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Caroline Ch. 13.02



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!

This chapter (and the next) is a rather longer non-erotic chapter but very necessary for the development of characters and plot so, if sex is the only reason for reading Caroline, you will have to wait until a bit later. Here Caroline manipulates Mike and Gianna into renewing their relationship in the bedroom. If you're not fond of 'romantic' episodes then give this one a miss. This was written three or four years ago as the saga developed and I became aware that I needed to provide reasons for my characters to behave as they did. Thus the considerable 'angst' that Mike has over rekindling his relationship with Gianna. Also, please bear in mind that I didn't write this with submission to Literotica in mind.

Caroline's Tale:

The Clinic, the Villa, and Gianna

(No actual sex though there are references)

I was nervous on Monday morning as we drove to the clinic and I sensed that Mike was too. I think he was worried about the next week and what the doctors would say. Well, actually it was good news and bad news. Well not bad news really, just a bit inconvenient. Everything was going well with the baby, the doctor was very happy with my results but he did want me to come back in a fortnight to get a final clearance before I returned to the UK. He also told me I had to continue to rest and not do anything strenuous. So we were pleased about the good news but I knew that, now, Mike was concerned about what to do.

We chatted about it as we were waiting for the final test results on the baby.

"I don't want to drive you all the way home then back again sweetheart," he said concerned, "it's a long drive and, well, you know, I worry about you."

Isn't that sweet, he was like that all the time. I must admit I didn't want to do that either so I said, "Couldn't I fly home with you on Tuesday?"

Again he looked concerned, "I don't fancy that either," he said, "flying now isn't that safe and what about the baby? And the doctor did tell you to keep on resting didn't he? Lots of travelling won't really be resting will it?"

"Well," I said, "flying won't hurt the baby but I do see what you mean."

"I'd like you to go back to Mimosa for a while," he said, "you're always so happy there and you'll rest, I know, but you can't go back on your own. Well you could," he added, "but I won't let you. Oh, I won't go back tomorrow," he said finally, "I'll stay with you."

Well I couldn't let that happen really because he had to go home to sort out loads of things. Our house, Jo's house, a site for the factory and offices, helping Guy set things up.

"No Mike," I said, "you've got to go back with them to sort everything out." Then I had an idea. "Look, Gianna hasn't gone home yet. Why don't we ask her to join me at the villa. She hasn't been there has she so it'll be a bit of a holiday for her. Silvio won't mind will he?"

He smiled sadly, "I don't think that matters darling. I heard them having words on Sunday. For some reason he didn't want her to stay, I don't know why. But it's a good idea," he added, "she can 'mum' you. She'll enjoy looking after you. If she agrees I'll go home tomorrow and come back on Thursday evening. A couple of days should be all I need to sort things out then we can have some more time at the villa together and Gianna can go back at the weekend."

"Mmm," I said thoughtfully because, and you know me, I had a plan and it didn't involved Gianna going home early! "I'll ask her when we get back."

So we got the test results, all good I'm pleased to say, and set off back to Bernardo's. It was quiet after all the busyness of the previous weeks, Nardo was at the office, Sally was working in her office, Amy was off at University, and the children were with their childminder. Gianna was in the kitchen when we got back and she was dying to know what happened.

"Everything is fine," I said to her, "but we have on little problem."

"Oh, can I help," she said.

"We were hoping you could Gianna," Mike said. "The doctor wants Lena to rest for another fortnight then see her again before he releases her to her doctor in England. I don't want to take Lena all the way back home then return again in a fortnight." He smiled at me, "That's not too much rest, all that travelling and it's dangerous. Well, it worries me."

"Gianna, Mike wants me to go back to Mimosa until our next appointment and I was wondering if you would like to come with me." I smiled, "He won't let me go on my own," I said.

"No," said Mike, "she needs someone to look after her and to be there just in case, you know. I'm coming back on Thursday evening so you could come home on Friday if you wanted or you could stay a few more days and have a bit of a holiday yourself. What do you say?"

Gianna looked thoughtful for a few moments then said, "Yes, I'd like that. Yes I'll come with you. I'll phone Silvio and tell him."

