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Caroline Ch. 13.06



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!

This is a longer chapter in which Mike and Gianna move ever closer back together. Plenty of romance, sex, more romance, more sex (including anal) and some discussion of the future. I felt that Caroline and Gianna should get together as well but, as I've said before, I don't feel able to write about that. If there are any female readers who would like to share experiences with other women I'd be happy to write the encounter up more fully as a later insert.

Mike's Tale:

The next week at the villa


I was woken in the morning to find Gianna had left and Lena was snuggling up to me, half asleep. I bent and kissed her mouth, a kiss she returned as she woke.

"Mmm, that's nice," she mumbled, "you can do that again." So I did waking her properly. I had had a thought last night as I went to sleep and I wanted to ask Lena.

"Lena, sweetheart," I said, "I need to ask you something."

"Mmm, go ahead darling."

"Lena, errm," I was a little unsure of how she would take this. Shows how I still didn't really understand her.

She woke up properly now, sensing my hesitance. "What is it Mike, come on, spit it out."

"Well," I said, "Lena, I want to buy Gianna and me rings. I thought about it last night as I went to sleep. She's so upset at going back to Silvio. She thinks that it will end then. I don't want it to, not now. Lena I'm sorry." I was scared now, my feelings for Gianna were very strong, as strong as my feelings for Lena, and I was worried how she would feel having allowed me to open this, until now, forbidden door.

She held me tight, "Oh Mike, you silly man. You don't have to be sorry. I know you love me and now you love Gianna again. You're bound to want to look after her. I understand that and I want you to as well. She's so sad when she thinks about going back to him but she will won't she?"

"Yes," I said sadly, "I'm afraid she will. It's too much for her, to cast all that baggage away. I don't like it but, well, I do understand. I just want her to be as happy as she can be. If she has my ring she'll have me with her all the time. If I wear one as well it will sort of bind us together. I might make her feel better, more secure."

She smiled, "I think it's a lovely idea and I'm sure she'll be very pleased. Where shall we go?"

"Let's spend the day in Stresa shopping and lounging about." I smiled, "I need a rest. Phew, I'm worn out!"

She laughed, "She is keeping you busy isn't she." Then she was serious, "Is it good. You're not sorry are you?"

I took a deep breath. I wasn't sorry, I was still worried about my feelings for Lena. I couldn't make love to her properly at the moment so I didn't know how that would be now I had Gianna and I was worried. I think she must have sensed something because she said, "Mike, Mike. Surely you're not sorry!"

"No," I said softly, "I'm not sorry. Lena I love her so much and she is so happy. How I've secretly longed for her to smile, to laugh, to enjoy life again. No, I'm not sorry."

"What is it then. I can tell something is wrong."

"Oh, I'm sorry Lena, it's just that, well what with not being able to make love to you properly I worry about things. Oh, you know." I was at a loss for words really. I couldn't put my worries into words but Lena, bless her, understood.

"You can't make love to me so you worry about how it will be when you can. Will you be able to capture the feelings of before. Is that right?"

"Oh Lena, I'm sorry. Bugger, I keep saying that but you do understand don't you?"

She smiled and hugged me, "Oh course I do and I'm not in the least bit worried. I have every faith in you, I love you, you silly man so I don't worry at all." She smiled her sexy smile, "Just you wait until next week, you'll be OK!"

"I love you my darling."

"I know," she said with a satisfied smile on her face. "Come on, let's get up and go out." So we both showered and went downstairs to greet Gianna and have breakfast together. I didn't say anything about buying a ring to Gianna, I wanted it to be a surprise.

After a long lazy breakfast we went into Stresa. Coffee first then a look at the shops. I collect Capodimonte porcelain, particularly female figures, so I like looking at the shops there. Both Gianna and Lena seemed inordinately happy together and I was pleased that the two women I loved got on so well. We had lunch in one of my favourite restaurants, just on a corner, where we could be quite private and, afterwards I raised the subject of a ring.

I smiled at Lena and took Gianna's hand in mine. "Arna," I said. I had taken to calling her that all the time. A sort of way of showing how much I cared for her. "Arna, I want to buy us each a ring." She looked shocked and surprised.

