tagNovels and NovellasCaroline Ch. 13.05

Caroline Ch. 13.05



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!

In which Mike continues to rediscover Gianna. As ever, romance and sex: straight, oral, and anal. Some worries about the future as well.

Mike's Tale:


I awoke in the morning to the feeling of lips on mine. "Wake up sweetheart," Lena whispered in my ear, "Gianna wants you." That was another thing about Gianna. Unlike any other woman I'd known she loved sex first thing in the morning, when she woke up. Now that's fine if you've got a really hard erection from wanting to pee but it takes some doing if you've been performing all night. This morning was different however. I felt Lena's hands on my penis, using a warm flannel to wash last nights pleasures away. That was replaced by her mouth taking the head inside and laving it with her tongue. Needless to say I perked up! She continued to masturbate me gently as she looked down at me and smiled.

"I said I'd get you nice and hard so she could have you properly this morning. She'll be here in a minute."

"Shit Lena, I bloody want you. This is torture. God, I can't wait for Monday week."

She smiled her sexiest smile, "I hope you won't wear yourself out with Gianna," she said.

"I could never wear myself out in your case," I said smiling, "just wait till Monday night. I'm looking forward to a nice liqueur, Amaretto and Lena on the pussy, before I stop you sitting down for a week!"

Do you know, she blushed! "You are a very naughty man," she said laughing, "I wonder what it feels like with Amaretto and cock?" Then she went back to my penis, hard now with her attentions. Now Gianna came back into the room. She was naked and looked gorgeous.

"All yours," Lena said laughing, "I'll go and make breakfast. "Don't tire him out will you Gianna, not if you want him again this afternoon!"

Gianna laughed, "Well, only a little bit," she said as she crossed to the bed.

"God, you're lovely," I said to her. "Just stand there and let me look at you." She stood still and I gazed at her lovely body. She was fuller of figure now but she hadn't lost her shape. Gianna had always looked after herself. I think it was her way of proving her independence. She'd exercised all her life, especially after each child was born, and she still attended a fitness club a couple of times a week. She wasn't fanatical about it, she just liked to keep her femininity and her figure. Now she picked up the spirit of the morning and began to pose. She knew what I liked so first she turned and bent at the waist showing me her beautiful bottom.

She looked back at me, "You like?"

"Hell Gianna, much more of that and your 'private' will get filled again," I laughed.

She smiled, "That would be nice but now, this morning I want to look in your eyes." That meant straight sex, I couldn't wait! She continued posing for a while, turning sideways, full on, always showing her bottom to best effect. She knew full well what I liked. She knew I would take a while to cum, I usually did in the mornings so I expected her to enjoy herself for longer than last night.

Watching her like this, I had to stroke myself and she noticed. "No," she said as she knelt on the bed beside me, "No, that is for me." She took my penis in her hands and moved her mouth to cover the head. Oh shit, the feeling as she began to suck and gently bite. She had a style so different from Lena and Jo. She used her teeth gently, dragging them along the shaft of my penis, as she sucked. She hadn't forgotten how to do it and it felt marvellous.

"Oh bugger Gianna, keep doing that." I said.

She took more and more of my erection into her mouth. I knew she couldn't deep throat like Lena but she could take a hefty length in her mouth. Now she did, using her tongue and teeth as she moved her mouth along my cock. Much more and I would cum so I put my hand on her head to stop her. In the past she'd always made me cum like this then, oh the joys of youth, I'd been able to carry on and take her normally. That wouldn't happen now no matter how much I wanted it to.

"Gianna, Gianna love. You'll have to stop. I want to make love to you properly angel. Please stop." I know how much she loved the feeling of me cumming in her mouth but I guessed she wanted me inside her properly so I wasn't surprised when she lifted her head and smiled.

"Your turn," she said, "hungry?" she added with the sexiest of smiles.

God she was lovely. "Lay back you minx. Let me get to work!"

She laughed, oh how I loved to see her laugh, and laid back on the bed. I moved to kiss her lips, her eyes, her cheeks, her neck. Then down to her boobs, nipples proud as her excitement mounted. A quick suck on both then across her tummy, with a short delay at her button to lick and probe. She wasn't sensitive there but I liked doing it anyway. Now across the dome of her tummy to her sex.

