said suddenly.

I nearly started to cry again, "Do you mean it," I asked not daring to believe that he might love me a little bit.

He pulled away slightly so he could look into my eyes, "Yes," he said with feeling, "I do mean it." Then he began to explain, with some difficulty, "Look, I don't mean in the same way as with Jo. Oh this is difficult. I more than like you and I'm more than fond of you. What I feel for you is something like what I feel for Jo but not a strong, as overpowering." He looked at me with that wan smile on his face, just like his father, "I'm not doing very well am I?"

"Oh, I don't know," I said kissing him gently, "it sounds all right to me. Anyway, I wouldn't expect you to feel the same about me as you do about Jo, she is your one and only after all, but we can love others as well. I love Jo and I love you a bit as well but neither is anything like I feel for Mike." Enough of this, I thought, he has done very well up to now and I wanted him to romance me. "Sing to me again and then make love to me, please."

So he held me close to him and began to croon again. It was lovely, he had quite a nice voice so it sounded wonderful. Then he picked me up and carried me over to the bed: lovely, bloody marvellous. He laid down beside me his head propped up on one arm whilst he gently stroked my hair with the other. Leaning forward he started to kiss my face, my lips, my eyes, my nose, my cheeks, all over before returning to my lips for a longer, more searching kiss. His tongue tenderly probed between my lips and met mine in an exquisite dance. There was passion here but not uncontrolled like last time, this was tender and gentle, loving and romantic. I was really enjoying this already.

While continuing to kiss my lips his hand wandered down to my boobs and began to caress the small hillocks. Pulling his lips away he said, "You have beautiful breasts you know."

I sighed, "But they're too small, not like Jo's. Hers are much more in proportion." I wasn't really fishing for compliments because I really felt that this was true, Jo has got better boobs than me.

He wasn't having any of it however, "You are different from Jo and just as nice. I love your nipples."

"Suck them then. You can bite them gently as well," I said with a big smile on my face. "Then you can kiss my boobs all over."

He smiled and licked his lips, "I'll see you in half an hour," he said as his lips moved down to suckle at my breasts. I should say that since I began taking the hormone pills my boobs had become far more sensitive and now, as he started to suckle, an orgasm crept up on me. He started by gently sucking one nipple while massaging the other with his fingers, then he'd change over. Next he bit the base where the nipple joins the areole. He'd never experienced that terrible pain/pleasure thing so he was a bit unsure how hard to bite. He started off too gentle so I whispered to him, "Just a bit harder, yes, a bit more. Oh that's just right." And it was, hard enough to begin to hurt but not too hard so it did.

"Draw your teeth along my nipple." He did. "Oh god that is so good, keep doing that, please. Oooooohh, now the other one. Oooooohh, fabulous." He seemed to be enjoying himself. Jo and I found over the years that, although he was a bottom man like his dad, our boobs did have a fascination for him. He would spend ages suckling, kissing, and licking. This was my first experience of extended attention to my boobs. Oh, don't get me wrong, Mike was good there too, but Guy seemed to turn it into an art form.

After biting and sucking my nipples for ages he moved to the whole breast, kissing and licking, stroking and massaging. He concentrated on the underneath, so tender and even more sensitive after the pills. I was nearly swooning in pleasure, moaning a constant litany of, "Yes, yes, yes," over an over again. It was heaven, this attention to my boobs. Like nothing before. By the time he began to move down across my tummy I had had several small orgasms and was even more sensitive between my legs.

I caught my breath and said to him, "Will you lick me there?" He knew what I meant because he was on his way!

"Oh yes," he said breathlessly, "for ever an a day." Oh God, he was certainly in 'romantic' mood tonight. I wondered what Mike had said to him.

"That's not long enough," I said smiling to myself. "Please, please, now, please. Worship me with your tongue." So he did!

Slowly, oh so slowly, his mouth moved across my tummy, stopping only to lick my tummy button and probe it with his tongue before meeting the neatly trimmed pubic hair on my mons. He nibbled the hair with his teeth pulling gently as his fingers probed my pussy, wet now in anticipation of the visit of his tongue. He parted my legs tenderly and moved in between then lifted my knees to give himself total access to my most tender of places. Like before he seemed fascinated and stayed still for a few moments taking in the sight of my sex. He must have been able to see my anus as well and I wondered whether he would use his tongue there as well. Now he bent his head to drink at my fountain of love. His thumbs gently prised open the lips of my pussy and he blew softly on the insides almost causing an orgasm straight away. Now his tongue began to lick the inside of my pussy, up and down, back and forth, before sucking my clit tenderly.

