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Caroline Ch. 12.04



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!

DO NOT READ THIS CHAPTER if you don't like intense anal play. The title says it all!! I really let my imagination go in this one (not sure I'd do it really) but still loving and caring.

Mike's Tale:


Ten minutes later Lena and Jo came down the stairs. "Have you told him?" Jo asked anxiously.

"Yes, he knows he mustn't get her pregnant. Jo," I said seriously, "he's worried you know, worried that you don't really mean it. It's not too late to pull him out you know. Are you sure?"

She smiled her soft smile, "Of course I'm sure. I've talked it over with Lena, haven't I Lena, and it's good for him. Mike he's not had any other women has he, just me and Lena."

"That's right," I said laughing, "but he'd have to go a long way to find two more like you wouldn't he?"

"I suppose he would," she said, "but he does deserve a bit of variety as long as he plays to my rules," she added. "He can look all he wants but he doesn't touch unless I say so and I arrange it!"

I looked at Lena and smiled, "Now where have I heard that before," I said.

"That's right Jo," said Lena, "you've got to keep them under control. Shall we have nightcap before we go to bed. I fancy a liqueur, how about you two." We both said yes so Lena rustled up some drinks and we sat enjoying the alcohol.

"I hope she's a bit quieter than yesterday," said Lena laughing, "you could hear her through the soundproofing. Mind," she said looking at me, "you were causing her some pleasure weren't you?"

"Well," I said, "you two minxes bought her that gear. You knew what it would do to me didn't you?" They both nodded, smiling. "Then she said she wanted me to take her bottom my favourite way. Well I couldn't do that, she wouldn't have managed that."

"No she wouldn't," said Lena, "it's difficult enough when you're used to it." Then she kissed me, "but it's one of my favourites anyway." This puzzled Jo. She didn't know this.

"What is your favourite then. I thought it was standing, you know, 'Number two Victorian presentation'," she said laughing.

"No," I said, "that's a close second. My favourite is face down with legs only slight apart. I don't do it often because it's difficult for the lady, isn't it Lena?" she nodded, "and I sometimes can't control myself," I ended laughing.

"You've never done it that way with me," she said sadly.

"That's because I love you," I said, "and I didn't want to hurt you."

This made her cry just a little bit and she hugged him tightly. "Well," she said, "when this little bugger is out of my tummy you are going to do it like that with me!"

Lena laughed, "Only nine months to wait Mike." Then she said seriously, "Can you go without that long Mike." She looked at Jo, "We're both sorry really."

I laughed at their seriousness. "Of course I can go without. I love you both. As you said to me when I thought I was a bit inadequate, sex is a bonus. Being with you is enough, you know that." That made Lena cry a little bit and she came and cuddled me.

"Come on you two, let's get ready for bed. I need to talk to you both seriously for a while so take the drinks upstairs." That quietened them both down so I refilled the glasses and followed them both upstairs undressed and climbed into bed with them.

"Now," I said, "I want to talk about what happens when we get back to England. Jo, you know Guy's been very worried about that don't you?"

She seemed surprised, "No, I didn't. I knew he was under the hammer from Nardo but I didn't realise that was worrying him too. What was he worried about?"

"Probably about the same thing I was," I said. "How are we going to live when we go home. What is your home, yours and Guy's?"

"Oh Mike," said Lena, "I hadn't thought about that, had you Jo?"

"No, not really. There's so much going on here isn't there, what with your blessing and my wedding, Amy, the villa. Oh dear Mike. Is he really upset?"

I laughed, "No he's not upset, just concerned about breaking you two up. He's worried that you two shouldn't be apart. He's seen how you are Jo, when you're away from Lena, and I know how much she misses you. We both realise that you have been together far longer than you've been with us. I talked a few things over with him this afternoon. We've sorted out the business end of things so that's all right, now all we have to do is sort out the living."

"OK Mike," said Lena smiling, "you've been planning again haven't you?"

I smiled, "Yes, I have and I've made a few phone calls. You don't mind do you. Guy seemed happy with my ideas. Oh nothing's fixed in concrete yet these are just ideas. Shall I fire away?"

"Yes," said Lena, "OK Jo?" She nodded.

"OK," I said taking a deep breath. This was important to me because it was about Lena's happiness, and Jo's of course, but Lena was paramount in my mind. That meant that I had to find a way to keep them near to each other but still allow them to lead separate lives.

