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Caroline Ch. 11.03



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!

Some poetry (thanks to Elizabeth Barrett), some romance and plenty of sex, mostly A – you know me by now! (Note: I don't really know whether Viagra works like this!)

Caroline's Tale

The Honeymoon – Day 1

Bernardo had hired a special limousine to take us to the hotel, it was enormous, completely white, and so comfortable. As we drove up to the front the concierge opened the door for me and I stepped out. Even his eyes opened wide as he saw me. I could almost feel him trying to think who I was.

"Thank you," I said giving him my very best smile and he melted, smiling back at me and closing the door behind me as I walked up the steps to the hotel. What a place, so posh it was unbelievable. Mike followed me up the steps and we went into the hotel together. I felt like a princess in my lovely dress and I knew, just knew, how pretty I was because heads were turning constantly as we walked across the gigantic foyer to book in. Mike was loving every minute of it as I clung to his arm and whispered sweet nothings in his ear just making sure that everyone knew is was with HIM.

As we stood at the counter getting keys I could feel eyes upon me, almost sense the whispered, 'Who is she?' that was drifting around the room. Then the walk to the lift after the desk clerk said our luggage would follow us up. It was that sort of place.

I kept up a constant conversation with Mike, laughing and smiling at him. I wasn't really saying anything and he wasn't really replying but we were enjoying ourselves immensely. Our penthouse, not the bridal suite (they didn't call them that any more just in case they didn't have any brides), was right at the top of the building at the back. When the lift arrived, with a bell boy right behind, Mike insisted on carrying me to the room and, as the boy opened the door, into the room. He put me down then turned and tipped the young man who left with a final look and a wink in my direction. I could tell exactly what he was thinking!

"You look absolutely fabulous," he said as he stood there looking at me, his eyes seeming to caress my body underneath my dress.

"Come and kiss me properly," I said to him.

"I don't want to muss that lovely face. Oh Caroline, I can't believe this, you, me, here, married. Oh God how I love you," and he held me tightly in his arms.

I smiled up at him, "I don't mind if you muss my face, I was hoping you were going to muss everything," I said softly.

"Oh, that I will but the luggage will arrive in a minute and we don't want to be disturbed do we," he said then kissed my forehead.

At that moment there was a knock on the door and our luggage arrived. Mike tipped the porter and left the trunk by the door. Then he went to the entertainment unit in the corner and took a CD from his pocket.

"I did us some special music for this afternoon," he said, "I hope you like it," he added as the sound of Tony Bennett singing 'My Romance' floated across the room.

"It's just right," I said, "now you can muss me."

He took my head gently in his hands and bent slightly to kiss my lips, a soft tender kiss that made me want to cry with happiness. His hands stroked my hair then my shoulders, bare in this dress. "You're so beautiful, so lovely," he whispered seemingly unable to come to terms with how I looked. I got just a little worried that he was going to get maudlin again but he soon dispelled that worry but saying.

"I want to make love to you, may I?" Silly man, of course he could!

"Oh yes, for ever and a day if you want."

He held me tight then moving away, he began to take off his formal suit. I started to reach behind to do my dress but he stopped me.

Smiling, he said, "I'll do that when I get this bloody monkey suit off. Let me look at you for a bit longer." I was loving this and I didn't want to tell him that the lingerie I had on was even sexier than the dress, it should have been, it cost a bloody fortune but Sally insisted that I should look my best and who was I to argue with her?

He quickly got rid of his clothes, standing only in his boxers, then moved to hold me again. I was quite hot by now watching him take his clothes off like that, especially with the lovely romantic music he had chosen. His hand found the zip at the back of my dress and he began to unzip me. Now this zip went right down to my bottom and I felt his hand gently stroke me there through the silk of the dress. Fortunately, with the zip completely undone, the dress just dropped to the floor and I was able to step out of it.

He stood back and looked at me again, "Oh my God," he said taking a deep breath, "you look even better." His eyes were taking in my soft pink bra and French knickers complemented by self supporting pink stockings previously unseen under my dress. Add to this the effect of three inch high heels and you can imagine how I looked.

I twirled, "You like?"

"Oh hell Caroline, like? like? oh my God what a beautiful sight."

