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Caroline Ch. 12.01



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!

After a number of, I hope, hot episodes another quiet chapter. Again, I don't know anything about IVF so please remember that it is fantasy and that the IVF serves solely as plot development..

Non erotic

He woke us both in the morning with a, "Come on sleepy heads, breakfast is here in 15 minutes." We jumped up and had a very quick shower before the meal arrived. Loads like yesterday delivered by a very handsome waiter who flirted with Amy outrageously. After the meal we got dressed and about 10:30 Bernardo arrived.

"You look tired Mike," he said laughing, "had a busy weekend?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact I did," Mike responded laughing with him.

He looked at me, "My, my, you look 'radiant' Lena. Marriage obviously agrees with you," and he laughed and gave me a kiss.

"You naughty man," I said laughing with him, "look Nardo, this is Amy, your new curator."

He gave a dashing bow and kissed her hand, "It is a pleasure to meet you Amy, I hope you will enjoy working for me."

I could see that she was impressed by him, well he has that way with women. I also noticed that he was impressed by her and I thought I ought to mention it to Mike. I didn't want us to introduce a succubus into their marriage so it might be pertinent to warn Sally.

She smiled back at him, "I'm sure it will be," she said shyly.

"Nardo," said Mike, "we have to go to Amy's old bed-sit to pick up her things and settle the rent. You'll have to show him the way Amy. Come on, let's be off."

So off we went to Amy's bed-sit where Mike and Nardo saw to everything before Amy picked up her things. A pitiful few really, she told me later that she had sold nearly everything she had just to eat. Mike told me they gave the landlord a hard time for threatening Amy like that before they paid him off.

Now back to Nardo's villa. Jo and Guy were waiting for us as we arrived and she rushed into my arms as soon as I got out of the car.

"Oh Lena, I've missed you."

"Me too," I said with a little tear. I have said before, it's difficult for people who don't understand our relationship to realise how much this first separation meant to us. I thought it was obviously the prelude to a more permanent one when we got back home but it was the first.

"Hello f . . Mike," said Guy nearly letting slip.

"Ciao Guy, how are you two. Not too worn out I hope," he added smiling.

"No but you do look a bit tired, did you have a busy weekend?" Guy laughed back.

"Oh yes," Mike said looking at me, "I'm worn out. Amy, come and let me introduce you to Jo and Guy. Amy, this is Jo and her fiancé Guy. Jo, Guy, Amy."

Jo hugged and kissed her and Guy kissed her hand just like Nardo. "It's nice to meet you," said Jo, "I'm sure Lena will tell me all about you this afternoon." I think it was her way of telling Guy that we were going to be together this afternoon.

Nardo then rushed Amy off to meet Sally and we followed them into the kitchen where lunch was ready.

"Silvio and the boys have gone home," said Gianna who was helping get lunch, "so has Maria. They will all be back next Thursday for the wedding. I stayed to help out." She smiled now, much happier that her emotional relationship with Mike had been sorted out. "Weddings are such fun aren't they?"

Nardo was busy introducing Amy to everyone. Jo said her mum and dad had gone to stay with one of Nardo's friends in Florence for a few days because most of the arrangements for the wedding had been sorted.

So we all sat down for lunch, chatting about our wedding and the wedding to come. Jo seemed excited about the clinic on Tuesday. She was also excited because her period was due on Wednesday and she'd had no feelings yet so she thought she might be pregnant. That got me excited as well and we chattered away about it. Gianna was excited as well, another grandchild, well, I suppose two really because she almost saw me as a daughter. She didn't seem bothered about Jo being pregnant before the wedding, I suppose she was much more broadminded now.

After lunch Nardo and Guy left for town, Gianna looked after the children, and Mike and Sally started to show Amy around. They all knew where we were going!

I buttonholed Jo and said, "Come on, let's go upstairs. I want to make love to you, you know and to tell you all about the weekend. Oh Jo, it was fabulous, he took Viagra as a surprise."

"Viagra," she said shocked, "why?"

I smiled, "Well, he said it was his present for me. He kept going for ages Jo and he kept cumming," I laughed, "over and over again. Come on, I'll tell you all about it then you can tell me all about you and Guy. How many times did you do it, come on tell me," I said laughing at her.

"Five," she said smiling, "one in my mouth, two in my pussy, and two in my bottom. Come on, let's have a bath together, we've got ages until dinner time to enjoy ourselves."