"He won't mind?" asked Mike.

"No, he won't mind," she said a bit strangely.

So our plans were made. Mike was returning to England by plane on Tuesday with Jo and Guy and Bernardo was arranging for one of his drivers to drive us up to Mimosa in the Jaguar then come back by train. Mike was coming back to the villa on Thursday evening and Gianna would make up her mind as to when she was returning: not for a while if I could help it!

Although I wasn't looking forward to being apart from Mike, or Jo for that matter, our lives had to move on and there was lots to do. Mike was much happier that I was resting and I think he was secretly pleased that Gianna and I would get to know each other a lot better. Only one thing happened that evening that I need to mention. I was buttonholed by Amy in the evening when she returned from college, with Nardo I might add.

She found me in our bedroom getting ready for dinner. "Lena," she said as she opened the door after knocking, "can I talk to you?" Funny, I thought, she's almost treating me like her mum and I'm three years younger than her.

"Of course, come on in. What is it?"

"It's Nardo," she said, "and Sally."

I turned to her and could see she was worried. "What's happened?"

"Well," she said pensively, "nothing really except he's made it quite clear that he wants more than just a business relationship. Yesterday he told me that he thinks he's fallen in love with me. Oh Lena, you know I like him, like him a lot, but I don't know what to do. Last night Sally spoke to me as well. She told me she didn't mind if I went with Nardo, it was so obvious that he liked me a lot. She said she liked me as well, you know, like that, but she's never done that. I don't know what to do. I don't want to hurt them both, or you for that matter. Everyone has been so good to me," she ended with her bottom lip trembling.

I cuddled her then looked in her eyes, "What do you want to do Amy? You have to make up your mind about that before anything else."

"I want him you know, you knew that ages ago didn't you? He's so, so energetic, so full of joi de vivre and so happy and I don't want to spoil that but I do want him. Yes I would like to be with him. Three can work can't it?"

I smiled, "Yes, it can work if there is love and understanding. Amy you must go for it. If you like him that much, perhaps love him a little, you'll hate yourself if you don't take the opportunity. I don't know why Sally is so easy about it but if she is then that's OK isn't it. You won't be damaging their marriage if she agrees. You need some stability, don't you, to finish your degree. Amy, go with the flow and enjoy life, as Jo always says, 'don't die wondering'," I ended with a laugh.

"You think so?" I nodded and she hugged me tightly. "Thank you Lena, I knew I could rely on you to sort my head out." Then she must have realised that she sounded a bit selfish, "Oh Lena, I'm sorry. How did everything go this morning?"

So I told her all about the clinic and our plans which, I think, cheered her up even more. She might have been a bit inhibited with Gianna around!

I told Mike all this as we went to bed that night and he was a bit surprised. "I know Sally has always been understanding about Nardo, not that he's been that difficult but this seems different somehow," he said seriously, "she seems to be encouraging Amy and him to get together. Still," he added, "I suppose it's all for the best. She is a very pretty girl and I'm sure Nardo will be happy with her. It's how he deals with Sally that's the issue. We'll probably be able to see how things are panning out when we come back in a fortnight."

We were all up early in the morning to say our tearful goodbyes. Mike didn't want me to come to the airport, too much hanging about he said – he didn't like long goodbyes - so I saw them all off from the house. Gianna was up as well holding me close as I got a bit sad at being apart from Mike and Jo. Then we got ready to leave and had a quiet journey up to the villa, arriving late afternoon. Our driver was a very nice young man who was so conscious that he was driving one boss's mother and the other's wife that he hardly said anything on the way. We did manage to break him down a little bit at the villa as we gave him some food before he left to go back.

Gianna was delighted with the villa. She'd never been to this part of Italy so she was excited by the whole idea of spending a few days here.

"Well," I said to her as we sat down after dinner that evening, "what do you think?"

"Oh Lena, it's lovely. A lovely place to fall in love, it's so romantic."

Now was the time! "Gianna, do you still want him."

She looked surprised at my sudden change of subject. "I don't understand?" she said quizzically.

"Do you still want Mike?"