Now he surprised me. He lifted me up and carried me into the bedroom and laid me down on this enormous bed. It must have been eight feet wide, lovely. He lay beside me, as usual propped up on one elbow and looked down into my eyes which he then kissed before finding my lips. His hands stroked my cheek, my neck and my hair, mussed now. He was so tender, so loving, so emotional.

"Do you love me?" I said.

He smiled down then began to recite:

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

He counted on his fingers as he smiled down at me:

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height

My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight

For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.

Then he kissed me:

I love thee to the level of every day's

Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight.

I was crying by now, softly, gently. Not a sad cry, a happy cry. A cry you cry when the emotion in you is too much to handle and you need some release. A cry that says 'I love you' to the one you love. He was relentless in his poetry:

I love thee freely, as men strive for Right:

I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.

I love thee with the passion put to use

In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.

His hand clasped the back of my head and he placed a passionate kiss on my lips. A kiss that said, 'I love you' with a love overpowering. A love that could conquer anything, even death:

I love thee with a love I seemed to lose

With my lost saints, -- I love thee with the breath,

Smiles, tears, of all my life! – and, if God choose,

I shall but love thee better after death.

Oh heaven, heaven. It's almost impossible to explain what this did to me. I didn't really understand all of it but the impact was tremendous. My tears were flowing freely now, still tears of happiness, joy, wonder at this marvellous man I had found, and had found me. I held him tightly to me, so tight I hurt myself and him I suspect. I didn't ever want to let him go and I prayed, just for a moment, that the last line was true.

He gently pulled away from me and looked down, "Yes," he said, "I love you," and he smiled that wonderful smile that lit up my life. "Now," he continued, "I've made you cry on your wedding day. I'm sorry. Am I forgiven?"

Well, of course he knew I wouldn't mind this sort of crying, it was a happy cry, so I reached up and stroked his cheek. "Forgiven, of course you're forgiven. I love you but I don't have the poetry to tell you like that."

He smiled again, "Yes you do, you have the poetry of your beauty, of your soul, of your life."

Oh heck, he keeps on doing it you see. How could I deal with a man like this. My only concern was that I couldn't love him enough, enough to match his love for me but I knew I would try. "Thank you," I said stroking his cheek again, "will you kiss me now and make love to me?" It was what I could give him you see, myself, totally, completely, and utterly. But, even then, he gave me himself in the same way. Now I had no doubts about him, his feelings or anything.

"Make love to you?" he said, "oh yes, for as long as I can," and he kissed me again. This was more passionate, sexy and demanding so I knew he was ready. He continued to kiss me, gently insinuating his tongue between my lips to seek out mine. Happily they met and entwined in that lovely sexual dance in our mouths. His hand, meanwhile, had moved to my boobs covered, as they were, in the silk of my brassiere. He cupped them over the silk one after the other, tenderly massaging them causing my nipples to rise.

I had been sensitive with Guy but I seemed far more so now, the emotion I suppose, so I whispered to him, "Please kiss me there, I want you to." Today he wasn't going to tease, I could tell, so he moved his mouth down to my breasts and, still without removing my bra, began to kiss me and use his tongue to lick the skin.

"Ooohhh," escaped my lips as he continued to pleasure me there. I was on the point of asking him to remove my bra when he reached underneath and unhooked it. Now he had access to my boobs and he began to worship them. His tongue was everywhere, licking my nipples, my areole, and underneath. His mouth sucking on my nipples, hard but not too hard, and on my boobs themselves almost giving me love bites. I was so sensitive now that I was crashing towards my first orgasm as he started to bite my nipples and drag his teeth along them. He was just a bit harder than Guy, and he was just right. I moaned my pleasure, "Oh yes, yes, bite them, bite them please. Squeeze the other one please. Oooohhhhh." I sighed a long drawn out sigh as a lovely orgasm, centred on my boobs and nipples, arrived. He must have felt me shudder because he bit just a little harder at my peak causing a cry to escape my lips.

He looked up quickly, frightened I think, that he had gone too far but he hadn't! "Are you OK Lena. Was it too hard?"