We spent ages in the bath then the rest of the afternoon on the bed. We made love and talked about our men. I told her all about the Viagra and seducing Amy. She was amazed at how I had 'procured' her for Mike, and for me of course.

"She is a very attractive and sexy young woman," said Jo, "I could see that Guy was quite impressed, so was Bernardo I think."

"Mmm, that's the only thing I'm worried about," I said. "I don't want to be responsible for bringing in another woman into his marriage. Mike's going to have a word with Sally."

She laughed, "Well," she said, "you know Sally is very interested in our arrangement with our men so, you never know, if she's tiny bit attracted by Amy, she might be receptive. Amy is attractive to women I think, I certainly fancied her."

"Mmm, I think you might be right. Perhaps you ought to talk to her later on, just open her mind a little. I think she's quite broadminded isn't she, but I don't know whether she's ever, you know, been with another woman."

"No, perhaps not. Anyway we'll just have to see. Keep an eye on things for the next couple of weeks. I don't think that Amy realises quite how attractive she is. It's no wonder she said she had trouble with the men she worked for. I think you might have to talk to her as well."

By now it was time to get dressed and go down for dinner. Guy and Bernardo were back and Bernardo was ribbing Mike and Sally about Amy. "I hope there wasn't any impropriety," he said laughing, "particularly in the bedrooms."

Sally blushed, blushed enough to make me think she might have been open to a bit of impropriety but she dug him in the ribs and told him to shut up. Amy blushed and looked at Mike. I was sure SHE wouldn't have minded any impropriety in the bedrooms with him. She was very hot for him, I could tell. It's amazing really, here he was, the oldest of three men, the other two very attractive in their own ways, and this lovely young woman couldn't take her eyes off him. They both noticed I'm sure. I spotted them looking at each other just a little shamefaced.

She grabbed his arm and said, "No, there wasn't any impropriety, was there Mike. He was the perfect gentleman," and she looked at me and smiled that sexy smile of hers, "unfortunately!"

Mike smacked her bottom lightly, "You are a minx just like those two," he said laughing over to us. Then, "Sally, for God's sake let's have dinner!"

We had a long meal together, full of fun and laughter. Amy took to the children straight away and they both seemed to love her. I caught both Bernardo and Sally looking at her in a calculating way. I thought that she would be quite happy here! After dinner I dragged Mike to a corner.

"Mike," I said, "I think you ought to mention to Sally that Nardo fancies Amy. I don't want there to be any problems."

"I did," he said, "she said she'd already noticed. She didn't seem to mind too much. Actually I think she may fancy Amy herself. Is it me or is Amy very attractive to women as well as men. She's even got Guy ogling her and Jo isn't very far behind."

"Mmm, I think she is. Mike, I don't think she realises just how attractive she is. She's dynamite you know. It must be that sort of oriental look she has, it does make her very, very beautiful."

"Well," he said, "I don't think there's anything we can do now, she's here and I suspect will stay so we'll just have to play it by ear."

"Jo is going to have a word with Sally," I said. "You know she's very interested in our arrangement so Jo's going to suggest that she might like to indulge with Amy. Do you know if Sally has, you know, been with a woman."

"No, I don't," he said, "I wouldn't be surprised though, she is a woman of the world, been to university in the States and all that. Anyway she is very broadminded so it might work. Hey, perhaps they'll turn into a ménage a trois?"

"That would be good wouldn't it." Then I hugged him, "Enough about them, do you love me."

He smiled and held me tight, "You know I do, why?"

"Tomorrow," I said.

"Mmm, are you OK?"

"I'm excited and worried. I so hope everything will be OK. Don't leave me will you, stay with me all the time."

"Yes," he said, "I'll be there, don't worry. Come on, let's go to bed. I'm tired and you need a good nights sleep before tomorrow," and with that we bid everyone good night and went up to bed. Surprisingly, I slept quite well, cuddled up in his arms and soothed by his heartbeat.

Sally woke us in the morning with breakfast all ready downstairs. We showered together, and resisted making love by the way! Dressed and breakfasted with all the others. Then it was time to go. I was really nervous and Jo offered to come with me but I wanted to do this with Mike, only Mike, so she was very understanding.

I won't go into detail about the clinic just to say that Mike did stay with me all the time even when the doctors insisted he stay outside he scrubbed up and put on all the gear so he could hold my hand.

