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Caroline Ch. 13.04



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!

In which Mike rediscovers Gianna. Some reflection on the past then the usual, romance and sex: anal in their first tryst.

Mike's Tale:

Mike is back with Gianna.

Frozen for a moment, I decided I'd better shower so I popped downstairs and used the fitness room then came back and waited in the lounge. I figured Lena would come down and tell me when Gianna was ready. She was clearly managing us both, making sure that we didn't bollix things up. As I sat there contemplating making love with Gianna, I remembered our last time together. It was fixed in my mind and, occasionally over the years since my divorce, I'd allowed myself to remember that night.

It was two days before Silvio's momentous telephone call, a Friday night. I often stayed with Gianna on Fridays because the children could lie in on Saturday morning and, even if they woke, they would stay in their rooms playing and not disturb us. I wondered often what Nardo made of all this, he was nearly ten after all, and he saw his mother and me together often but he'd never spoken of his feelings about me or his father.

We'd put the children to bed together. In some ways I almost felt like a father to them, I suppose I was in a way, particularly to Maria who was going on six at the time. She was a lovely child, they all were really. Good natured like their mother and with a sense of fun like their father, although it was difficult to tell with Guy because he was only just over two.

We didn't usually eat then on Fridays, we'd make love. That night it was on the couch in the lounge. As I've written before, I could never understand why Silvio found Gianna so unresponsive. With me she was delightful. All the things I'd taught her like oral sex, different positions for making love, anal sex, she'd enjoyed and looked for now in our lovemaking. Often she would start. She was quite highly sexed and I think she was frustrated with Silvio. Because she didn't love him she never really enjoyed sex with him and I suppose that showed, that's why he thought her so cold.

She told me other things as well. He liked her to suck him but he would never do the same to her. In fact, she'd never thought of that until I introduced her to being made love to that way. She wouldn't let him cum in her mouth either and that probably upset him. All of these things she told me as our affair grew and sex became a large part of our lives.

Now she enjoyed sucking me and she would almost beg for me to give her my seed in her mouth. She always swallowed every drop saying she didn't want to waste the offering of the man she loved. I would bring her to orgasm after orgasm with my tongue on her pussy and her bottomhole. She loved me rimming her and often came before I even entered her there. And she loved anal sex. It was her way of showing total love for me. And she was practised in the art, I can vouch for that. She was the only woman I've ever been with who could make me cum twice in her bottom. She had this wonderful ability to 'ripple' the muscles of her anus and rectum as if masturbating my penis. I'd cum inside her, usually quite quickly I'm afraid to say, and then she'd hold me inside her and start to move. Well, it was fantastic, and more often than not, my erection would return. If this has never happened to you, and if you're over 40 it probably never will, it's a wonderful feeling. It's not the same as Viagra because with that you stay hard, this was a softening inside her back passage then a hardening. Fantastic!! She loved it as well, she would have immense orgasms as I buggered her for the second time, usually lasting much, much longer.

That evening she'd sat astride me and taken me that way, almost fully clothed. It was marvellous and I filled her full of cream as she had a tremendous orgasm. Now we ate, showered and went to bed. She woke me, I don't know, about 1 o'clock I suppose, with kisses and a hand on my penis, hardening already with her attentions. She would often wake me in the middle of the night to make love.

"Take mio privato now," she'd whispered. That was always her 'code' for anal sex, her 'private' place, the place she kept for the one she loved. I wondered then, had she let Silvio take her there when her returned. Silvio would guess I'd had her there and I know he enjoyed anal sex and she'd never let him before. The selfish part of me hoped she hadn't, that she'd kept it in memory of me, but the part that loved her just hoped she'd been happy in any case.

I'd taken her that night, only once now because I'd already cum earlier, but it was a long and enjoyable anal session with Gianna cumming at least twice. She always kept my spunk inside her as well, at least until the morning. She said she like to feel me still inside her, oh how she must have loved me!

I was woken again in the morning by her hands on my penis, washing it now with a warm flannel. Then her mouth, her fabulous mouth, covered the head and began to work it's magic. All to soon I was hard and she wanted me inside her so we made love face to face, kissing and holding each other as we both climaxed together.

