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Caroline Ch. 11.04



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!

The chapter was influenced by a gorgeous young woman found on the internet. One of the longer chapters and just another reminder – this is FANTASY.

Caroline's Tale

The Honeymoon – Day 2, AMY

As soon as I woke in the morning I realised he wasn't there and I had a moment of panic, had I been dreaming? But no, he was standing at the bedside looking down at me.

"Come on sleepy head, time to get up. Breakfast will arrive in about 25 minutes so you can shower if you want."

I pouted up at him, "Not till I've had a kiss," I said. So he bent his head and kissed me tenderly.

After my shower I dressed just in my silk robe, like him, to await breakfast. "You ordered it sent up," I said.

"Mmm, I couldn't be bothered to get dressed and go down. Is that OK?"

"Oh yes, saves a lot of bother. Come and cuddle me for a minute then, before it comes." So he did and, after a while, there was a knock on the door. He went to open it and revealed a young woman dressed in a sort of maidservant's uniform standing at the door.

"I've got your breakfast sir," she said to Mike who was, frankly, staring at her. I wasn't surprised because I was too. She was GORGEOUS. About 5' 5" in height, her face had a slightly Asian appearance. Her hair was a very dark brown, almost black in colour and framed a truly lovely face, perfectly proportioned, with large brown almond eyes. She was slim, slimmer than Jo and me but her figure was perfectly in proportion with especially lovely hips. I looked from her to Mike and smiled. He smiled back, I think we both knew what the other was thinking. This left a moment of silence, filled by her asking, "May I come in?"

He smiled at her, "Of course dear, come on in."

She wheeled the breakfast trolley past him and his eyes followed her into the room. I could see him taking in her shape as she walked past then she turned and I saw what he was looking at. Her bottom was fantastic. I smiled to myself as I looked at his eyes drinking in her beauty, then he noticed me looking at him and smiled wanly at me and shrugged his shoulders in apology. I smiled back at him, not really bothered. He was a man wasn't he and I expected him to look at other women, he wouldn't be normal if he didn't, and she was certainly worth looking at, but he could only touch if I said so!

She turned to me with a smile, "Where would you like this served madam, on the table or left on the trolley?"

"On the table please." We had a lovely table on the other side of the room especially for eating in the room I suppose. So she turned away from me and I was able to see what he found so captivating. I must admit I could understand his interest, I was interested myself! She wheeled the trolley over to the table and began to unload the breakfast things, enough for an army I thought, but I suppose you get what you pay for in a hotel like this.

I walked over to her, "I hope you don't mind me asking, but what's an English girl like you doing in an Italian hotel?"

"No, it's all right," she said, "I'm at university here in my last degree year," she added somewhat sadly as she looked away.

"That's nice," I said making conversation, "you just work here weekends then?"

"Mmm, and some evenings," she replied as she continued to work. I sat back down and looked at Mike who was feasting his eyes on this beautiful young woman. He smiled at me and raised his eyebrows. I nodded in reply, I certainly did fancy her.

By now she'd finished unloading the trolley and she turned to Mike and said, "The hot food is in the heated compartments on the trolley sir. It's all set out. Is there anything else I can do for you sir?" she asked in perfect innocence.

He looked at her with those eyes of his and hesitated just long enough to suggest that there was certainly something else she could do for him. She blushed slightly and looked away. She knew full well what he was thinking. Then she looked back at him boldly, "In respect of your breakfast sir?" she said smiling. She liked his interest I think.

He laughed, "No, thank you very much. By the way, what is your name?"

"Amy sir," she said boldly before turning to me and saying, "anything for you madam?"

Well I felt the same as Mike. There certainly was something she could do for me but I didn't think I could suggest it! I don't often feel the hots for another woman (other than Joanna and Maria that is) but she was certainly pushing all my buttons so there was also some delay in my response. In my case she didn't look away, just held my eyes and gave a little smile. She knew what I was thinking too!

"No thank you Amy, that's fine."

"Thank you sir, madam. If you phone the number on the trolley when you've finished I'll come and pick it up."

"Thank you Amy we'll both look forward to that," he said quietly. She made a small curtsey and left the room.

"Well," I said smiling at him, "the old masculine juices were certainly flowing there weren't they?"