"Oh yes, yes, keep doing that, please," I moaned as my climax approached. He seemed to sense it's arrival because he sucked on my clit really hard and used his fingers to stimulate my vagina. A long, "Aaaaggghhhh," escaped from my lips as I clasped his head to my sex and pushed my hips into his face. He didn't seem to mind, just kept on sucking my clit as my climax faded into just a gentle feeling of pleasure.

I felt him move away now and then the head of his penis was knocking at the door of my vagina. He leant forward and took is weight on his arms before he pushed forward with his hips, entering me. It was heavenly so soon after my first real orgasm. He didn't stop this time, just carried on until he was fully inside me and then began to move, to fuck me with long but gentle strokes. He wasn't as big as Mike so there wasn't the same feeling of fullness down there but he was longer, reaching further inside my body. Dear boy, he didn't take long. After a few minutes he let out a long drawn out sigh as he began to cum deep inside my womb. Pulse after pulse I felt inside me suddenly sorry for the pills that would ensure his poor sperm died a useless death.

His orgasm, surprisingly, hadn't caused one in me, it was too soon after that lovely climax given me by his mouth but I was pleased that I could make him cum so quickly like this and I enjoyed the feeling of him inside me. Remember, he hadn't taken me like this the first time, that was supposed to be for later but didn't happen because of how we felt.

I felt him soften slightly inside my pussy and he gently withdrew and lay next to me, again looking down. I smiled up at him, "Was that good?" I asked.

"Oh yes," he said with feeling, "wonderful."

"Lay back and let me make love to you." So he did and I began by kissing his mouth then moving down to lick his nipples. Mike likes this but I didn't know about Guy at that time. Then across his tummy, smooth and flat, to his groin where his pubic hair bristled tightly. His penis wasn't soft, but not fully hard, and lay sideways on his leg. I stroked it with my fingers and tenderly clasped it, beginning to stroke it up and down.

"Oh Lena," gasped Guy, obviously a bit tender after his cum. Taking pity on him I took the head in my mouth and coated it in saliva, using my tongue to ease him into pleasure. I could feel him growing in my mouth and before long he was back to full size. All those years ago he was very, very fertile. Right up into his thirties he was able to get hard again and again. We used to joke and say that we were lucky to have our very own porn star!

His tiny hole was leaking the remains of his first cum mixed with pre-cum which, together with the taste of myself on him, made a heady cocktail. I began to suck quite hard to get more of his essence. This started him moving in my mouth and I could tell he was getting hot again so I stopped my sucking and snuggled up to him again.

"What do you want to do?" I asked giving him the lead.

He took a deep breath, "Can I kiss your bottom?"

I hadn't wanted him in there tonight, well, I would take him there if he wanted but I did want tonight to be romantic. Still, I always like my bottom attended to and he might, just might, change my mind so my answer was to turn face down and to open my legs a little bit. Mike says that this position is the most stimulating that a woman can take for a 'bottom' man, well at least for him, so I assumed that Guy would be enjoying it and getting hot now. Strangely he didn't do anything for a while, just looked at me. I turned my head to look at him and he was smiling a gentle smile of pleasure as he took in the sight of my bottom waiting for his enjoyment (and mine of course!).

Now he leant forward and his hands began to stroke my back from my shoulders to my bottom. Tenderly caressing me with a tingling touch. Then he focussed on my bottom, kneading the cheeks, squeezing together then apart to expose my (still) tight little rosebud. He was breathing deeply now as he moved his mouth down to meet my expectant back door. His tongue darted out and licked the whole length of my bottom crack, skipping quickly over my anus and sending a bolt of pleasure and anticipation along my rectum. Again and again he did this making me long to feel his tongue prising apart that tight rear tunnel. Finally he did. Forming his tongue into a tiny penis, he began to fuck my bottom hole gently but firmly.

"Oh yes, that's good," I said enjoying the feeling. I wanted him there now, of that there was no doubt. But I didn't want to lose it like last time. I think he must have felt the same because he seemed quite controlled.

After a while of using his tongue like this, as well as sometimes licking along the whole valley, he lifted his head and said, "Lena, Lena, can I take you there. Please, it won't be like last time, please?" He was begging to be allowed to bugger me. He didn't need to, he'd changed my mind!

"Oh yes, gently, tenderly. Yes please, I want you in there. Do it now."

He lifted me into a kneeling position and opened my legs. I pushed my head down and dipped my back in the manner I knew excited Mike most. He used to joke saying that it was the 'Victorian number 2 presenting position', he loved me that way. I felt the bed move as Guy moved into position, then I felt the slipperiness of the KY as he massaged it into my welcoming rosebud, finally pushing his finger gently inside to coat my rectum with lube.

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