"Darling," I said, "I can't marry you but I want you to wear my ring and I'll wear yours. When you're on your own at home you'll know I'm thinking of you." She looked a bit unsure. "Please." I said, "wear it on your right hand ring finger. You haven't any rings on that hand." I was in earnest now. For some reason this meant a lot to me -- was it a desire to possess her? I didn't think so. I understood how she felt about not leaving Silvio so that wasn't the issue. I wanted her to know that I was committed to her, thinking of her, and wanting her.

Lena piped up. "Gianna, he wants you to know he loves you and he wants you to be able to know you love him. The rings will do that." She smiled, "They can be a sort of wedding ring can't they, meaning you belong to each other."

Gianna looked at me and began to cry as she reached across the table to hug and kiss me. "Oh yes, yes," she said, "of course I will wear your ring. It's really all I've wanted to do for twenty years." Then she looked worried, "What about Silvio?"

"Look," I said, "I will speak to Silvio about us. Don't worry Gianna, all will be well, I promise. Just wear my ring and think of me as I'll think of you." I looked at Lena, "I have a ring for Lena, now I'll have one for you; for both the women I love."

This started them both sniffling so I handed over my handkerchief and they went off to the loo to tidy up. Then to the goldsmiths. I knew it was unlikely we could get two rings the same straight away but that is one of the advantages of small, local traders. I was sure he would be able to craft what we wanted in a few days. As it happened, he said he would be able to make the rings by Thursday so we were able to choose exactly what we wanted.

They were both plain gold rings, mine slightly wider than Gianna's. To be honest they weren't really all that glamorous but they suited their purpose well: to bind us together. I don't know what the goldsmith thought as Gianna threw her arms around my neck and kissed me but he had a bit smile on his face, Italians do like romance. It's what makes them such and attractive people. Although I suspect he was really puzzled when Lena did the same!

We spent the rest of the afternoon looking at the shops and finally had an early evening meal at another restaurant. When we got home Gianna insisted that I stay with Lena that night. She laughed as said she had had 'use' of me for the last two days and it was Lena's turn to be loved. Well, I couldn't love her properly but I did spend ages making love to her with my mouth, telling her how beautiful she was, reciting a little bit of poetry and, in the end, bringing her to a massive orgasm with my tongue.

As we lay together afterwards she said to me, "Are you happy now Mike?"

Happy, I thought, happy! "Lena, I don't know how to say how happy I am now. I was so worried last week, worried about my feelings but now they're secure. I can love you both and I do." I laughed, "I might get a bit confused about how to show it but I do love you both. You know that don't you?" I asked suddenly serious.

"Oh yes, my darling, I know that. I know that every time you look at me, every time you kiss me, every time you hold me. I'm so pleased you can love Gianna as well. She looks years younger and she's so happy now." Now she became serious, "Do you think it can work, you know, her going back to Silvio?"

"I think so," I said quietly. "I know him so well you know, he won't be happy about his but it won't destroy him, he's a realist. He's known for years that Gianna didn't love him, never really has loved him. I suppose that's why he left her all those years ago. I'm going to phone him later in the week and see him as soon as we get back. Lena, I love her too much to allow him to jeopardise that so I'll find a way to make it work." I held her tight. "You won't mind, will you, her coming over and, errr, you know."

She laughed, "No, I won't mind her coming over and, errr, you know. I'm sure she'll want to continue to make love with you." She seemed to have a thought, "Do you think Guy will be OK with the two of you together again. I know I told Gianna he would be but, well, I haven't spoken to Jo since I told her."

"I hope so," I said, "I think he will. I suspect that's what he's really wanted since he realised he was my son. Well, there's not much we can do about it is there, we're back together again and that's that!"

She laughed and kissed me, "Yes," she said, "that's that. Come on, sleep time. We're going shopping tomorrow for some clothes."

I recoiled in mock shock, "More clothes?"

"Yes," she said, "I want to make sure Gianna has a proper wardrobe when we get home." Then she smiled her sexy smile, "And we both want to get some more bedroom wear especially for you," she said giving me another kiss, "you seemed to enjoy the last lot Gianna wore," she ended as she snuggled up next to me.