I was very, very excited now and had no time for delay so I covered her pussy with my mouth and began to tenderly bite and suck. She was wet from the arousal of sucking me, it always did that to her, and she tasted wonderful. It was like aged wine I suppose. Very different from Lena and Jo. It's difficult to describe really, perhaps it's all in the mind: I don't know. She started to thrust her sex into my face as I opened her legs and crawled in between. I was determined to give her several orgasms with my tongue so I raised and parted her legs to give me total access to her lovely sex and to her tightly puckered anus.

Now I licked up and down her vagina, gently pushing my tongue inside. I found her 'little man' and sucked on him. This brought a scream from Gianna and her body vibrated as she orgasmed. I kept sucking through her climax and, as she came down, moved my attentions to her anus. I probed with my tongue, rolling it and pushing past the tightness of her sphincter. She opened willingly and my tongue entered. I tongue fucked her bottom and, at the same time, used my thumb to stroke her pussy and clit. Another long moan escaped her lips as she came again, squeezing my tongue with the ring and thrusting her bottom into me.

By now I was ready to cum myself so I raised my head and looked down at her. "I want you Gianna," I said forcefully.

"I am yours caro," she said, "now. Do it now!"

I moved over her. I took my weight on my left arm as usual and with my right stroked my penis up and down along her sex. Now and again I'd go right down to her anus, just to remind her of how it felt there but I wanted her vagina now. I placed the head of my erection just inside her and, softly calling her name, thrust forward, filling her in one go. Now, of course she wasn't as tight as she had been. She had had six children after all but the joy of returning there after all these years far outweighed any consideration like that. Anyway, Gianna had always been able to flex the walls of her vagina like her rectum so now, although she was looser, I could still feel her gripping me.

My entry had caused a soft moan from Gianna followed by a continuous, "Yes, yes, yes," and "Caro, caro, caro." Now she opened her eyes and looked into mine.

"Fuck me now, fuck me hard and deep. Fill me completely. I want all of you then I want your seed." Making love like this was the only time Gianna ever swore during sex. In her bottom or her mouth or in any other position, she never swore or talked like this but, for some reason, when we made love in 'missionary' she was always very vocal, and it always set me off.

So now I moved, back and forth, filling her with my cock, rampant now at the feeling of being inside her. Luckily I was able to control myself and I continued to fuck her steadily for quite a while. I don't know how many orgasms she had but they seemed good as she lay there thrusting herself back against me. All the pent up passions of twenty years were in that first 'missionary' sex and she was enjoying every moment.

"Shoot in me," she said as she reached up and pulled me down on to her body, "fill me. Please."

My movements speeded up and soon I was ready. "Look into my eyes Gianna," I said, "I love you," and I started to pump my seed (well you know what I mean) into her. I sensed her final orgasm arriving as her vagina milked my cock of it's offering. She kissed me hard and held me tightly to her and I realised she was crying again.

I had finished now and I rolled sideways to relieve her of my weight then, leaning on one elbow, I looked down at her. She was crying softly.

"What is it love? Tell me."

"Nothing, oh nothing. It's been so long, so long since you loved me like that." She grabbed me and kissed my lips. "All this time, doing it with Silvio." She looked at me coyly, "You know I never had an orgasm with him. I didn't tell you did I?"

"Oh Arna, Arna. I'm so sorry, sorry for all those years. But you're here now, we're together again. Don't go back beloved, stay with us until the clinic then we'll take you back. We can sort everything out then. Please," I said almost desperately, "I can't lose you again, not now."

"Caro, caro, I will stay. I cannot lose this either. I have spoken with Lena and she is happy." Then she smiled and stroked my cheek, "I hope you are fit," she said, "we have twenty years to make up."

I laughed, "Oh Arna, so do I." With that we held each other for a while then showered and got dressed. Thus began a period in my life of great happiness. Together with two women I loved and who loved me. I won't go into complete detail about the week, just a few highlights.

