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Caroline Ch. 12.05



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!

Just a good old threesome. Oral, straight, anal, DP, etc.

Mikes tale:

Double Teaming Amy

I awoke first in the morning and, leaving them both sleeping, went down to the kitchen to make breakfast. Guy must have heard me because he came in a few moments later.

"Bloody hell Guy," I said as he came into the kitchen, "what were you doing to her last night. We could hear her in the next room."

He laughed, "Dad, she is dynamite isn't she?"

I laughed in return, "Yes," I said, "when she gets going there's no stopping her."

"Five times dad, she had five orgasms. I couldn't keep up. Twice I licked her and then came three times in her bottom. God she's hot." Then he was serious, "Was Jo OK?" he asked. "I worried you know, worried she might change her mind."

I smiled at him, "No she was OK. Guy, I made her cum with my mouth. You're all right about that aren't you. I guess you'll be like me now she's pregnant."

He smiled his happy smile, "I'm all right about that dad. I hope you had a good time."

"We did," I said and I told him what we had done.

"Really," he said, "that sounds interesting. Do you think she'll let me do that."

I laughed, "Guy, old son, I should think it's absolutely certain. She enjoyed it, so did Lena. They were both even more interested when I suggested it might be interesting to take them with their pussies or bottoms full of liqueur. Guy these women are bloody wonderful. Now, about Amy, was it good?"

"Yes, it was. She really is something isn't she. I thought she's never stop. And swear and shout. I'm not surprised you could hear her. I had her bottom every way I know. She wanted me to have straight sex with her but I said no, I didn't want to make her pregnant. She wasn't too happy about that but she liked me in her bottom well enough."

"I wonder if she'll want to try the both of us?"

"Dad, I wouldn't be surprised." He laughed, "She'll probably wear both of us out!"

"Who'll wear you both out," said Lena as she and Jo came into the kitchen.

"Amy," I said, "she gave Guy a hard time last night."

"I know," said Jo laughing, "we heard!"

Guy swept her up in his arms. "I'd rather have you," he said kissing her, "I'd rather have you once that her a hundred times," and he kissed her.

She started to cry, "Oh you naughty man, you shouldn't say things like that. It makes me cry."

"I'm sorry wife to be," he said smiling softly at her, "but it's true." They stayed in each other's arms for a few moments the pulled apart.

"Mike tells me that you all had a good time last night as well."

Now Jo looked worried, "Oh Guy, I'm sorry. It was Lena's fault wasn't it Lena?"

Lena laughed, "Yes Guy, it was. Mind I didn't force her but when she saw how much I enjoyed it she decided to have a go."

"You don't mind do you," Jo said tearfully.

He kissed her again, "No," he said playfully, "I just hope you remembered everything so we can try it!"

She laughed, "Oh you beast, Mike's told you hasn't he. It was very, very rude and naughty, and I can't wait for you to do it to me. What is your favourite liqueur?" she asked archly.

That made us all laugh and we busied ourselves getting breakfast. When it was all ready Lena popped off to get Amy and they both came in a few moments later. Amy looked a bit embarrassed and I made an effort to welcome her in.

"Morning Amy, you look radiant," I said kissing her.

"He means well fucked," said Lena which caused a great big blush on Amy's part.

"Take no notice," I said, "of course you are but then we'd expect you to be after a night with Guy. Come on. Breakfast." We all enjoyed our breakfast and afterwards the women all went upstairs to shower together and, no doubt, to discuss last nights experiences.

Monday was a quiet day all round. I think Amy was tired out after her two days of almost constant sex. After all she'd been taken in the bottom four or five time in two days and had countless orgasms. Jo and Lena wanted to relax a bit after the previous night's naughtiness and discuss the wedding plans. Guy and I, well we were under orders to take it easy in case Amy agreed to the DP so we went out on the lake fishing and didn't catch anything!

The women decided to cook dinner that evening and they went off into the kitchen while Guy and I played chess and cards. He might take me at golf regularly and wipe the board with me at chess but at cards I was his master! They cooked a lovely meal together and we enjoyed it with plenty of wine – no sex on the agenda tonight.

When we went to bed, Guy and Jo took the main bedroom and Lena, Amy and I the second. No hanky-panky at all.