The next day we went to Locarno, just across the border in Switzerland. They wanted shops and shops there are aplenty here. It was just a bit more expensive but, hey, what is money for? It was a wonderful day. I couldn't help noticing how Lena and Gianna acted with each other, just like a mother and daughter. Like Monday, I was pleased that they both got on so well together. Lena was in her element here, she loves, no she adores, shopping and now she could work her magic on Gianna. She made her try on all sorts of things, a daughter introducing her mother to modern dress. Some of the clothes they bought that day made Gianna look ten years younger and fantastically attractive. I wondered what the family would think.

They wouldn't let me come into the lingerie shops with them so I sat in the town square watching the chess match. They have an open air board in the square with giant pieces. They also have a really good player on hand to take on all-comers, so I spent a happy 45 minutes watching this while they shopped. I didn't mind because I knew I'd enjoy what they bought in the future!

Then it was shoes and accessories, with a quick lunch fitted in between. The whole time they laughed and joked with each other and, by the time we left for home, I think that their relationship was cemented. Quite what sort of relationship I wasn't sure, mother and daughter I thought, but with Lena you never know!

We stopped off at a little restaurant in Baveno, just up the lake from Stresa, for a really excellent evening meal and arrived home quite late. All very tired, we bundled into bed and fell asleep quickly.


I was woken again by Lena kissing my neck and ears. I loved to wake with her running her fingers through the hairs on my chest and, as she did this, I turned and kissed her lips.

"I love you," I said as I held her.

"Mmm," she said smiling, "I know."

I laughed at her, "Much more or this and you'll have to work your magic down below."

She laughed back, "Oh no," she said, "That's for Gianna this week. My turn next week."

"I know," I said, "and I can't wait."

"Well, you'll have to," she said laughing.

"Did you enjoy yesterday?" I asked hoping to change the subject and cool the erection that was beginning to become somewhat more of a problem.

She seemed suddenly serious and pensive. "Mmm," she said, "I did."

"What is it?" I asked aware of her mood change.

"Oh Mike, it's difficult to explain really. Well without hurting you," she explained as she held me.

"Oh Lena, angel, don't be silly. You know you can say anything you like to me. Now, what is it that's bothering you?"

"It's silly really but it's how I felt about yesterday, about Gianna, and about you. It was like we were a family, you know, mum, dad, and me." She looked shocked. "Oh I'm sorry, it just hurts you to throw up our age difference again but it was so strong."

I smiled softly at her, "No need to worry darling, you can't hide our age difference, it's a fact that won't go away."

"I know," she said, "but I don't like emphasizing it." Now her mood brightened, "It was fun wasn't it?" She laughed, "No," she said, "I don't suppose it was much for you: you just paid. Oh Mike, I feel so strangely about Gianna now, after this week. It's like she was my mum." She became serious again. "I never did those things with my mum. We didn't do things together very often, like I said, I think I was a bit of a burden to her but yesterday, well, it felt so good to be with her, to show her all those new clothes. I think she liked it as well. Did she do that sort of thing with Maria?"

"No," I said thinking, "I don't think she did. Gianna seldom buys clothes like those you bought yesterday. Maria doesn't really dress up very much either and I don't think they've ever really had the money to do it, so yesterday will have been a new experience for Gianna. She really enjoyed herself didn't she?"

"Mmm," said Lena smiling, "she really is attractive if she wears the right clothes. You looked happy yesterday."

"Yes," I said, "I was and I must admit you two did look like a mother and daughter out shopping together. You showing her all the new trends, laughing together, enjoying yourselves. It felt like we were a family." I laughed, "Mind, a strange one at that, but a family nevertheless." I was serious again, "Caroline, I don't want to lose that feeling so I'm going to have to sort this out with Silvio. I can't lose her again, you know that don't you?"

"Yes," she said softly, "yes I do and I don't want to lose her either. Oh Mike, my feelings for her are so complicated. Sometimes I feel like I want to hold her tight and tell her I love her because she's my mum and sometimes I fancy her. It's very confusing Mike, really confusing."

"Mmm, yes it is." I cuddled her tight, "I have different feelings as well. Yesterday, seeing you both there, I enjoyed the feeling of family and I could see you as my daughter and Gianna as my wife and your mother. Now, I want you my wife, badly and yet I see Gianna as my lover. These are strange feelings but," I kissed her, "they are interesting aren't they?"