What a memory, our last night together. I wondered if she'd held on to that, I was sure she had. It had been a good night.

Sitting there in the lounge of the villa I reminisced about our time together. Then I heard a soft call from the stairs, "Mike, Mike," It was Lena.

"She's in the bedroom. Go to her. I'm going to bed. I love you," she said and she was gone.

My heart in my mouth I followed upstairs and, would you believe it, knocked on the main bedroom door. I heard a soft, "Come in," and, entering, saw Gianna lying in the bed, covered by the duvet. Her head was framed, almost like a dark halo, by her hair and she looked wonderful. Hesitantly I moved towards her,

"Come to me caro mio," she said softly, "come to me and love me."

Well, I did. I crossed to the bed, crawled under the covers, and held her tight. She was naked and I could feel the glorious softness of her body next to mine. I wanted to look at her, to take in her beauty, a beauty unseen for twenty years, so I pulled back the duvet and looked down at her. She let out a little cry and made to grab the cover back.

"No, Arna, no. Let me look at you, feast my eyes on you."

"I'm shy, shy you haven't seen me for all this time. I am changed."

Well she was changed. She was older, mature but her form was out of this world. Her breasts were fuller than before but still firm, with nipples enlarged by use and by sexual arousal. Her tummy, once very flat, now had a soft curve leading down to her mons, covered in a soft downy hair that had obviously been recently shaved and trimmed.

"Yes," I said smiling at her, "you are changed but you are still beautiful, still my Arna and I love you," and I kissed her as she began to cry softly.

"Will you love me, love me properly like you used to do? Please," she asked as she pulled away from me, "all these years I've longed for that. Love me, please."

My heart opened to her then, all my true feelings for her surfaced in a riot of intensity as I held her so close. I could feel her heart beating, the heat of her arousal, and the softness of her skin.

"Love you, love you, of course I'll love you!" and I kissed her full on the lips. I pulled reluctantly away from this kiss and looked down again at her wonderful fullness. My tongue traced a line across her chin and shoulder as I kissed and tasted her body. Now down to her breasts, still firm, and her wonderful nipples. I remembered how she liked them sucked and bitten, harder than Lena or Jo, and I began to pay homage to these marvellous examples of womanhood. I tenderly kneaded each breast with one hand, paying particular attention to the underside, before I bent my head to kiss each nipple before sucking gently. A loving bite brought a long sigh from Gianna and a slight vibration of her whole body which told me she'd had a minor orgasm.

Now harder, I bit one nipple at the base as I squeezed the other, bit it quite hard. This brought an, "Oh yes, yes caro," from her as she sank into pleasure. I sucked as I bit and she moaned. Her breasts were always very sensitive and it was easy to pleasure her there. Then I dragged my teeth along the nipple, pulling it and biting at the same time, another long sigh. She was close to orgasm again I thought so I changed to the other nipple and massaged the underside of her breasts. I felt her hand go down to my penis, rock hard now and, I must admit, difficult to control. She took hold of me and started to stroke my erection. Her other hand held my head and pulled it from her boobs.

"Take me now," she said, "I can't wait. I want you so much." So I started to move between her legs but she suddenly turned on her face. She turned her head in my direction and, eyes wide, said, "Mio privato, amore." I almost came in that instant. This was her indication that she wanted me to take her bottom. Her 'private place' was her bottom hole and she always called it that.

I must have looked surprised. "He hasn't had me there," she whispered softly as she pulled my head close, "I wouldn't let him. Please, it's been so long. I want you deep inside me, to feel you, to hold you there."

"Oh my darling," I said, "of course but I won't last long."

She smiled, "It doesn't matter, just to feel you there."

I pulled away and looked down at her. Her bottom was always delicious, pert, round and fully formed. Somewhere between Jo and Lena really but now she carried just a little more weight there and, far from detracting, it made her even more desirable. Her full cheeks demanded stroking and kneading and she still retained that slight upturn as her bottom joined her legs. Her anus, visible between her cheeks, formed a tiny star with an almost hidden ring of muscle. All was as I remembered her, only better!