Now she looked shocked. "You mean it, you meant it? I didn't think you meant it, that you were only saying it to make me feel better. You mean it don't you? Oh!!"

"Yes Gianna," I said, "I meant it. So did Jo. If you want him we don't mind. In fact I want you to have him." I had to explain to her how I felt. "Gianna, oh Gianna, I can't imagine loving him for all that time and not having him, even to hold. You've given up so much."

She looked uncertain now, unsure of herself. "I don't know Lena. My marriage vows. I am still married to Silvio. I would cuckold him - truly."

I didn't realise until later how this idea of 'cuckolding' was a really bad thing in Italy, particularly in the south where Gianna came from so I suppose I didn't really understand how she felt. That made me press on because it was so unfair that she should live her life in a sort of limbo. She was a beautiful woman allowing herself to grow old before her time.

"Gianna, Gianna, you've given twenty five years of your life to Silvio, born him five children and brought them up and," I added cheekily, "given him your virginity, all your virginities I suppose. Surely you don't owe him anything!"

She smiled then, as if remembering something special, then she looked at me and spoke conspirationally, "No, not all my virginities," she said, "not THERE."

"You mean . . ."

"Yes, he has never had me at the back," she confirmed smiling, "that is for Mike." Then she continued, opening up to me as she relaxed. "Oh Silvio wanted me there and I knew about it from my mother. It is common where I come from for birth control so she prepared me for it but I would never let Silvio do it. I don't know why. I wasn't frightened or anything, mother had said that it might hurt a bit at the start but it soon got OK, sometimes nice. It's just that, well I told you I didn't love him didn't I? I think it was because I wanted that for my lover, the man I loved if he ever came along, or if it ever happened, so I kept it to myself." She smiled again, "Then Mike, well you know Mike and what he likes," I smiled and nodded, "well when I knew I loved him it was OK and I gave that to him. It hurt the first few times, he's not small is he?" she laughed, "but I enjoyed it. I suppose I enjoyed it even more because it was something I gave to only him." She was so lovely when she laughed. I wished she did it more often.

Now she became serious. "It caused a big row with Silvio when he came back," she said sadly. "He knew Mike, they were bosom pals after all and had womanised together in their youth, so he knew what Mike liked. He guessed Mike had had me there and he wanted it. Oh Lena, I couldn't give that to him could I? That was ours, the only thing I had from Mike, so I refused. He even tried to force me once, the only time he ever did, but I threatened to leave him. I felt so strongly about it you see and he finally saw how much it meant. That was just before I was pregnant with Pietro, and Mike's disappearance. So I kept that for Mike, not that I ever expected that he would have it again," she said sadly. Then she added, "Oh Lena, you tempt me but, the church. I am still married."

I was beginning to get a little frustrated now. You see, I'm not religious. I respect other peoples beliefs but I get terribly annoyed when they use religion as a sort of crutch or a barrier to hide behind.

"Gianna, I know you're still married but married only in name. You told us, Silvio hasn't touched you for ten years. You're still a young woman with lots of years of sexual activity before you and you are very, very attractive. Why if you dressed 'up market' a bit I doubt anyone would think you were over 35."

She looked coy, "Do you think so?"

Perhaps I should describe Gianna a bit more here. By Mike's reckoning she was 47, I suspect she was a bit younger, possibly no more than 14 when she married Silvio. She would have lied about her age and the papers from Italy were probably incorrect. Even so she was around her mid forties and she had had six children. Well, she didn't look it! I knew that she kept herself fit, she always had according to Guy, exercising before and after the birth of her children and always watching her figure. She wasn't vain, in fact I don't think she realised how attractive she was. I was going to do something about that!

Look, I should explain how I felt about Gianna. I've spoken about her love for Mike but I was feeling love for her, not sexual but more daughter/mother although I did find her sexually attractive. It was all very complicated you see. You know my background and probably realise that I didn't have much feeling for my own mother. Oh she'd fed and clothed me and for that I was grateful but she gave little else, almost no love or affection at all. I was a bit of an encumbrance when I was little and then a rival as I got older. That's why I was so fond of Geoff and Mary, they gave me that affection that I needed. Now I was feeling that for Gianna and she was responding. Since our talk before the blessing her attitude to me had subtly changed. She was caring, looking after me as if she really cared about me, I suppose as if I was her daughter. Then there was her relationship with Mike. I've written about my feelings about him as a father figure and now I had strange feelings about them together. Not a problem about him having her, I was happy with that. They both would enjoy themselves and I would enjoy hearing about it. It was their relationship as a couple, do you see. It is difficult to explain and quite complicated.

