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Caroline Ch. 12.02



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will! Contains firstly oral, then later oral, straight, and anal.

Mike's Tale

Mike and Amy at the Villa Mimosa

I'm writing this some time after the event. Lena wanted to collect all these pieces together so she could remember the past when she was older. She added to them all the time. A little maudlin I know but I understand why she wanted to do it and it is fun for all of us to write up these little liaisons.

Before talking about Amy, however, I ought to explain how I felt at that time. I've told Lena but it won't hurt to write it all down. You see, I've always been rather in awe of pregnancy. It's such a wonderful and strange thing to me, a man. All those changes in a woman's body, it must be interesting to say the least and quite frightening.

I'm afraid I have not been a 'modern man' about this. I didn't see any of my daughters born, although I was there holding Patricia's hand for two of them but I didn't actually watch the 'sharp' end. Look, it hurts and it's painful and I'm the one who caused it. I can't explain it but I couldn't watch the women I love in such pain all caused by me. I know it's natural and all that but, there you are, it's the way I feel. The other thing is that both the women who have born my children have had a bad time.

My youngest daughter Jane nearly killed Patricia, that's why we never had any more and Gianna had a very bad time with Guy, only Guy mind you, so it might well only be MY kids. So when Lena was properly pregnant after the clinic and feeling so bad I was in a bit of a state about her: in a bit of a panic. You know how I felt about her then (still do of course, and will as long as I live), I couldn't bear the thought of anything happening to her and, despite the fact that childbirth is a natural event, a number of women do die. Silly to think like that I know because it was unlikely but that was me at the time.

I just wanted to get Lena away from the hustle and bustle of Nardo's villa and the wedding preparations. I knew she wouldn't be able to resist getting involved and she really did need to rest, both for her sake and the baby's so I was determined to get her to Mimosa as soon as I could. I would have liked Jo to have come as well to look after her but that would have been unfair. She was busy with the wedding and Guy was really being put through the mill by Nardo who had introduced him into the business at the deep end. Well, said Nardo, now he was going to be a married man he needed an income!

I ought also to say that nothing was further from my mind than sex at that time. The whole focus of my mind was on getting Lena better as soon as possible. I was quite surprised when Amy offered to come with us. I didn't mind going on my own with Lena, I could look after her OK but I was pleased that Amy did offer as it gave me a second string, as it were, if anything went wrong. Luckily Jo managed to persuade Lena that she wouldn't miss out too much on the preparations and she agreed. Mind, I would probably have insisted anyway but it was better she was happy with the arrangement. The thing was, she was always so happy at Mimosa, it had such wonderful memories, even that early in our marriage.

All this is by way of explaining my surprise and reluctance at Lena's suggestion that Amy and I sleep in the main bedroom. There was NO WAY I was going to leave her alone at night, even if I had to sleep on the floor and, to be truthful, the thought of sex while she was like that never entered my mind. I didn't realise immediately that Amy was quite upset by my reluctance, you see, I wasn't really noticing her, all my attention was focussed on Lena. Had it not been I would have noticed her green lights I suppose but I didn't until Lena started crying after I said I loved her. Then I realised I had upset Amy but I was still so concerned about Lena. I tried to undo some of the damage by moving the spare bed into the room so we could all sleep together and it seemed to work.

As Lena has said, she slowly got better and by Friday she appeared to have regained much of her strength, enough so I felt able to leave her alone with Amy. I guessed they wanted to chat and I suspected, about me. That's not arrogance by the way, Lena liked talking about the two men in her life, especially to other women. I knew Lena wouldn't leave it, she wanted Amy and me to get it together after all. I must admit that, as Lena felt better, I did begin to notice Amy.

Look, I'm a man and she is a very attractive woman indeed, more so than she realises. In addition she is very like one of my favourite glamour models/adult movie stars. I'll explain.

Before I met Lena I spent quite a bit of time on-line surfing for pictures of girls, porn, all that. I don't apologise for that, frankly I needed it. Without the release of masturbation I'd probably have gone off my rocker. I used to download sets of pictures of glamour models and porn films, only those about anal sex to be honest. Nothing violent or out of the ordinary because I wasn't fond of much else. One of my favourite models was a Eurasian girl name Jade Hsu. She'd left the movie scene and was a dancer but there were quite a few glamour shot sets of her and she really pressed all my buttons.

