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Caroline Ch. 12.03



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!

This chapter sorts out some things for the future and lays the groundwork for Guy and Amy and the threesome to come. There's still a long way to go!

Mike's Tale:

Jo and Guy arrive – interim

(No sex)

Lena was very much her old self on Sunday morning. She had shaken off all the blues of the previous week and had regained her usual vitality. And she was excited at seeing Jo. I realised this morning how difficult it would be for her, and I suppose Jo, if they lived too far away from each other but I wasn't sure how Guy would feel about things. It wouldn't be right anyway, I didn't think, for them to stay with us. For one thing the house wasn't big enough for two families. I didn't know whether Lena wanted any more children but I suspected that Jo and Guy would have more. Unbeknown to Lena I'd made a couple of phone calls back to England to sort out a few things so I was in a position to air some ideas with them all over the next couple of days.

Jo and Guy arrived about 11 o'clock and her and Lena had a great reunion. Guy stood there smiling at them both as they hugged each other while Amy looked on.

"She's really missed Lena dad," said Guy softly, "I think it's taken some of the fun out of the wedding but she looks OK now."

"Mmm," I said, "Lena's back to normal now I think so they should be able to get back to arranging things." Then I turned to him conspirationally, "Guy, Lena's got something planned for you so keep an open mind."

He smiled, "What is it father. Good I expect."

"I think you'll like it," I laughed as they both came over to hug us. Jo threw her arms around me and delivered a big kiss.

"Did Lena tell you?" she asked, "I think I'm pregnant." Then she whispered, "You're going to be a granddad again."

I laughed, "Have you called Lena granny yet?" I whispered back.

She laughed out loud, "No I haven't," she said.

"Haven't what?" asked Lena tearing herself away from Guy.

"Nothing," Jo said, "nothing at all." Then to me, "Now tell me you naughty man," she laughed dragging me over to Amy who had looked a bit bemused while all these hello's were going on, "what have you been doing to this lovely lady?"

"Oh," I said offhandedly, "nothing I wouldn't do to you."

She laughed out loud again, she seemed so happy, and hugged Amy, "So you've had a good time then Amy?" she said as she kissed her full on the mouth.

Of course all this caused Amy to blush bright red. "I can see you did," said

Jo laughing some more. "Come over here and say hello to Guy." With that she pulled Amy across to Guy and virtually threw her into his arms. He looked a bit shocked at this until Jo said, "Come on Guy, show her that Mike isn't the only one who knows how to please a woman."

He looked at me and I nodded slightly. He would guess now what Lena had planned! He took Jo at her word and swept Amy into his arms, she didn't resist incidentally, and kissed her full on the mouth. A kiss that I suspected told her what she could look forward to because she came away from him breathless. I knew that Lena hadn't said anything to her about Guy, that was for this afternoon, but now she knew what she could expect from him she would probably be ready and willing.

We had a quick coffee together then I suggested that Guy and I take Amy into Stresa for lunch. I think even Amy guessed why we wanted to leave them alone, they did need this time together after being apart for so long, well it was a long time for them! We whisked Amy around the town, showed her all the shops, and had a nice lunch. Guy was much happier around women now, gone was the shy boy of before he met Jo. He chatted to Amy all the time, complementing her and making her blush. Jo had certainly instilled confidence in him. He did look tired though and I asked him about it.

"Oh Da . . . Mike," he said suddenly remembering Amy was there, "Nardo has been a hard taskmaster. He wants to get the new HQ set up in England pretty quickly. You know what he's like and he sees an opportunity now so he wants to start manufacturing in about three months. I don't think I can cope you know, it's all so new to me. I'm all right building computers and working on the shop floor but this management thing is a whole new ball game."

"Mmm," I said, "perhaps he's not using you as best he could. What would you like to be doing?"

"Well you know me F F . . . errr Mike," he nearly slipped again. This was going to be too difficult, I thought, to keep up. I'd have to talk to Lena about it and then to Gianna. I thought then that we needed to get this out into the open, at least among family and friends. "I like the nuts and bolts, figuratively speaking. Putting computers to work, improving them. That's where my skill lies, not in organising. Oh I can do that but it's a new world."