"I don't think that you can go on living with us permanently Jo, the house isn't big enough for two families and I've expanded it about as much as it can. I don't know what Lena wants to do but I suspect you might want more children after your first," I said quizzically.

"I haven't really thought about it Mike but I expect you're right. I like children and I think I'll want more than one but we haven't discussed it together."

"Mike," Lena said suddenly, interrupting, "I think I might want more children." She seemed worried, tentative. "Do you?"

I looked her in the eye, "Lena my angel, I want what you want. If it's possible you can have as many children as you want. But all that's really for the future isn't it, we have the present to deal with. Our house is big enough for Jo and Guy to stay there now. I think that would be good because you two could help each other through the pregnancies and there is plenty of room now, even enough for confinement rooms if you want them. Jo and Guy can have the bed-sit that's being added for you or you can live in, it's up to you."

"Oh Jo," said Lena, "live in with us please, it'll be much better and we can help each other can't we." I could see she was desperate to delay their parting for as long as possible.

"I think I'd like that Mike. The four of us living together, but what about you? And Guy?"

"Oh, it's fine with Guy and I like the thought of my son and his wife living with me but, as I said, the house isn't really big enough when the children arrive, well certainly when they start to grow a bit." They both looked a bit downcast now as it seemed they were going to be apart.

"Now to the second part of my plan. There's a small piece of land about 200 yards away from our house Jo, big enough to build a nice five bed roomed house on. So I've bought it. You and Guy can design a house for you to live in. You'll have no trouble getting a mortgage and I'll move the land into your names when we get back. How does that sound?"

They both perked up at this idea and, thankfully remembering to put their glasses down, hugged me.

"That's perfect," said Jo.

"I like it," said Lena, "how far away is it exactly and what's in between?"

"Well, in between is a piece of open land that doesn't have planning permission. I left Nerys trying to buy it so no one else can. She seemed hopeful. There is planning permission on the other land so there's no problem there." I laughed at Lena, "Sweetheart, I haven't measured the distance but it's not far, you can wave at each other and, if I can get this piece of land between, you'll have a private walkway.

"How long will it take to build the house?" asked Jo.

"Well, normally it takes anything from four to six months to build but you have to get it designed and passed before work can start. You won't really be in too much of a hurry because I suspect you won't want to move until the baby is settled will you?"

"No, I suppose not. Oh this is a good plan Mike, isn't it Lena?"

"Yes, very good." She smiled her sexy smile at me, "It's a pity we can't reward him tonight isn't it Jo?" she said laughing, "but only 25 days to go. " I laughed and hugged her tightly as Jo kissed me.

Suddenly we heard a distant, "Oh fucking hell," from next door.

"Sounds like Guy's at work in the back passage," said Lena laughing. "If she goes on like that we aren't going to get much sleep. Trouble is, Guy can probably go on for ages."

"Oh well," Jo said, "we'll just have to lie here and chat to Mike."

"Now you two," I said smiling, "tell me how you got on with Amy this afternoon." So they told me the story of their afternoon together. All through this we hear Amy next door. I don't know what he was doing to her but she was enjoying it. Unfortunately my imagination was working overtime and, to be honest, I was getting just a little bit excited myself. Lena and Jo had finished telling me about he afternoon so I was also thinking about the possibility of double teaming Amy as well so you can imagine that is was showing some signs of arousal. Lena must have noticed because she, accidentally she said, brushed her hand against my semi-hard cock.

"What's this," she said, "Jo, this naughty man is getting excited. What is it Mike, do you wish you were in there instead of Guy."

I laughed, "Lena, my angel, you ask me questions that I can't answer one way or the other so, yes I do just at this moment. What with listening to Amy enjoying herself next door and you two talking about both of us having her I'm afraid I do feel a bit randy."

She looked at Jo, then at me. "Well," she said smiling and licking her lips, "the clinic said I shouldn't have 'intrusive' sex until I'd been back but they didn't say anything about not eating did they, or about playing with toys, so I'm going to suck a lollipop and get some nice spunk out. Jo, come on, Guy won't mind that will he and you won't be doing anything harmful to the baby. Let's suck him dry, the naughty man." She laughed, "He'll be ages cumming because he's been drinking."