Anyway, Gianna didn't look her age. About 5'5", she was very petite and perfectly shaped with a lovely bottom. I wasn't surprised that Mike would want her there. Very Italianate features and shoulder length black hair. Her eyes were a deep brown, like Maria's, and all the boys except Guy, come to that, and set with lovely lashes. A full mouth and strong chin gave her a very determined look and, although she wasn't classically beautiful in the face, she was very attractive and, when she smiled, the world noticed! The problem was, she didn't smile very much. She was a fairly sad women, understandable I suppose, in that she had lost so much. I was determined to change things!

"Gianna," I plugged on, "Gianna don't you think that you are owed some happiness, real happiness?"

She looked uncertain. "But my vows."

"Oh heck, Gianna, sod your vows. You know I'm not religious but I would think your God pretty mean if he didn't think that you deserved a bit of joy in your life now." Then I softened, "Gianna, you don't have to make up your mind now. He's not back till Thursday evening. Sleep on it and think things through. Please."

"You are right," she said, "I should think about these things and I will. I will talk to you about it again. Thank you Lena, thank you for the possibility in any case," and she hugged me tightly.

We spent the rest of the evening chatting generally and getting to know each other a little better.

Next day I took her shopping in Arona. There are some lovely shops there, especially dress and underwear. I must say the Italians tend to take this kind of thing seriously. I insisted that she get some modern new clothes to make her look her best although she was a bit reluctant. She said she couldn't afford the clothes, well they were expensive, but I said that Mike could and I used my credit card. She said that she shouldn't wear such things being a married woman.

"Nonsense Gianna, I'm a married woman and I wear pretty clothes, you can too. Come on, well kit you out to knock 'em dead." In the end she smiled shyly and agreed. So I got her several outfits, several lovely dresses for day wear and a lovely suit, and a dress for the evening. We'd come back and buy some more things, I thought, if she stayed (as I hoped she would).

I had a bit more trouble in the underwear shop! I bought a new set especially for Mike, well it was for me to wear but for him, if you know what I mean. It was similar to that which Amy had worn. I kept on at Gianna and finally managed to get her to buy a really sexy blue outfit that would look gorgeous on her. It took a lot of persuading but she finally agreed. I think she was just about moving towards the idea of having Mike, this just might give her a bit of a push.

We decided to go out for dinner that evening. I wanted to show her off a bit, get her used to being admired. I got the feeling that at home she tended to play the little wife. Silvio liked that I think. I'd never seen him jealous but I wouldn't be surprised if he was so she tended not to wear nice things or go out on her own or with women friends. We went to a restaurant in Stresa where I was well known. Actually, because of Mike, I was known I most of the restaurants because we ate out so much. I chose this one because it was right in the centre of town and, even at this time of the year, you could eat out in the open under their heaters. That meant we could be seen!

As usual I flirted with the waiters and they flirted back. At the beginning Gianna looked on quietly but they wouldn't leave her alone. I'm not surprised really, she looked marvellous. I'd made her wear some make up (usually she wore hardly any) that enhanced her eyes and I'd spent ages on her hair. Wearing the new dress we'd bought today she didn't look a day over 35. When I introduced her as Guy's mother they wouldn't believe me. That made her blush and go all coy but they continued to flatter her all evening until, quite late, she was fluttering her eyelashes back at them. Even the owner of the restaurant came out, a very handsome man of about Mike's age, and sat down to chat with us. Well, to chat with Gianna actually, he wasn't really interested in me. The evening ended with him wishing us good night, reluctantly I thought, and kissing her hand. We got a cab back to the villa and sat down to have a nightcap.

"Well?" I said, "did you enjoy yourself?"

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