She was slim, very slim without being skinny, with the most wonderful bottom. Tiny, not like the big bottoms I usually liked, but beautifully shaped. Her boobs were small but gorgeous with pierced nipples and her face, well, wonderful with great big brown almond eyes. She was lovely and I spent many an hour 'looking' at her pictures. Well, when I first saw Amy I was quite taken aback because she was very like Jade. Slim, perhaps a little taller though it was difficult to tell, and with the same exquisite shape, her bottom if anything even better. Her face was wonderful, slightly more Japanese than Jade, who was part Korean I think, but with the same wonderful shape and eyes.

I don't know what it is about Eurasian women but they seem to do something to certain men and I'm one of them so I was very taken by Amy. Taken but I was just married to the woman I loved and I didn't think anything more of her other than she was a pretty girl. I did notice that Lena liked her as well, but that wasn't unusual, she often fancied other women but she seldom did anything about it. Lena never minded me looking at other women, she said I was a man and she expected it anyway, I didn't mind men looking at her which was the same thing anyway so we joked about Amy afterward.

I was flabbergasted when she suggested 'getting' Amy for me, I didn't know what to say. Yes, I wanted her, of that there was no doubt, but, well, you know, I was there with Lena, my wife. Then she, sort of insisted, she wanted her too. I laugh at the thought now, it was her surprise for me. Well, it certainly was a surprise and a good one too. It was a very, very enjoyable afternoon. But here I should say something about Viagra. Yes, it keeps you going and you can have a number of orgasms but they aren't the same, at least they don't feel the same to me. It's as if the Viagra is making love to the women, not me. I honestly prefer to 'keep my powder dry' and hold off for as long as I can. That way seems to be more real, more enjoyable. I'm saying this now, Lena already knows and she knew I would use it very rarely in the future, because it indicates how I saw Amy. It was almost as if we hadn't been together. Silly I know, but that's how I felt about her.

Now Lena had manoeuvred me into position just as she usually did. Who could mind, I don't, I enjoy being 'arranged' by Lena, it usually leads to good things, and she'd been very specific. I was to seduce Amy and 'make a woman' of her. I laughed to myself, I thought I'd already done that but I suppose it is different when there are three of you. So, I thought to myself, how to play this. Forcefully, I decided. Not too much, just let her know I was in control.

When she came in with the coffee she looked around and said, "Where's Lena?"

I smiled at her and took her body in, she was truly lovely dressed in a light summer skirt and a soft blouse. She wore very little make up, she didn't need any really and she looked lovely. She couldn't look at me now and blushed all over, well I assume all over because her legs reddened as well as her face. Now is was in the driving seat, she knew exactly what was on my mind!

"She's gone to bed," I said smiling again, "so we can be alone."

She looked at me now demurely, "Why?" Minx, I thought, you know why!

"So I can make love to you," I said still fixing her with my eyes, "if you want me to." Now she looked away again, shy and still blushing. "Come and sit next to me," I said softly but with a degree of command. She moved slowly across the room as if she wanted to but didn't, if you know what I mean, and sat next to me right on the edge of the seat. Her hands were resting on her lap and her head bowed; I could feel the tension in her body. I turned to face her and gently put my finger under her chin, lifting her head and turning it to face me.

"Do you want to?" I whispered softly.

She fixed me with her devastatingly beautiful eyes and whispered, "Oh yes, oh yes." So I bent my head and kissed her lips, putting my arms around her as she came to me. We kissed like that for a while then I began to kiss her neck and, pushing her blouse to one side, her shoulder blade. Amy was purring softly while I did this, just staying very still and enjoying my mouth on her body. My hand started to undo the buttons on her blouse, my mouth following as I bowed my head to kiss and lick down her chest to her cleavage. I finished undoing all the buttons and gently pulled to blouse to one side then, with a tiny bit of help from Amy, took it off altogether. God she was beautiful, The plain bra tenderly nursed her boobs, small but just the right size for me at this moment now, however, I wanted to get more comfortable.