"Look," I said, "why don't we discuss this with Nardo when we get back. I can take some of the heat off you over the HQ and you can deal with the factory side. This new gizmo you and he have come up with will need a bit of selling, not much I suspect because it's a bloody good idea. You can take that on as well." I laughed, "You can speak the same language as all these IT types."

He looked at Amy this time, "Thanks Mike. I am sorry Amy, talking business like this. It must bore you silly."

She gave him a great bit smile, "No," she said, "I like to hear powerful men talking business. It makes me feel sexy." He blushed a little bit at that, the shy young man wasn't too far away, but he came back quickly, "Come on then Mike, let's talk some more business," he said laughing. So our lunch carried on before we returned to the villa about 2 o'clock.

Lena and Jo were buzzing about like a couple of mother hens, happy as Larry, laughing and joking with us when we got back.

"I hope they didn't bore you with business all lunchtime," Lena said.

"No we didn't," said Guy laughing, "anyway Amy said that listening to powerful men talking about business made her feel sexy." This, of course, caused Amy to blush and us all to laugh.

"Come on," I said to Guy, "we've been allowed to play golf this afternoon and I've booked us a round, and a few drinks," I added poking my tongue out at Lena.

"I've booked a restaurant for tonight so don't be too late back will you," she said, "and Guy, don't you drink too much. You never know what might happen," she added looking at Amy.

With that we left and had a peaceful round of golf which, incidentally, I managed to win despite the fact that Guy plays off 16 and I play off 24! We spent a lot of time talking about the business, perhaps that's how I won! How I would take some of the load off him until he was happier to take on more management. He could look after the factory side and I'd look after the HQ. He seemed more relaxed when we'd dealt with that. He was also worried about what would happen when we all got back to England, how we would live. Such a caring man even then, he was worried about the effect on both Lena and Jo being apart for long periods. He realised now that their love for each other was almost as strong as their love for us so he was concerned about them being separated. He knew all about the changes to the house and he wondered how his presence would alter the arrangements. Well, I'd given this a lot of thought as well and explained my ideas to him. He was pleased with everything. I suppose it took a weight off his mind. Although he was 24 he'd spent nearly all of his adult life in education so he was a bit inexperienced in the more mundane aspects of living.

So having sorted his worries out I was very happy by the time we got home. He seemed a lot more relaxed as well. I wondered how he's react to Jo and Lena's plans for him tonight!


Perhaps here I need to jump forward a bit in time to explain what Lena, Jo and Amy had talked about that afternoon. They told me all about it that evening when we went to bed but it seems sensible to include it here.

Firstly they'd got Amy to tell Jo all about her evening and afternoon with me. It's funny really that they can talk about us men like this but I know Lena has always told Jo all about us together and I know they both swap stories about Guy and me so I suppose it was natural to get Amy involved as well. I don't think men swap stories in the same way as women do, if they do that often. With men it's usually boastful, how good they were, how many times, how many women, that sort of thing. I don't think it was the same with Jo and Lena. They seem to get pleasure out of talking about sex with their men. They had a bit of trouble with Amy, she was shy at first with Jo there because she didn't know her as well as Lena, obviously but they finally managed to get her to tell it all.

Jo was pleased that the bedroom set worked well, she said she would get something similar for her and Lena so I had that to look forward to! They talked to her about men in general, especially her ex boy friend, finding out all about her sex life with him. He seemed to be a bit of a toe rag really, not too concerned about Amy's feelings, just using her for sex. Amy said she thought that was what it was all about, you know, just lay there and be used as a sort of blow up doll. Well, of course, they soon disabused her of that idea!

Lena told her how she had been with boys just like that, who just wanted to cum and nothing else, and Jo said the same. Then they went on to explain that it wasn't like that at all. Sex was between two people giving and receiving pleasure. They explained about me, about how I had, you know, educated them into the pleasures of sex and how Guy had been 'trained' by them in the same way. Jo sang his praises in bed, saying he was almost as good as me. Look, I'm not bigheaded about this, I am GOOD to these two women, to all my women now. I didn't used to be but I've learnt over the years that you get as much pleasure from GIVING pleasure to another as receiving it. So that's what I try to do, and I enjoy every minute of it!