"Mmm," said Jo licking her lips as well, "a mouthful of cum would be very nice." With that they both pulled the bedclothes back and dragged off my boxers. My cock was a half mast and they were right, it would take longer but, hey, who cares. They were happy to work for their reward!

So they set to work. "Jo," said Lena, "you kiss him and talk dirty in his ear. Tell him what he can do to Amy on Tuesday. I'll play and suck for a while then we can change."

Jo came up level with me and we kissed, her tongue probing, before she moved to lick my ear and begin whispering suggestions about DP'ing Amy. Meanwhile Lena had started on my cock. She was gently masturbating me with one hand and blowing on the head. Then her tongue popped out and started licking the very tip of my penis, probing the tiny hole. Her hand was getting more insistent, wanking my cock and bringing it to full hardness. Jo was still licking my ear and whispering about Amy's bottom. Amy was still in full flight next door, I could hear the occasional, "Shit, oh yes, fuck my arse" and a stream of swearwords which meant she was close to cumming.

Now Lena turned away, "I wonder what it tastes like with a mouthful of Grand Marnier," she said laughing as she sipped at her liqueur. Holding the liquid in her mouth she covered the head of my cock.

"Oh fuck Lena, that burns," I said, "but it is bloody good." She swirled the liqueur around her mouth and my cockhead causing a lovely warm feeling that certainly made me even harder.

"Jo, Jo," she said as she swallowed the drink and some precum, "it really tastes good. Come on, try it with your Tia Maria." She laughed, "You can get coffee flavoured pre-cum." That had them both falling about laughing for a few moments before Jo decided to try it. The changed position and Lena came up to kiss me. We exchanged tongues just as Jo covered my cock with a mouthful of Tia Maria.

"Oh fuck, Jo. That is good." She was sucking like mad and using her tongue to work the liqueur around my cockhead. She pulled away and swallowed her drink.

"Mmm," she said, "I must try that with Guy. I wonder what it tastes like with cum?" she added laughing.

"Well," said Lena laughing, "we can try in a minute can't we?"

Now they both started on my erection. One would concentrate on the head, usually Jo using her tongue to sweep around and probe the tiny pee hole, while Lena nibbled at the base using her teeth to catch my pubes and then run her lips up and down sideways. Two pairs of hands were stroking my balls, my perineum, and all around my groin.

"Tell us when you're going to cum," said Lena laughing, "I want to taste it with Grand Marnier."

"And I want to taste it with Tia Maria," said Jo taking her mouth off my cock.

"Well it won't be long if you keep this up," I said as they licked up and down the shaft. Then it was near. "Lena, drink and suck, quick," I said as I strived to hold on so they could play with my spunk in their mouths. Lena took a quick sip of her drink then covered my cock head and sucked.

"Oh fuck," I said as the heat of the alcohol and Lena's mouth started me off. I shot my stuff into her mouth, just a few pulses, before she held me tight at the base before Jo's mouth took over. It's funny but the different liqueurs did feel different on my penis and I really shot my final few loads into Jo's sucking mouth.

Then they were both up beside me showing me their mouths full of spunk mixed with liqueurs. Lena used her tongue to mix the cocktail up then, smiling, swallowed it all. Jo did the same.

"Mmm," said Lena, "that was nice. What did you think Jo?"

"Yes, that was nice." Then she kissed me, "Your spunk tastes nice with Tia Maria," she laughed, "can you taste it as well?"

"Kiss me, see if you can taste the Grand Marnier," said Lena laughing.

So I kissed them both and yes, I could taste the liqueurs mixed with my spunk. Now I had an idea.

"You just wait you two minxes. When you are ready for sex I'm going to do that to you. I wonder what Amaretto would taste like drunk from your pussies." I laughed, "Or, indeed, from your bottoms." Filthy I know but the thought was so erotic and arousing and they both looked interested I must say.

"That sounds good," said Lena, "but I bet the alcohol stings a bit."

"I don't know," said Jo then she giggled, "try a bit now Lena. Go on, just on your finger. Mike can suck it afterwards can't he."

Lena giggled as well, "Shall I?" she asked me.

"Yes please," I said and offered her my glass.

"Pull my trousers down then Jo," said Lena, "you can watch Mike." Then she smiled her sexy smile, "only 24 days to go!"

So Jo pulled her trousers down and Lena swirled her fingers in my glass of Amaretto. Getting them nice and wet she teased her pussy open.