On Tuesday morning I was up first again with Guy getting breakfast. Lena whispered to me later that morning that Amy was ready to try both of us this afternoon. She was excited by the prospect but she said that she and Jo would go out after getting Amy ready. They didn't want to inhibit any of us by their presence. I mentioned it to Guy and he looked very interested indeed, I must admit I was too. Double teaming a willing woman like this is immensely exciting when you do it with another man you can trust.

"You mustn't hurt her," Lena had said, "but you must be demanding with her. She knows that. She wants to experience everything you know. She knows she probably won't ever do this again and she wants it to include everything. You must stop if she says so as well, is that OK?"

I'd smiled at her, "Of course we won't hurt her and, yes, we will stop if she says so."

"I got some condoms yesterday so Guy can go in the front as well," she said smiling, "I know you'll want her bottom!"

I smiled, "Yes, I rather think I will."

"We're going out to dinner tonight so you can have a good time this afternoon." She laughed, "I don't think she minds if she can't sit down for a day or two!"

"Is she really sure about this Lena? And are you and Jo?" I wasn't going to lie to her. "Look sweetheart, we both want to do this, we'd be lying if we said we didn't but we won't do it unless you are certain about. Jo probably needs to tell Guy as well you know. I'd like to be sure that Amy really wants it and knows what she's letting herself in for."

She kissed me, "I know you too well," she said smiling, "yes, I want you to do it and I'll ask Jo to speak to Guy. Amy will ask you both to DP her this afternoon and she'll ask you to do everything she saw in the film and anything else you can think of. Is that OK?"

"Mmm," I said thinking how bloody lucky I was to have her love me so much she could lend me out like this. Off she went to find Jo and Amy.

Lunch was a sexy meal. Amy came into the room and sat between myself and Guy. Turning to me she smiled oh so coyly and said, "I want to have you both this afternoon. Lena and Jo said I could. I may never do this again so I want to experience everything, everything you can do or think of doing." The she kissed us both. Shit, I was hard already.

"There," said Lena, "I told you she wanted to be double teamed this afternoon." She laughed, "Show her no mercy, mind don't hurt her and stop if she says so." I think she was just reiterating the rules in front of Amy so she knew she was ultimately in control of the situation.

"Jo and I are going out this afternoon so you don't need to be embarrassed by our presence. We expect you to perform you know, for Amy."

I laughed, "I'm sure we'll do our best won't we Guy?"

"Yes Mike," he said smiling at Amy, "we want her to remember it don't we!"

Lena and Jo cleared up after lunch and took Amy with them into the kitchen. They said they wanted to talk to her about this afternoon. After about an hour they came back in.

"We're going upstairs now to get Amy ready aren't we Amy?"

She looked at us coyly. God it was going to be difficult not to be very, very harsh with her! "Yes, I want to be ready for you both." Then she gave us an arch look, "Will you be ready for me?"

We both laughed, "Yes," I said, "of that you can be sure. Come on Guy," I said to him, "We'll go and shower and await Amy's pleasure. We'll be in the main bedroom Amy."

She looked a mite apprehensive now that the time was near but Jo bustled her upstairs and we followed.

Double Teaming Amy!

We showered separately and waited in the bedroom in boxer shorts. Our experiences with Lena and Jo had made us easier with each other now. The first time was a bit difficult but the girls soon made sure we lost any inhibitions. Now we were OK about performing in front of each other.

We decided that I'd be the 'director' arranging things, getting Amy into the right position, that sort of thing. Quite openly now, Guy said he'd be able to cum three times this afternoon so we planned to give her one in her mouth and two in her bottom. I was going to, hopefully, save myself for the last DP and add some more magic nectar to his offerings there.

We moved the bed to the mirrors and slid the chaise longue out into the room. It was going to play a major part in her pleasant ordeal. Settee's are really useful when it comes to arranging positions!

We sat on the bed chatting about these two wonderful women we loved and how we couldn't wait to see them showing their pregnancies. It's still amazing to me that we could do this. Talk about these lovely ladies and how much we loved them despite awaiting the arrival of a lovely young woman who was giving herself to us completely.

After a while the door opened and in came Lena and Jo. They made a beeline to us both, each hugging their respective man.

Lena kissed me then said, "This is just to show that we really don't mind. You must enjoy yourselves this afternoon, you won't get another opportunity like this for at least 10 months," she laughed, "so make the best of it!"