He sat next to me quite upset really. "I'm sorry Lena but god wasn't she lovely?"

I laughed, "Yes, she was and I fancied her as well. I think she must have some oriental blood, don't you."

"Yes," he said, "Japanese I should think. What an exquisite young woman but hey, you're here and no woman can compare with you." He put his arms round me and kissed me sorry.

"I don't mind you looking," I said. How could I mind when he said things like that? "You don't mind men looking at me and it's the same thing really. Just don't go with them unless I say so," I added in mock seriousness.

"Why would I want to," he said smiling tenderly, "when I've got you. 'Hamburgers', remember."

I laughed and kissed him, "Come on let's eat."

It was a lovely breakfast, loads of different things to try. A combination of continental and English. We did tuck in. As I was eating I was thinking. I had an idea. He hadn't noticed but while Amy was unloading the breakfast things I saw her looking at Mike with some degree of interest. You see, he didn't know it at that time, but he was a fine figure of a man. He was 56 but he looked ten or fifteen years younger and he had the same sort of presence as Bernardo only more so really because he seemed so calm and controlled: sure of himself without being conceited. I knew that women of my age were attracted to him, I suppose for the same reasons I was. He was a sort of father figure, he was handsome, he was kind and polite, and as far as many were concerned, he was rich, so it wasn't surprising really that she showed interest in him. Knowing him as I do he probably didn't notice. He never thought he was attractive to women, considering himself too old. She noticed me looking at her once and blushed so I guessed she wasn't thinking platonic thoughts. If she'd had to put up with the fumbling advances of boys then she, like me, would be interested in a real man. Of course, she knew we were married I'm sure, and that meant he was satisfying a fairly pretty young woman as well. That would also kindle her interest.

OK, I thought, he'd got me a present we'd both enjoyed, perhaps I could get one for him!

We finished the meal and he said, "I'll phone down shall I, if you've finished?"

"No hold on a minute I want to talk to you. You did fancy her didn't you?"

"Who?" he said smiling.

I dug him in the ribs, "Amy you fool."

He looked at me sadly, "I'm sorry," he said, "I won't lie to you. Yes I did, she is very lovely. I'm sorry Lena, have I upset you, I wouldn't want to do that?"

"Don't be silly, of course not. I told you, I don't mind you looking but you only touch if I say so. Look, I fancy her as well."

He smiled, "I thought you did. You were smouldering when you looked at her."

I laughed, "We smouldered together then. Look, shall I try and get her for you?" I asked him archly.

He looked shocked, "Did I hear that right?" he said.

"Yes, shall I try and get her to come up this afternoon and join us?"

"Oh Lena, that's a difficult question. I'm sort of damned if I do and damned if I don't. Look, I fancied her but I had no thought of doing anything about it. You must believe that. It's our wedding weekend and I love you," he said looking into my eyes.

"Oh silly, I know that," I said and pecked his cheek. "I just want to know whether you want me to get her for you. Well and for me as well." I laughed, "It might give my bottom a bit of a rest!"

"Minx," he said, "look I can't lie to you, yes I would like to make love to her but I don't know her or anything about her. Lena you know what I'm like."

Yes I did and he would have to have some time to get to know her, and to know that she wanted to be with us freely. That's how he was. "Look, she may not finish work or anything so I don't know yet. You'll have all afternoon to get to know her anyway, and I wouldn't want her to come if she didn't really want to, and," I said looking at him suggestively, "knew just what she was letting herself into."

He kissed me, "You're the boss this weekend so, if you want to, yes."

"Good," I said, "it will be my present to you! Now off you go into the bedroom and don't come out till I tell you, OK?"

"Yes 'oh mistress mine', I am yours to command," he laughed as he left the room.

I phoned down and five minutes later opened the door to Amy. "Hello Amy," I said, "come on in. Have you got time for a chat?"

She looked nervous, "We l l l l l."

"Oh come on, just say we kept you talking."

"OK," she said as I led her over to the settee.

"You're very pretty," I said smiling at her and beginning my seduction.

"Thank you," she said smiling back.

"How old are you?"

"Twenty four." Twenty bloody four. She was three years older than me yet she seemed younger, much younger. Naïve I suppose, inexperienced compared to me.