"Oh no," I said breathlessly, "just right. Carry on." I hadn't had enough of this wonderful pleasure and I knew he would keep going for a while before he moved his mouth to my pussy. So back to my boobs he went still kissing, licking, biting and sucking. I was in heaven as he began to move across my tummy, his tongue tickling all the way across, until he came to my knickers. Now French knickers are quite loose so he was able to get his hand underneath easily and begin to tease my clit with his fingers. I was very wet by now what with all the attention to my boobs so I was ready for this. At the same time he started to kiss around the edge of my knickers and to use his tongue to probe underneath. It felt so sexy and by now I was really worked up.

After a while of this he gently pulled my knickers down and opened my legs. I thought he would lick my pussy now but he surprised me by raising my knees and place his solidly erect manhood at the entrance to my vagina.

"I want you Caroline, do you want me?"

I was surprised but I wanted him, wanted him a lot. "Oh yes, take me please." But I was going to 'take him'! Funny isn't it?

So he pushed slowly forward, the head of his penis opening the lips of my vagina before slipping inside halfway. This sent a whoosh through my body. He seemed bigger than usual and it was gorgeous. "Oooohhhhh, that's good, more please," I said staring up into his eyes. He smiled his tender smile and pushed the rest of his cock inside me, filling me completely.

"Oh fuck," was all I could manage as he seemed to stretch me wider than ever before. Then he started to move inside me, back and forth, back and forth. Sometimes slowly, sometimes fast: sometimes almost all out, sometimes a tiny bit at a time. He was playing me like a musical instrument. I was moaning in pleasure. A litany of 'yes, yes, yes' falling from my lips as pleasure surged through my body.

"Lena, Lena," I heard him say bringing me back to earth, "look at me Lena." So I opened my eyes and looked into his. He started to cum, I could see it in his eyes. "I love you dearest," he said as he filled me with his essence. This sent me to a new plain of pleasure. I could feel each pulse of his erection as he spurted inside me and each pulse sent a pleasure wave from my vagina around my body. I reached up and pulled him to me. I wanted him to crush me, I wanted to feel his body next to mine, take him completely inside me.

Finally he finished, how many pulses I don't know, but it was wonderful. He lifted himself on his arms, his penis still inside me then he started to move again. He wasn't soft! My eyes widened in disbelief, "Oh God," I said, "you're still hard. Oooohhhhh," because, you see, he had started another orgasm. I'd always imagined this, that he would still be hard after he came and he could bring me to another climax.

Back and forth he gently fucked me, looking down into my eyes and smiling as he watched me in the throws of yet another climax. Finally I came down and he withdrew to lay beside me. I reached down, sure enough he was as hard as when we started.

"How?" I said nodding towards his still erect penis, "you did cum didn't you?"

He smiled, "Yes, I did. It's my special present to you this weekend," he said, "a little blue pill."

"Viagra, you took Viagra?"

"Yes," he said, "I wanted to make sure you didn't go without!"

I was suddenly worried. I'd heard about heart attacks and blood pressure and all that. "Are you sure it's OK?"

"Mmm, I got myself all checked out before we came away. Roger has Ok'd it. Only for today and tomorrow though. Is it a nice present?" he asked finally like a little boy.

I smiled my sexiest smile at him, "Mmm, I'll say. How long will it last?"

"About another hour or so."

Ooohhh, "You can keep going?" He nodded. "Will you cum again?"

"I don't know, I've never used it before. Roger said I might, depends on you I suppose," he added with a big leer on his face.

"I'll see what I can do," I said just as sexily. I knew what I wanted this weekend. You see, even then I suspected that he wouldn't take my bottom once I was properly pregnant. He was always funny like that, never really wanting to do anything other than straight or oral sex while I was pregnant – it was me who did. He always said that he worried about me and the baby. Actually, I did manage to persuade him otherwise but just then I thought he wouldn't.

"I'm going to get my bottom ready for you," I said, "and you can park that gorgeous piece of meat in there for the next hour. We are going to have an afternoon of arsefucking neither of us will ever forget. I don't care if I don't sit down for a week. I want you to bang my bottom in every position we've ever tried and then some." Then I looked at him coyly and pouted, "Is that all right with you?"

He said nothing just kissed me and ushered me into the bathroom with a pat on my bottom and his cock standing proud. I quickly prepared myself for his pleasure, and mine. Two enemas to make sure I was really clean because I knew that I was going to be his anal whore this afternoon. I felt wanton, uninhibited, totally committed to him and his pleasure now. I suppose that the intensity of his lovemaking just now had brought me to this high fever pitch. I was buzzing with excitement as I came out of the bathroom to find him sitting on the edge of the bed, his penis sticking up like a flagpole.