"Oooohhhhh," she said, "it's warm and tingly. Mmm, I like that. Can I have some more?"

"As much as you like," I said smiling and, I must say, struggling to depress the desire to lick the Amaretto off her pussy. More swirling around in the glass, then she took it from me and wiped her fingers directly onto her pussy and on to her clit, which must have been stimulated by sucking me off.

I could see she was starting to get quite excited by now and wondered how far she would go. The clinic had told us we couldn't have intrusive sex and nothing too strenuous but they hadn't said anything about orgasms. Now I could smell the Amaretto mixing with her juices and my desire to eat her was becoming overwhelming.

"Lena, oh Lena, you've got to let me drink that now, please."

She looked at me with lust in her eyes then at Jo who nodded to her. "Yes," she said, "do it now, do it now."

I took the glass from her, opened her legs and knelt between. What a wonderful sight before me! I took a mouthful of Amaretto and covered her sex using my mouth and tongue to force the liqueur into her vagina.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, that feels funny. Oooooohh, shit yes, do that."

Now I sucked the liquid out of her. Oh god, the taste. Amaretto and Lena mixed, what a cocktail! I took another mouthful and noticed that Jo was very close now watching us playing. This time I dribbled the liqueur onto her mound so it ran down across her clit and into her pussy then I licked it all up. I couldn't get enough of this and Lena seemed to be enjoying it as well.

"Jo, Jo," she said, "will you kiss me, please. I think I'm going to cum in a minute if he keeps that up." So Jo moved up level with her and, I assume, started to kiss her. I just continued sipping Amaretto and forcing it into her vagina, then sucking it out, licking the inner lips as I did so. Then I had an idea. It would slow her down and offer a new experience.

"Turn over Lena, face down."

"Oh god no, you can't do it there, I'm not ready or anything."

I looked down at her, "Do you really think that matters Lena my darling. I want to drink this from your gorgeous bottomhole."

She looked at me and I could see she was thinking hard about it. She would be worried she wasn't clean. Well, she always kept herself clear, we have bidets at the villa after all, so I wasn't worried.

"Lena, sweetheart, turn over and let's try it."

"Mmm, sounds interesting Lena, go on try it."

"Only if you promise to do it as well!"

Jo looked a bit sceptical but, "Errrmm, we'll see."

"All right," she said and slowly turned over. I opened her legs and knelt between. What a wonderful sight this is. Lena has such a full bottom, round and succulent, how I love it, every square inch of it but now something I'd never done before. I must admit to some excitement here. If this went well now imagine doing it then taking her there. Oh god, I was enjoying this!

I massaged her cheeks gently, using my thumbs to open her cheeks and gaze upon her tight (still) rosebud. Leaning forward I licked the length of the valley back and forth before concentrating on her anus. She was clean enough for me! Now I took a mouthful of Amaretto and dribbled it into the valley at the small of her back. I held her cheeks open and he liquid ran down the valley across her anus and on to the back of her pussy.

"Oh god, that stings a bit but it's nice. Lick it off now please."

So I leant forward again and used my tongue from her pussy, across that tender area between pussy and anus, up the valley of pleasure, across her anus and right to the bottom of her spine. I did this a couple of times then decided to try for the daring part!

"Relax for me Lena. I'm going to put some inside." So saying I dipped my finger in the glass and coated it then probed at her bottom hole, pushing in to the first joint.

"Oh bugger, that feels funny. That's nice. Do it again." So I did, loosening her rubbery ring in the process. Now for the main event! Taking a mouthful of liqueur and holding her cheeks apart I covered her anus with my mouth and forced the liquid inside.

"Jesus fucking Christ," she said, "Oh shit, that stings but what a sting. Oh god, ooooooohhhhhhh," was all I heard.

"Push now Lena, push it out." She did as I sucked. What can I say, this was the essence of her wasn't it? Not quite as nice as the front but in the heady excitement of the experience, quite glorious.

Lena was moaning into Jo's mouth as I did this and I guessed she's had an orgasm so I did it again. This time forcing even more liqueur inside her. Her bottom bucked against me as I sucked. The sweetness of the liqueur disguised the bitterness of whatever else there was and the flavour of almonds overcame everything else. I was close to cumming myself then even though I wasn't hard. This was a tremendously erotic and very filthy thing to be doing, drinking a liqueur from your lovers arsehole and I suppose that made it all the more exciting.

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