"Yes they are," she said returning my kiss, "and, on Monday, you'll be able to show how much you want me won't you?"

I laughed, "I think that's obvious. Just feel down there!" and she did.

"Ooooh, naughty man," she laughed, "why don't you pop downstairs before that disappears and show it to Gianna? I'm sure she can think of a use for it!"

The thought did appeal to me, Gianna over the kitchen table, mmmmm. So I slipped on a dressing gown and went downstairs, leaving Lena lying in bed smiling. Of course it was impossible to hide my erection as I came into the kitchen but Gianna was standing at the work counter with her back to me. She was dressed in a light chiffon housecoat that didn't hide many of her charms, certainly not the soft curve of her buttocks and the swell of her hips. None of this did anything to lessen my stiff manhood so I stood behind and put my arms around her waist.

"I want you," I said softly into her ear.

She must have heard me because she wasn't surprised, "Mmm," she said with a smile in her voice, "I can feel it," and she pushed her bottom back on my erection. "We haven't done this in the kitchen for over twenty years," she said as she turned to face me, "far too long!"

I kissed her mouth, slightly open and ready for my tongue. God she tasted wonderful. I undid the tie on her housecoat and it fell open revealing her marvellous breasts and loose trousers.

She undid mine and knelt, "Let's have a look at this," she said smiling up at me as she eased my boxers down. "Ooohhh, what's this in aid of?" she laughed.

"It's in aid of being surrounded by two of the sexiest women I have ever known," I said laughing, "Lena said you might be able to find a use for it."

"Oh yes," she said looking up at me through her lashes, "oh yes, most certainly." That was another wonder of Gianna, she was always ready for sex. Of all the women I've known, well up to Caroline anyway because she's always amenable as well, Gianna was the sexiest in that way. She wasn't a nymphomaniac or anything like that, she just said that she liked making love to the man she loved and wanted to do so at every opportunity.

Now she gripped my penis quite tightly, she knew I was less likely to cum quickly if she did this, and took the head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around coating it with saliva. Then deeper, more in her mouth, as she sucked pre-cum from the tip.

"Oh fuck Gianna," I said, "careful."

"Mmmmm, it's nice," she said as she took me from her mouth, "you know you taste lovely."

I lifted her up and held her, "Now I need to taste you," I said and lifted her to sit on the work surface. I eased her pyjama trousers down, opened her legs, and began to feast on her sex. Wonderful, all the smells, tastes, and flavours of a woman! She leant back and lifted her feet to the surface to give me complete access to her pussy and her anus. I used my tongue to probe all of her, her anus, her vagina, and her little man, appearing now as she became more aroused.

"I want you now," she said, "how?"

My reply was to lift her down and turn her round so she could lean over the work surface. I lifted her housecoat and exposed her wonderful arse. Tempted though I was to bugger her she hadn't prepared and, at this time of the day, it would be unpleasant for us both so I pointed my erection at her pussy. Gently opening her lips with the head I pushed inside causing a quiet sigh from Gianna and a groan from me as I felt the soft warmth of her vagina clasp my throbbing cock.

"Oh yes caro, yes," she moaned as I began to push deeper inside. Gianna enjoyed straight sex this way and I knew she wouldn't be long in cumming but that she might actually have two so I was conscious of lasting a little bit to give her maximum enjoyment. I eased myself slowly into her, revelling in the feeling of her soft tightness. Soon I was fully embedded and I began to slowly move, gently fucking her. Gianna was moaning now, a constant litany of "Yes, caro, caro, yes," over and over again. I pushed her housecoat up her back so I could lean forward and kiss her there, continuing to move back and forth inside her.

I began to sense her orgasm was arriving as she thrust her bottom out at me so I speeded up, using long deep strokes to fill her completely before almost removing my cock. Then, as her orgasm arrived, short strokes to prolong her feeling of fullness.

"Oh caro, yes. Oh caro Mike, yes, yes," she cried as her vagina clasped my cock even tighter showing her orgasm had arrived. I was managing quite well now. I was usually able to last longer in the mornings anyway, I don't know why, it was just one of those things. I kept fucking her all the way through her orgasm and, as she came down from her high, she realised that I was still hard inside her.

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