I opened her legs and moved between. Leaning forward, I began to stroke her lower back and bottom cheeks. I massaged down to the tops of her legs and then on to her knees. I used my thumbs to caress the inside of the valley between her cheeks and between her legs before I moved my head to taste the flavour of her. I started by using my tongue on the back of her pussy, always accessible in this position – she enjoyed straight sex like this as well. I parted her pussy lips and delved inside. She was wet, very wet, with desire and she tasted marvellous. She was breathing heavily now, moaning softly as I continued to lick the inside of her pussy lips. Time now for her 'private place'. I moved my tongue across her perineum, very sensitive in her case, and licked around the rim of her anus. This brought a sob and a shudder; another orgasm. Now I gently probed and she opened. Rolling my tongue I began to fuck her anus with it, moving slowly and gently. Gianna was no stranger to anal sex, she enjoyed it very much, so she opened easily. She had great control over her tightness.

Now it was too much for me, I had to finish. Reaching for the KY I covered my erection; carefully I must add because I was close to orgasm myself. My only concern was how I was going to last to give Gianna the pleasure there that she desired. I put some KY on her anus and tenderly massaged it in before squeezing more inside and, using my middle finger, spread it into her rectum. I think she was having almost continuous orgasms by now, her body was vibrating in pleasure and the muscles of her lower back were rippling as I applied the KY.

"Caro, Caro,," she moaned, "now, please!!"

Leaning forward I placed the head of my erection at her tiny rosebud and pushed forward. Her anus opened to receive me and I slid halfway into her tightness. She let out a cry and squeezed tight almost making me lose control, "Oh yes, yes, yes," she moaned over and over again.

I knew I wouldn't be long so I pushed forward gently and buried the rest of my cock in her back passage. Hot, tight, and slippery, her rectum was heaven. Full penetration brought another cry from Gianna and a moaned, "So long, so long," then a long, "Aaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhh," followed by a soft sigh as a massive orgasm hit her. She squeezed tight, her orgasm causing the muscles of her rectum to ripple and massage my, already very sensitive, erection. This was too much. If I didn't move now I would cum so I began to fuck her bottom hole. Long deep strokes, because short ones would have resulted in orgasm for me. Trying to control myself, I almost withdrew leaving just the tip inside her, before driving deep back inside. She was moaning now, I assume another orgasm; how many she'd had I don't know, and she was thrusting her bottom back into me as I drove home.

Now my thumbs parted her bottom cheeks to allow even deeper penetration. I drove forward, deep inside her bottom, and started to cum. It seemed never-ending. Pulse after pulse of liquid flooded her bowels. I pulled back and drove into her as I pulsed feeling the effect of her orgasm on my penis. Her rectum was rippling, gripping my penis and almost masturbating it. The ring of her anus tightened around me feeling like a tight rubber band squeezing along the length. I was releasing over a weeks supply of cream inside her and the feeling was overwhelming. Finally I was spent emotionally and physically and I could feel my erection softening despite the attention of her, almost alive, bottom.

I fell sideways, my penis escaping from the tight grip of her anus. Her eyes were closed as her head turned towards me and she was sobbing silently.

"Arna, oh Arna. Are you all right darling. Arna, love, speak to me."

She opened her eyes and they were full of love. "Caro mio, caro mio," she said lapsing into Italian, "ti amo caro, ti amo."

"Anch'io ti amo, Arna, ti amo molto," and I lifted her to me and hugged her tightly. She continued to cry into my shoulder, deep sobs that seemed to rack her body. The emotional release of her orgasms must have been tremendous, bottled up all these years. I was worried.

Gently I eased her away and wiped the tears from her cheeks. I kissed her mouth tenderly then her eyes, closed tight now as she was managing to control her feelings.

"What is it love?" I asked, "tell me."

"Oh Mike, Mike. So long without you. So long with him having me. So long lying there dreaming of you," and she began to cry again.

"Shush sweetheart," I said trying to calm her, "you're here now. Here in my arms and you can stay here for as long as you want."

"I can't leave him," she said, "you know that don't you?" she said desperately. Of course I did and I understood why.

"I know," I said softly, "I know, but that doesn't mean this has to stop. Arna, Arna, you know he doesn't love you, doesn't even care very much now. Of course you can't leave him but you only have to stay in name only. Does he make love to you?" I asked finally dreading the answer. I knew I could handle it now but it still wasn't a good feeling.