"I saw you looking at my husband. What did you think of him. He's very handsome isn't he?" She looked away, embarrassed I assume, knowing I had spotted her looking at him. "Oh don't worry, I'm used to young women fancying him. He's a very attractive man."

"Yes he is," she said softly.

"You like him?"

"I think so. He seems very kind, thoughtful; very polite. I haven't met anyone like that. Most men in the hotel are rude and arrogant, particularly Italian men," she said with some vehemence.

I smiled, "Yes I've noticed that. He is very kind." Time to bite the bullet. "What time do you finish Amy?"

"About half past two today," she said almost as if she didn't want to finish. I thought that strange. I detected a little something in her voice, fear? I didn't know then.

"We're staying in this afternoon," I said pointedly, fixing her with my eyes, "would you like to join us."

She didn't look shocked at this, surprised I suppose, but it didn't seem to shock her. Then she looked scared. "No, no, I can't," she said quickly, "I can't."

"You can't?" I said.

"Oh I think I might if I could," she said quickly but then looking away from me added, "but I can't." I thought I detected a little sob as she faced away from me so I reached over and turned her head back to face me. There was a small tear.

"What is it Amy. Why are you frightened. You don't have to be frightened of me or my husband."

She looked a bit like a startled rabbit, her lovely almond eyes wide open on the edge of tears. "I just can't," she said.

Well, you know me, there was mystery here and a young woman who was frightened. I wasn't about to let this one go. I took her hands and fixed my eyes on hers. "Look," I said firmly, "you have nothing to fear here. My husband won't let anything happen to you if I say so. You're frightened aren't you. I don't know what of, but I can see that something is frightening you and it isn't the thought of coming here this afternoon. You can tell me."

She looked at me and made a decision. Tears began to fall from her eyes and she hugged me close. "I'm sorry," she said, "I shouldn't burden you with my troubles, especially on this weekend."

I smiled at her, "It doesn't matter, this weekend or any other, I love him, he loves me. Nothing can change that. Just tell me what's wrong and we'll see what we can do."

So she told me her story.

To set the scene for her situation she told me that her mother was half Japanese, her grandfather was a Japanese businessman who was stranded in England when the war started. He already had a relationship with her grandmother and they married in the fifties. Her mother was their only child. She married an Englishman who left her shortly after Amy was born, never to be seen again. Her mother had struggled to bring her up and luckily, because she was fluent in Japanese, was always able to get good jobs in the City. She'd managed to put money away for Amy to go to university and now Amy was in the last year of her degree in Italian Art and Architecture. That year taking place at a university in Bologna.

After five months in Italy her mother had fallen ill in America with a heart problem and had had to use the money put aside for Amy to pay medical bills and to get home so now Amy had no money, well at least until some insurance money turned up. Her mother wanted her to try to finish the degree so did she, taking a couple of jobs however she always seemed to run up against men who wanted her sexually and was forced to leave. Finally she ended up at the hotel. The manager of the household staff seemed to be such a nice man, gay she thought, so he never propositioned her and she was getting on quite well but she was behind with her rent and her tuition fees so she asked for an advance on her salary. He said he couldn't give her one but would lend her the money. Naively she accepted his offer.

"How much did you borrow," I asked at this point.

"€2,500. Oh madam,"

"Call me Lena, everyone does. Carry on."

"I had to pay something off my rent and the tuition fees were due. I had to have the money so I took it. That was last week. It was all right for a few days then on Friday my landlord said he wanted all the back rent or he would throw me out, unless I went with him," she was embarrassed, "you know, sex."

I took a deep breath, anger building in me.

"I don't know what it is but Italian men seem to like girls with an oriental background and he was really pushy. I didn't know what to do. Then yesterday the manager said that last night he had a friend staying at the hotel who was a bit lonely, could I go and keep him company. Oh, I was naïve, I said what did he mean. Sleep with him, please him, he said. No I can't do that, I said. But then he pointed out that the petty cash in the office was short €2,500 and he would have to call the police. Oh Lena, I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to be a whore. Oh I've been with men, I had a relationship for a while but I'm not like that, not a call girl to be used but what could I do. I went to the room and the man started pawing me. I couldn't stand it and ran away.