"Yes," said Jo laughing as well, "give Amy something to remember when she sits her grandchildren on her knee! By the way," she added smiling at Guy, "here's a little present," and she handed him a packet of condoms. "We got them yesterday. Now you can have her front and back," she ended laughing.

"She'll be down in a little while," said Lena and, with that, they both left to go shopping.

We sat waiting and, after a couple of minutes, Amy came into the room. She had a house coat on just like before and she seemed very confident, sure of herself as she smiled a seductive smile and said, "I hope you like this," and took off the coat.

Well, shit, she was dressed like Jade again. A marvellous rich red bra and panty set with matching silk stocking and high heeled shoes. My cock started to spring to attention as I gazed at her open mouthed.

"Amy my love, you've got to stop doing this, you look fabulous. Good enough to eat," I said as I momentarily forgot Guy and walked over to her.

"I hope you will," she said laughing, "among other things." She was certainly OK about what was to happen to her and, I must admit, that made me feel a little bit better. Look, it's difficult to hold back in these situations. You have a woman, you don't love her so there are none of the inhibitions that this brings to what you do to her, who is ready and willing to have a wild sexual experience. It is very easy to get carried away in the heat of sex and go too far. I had visions in my mind of her doing various things that would test her in many ways. The good thing was, I sensed she wanted that.

I held her tightly too me feeling the soft silkiness of her underwear and stockings against my skin. I kissed her and her tongue immediately pressed into my mouth, finding mine and dancing. I ran my hands over her back and her bottom, pulling her to me as my erection grew. Then Guy was behind her, as excited as I was by her body, seductively presented by her lingerie. So she was sandwiched between us and, I'm sure, could feel us pressing into her.

"I want to suck you both," she whispered in my ear. Then she turned between us, kissed Guy and sank to her knees. She started on Guy first, dropping his boxers and taking hold of his erection, almost full grown by now, and masturbating him strongly. Her tongue licked around the head before her mouth covered him, taking as much as she could inside. She sucked him for a while then turned to me, one had still on Guy, as she wanked me with the other. Her mouth now covered my cock and her tongue probed the tiny hole at the time. My hands went to her head as I began to slowly fuck her face. She looked up at me and smiled around my penis as it slid over her lips.

Then she turned to Guy, whose hands replaced mine on her head, and sucked him again. He began to move faster and harder now, filling her mouth. She was wanking him furiously, eager I suspect, for her first dose of magic nectar from his rampant penis. I could tell he wouldn't be long and, sure enough, he let out a long, "Aaaaggghhhh," and began to fill her mouth. She couldn't swallow it all and some dribbled down her chin in that very sexy way. Softening a bit, Guy pulled from her mouth and she turned to me. Looking up she opened her mouth to show me his offering then, still wanking me, she took me back into her mouth. Hell, it was so warm and tender that it was all I could do to hold off!

I stopped her and lifted her up. By now she's swallowed all of Guy's first dose except for a tiny bit on her chin which she now captured with her finger and sucked off. Time now to undress her and take control so I picked her up and laid her on the bed, kissing her all the time. Guy was busy recovering for a few minutes so I attended to Amy. I undid her bra and revelled in the taste and texture of her boobs, sucking the pierced nipples, pulling on the tiny rings she was wearing, and licking the underside. Then I moved down to her sex, biting her tenderly through the silky red knickers before removing them and biting her again. I could see that Guy was at her boobs, kissing and sucking and she was beginning to rise to her first of many orgasms.

Lifting and opening her legs I knelt in between and feasted on her sex. My tongue probed inside her pussy, laving the inner lips as I tasted the essence of her, a bittersweet heady flavour. Now and again I'd move to her clit, growing now as she became even more aroused, and sucked gently. She was moaning softly by but soon she would be screaming!

Moving her legs back even further my tongue found her tight little anus and probed again. Now she was going!

"Oh fuck yes, lick me there. Oh shit yes, yes," she yelled as I continued to test her tightness. Guy was still busy on her boobs, he had a bit of a penchant for boobs. Although he was a bottom man through and through, he could spend ages worshiping the female breast – much to their pleasure I might add.

To bring her to her first orgasm I moved back to her pussy and continued to suck and lick her there and, wetting my middle finger with her juices, pushed it softly into her anus.

"Oooohhhhh, fuck yes, yes, yes. Aaaagggghhh," was all we heard as her orgasm hit. "Oh fuck my arse with your finger, lick me." Poor Guy, she had his head pressed tightly to her boobs and I don't think he could move. I continued to finger fuck her bottom and lick her because now she was going to experience almost continual stimulation.