Guy has some of my ideals about women, he sees them as different and special. Something to be treasured and looked after. He has that rather old fashioned approach the same a mine so, of course he is receptive to the idea of pleasing his partner: and he is good at it as well! At least Jo says he is. All this, of course, was to get Amy interested, and not a little bit excited, about Guy. It seemed to work because, after a while, Amy was asking Jo all about him. Well Jo took her to task and told her how wonderful he was in bed, that he would do anything she asked, and that he could come four times in one night. They said they could see Amy licking her lips at the thought of him. Finally Jo asked her.

"Do you want him?" she asked. Amy was embarrassed.

"Errr, errrrmmm,"

"Don't be silly Amy," Lena said, "do you want him? Yes or no." They said Amy looked helplessly at both of them and nodded.

"Yes. Oh I'm sorry Jo but you've made him sound so exciting. I know he's yours. I'm sorry."

"Well," said Jo, "yes he is mine, just like Mike is Lena's but we share things out between us and I think I can share Guy with you just this once, while we are here at the villa. What do you think Lena, shall I share him?" She was teasing Amy really as they intended to all along but they wanted to make her realise how lucky she was to have such a man.

"Yes, I don't think Mike will mind." Then she turned to Amy, putting into practice the second part of their plan for her, "Will you tell Mike you don't want him tonight, you want Guy instead?"

Amy was shocked, "Oh, I can't do that. What will he think, he'll never forgive me. Oh Lena, Jo, what can I do?" This was just the opening they needed!

"Have them both," said Lena.

They told me her eyebrows went up, her eyes widened even more and her mouth opened. "Both?" she said, "both?"

"Mmm," said Jo, "just have them both then neither will be disappointed will they. Have Guy tonight then both of them later in the week."

"Both," Amy said again, "what you mean make love with both of them at the same time?"

Lena smiled at her, "Yes, both at the same time."

They said she seemed to calm down then. "You've done that haven't you, both of you? Lena told me."

"Yes," they both said together, "twice."

"Oh dear, I've never imagined doing that. Two men at once. You can't can you, really?" She seemed more interested now. "What was it like?"

Lena laughed, "Busy, but very enjoyable. So enjoyable that I didn't want them to stop. I had so many orgasms I lost count. Mind I was shattered afterwards. What about you Jo, you enjoyed it as well didn't you?"

"Bloody hell, yes. You can do so many different things," she laughed, "and they can do so many different things to you." Then seriously, "Amy, you might not ever get another chance to try this you know."

She seemed to be thinking about it, "I don't know, what sort of things happen?"

Now they took her downstairs to the office and showed her a couple of videos that Lena had downloaded. Both showed a girl getting well and truly screwed by two men. Everything took place so Amy could see exactly what could happen to her.

"The only difference is they won't cum on your face," Lena said, "they'll do it inside. And Amy darling, they will stop at any time, any time you tell them they will stop. If you want to do this you must believe that. They won't want to hurt you just to make you enjoy yourself."

All through the films, they said, Amy was interested. Ooohhing and aahhing over what was happening. When the DP happened she'd asked them if they'd done that.

"Yes," Jo said, "we've both had both of them inside us like that." She'd laughed, "It's a tight fit but it feels bloody marvellous. We love them both you see, so having them both inside us is even better."

"Could I do that?" she said with an air of wonder.

"Of course you could," said Lena. "Look Amy, you don't have to make your mind up now. I was teasing. I'll tell Mike and he won't mind at all," she laughed, "he'll probably be glad of the rest. Anyway," she'd said more seriously, "we want to sleep with him tonight."

Amy raised her eyebrows quizzically, "I thought . . . ."

"No, not for sex or anything, just for both of us to hold him and love him. Do you want Guy?"

She'd smiled and licked her lips, "Yes, can I? Please."

Jo had laughed, "Of course you can. I'll tell him when they get back. You must flirt with him you know, he'll like that."


We got back quite late and were scolded by Lena for making us rush to the restaurant. Jo grabbed Guy and rushed off to the bedroom to get chat to him while he got ready while I changed as well. I came out of the bedroom to find Jo waiting for me.