Afterwards I felt terrible. They warned me I would. It was the sudden shock to the system, they said. Even with the hormone tablets I still wasn't really ready. I would have to rest completely for a few days, possible a week. I'd probably be sick and feel very weak. Well that was true, I did. Mike was so concerned. They lectured him about sex, nothing intrusive for at least a month. A whole month! I felt so sad for him. And we had to come back in a fortnight.

Mike wheeled me out of the clinic in a wheelchair, I was so weak. As well as the weakness I was emotionally wrecked. The idea of a new life growing inside, oh dear, it was overwhelming. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Mike worried and fussed. I could see he was very cut up about the state I was in. On the drive back he was very quiet, quieter than usual, that meant he was probably planning something.

When we got back Jo was buzzing all around me, looking after me, making me eat a little bit, putting me to bed. I was so tired I slept the rest of the day. Mike came to bed quite early but he wouldn't use the bed. He insisted on sleeping on the settee so he wouldn't disturb me. I was too tired to argue but I felt a great love for him them, like a big warm ball inside me. I had this silly idea as I went to sleep that it was his baby inside me keeping me warm!

I felt a little better in the morning but not well enough to get up. This resulted in breakfast in bed, not that I ate much until Jo forced some toast down. That afternoon there was also a 'council of war' in the bedroom. Mike wanted to take me back to Villa Mimosa.

"Lena, you need to rest, put you feet up and get your strength. You can do it there."

"Mike's right Lena," said Jo, "I'll come up with you and look after you."

"No," I said, "it's not fair. You should be here getting ready for the wedding. Guy can't come up can he, he's too busy here. Anyway," I said whining a little bit, "I want to help and everything," I ended sniffling.

"Oh Lena," Mike said cuddling me, "I know but you can't, not like this. You can't traipse around shops and things. Oh darling one, you must rest. I know it's a bad time but you must." He was so intense, so worried about me and I knew he was right really but there were several things playing on my mind. Not least was what he would do for sex. I know it sounds silly but I was worried that he would go without. If Jo came he wouldn't would he but she couldn't really because of the wedding and she might be pregnant, then he wouldn't touch her anyway. That's why I was reluctant and I wanted to help choose her dress and everything.

I started to cry softly, you see my emotions were in a sort of turmoil as well. Mike looked around despairingly then Amy piped up.

"If it's all right with Mr. . . . . . . . . ., I'll come up if you want," she said looking at Mike and me.

"Call me Bernardo," Nardo said, "I can't stand all this formality. Of course I don't mind, if it helps. Lena, what do you say. Amy can look after you."

Mmm, I thought, she can look after Mike as well. "But what about your dress Jo, and mine. Oh I so much wanted to help you choose it," I whined. Luckily everyone was very considerate and didn't tell me off but I realised I was being a little childish.

"Lena," Jo said smiling, "I'll just have choose my dress myself won't I? I'm sure that Gianna and Sally will help and we'll choose yours as well." Then turning to Mike, "How long will you go for?"

"About a week I should think. That's how long the clinic suggested she rest for."

"Look Lena," Jo said, "I can choose your dress and you can get measured on Thursday week. If you really don't like it we'll just about have enough time to change it before Saturday. Come on, you know you need the rest, for the baby's sake." Well that did it of course, as she knew it would.

"OK," I said fairly ungraciously, I wasn't feeling well was I? "I'll go, but only if Amy can come."

Mike looked at me with his blue eyes. He could read me like a book and he knew just what I was thinking, I was sure. "Nardo," he said, "is it OK?"

"Of course Mike. Sally and Jo have been out all day shopping for clothes for her so she's well prepared. You go Lena and have a nice rest and we'll all see you looking well next Wednesday."

So it was settled. Jo packed for me, Amy packed for herself, and Mike packed his own stuff. We left straight away with speedy goodbyes. I must admit I slept for most of the journey back to Villa Mimosa but when we got there I knew it was the right thing to do. I always loved the Villa, as I've said. So tranquil and, even at this late time of year, beautiful. When we arrived I tried to sort out the sleeping arrangements. Amy was going to take care of his needs. I could see she was quite happy to do that. Him, silly man, hadn't really noticed, he was too worried about me. I should have know him better shouldn't I.

"Right," I said when we got upstairs, with some difficulty I might add, I was still very weak. "I'll have the second bedroom. Mike, you and Amy can have the main one."