Sunday Afternoon:

I made love to Gianna again in the afternoon. Lena insisted that we could do it whenever we felt like it. Well, to be truthful, I was feeling the pace a little bit but Gianna was almost insatiable so she used her mouth on me again and, with the promise of her 'privato', I was able to follow her upstairs and spend a very pleasurable time sodomising her. She had numerous orgasms again, particularly strong when she sat on my erection, taking it deep inside her back passage. I was a long time cumming so she rocked and bounced for ages.

I was knackered that evening so we went to bed early, me in the middle of these two wonderful women. Sunday was a quiet day, mostly with me recovering because it was obvious that Gianna was ready for another session that night. Lena thought it was hilarious as I tried to keep my pecker up, as it were.

Sunday evening I found out what 'things' they had bought last week as well as dresses. It was the skimpiest blue undie set I had ever seen and she looked gorgeous in it. She also wore so extremely sexy lace up shoe things, I don't know what they're called. I probably need to describe this evening in detail because it was long, demanding, and very, very exciting! I also took a series of pictures of her to remind me of how she looked that night. Lena had spent ages making her up and now she looked at least ten years younger. In addition, she seemed to have captured the spirit of those days over twenty years ago when she was provocative, sexy and extremely desirable.

Now when I was with Gianna all those years ago she was often provocative. Quite unlike the quiet wife that Silvio thought her to be. She would dress in sexy lingerie, parade, and show off her beautiful figure. We would often make love in the lounge of her house as she put on a show for me. She knew I loved her being like this, hell it's every man's dream isn't it, to have a woman who will behave that way. She seemed to enjoy it, I know it made her very hot indeed. We would make love for ages as she went out of her way to be more and more sexy.

Well, on this Sunday night she recaptured that spirit. God she was beautiful. Lena went upstairs with her and then went to bed.

"Wait in the lounge," Gianna had said to me, "I have something for you." That was a message that she was going to be very provocative indeed. I quickly showered and sat there worrying about how is was going to keep up with her. I think she realised by now that I was not in my early thirties and I didn't have quite the 'reload' capacity that I used to have so I hoped she would understand my behaviour. I had to 'keep my powder dry'! Sadly, there was no way I could get hard again after a cum and I was reluctant to use Viagra because, as I've written, I don't like it that much, orgasms are different. So I sat there waiting to see what would happen, secure in the knowledge that it would probably be good.

Well, after about 15 minutes Gianna came downstairs. She was wearing one of those Japanese style housecoats that Lena had bought for her and Jo. She looked gorgeous. Sexy and provocative, with a soft welcoming smile on her lips.

"You look lovely," I said smiling back at her and wondering what she had on underneath. I was sure it was something good!

"I want to look lovely for you," she said, "so Lena made me buy this," and she took off the housecoat.

She was wearing a blue bra and panty set that showed off her figure to perfection and she stood there in front of the chair posing coyly. Then she moved the straps off her shoulders so I could just see her nipples peeking above the bra. Now her hands moved down to suggestively remove her knickers but not actually doing so. All the while she was looking at me in that manner of hers, almost shy but sensuous and erotic at the same time.

I stood and made to walk towards her, "No Mike, wait," she said softly, "I want to pose for you just like I used to do. Would you like that?"

Would I like that? "Oh Gianna, of course I'd like that." The I laughed, "Remember though, I can only cum once!"

"Mmm," she said laughing, "Lena told me but she said you don't do it too quickly now." She pointed down at my nearly hard penis hanging down, "I hope that will last a long time," she said still laughing.

"With you posing I'm sure it will," I responded. Now I noticed her shoes, or her straps I suppose. Sort of Greco-Roman in design, they did up criss-crossing her legs until just below the knee. They were high-heeled too, about four inches I should think, and they made her bottom oh so pert.

"I like your shoes," I said smiling, "they look good on you."

"Flatterer," she responded, "you're only after one thing!"

"That's unfair," I said in mock seriousness, "I'm after several things," I ended laughing.

With that she began her posing. I have lots of pictures of her wearing this gear and Lena and I often looked at them when we got home. Strangely enough, Lena found them quite exciting and she used them to copy the idea of posing for me in those days when we just got home. She still fancied Gianna, she told me that when we were making love. I said I just hoped that Gianna that way inclined so I could, perhaps, have them both at the same time. Lena thought that was funny, but she did seem a bit shy about that. I thought she was worried I might compare them but how could you compare these two women?