She kissed me and held me, "Thank you Mike, he seems better already. He's been so worried about everything. You've sorted out the business things haven't you?"

I smiled, "Yes, that's all sorted and I'll tell you about my plans for when we get home tonight, in bed. Now give me another kiss then go and make a fuss of him. Is he having Amy tonight?"

She smiled her knowing smile, "Mmm," she said, "but he doesn't know it yet. We're not going to tell him until later. We'll just let Amy flirt with him all evening."

I laughed, "You two are minxes you know," I said thankful that I had given him some warning. At least he was aware that they were planning something and now he had a good idea what it was. Well, us males must stick together or we'll never stand a chance against women, they're far too good at this sort of thing!

For an observer of human behaviour like me the evening was a delight. We had a lovely meal at one of our favourite restaurants. Amy flirted with Guy outrageously. They sat together with Jo on his other side and they both put him through the mill. I was proud of him really, he dealt with it quite well considering. It was amazing to me how much his confidence around women had grown since he had been with Jo. Not surprising I suppose, she was such a lovely woman that she would improve any man's confidence. He did actually flirt back with Amy, even pecking her cheek at one time. I could see that Jo was pleased with how he behaved, pleased that he had lost his naiveté. Here was a man she could be proud of herself, proud to show him off to other women. I knew both my loves well, they enjoyed showing their men off because they loved us and were proud of us.

I'm fairly certain that it didn't take Guy long to figure out what was going on and he did start to take real notice of Amy in that way. Making it obvious that he fancied her. I think that Jo had told him to be nice to her but not that he was going to sleep with her tonight. Lena was enjoying herself as well, flirting as usual with the waiters. All innocent of course, but she enjoyed it and so did they. Interestingly they had a new waitress. A pretty young thing, no more than 18 I should think, who watched all this wide-eyed until Lena noticed her and told me to chat to her a little bit. Luckily I knew the owner of the restaurant quite well and he didn't mind us playing our games so I did flirt with her somewhat. It doesn't harm an older masculine pride like mine when a pretty young girl shows some interest when you flirt, and she did.

Lena whispered to me afterwards, "I told you didn't I, you are attractive to young women and girls. Look," she said digging me in the ribs, "look how she's looking at you now. No!! Don't make it obvious. She's thinking what you might be like in bed!"

"Don't be silly Lena," I laughed, "firstly, I'm sure she doesn't want to go to bed with and old stick like me and secondly, how could you possibly know that."

She laughed, "Firstly, she does. I can tell, and secondly, she's licking her lips when she looks at you. That's a sure sign. Anyway," she said with a pout, "I'm going to find out!"

"Lena, you can't!"

"Of course I can. You just wait here." With that up she got and strolled over to the waitress. They chatted for a moment then disappeared into the foyer of the restaurant. I must admit I was pleased, pleased that she was back to her old playful self. All the worries of last week seemed behind her now and she was fit again. So I wasn't sorry that she was behaving like this. The others hadn't noticed much of this because they were tied up with Guy. I caught his eye and winked and he smiled back, I think he knew what was going on and had decide to enjoy himself. You could tell, however, that he was in love with Jo just by looking at them. No matter how much notice he took of Amy, he would always turn back to Jo and complement her, touch her, and occasionally kiss her. She loved every minute of it. She was allowing another women an tryst with her man and he still had time for her!

Lena came back after about five minutes looking very pleased with herself. I noticed that the waitress had returned as well and was still eyeing me but this time with a more quizzical expression.

"Lena, my angel, what have you done?" I asked laughing.

She smiled her knowing, self satisfied smile, "Her name is Anna and she's 19. She's from Arona down the lake and I can get her for you if you want!"

I must admit I was shocked, "Lena, really!"

She laughed, "Oh, I'm not going to," she said, "you've got enough on your plate already. But she does fancy you and I'm sure she would jump into bed with you if I arranged it." She snuggled up to me, oblivious of all the other people, even Jo, Guy and Amy.

"I told you didn't I, you silly man, you are so attractive. Even more so in Italy I think, where it's not unusual for older men to marry young women. She was thinking about you in bed you know. She couldn't believe we were married then I told her how good you were."

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