He looked at me askance, then at Amy. She had a big smile on her face like the cat who got the cream. Oh, she wanted him badly! He's such a lovely man, he hadn't noticed!

"Lena, no. I'm staying with you."

"It's all right, I'll be OK. You sleep with Amy."

Now his eyes flashed steel and I knew he wouldn't. "No," he said flatly. "I'm sorry Amy, this must sound bad, but I'm not leaving Lena to sleep alone while she's like this. You do understand don't you."

She smiled at him and nodded, not very convincingly, "Off course I do, you love her don't you?" He didn't seem to notice her reluctance, focussed as he was, on me.

Then his eyes regained their soft blueness, "Yes, more than you could ever imagine"

That made me cry, "I only want you to be looked after," I said crying.

He hugged me tight, "I know," he said, "when you are better. Amy, I am sorry. Look, errrrmmm, I do, you know, errrrmmm."

She laughed, "Yes, I do know and I understand," and she pecked him on the cheek as she regained her confidence after his refusal.

"Look," he said, "I'm going to move the single bed in here, push the beds together and we can all sleep in here. How about that?" he said to me.

I smiled sadly, "I don't think I'm up to a threesome just at the moment," I said, "but you two can if you want."

He laughed, "Lena, you are incorrigible. No, I don't want sex," he said to us both seriously, "I'm too worried about you Lena. That's all I have on my mind at the moment. Come on, lets me and Amy unpack the car before we get dinner. You just rest, that's what we're here for." So we had a nice meal that evening and I went to bed early happy in the knowledge that they would both be there beside me.

I felt a bit better on Thursday but still very weak and emotionally confused. Mike was so solicitous, looking after my every need. Amy busied herself with housework and preparing food as we settled into domesticity. It was nice in the afternoon so Mike carried me, he wouldn't let me walk, down to the patio so I could soak up some of the late autumn sun. It was a quiet day and by the end of it I felt a lot better.

Friday morning I did feel much better. My emotions seemed to have stabilised, I now longer felt the need to cry for no reason. Something which had seriously worried Mike. Now I felt happy, secure, and loved because he was still so caring. I also had come to terms with the baby. It's difficult to explain really but they had just put it there and it takes some getting used to because it doesn't happen in the normal way. I know it's silly but I did feel now that everything was all right, the embryo was healthy and growing. I suppose it's that period of stability that you need to settle everything down. I was still feeling very weak however, although stronger than before and I wanted to get out, get back on my feet.

"Mike," I said after breakfast, "can we go to Bella this lunchtime, I think I can manage down to the harbour." There was a little harbour just down the hill and we could get a boat to the island from there. "We can have lunch at the Empryo." That is a lovely restaurant in the hotel there.

He looked concerned, "Are you sure you're up to it Lena. You don't want to overstretch too soon."

I smiled softly at him, happy at his concern, "Mmm," I said, "if I rest this morning I think I'll be OK. Anyway, I've got this big, strong man who can help me if I need it," I laughed.

"Do you two want to go alone," said Amy.

"Of course not," he said, "Lena, we want Amy to come don't we."

I reached up for her and pecked her cheek, "Of course we do." Then I looked at them both suggestively and said laughing, "We need to build her up for the coming trial don't we?" She blushed and dropped her eyes. He looked rather sheepish. "I'm all right, honestly Mike. I'm still a bit tired but I feel much better now and I want to get out, go for a short walk, please."

He smiled and weakened, "OK," he said, "but you tell me if you feel tired." Then he laughed, "There might be two of you now but I can still carry you back."

"Kiss me," I said, "and tell me you love me." So he did!

I did manage OK and lunch was lovely. Both Amy and I flirted with the waiters. They all knew me quite well but Amy was new. It was right as Mike said, she seemed to have a tremendous appeal to Italian men. We were served by every waiter in the restaurant over the course of the meal. Of course Mike flirted outrageously with the waitress there, a lovely young woman, about 22 I suppose. She loved it, just another example of his appeal to younger women. Amy got at least two propositions over lunch, both of which she declined saying she already had a man and nodding at Mike. All the waiters knew Mike and my relationship, now they looked at him in admiration, and some degree of envy I might add, as it was obvious he had the two of us. As for Amelia, the waitress, she was looking at him with unashamed lust. I was glad he wasn't really aware of just how attractive he was to women of my age. I didn't think he could manage to tackle them all!

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