Let me describe her poses. She was so, so sexy. Firstly she turned away from me and leaned forward with her hands on the back of one of the sofas. With her knickers halfway down her thighs, she bent at the waist, keeping her legs straight. Well, the effect of this and her four inch heels was to thrust her bottom out beautifully and in one of my favourite positions. This caused an immediate increase in my interest. I got a full erection. Then she turned her head and looked at me.

"Don't just stand there," she said smiling, "you can touch!"

I walked over to her, cock in hand. Then my hands found her back and began to stroke down to her wonderful bottom. Tenderly I massaged her cheeks, using my thumbs to part the sensuous valley containing the dark tunnel of pleasure.

But now I need to taste her so I knelt at her feet, my head level with her sex, and started to lick her from her vagina to her anus, across the sensitive area between anus and pussy. She pushed her bottom back into my face as I opened her vagina and began to tongue her inner lips.

"Oh yes caro, yes. That is lovely. Now higher please."

I moved my tongue to her anus and began to rim her, coating the tight little rosebud with my saliva before teasing open the tiny star. Rolling my tongue I entered her causing a long drawn our, "Aaaaagggggghhhh," from her and another push back into my face.

"Will you take me now caro, like this," she said, "not mio privato. That's for later, just take me, please."

My answer was to stand and, placing one hand on her hip, took my penis in the other and directed it to her pussy. I gently inserted the head and revelled in the soft warmth of her body. She wiggled her hips and nearly caused a serious problem. She caught me unawares and I nearly, very nearly, ended the evening very early but luckily I just managed to hold on.

"Mmm, that's nice caro mio," she whispered as she looked back at me, flashing her eyes as she did so.

Slowly I moved my cock back and forth in her vagina, just a little at a time using only the head. She mewed in pleasure as she wiggled again and pushed a little backwards to take more inside.

"Mmm, caro, caro. Can I have some more," she said looking back again through hooded lashes.

I smiled and moved, pushing half of my erection into her, and placed both hands on her hips. Now I started moving more solidly back and forth inside her. The feeling on my cock was amazing, warm and soft like a velvet condom.

"Arna, angel. Here it is," I said and thrust the rest of my erection into her, pulling her on as I did so and holding her there.

"Gran Dio," was Gianna's response. "That is good. Please make love to me." So I did. I used long and deep thrusts to build up her pleasure as much as I could and to keep mine in check. This was as close to bliss as one could come, only entering her a couple of inches higher would be better but this was wonderful now. I had to keep a very tight rein on my feelings then to make sure the evening lasted longer. I wanted to experience all of her charms tonight and I knew she hadn't finished showing herself off.

I continued to move in her beautiful pussy, filling her deeply with every forward thrust, until she began to moan in the throws of her orgasm.

"Caro, caro," was followed by a long, drawn out, "Oooohhhhh," as she succumbed to the pleasure my erection was giving her. I could see her back muscles ripple as her climax impacted on her body and I felt the tight squeezing of her pussy on my cock. It took extreme control not to cum then but I manage it.

We both stayed still for a little while with me still inside her. Because I was trying to last my penis became slightly soft although encased in this wonderful pussy. Gianna must have felt this softening because she pulled off me and turned. She kissed my mouth and reached down to hold my cock in her hands.

"It's going soft," she said with a great big pout, "why? Don't you like me any more."

I smiled and held her then, looking deep into her eyes, I said, "Oh yes, I like you a lot," and I kissed her. "I'm trying to last in the face of increasingly difficult stimulation," I said laughing.

She knelt in front of me, "Well," she said looking up at me and smiling sexily, "I'm going to get it hard again before I pose some more." With that her mouth covered my cockhead and she started to suck gently.

"Oh hell, Arna. Arna, stop when I tell you please, please, or I'll finish." She continued to suck, using her tongue at the same time to probe for my tiny pee hole. Of course I was hard now and she sucked even harder, enjoying the taste of herself, my pre-cum, and the feeling of a hard cock in her mouth. I know she sucked Silvio but she never enjoyed it very much. I suppose it's all about how much you feel for the other person. I knew she loved me so she got a lot of pleasure from sucking me.

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