"Good," I said, "I'm glad you didn't do anything." I was really angry now at how she was being used.

"But it hasn't stopped. My manager was really angry this morning. He said that if I didn't go with his two friends this afternoon he would call the police straight away. So, when I finish I have to go to this room for these two men, friends he says, but I think they are paying him. I don't want to go but what can I do?" she cried into my arms.

"Well," I said, "you certainly can't go there. Two men are enough trouble when you're enjoying it, it must be hell if you aren't."

She looked shocked now, "You've had two men at once?"

I smiled, "Mmm," I said recalling the memory, "yes, I have. Right let me ask you a question. It doesn't matter what you answer, we'll help you. I know that. When I tell my husband he'll sort it out, he's like that but I want to ask you that question again. Would you like to spend the afternoon with us?"

She thought for just a moment, "Yes," she said, "yes I would. I think you are nice people. I sensed that in your man."

"Amy," I said seriously, "you know what I'm suggesting don't you? Sex with him and with me."

She nodded, "Yes, I know that. I think it will be different with you and I want to do it," she smiled a sexy smile, "he's very sexy," she said, "so are you!"

I laughed, "Thanks. Amy he's very demanding."

"What do you mean?"

"No holes unfilled," I said smiling at her.

"You mean, back there as well?"

I nodded, "Have you done that?"

"Only a couple of times. It was a bit of a nothing really. Once a mistake," she laughed, "you know, bad aim." I laughed with her. "Then my fella wanted to try it but it didn't go too well."

"Were you prepared?"


"Oh it doesn't matter. If you decide to come up I'll explain then. Do you still want to risk it?" I asked smiling.

"I think I do," she said happier now.

"Right let's get Mike, that's my husband by the way. He won't mind you calling him that."

I called Mike from the bedroom and told him Amy's story. I could see him getting angrier and angrier as it unfolded. He was fuming and Amy was getting frightened of him I thought so I stopped and said to her, "You look worried, don't be frightened of him." Then I turned to Mike, "Mike, you're frightening Amy. She thinks you're angry with her."

He smiled at her in that way and caressed her cheek tenderly. "You don't have to be frightened of me," he said softly then, "carry on Lena."

So I finished the story. "Bastard," he said, "bloody bastard. Lena I'm glad you managed to find this out." Then to Amy. "Amy, I'm certain I can get you another job, a live-in job. You said you were studying Italian Art and Architecture, any particular time frame?"

"Mmm," she said, "17th and 18th century."

"Oh, that's even better. You two hang on here, I'll just make a phone call," and off he went to the bedroom. We chatted away and I helped her load the trolley although she kept stopping me saying it was her job. I laughed, I didn't mind.

After about five minutes Mike came back. "It's all arranged if you agree Amy. You'll be cataloguing my partner's collection and writing a description of his house. You can live there as well. It is a bit outside the city but he'll make sure you get in to University OK."

She seemed a bit puzzled, looking back and forth between us.

"His partner is Bernardo . . . . . . . and he lives at the Villa Argento. You've probably heard of it," I said.

He mouth opened in an 'O' of surprise. "Bernardo . . . . . . . Oh dear, I can't work for him can I? He's one of the most important men in Bologna. Even I've heard of him." The she realised and her eyes opened wide, "And you are his partner?"

He smiled, "For my sins, yes. And you can work for him. He's been looking for somebody to catalogue his collection for ages but all he finds are dull academics. He will love you." He laughed, "Oh, you might have to fight him off but his wife keeps a pretty tight rein on him and he would never press if you didn't want him too. Anyway, that's just by way a slight warning. Look, they are a lovely family and you will live as one with them." Turning to me he said, "I've spoken to Nardo and Sally, Lena. I think it will work, do you?"

"Oh Amy, you'll love them. Mike is Nardo's sort of uncle as well as his partner and you'd be under his protection. Oh please say yes. It will be all right, honestly."

"Oh," she said, "it's not that. I'm so surprised. I'd love to go there. It's the sort of job I've dreamed of. I just can't believe this is happening." She looked at Mike, "I don't understand why you are doing this," then at me. "I wanted to join you anyway," she said looking at me.

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