Look, I can't see the point of making love to a woman on a settee when you have a bed available. A woman's body should be cosseted, admired, caressed. To me it is the most beautiful thing on this planet and I want to be able to enjoy all of it, the soft mound of petulant a breast, the overwhelmingly sensuous rise of a stomach leading down to that small mount of pleasure. And the curves, how can any man not admire the way a woman's hips leave her waist and join her legs. Sorry, I mustn't digress, but I wanted to enjoy Amy and I was better able to do that, and for her to enjoy me enjoying her, if we were on a bed. So, with some effort I might add, I picked her up in my arms and carried her upstairs. I've found that this does something to women, usually makes them even more sexy and in Amy's case I think it did. She rested her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes as my arms held her close. This is a marvellous feeling and, if you haven't tried it, do. Mind, make sure you can pick them up beforehand and stairs can be a bit of a bind!

I took her to the main bedroom, noticing on the way, that the door to the second bedroom was closed. I guessed that was Lena's way of telling me to get on with it. Well I wanted to but, well I didn't. I really wanted to be in there making love to her but I'd have to wait for that and Amy was so attractive and Lena had said OK. I laid her down on the bed and she looked up at me doe-eyed as I took my clothes off down to my shorts. She watched my every move, her eyes following my hands and examining my body. Occasionally her tiny tongue would poke from her mouth to wet her lips as if she was savouring the flavour of something. Looking down at her like this was very erotic. He bra was small, only just covering her breasts, and I could imagine a similar pair of panties only just covering her sex. I wanted to make love to her now so I knelt next to her, bent my head and kissed her lips. She must have been getting hotter all the time because she grabbed my head a pulled me down roughly causing our mouths to crush together. Then her tongue was in my mouth, phew, dancing with mine. I thought I was in control!

I wanted to kiss her now, all over, so I pulled away and stroked her hair, "You're a very beautiful woman," I whispered in her ear, "I want to love you."

She took a deep breath and moaned, "Oh please, please, yes. Love me."

I kissed her cheeks, her beautiful eyes, her nose, her ears. I stroked her hair before I moved to her neck. Such a beautiful neck, slim and graceful. I kissed down and to her shoulders, covering her with my mouth and tongue: trying to taste her, the essence of her. This is a wonderful endeavour you know, kissing a woman all over. How lucky we men are to have women!

I covered her boobs with my hands and gently massaged. I'm not a 'breast' man really not being fond of big chested woman but I do like smaller, more perfectly formed breasts. That's why I love Lena's so much. Amy's were smaller, small but perfectly formed, well perfectly as far as I am concerned. I massaged for a little while then reached behind, undid the clasp, and removed the bra. What a sight, I love this and those piercings! I'd never encountered pierced nipples before and now I found it very erotic. Today she was wearing tiny rings, gold I think, and they looked fantastic. Her nipples weren't erect so I set to work on these beautiful examples of womanhood.

First I kissed the upper parts of both boobs, using my fingers to stimulate the nipples tenderly. I wasn't sure whether the piercings hurt so I whispered to Amy, "Does it hurt when I pull the rings?"

"No," she said throatily, "do it, I like it."

So I gently pulled the nipple rings, lifting her tiny nipples away from her breasts. "Oh yes," she moaned, "yes, I like that. Harder, you can pull harder."

I did and her nipples stiffened. I let go and took one in my mouth, strange with the ring attached but nice, and sucked quite hard. Then to the other one. They tasted of her, wonderful! By now both nipples were standing proud, smaller than Lena's they still looked large on her small boobs and I pulled on the rings causing a sigh from Amy. I continued kissing and caressing her breasts all over, paying particular attention to the nipples. Then I moved to the underneath. Lena always says that this is the most sensitive part of her breasts. I love kissing her there, well any woman really, but her best. Next I concentrated on covering the whole area with my mouth and tongue while tweaking her nipples and pulling the rings lightly. I looked up momentarily at her face. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling. I heard a soft murmuring, like a cat purring, as she relaxed in the pleasure I was giving her.

Time now to examine beneath the skirt. My mouth moved downwards across her wonderfully flat stomach with the tiny indentation of her button in the middle. My tongue explored there and she pushed herself on to me.

"Mmm," I heard her mumble, "Mmm, yessss."