I knelt in front of him and looked into his eyes. "I'm going to suck your cock now then you can bugger me. I want to be your anal whore this afternoon, use my bottom as you like, I don't mind."

He stroked my hair and kissed my forehead. "I love you," he said, "you can never be a whore for me and you know I'll never use us a I like, only as we both like so don't be silly. You don't need to be like this for me, just be yourself. You know I want you don't you, it's not just the Viagra working down there. God how much I want you."

Slightly chastened by his words but still excited I said, "All right, I won't be your anal whore, I'll be your anal wife. How's that. And I know I'm going to enjoy it as much as you. Now I'm going to suck that lovely stiff flagpole!" So I bent my head and took the end of his penis in my mouth. It was bigger that usual, I could measure his size quite well with my mouth! My tongue probed the tiny hole and I was rewarded with a small amount of pre-cum, just a taste, before I took the whole head into my mouth and sucked.

"Oh shit," he said, "that's good. Just keep sucking and licking. Oh that's marvellous," he added as my hand began to stroke the rest of his cock. "Oh yes, lick it. Marvellous, wonderful." He was much more vocal than usual and he didn't seem to be worried about cumming. I suppose it was nice for him not to have to hold back as he usually did.

I took his penis out of my mouth, "Is that good?" I asked.

"Oh yes, bloody marvellous. It's great not having to worry about cumming too soon. Just go back and keep doing that, or anything else for that matter." So I concentrated on giving him pleasure with my mouth. It was different and more exciting really, knowing that it didn't matter if he came, he could still go on. He didn't use Viagra often in the future only now and again when I wanted an intense experience or he needed it to keep his women satisfied.

I sucked on his cock head and probed his tiny hole with my tongue, then still stroking his cock, I started to lick it like a lollipop coating it with saliva so I could deep throat. I looked up at him and smiled around his erection before I took it all in my mouth and swallowed. I felt him in my throat, bigger than usual, and it was difficult not to gag but I didn't want to because I knew he would make me stop if I did. I deep throated him for a while then went back to sucking the head of his penis, looking up at him all the time. He says that makes him very hot, looking down at my eyes as I suck his cock. I could feel him tensing now, perhaps a cum was near. Sure enough his hands went to my head and he began to fuck my mouth, back and forth, back and forth. It was heaven, him taking my mouth like this but my back entrance was feeling empty and I wanted him there.

I pulled my mouth from his erection and lifted my head level with his. "How do you want my arse," I said deliberately using harsh language, "how do you want to bugger me?"

He held my head and kissed the mouth that had just left his penis, "I want to cum in your bottom," he said smiling, "and I want to see your face when I do, so on your back for the first round."

I smiled back at him, licked my lips sexily, and poked my tongue out at him, "Anything you say," I said, "just park that meat in my backside and stretch me!"

He almost growled as he lifted me and laid me down on the bed. He wasn't that uncontrolled however, he never got like that again in all our life together, so I wasn't frightened of him. His eyes devoured my body as he placed some pillows under my bottom to raise it up. Then he knelt between my legs and hooked his arms under my knees to raise my legs right up exposing all of my sex and my tiny rosebud, a rose he was going to split!

"Put on the lube," he said hoarsely and I reached for the tube and massaged some on to his cock. "Do yourself," he said,

"Already done."

He smiled, leaned forward, kissed me and whispered, "Ready then?"

"Oh yes, fill me with that lovely stiff tool."

So he did. Placing the head at my anus he pushed gently forward. I let him in and closed my eyes as the pleasure of his entrance past my sphincter increased. I felt it being forced apart then his penis expanding the narrow tube of my rectum, causing the nerves to send thrills of excitement across my body. He WAS bigger today and I enjoyed every millimetre of the extra size as he slid into my back passage filling me with his hot manhood. He was slow, as if he wanted to savour the feeling of filling me like this, I wasn't about to complain, it was marvellous and I revelled in the feeling of fullness as his thighs met mine. At that moment I looked forward to all the other positions where he would get even deeper inside my private tunnel of love.

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