"No, no he doesn't, not for ten years." I raised my eyebrows. "You see I wouldn't do the things we did. I wouldn't let him have mio privato," she said shyly, "and he wanted me there. I told him no. He knew you had that and he wanted it but I said no," she cried a bit more. "He tried to force me and I said I would leave him if he did. I told him it was ours. He was unhappy but he realised, I think, how important it was. Oh mio caro, all these years of him taking me, of lying there thinking of you. Then he stops. I know he sees other women, I can smell them on him. You know don't you?"

Well, yes I did, "Yes, young women. He pays I think. Oh Arna darling, you never loved him did you, never gave yourself to him?"

"No," she said softly misusing her English in her emotion, "I only give myself to one man, give myself completely," and she kissed me.

"Arna, stay with us please, I don't want to lose you again. Stay with us until we go back to Nardo's. We'll worry about the future after the clinic. Then we can take you back with us. Please Arna, I don't think I could stand losing you again even though I have Lena."

She smiled tenderly now, her tears stopped by my words, "Yes, you have Lena now to think of. You must love her as well," and she stroked my cheek but she didn't answer my question. "You are a very lucky man you know, to find a young woman like her."

I smiled back, "I am a very lucky man to find a woman like you, to lose her, and to find her again and, yes you are right, I am lucky to have a woman like Lena to love me. We can be happy Arna. I wasn't sure before, wasn't sure that I could love you both but I am now."

"I know," she said, "it was funny watching you struggle with yourself." She laughed, oh how lovely she was when she laughed, "Lena was getting very annoyed with us both for being so silly. Come on, let's go to Lena. It's not fair that she should be on her own."

"Do you want to, you know, tidy up?" I asked conscious that I had filled her with cream.

She smiled her gentle smile, "No, that part of you I keep inside me for now."

"I'd better carry you then," I said returning her smile. So I picked her up and carried her in to the other bedroom.

"Hello you two," said Lena putting her book down. "Why are you carrying Gianna?" she asked with a smile.

"Errrmm," I said unsure how to answer.

"I have part of him in mio privato," said Gianna coyly, "and I want to keep it there for as long as I can." Lena raised her eyebrows in question. Gianna smiled, "In my bottom."

"Oh that's lovely. Mike, put her down here next to me then you can cuddle up behind me." So I did and she turned to Gianna, "You've been crying," she said looking at me with something of a scowl. "He hasn't upset you has he?"

Gianna smiled, "No, no Lena, he hasn't upset me, far from it. He was wonderful, even better than before. Oh Lena, thank you, thank you for allowing this. I was crying because I was so happy to have him back like this but I can't leave Silvio." She began to sniffle again, "I just can't even though I don't love him and he doesn't love me." Then she said determinedly, "But I will not give this up."

She looked at us both, "He knew," she said she said softly.

"Knew?" said Lena. I was puzzled, what did she mean?

"Silvio knew what would happen. He guessed before your wedding. I couldn't help it, I must have given my feelings away. We had an enormous row and I told him that I would go with you if I had the chance. That's why he was angry when I stayed and angry on the phone when I told him I was coming with you. I told him I wouldn't leave him because of my duty as his wife. I was very angry," she added with a sniffle. "All those years of being with him, seeing you divorced Mike, and available, and not being able to do anything about it because of duty. Well, I told him that I had had enough of duty, now it was time for me to be myself and not his little wife.

"I told him I didn't love him and that I knew he was going with other women. I wouldn't sleep with him again, not that we have for almost ten years, and he would never touch me. I'm sorry Mike, Lena. I didn't mean for this to happen. I don't know what will happen when I return home."

"I'll speak to him," I said. "If you stay with him it will have to be under your rules. He will want you to stay, to save face more than anything, but that doesn't mean we have to stop seeing each other. Lena, it doesn't does it?" I couldn't bear the thought of losing her again.

"No, of course not silly. We can be discreet. You'll have to come and see us quite a lot won't you Gianna, what with two pregnancies. No one will suspect and Guy won't mind to see his mother an father together again will he?"

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