I unhooked her skirt and, as she lifted her bottom, dragged it over her legs. She was wearing a sort of thong/panty. Just a triangle of material covering her sex and tiny straps going over her hips, God it was sexy! I couldn't resist biting her there so I moved my head down and covered as much of the cloth as I could with my mouth and bit, gently of course.

"Nnng, nnng, nnng," was the response from Amy as her hips thrust her sex into my face. So I bit some more. Oh the taste, the flavour of her. I'm afraid I usually like my sex rather clean, you know, shower and everything, although I don't mind the full flavour sometimes, and now she tasted so sweet. Her perspiration, I suppose mixed with her natural scent and juices tasted great so I kept on biting her sex through the cloth and sucking. That wasn't enough for me however, just then I was hooked on the taste of her so I quickly pulled the thong down and went to work on her pussy. I usually take much more time to get to the nub of the matter, as it were, but I really had got the flavour of her.

I parted her legs and climbed in between. I knew I was going to bring her to orgasm this way and I was going to taste her bottomhole as well, even though she hadn't prepared I wanted my tongue deep inside her anus. I moved my head down to her sex and savoured the smell of her. I can't compare it to anything other than to say it was heady in the extreme. She must have been leaking all the while I was attending to her boobs because she was quite wet there. I started licking her neatly trimmed pubic hair, pulling it gently with my teeth, before I moved down to her sex. This was tiny. It didn't seem big enough to open for a penis, even a small one, yet I knew it had for mine. I opened the lips of her vagina gently and licked the inside, tasting her essence. Parting the lips even more I delved deeper to the inner folds coated with juices in her highly aroused state. I could dimly hear her moaning now as she began to move her hips and sex against my face.

Lifting my head slightly I focussed on her clit, that tiny 'little man' sitting there awaiting attention. First my tongue flicked it a few times. This resulted in an even louder series of moans and a writhing of her hips.

"Oh fuck yes, lick me there. Bite me. Oh shit." I sucked her clit, grown quite large now, and softly bit it. That was it. She went off like a rocket.

"Aaaaggghhhh," was all I heard before my head was sandwiched by her legs coming together. Then her hands on my head pushing me into her sex with her hips thrust up. I worked my mouth and tongue on her there as best I could, primarily because I could hardly move, let alone breath. Not that I minded, I love the experience of a woman climaxing. I just wished in could see her face, but then I would a bit later!

Her orgasm seemed to go on for a long time before she finally released me. I crawled up level with her, "Well?" I said.

She looked somewhat abashed, "Oh Mike, I'm sorry. That was sooooo good. No one's ever made me feel like that." She hugged me tightly, "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

I kissed her mouth, "Taste yourself," I smiled at her, "you taste wonderful."

"But, but, I haven't, you know . . ."

I laughed, "Yes I know but you still taste great." I kissed her again and moved away. "Turn over," I said.

She looked a bit apprehensive. "I won't take your bottom tonight," I said, "perhaps, if you want, tomorrow. I just want to kiss you."

She looked shy and a bit shocked but she turned over. I knelt up and looked down at her wonderful body. So different from Lena and Jo. Slimmer, leaner, and longer somehow, with a small and perfectly formed bottom. Looking down at her I was amazed that I had had all of myself inside her only a few days ago, she was so small. The memory was good and I was going to go there again only this time it would be me not the Viagra in charge. But not tonight. Tonight I was just going to pleasure her, taste her bottom, so I started to kiss her shoulders and run my hands down her body and over her soft cheeks. I love the feeling of my hands on a woman's body enjoying the shape, the softness. Then to kiss her spine and run my tongue along the whole length, stopping at her anal valley. Before very long she was almost purring again, delicately pushing her bottom towards me as if urging me to use my mouth and tongue on her bottomhole.

I opened her legs and knelt between, looking straight down at this wonderful sight before me. With one hand on each side of her bottom I began to massage her cheeks delicately, my thumbs stroking the inside of her legs where they joined her bottom. The soft silkiness of her skin was out of this world as my thumbs brushed this tender area. She seemed to be enjoying this attention as she turned her head and looked back at, "That's nice," she said, "but will you lick me there like before, please?"

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