Raising my head momentarily I said to Guy, "Take her mouth Guy, she's going to suck you while I fuck her."

I went back to licking her pussy and clit, and finger fucking her bottom as Guy moved up to put his cock in her mouth. She grabbed it eagerly, sucking like mad. Now I moved my cock up to the entrance to her pussy before thrusting forward and filling her completely. This surprised her and she sucked even harder on Guy. At least she was quiet now, other that the sounds of her slurping on Guy's erection that is. She could hardly speak could she?

We both fucked her for a while like this but it's not the easiest for her so we both pulled out and moved her to the settee. With Guy sitting at one end and Amy leaning over the arm sucking him, I was able to get deep inside her, driving downwards into her warm and wet haven. I don't know whether she was climaxing but she was thrashing about as much as the position would allow and sucking on Guy like there was no tomorrow.

"Time to change," I smiled to Guy. I kept moving in Amy as she watched him slide on a condom ready to take her pussy for the first time. He looked as if he was going to enjoy this.

"Stay there Guy, Amy can sit on you." I pulled my erection from her wonderfully warm and tight pussy, and lifted her off the settee, and settled her on to Guy. He held his cock upright and she positioned herself and slid down the shaft.

"Oh fuck, that's good. Oh, oh, oh," she sang as she bounced up and down on his cock. Time to quiet her down a little bit. I climbed onto the settee, turned her head and filled her mouth with my erection. She reached for it hungrily, taking half inside her mouth as she moved on Guy. I held her head quite tightly and began to move more strongly in her mouth. She was still happily bouncing on Guy's erection and I could see from the look on his face that he was enjoying it as well. Her tongue was working overtime around my cockhead so I decided it might be a good time to change again.

Taking my cock from her mouth I said to Guy, "Swing round and lay flat Guy." He did, "Now turn Amy around so she's facing away." With a little help from me we managed to turn her around with taking her off his cock. She was moaning and kissing me as we did this, apparently lost in a heaven of pleasure.

Guy laid right down and now she was facing away I was able to arrange her so that her head dropped backwards over the arm of the settee. Standing, I was able to get my erection straight into her mouth and down her throat. Now I know she hadn't deep-throated before but this was just about the best position for trying.

Kneeling next to her I whispered, "I'm going to fuck your throat now Amy, do you want me too, deep in your throat."

Guy was still thrusting away at her and I don't know whether she took any note of what I said but she managed to nod and mumble, "Yes, oh yes."

I stood and placed my erection at her open mouth. She sucked me inside and I (with much difficulty, I might add) gently pushed forward until I felt the back of her mouth. "Swallow it Amy, swallow."

I must have got through to her because I felt the muscles at the top of her throat grip my cock head. I pushed and in I went, balls rubbing on her upturned nose. God, she was tight, tight and wonderful as her throat muscles gripped my penis in a vice like grip. I would easily have stayed there all day but she had to breath and this was her first experience so I pulled out. She gasped for breath and I knelt beside he head, "OK Amy, again."

"Oh fuck yes, yes. Fuck my throat while he fucks my cunt. Come on, fuck me both of you!" She was one hell of a women when she got going was Amy!

So I moved back behind her head and fed my cock into her mouth. She swallowed it all and I got into a rhythm, fucking her mouth and throat, allowing her to breathe. I didn't think I should do this for too long and, anyway, Guy should have a go so I said to him, "Guy, you've got to do this." Then to Amy, laying there looking completely sated and we hadn't really started yet, "Stay there sweetheart, you can have a longer one now."

She smiled up at me, sexy as always, "Yes please but I want you in me as well."

Guy came round and supported her head and body as I climbed underneath her and lowered her down onto my stiff maleness. She let out a long sigh as I buried myself completely inside her tight pussy. God she was lovely! She leaned back, getting into the same position so that Guy could literally fuck her throat. She looked up at him and smiled, "Come on Guy, fill my mouth with that lovely prick of yours. I want to swallow it." He needed no second invitation so he pulled off the condom and we both began to move inside her. How she did it I don't know but she took all of Guy down her throat. His face was a picture. He didn't want to cum again but he was obviously having difficulty controlling his orgasm. I thought I'd better rearrange us and it was time her bottom felt a stiff penis.

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