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Caroline Ch. 14.03



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!

Back to Lena now as she reprises feelings about Gianna and her and Mike get it together again.

Lena's Tale:

At Nardo's House

I suppose I should start by saying how I felt about the time at the villa after Mike and Gianna got together again. I was really happy that it finally worked out as I had planned.

I wasn't jealous. That may be difficult to believe but I wasn't. You see, I loved him so much that I was happy to share him, even with another woman who loved him as much as I did. And I did feel so sorry for her, for giving him up and having to live with that. What happened after they got together again was funny though. I had all sorts of strange feelings. I suppose that, what with being pregnant as well, I was bound to get emotional but it was what I got emotional about really.

It felt so strange. As Mike has written, it was as if they were my parents. Silly I know because he was my husband and I was carrying his baby but that is what it felt like. I've written about it before: I did have feelings for him that, I assumed, were daughter/father simply because he was so much older -- all his daughters are older than me. Sometimes, but not very often, he would treat me like a daughter. Oh, I didn't mind, I quite liked it because I'd never known a father. I'm sure that must have been some of his appeal. So, feeling like this about him wasn't a surprise, it was how I felt about Gianna.

When we first arrived at the villa and up until Mike arrived, we were two women getting to know each other. Not fencing around or anything like that, we liked each other at first really, just finding out likes and dislikes. Then I took her out shopping: something, apparently, she hadn't done very often. That was fun. Introducing her to new clothes, she had very little clothes sense then but I soon put that right, underwear, shoes, and accessories. As we did this she grew in confidence, sort of blossomed if you like, and I began to feel something close to attraction. I think she felt the same but couldn't put a name to it. I guessed that she'd seen two women together in the DVD's etc. so she knew what it was all about but it was obvious that she didn't feel that strongly about me just then and I didn't really intend to seduce her or anything. In fact, the thought never crossed my mind.

Then Mike arrived and they got together again. Strangely I began to feel differently about Gianna. Any attraction sort of, well it didn't disappear but it was banished to the background if you get my meaning, because I was looking at her like a mother, my mother. You know from my writing that I didn't get on with my mother. We never went out on shopping trips together before I left and, of course, afterwards there was no chance. Oh, she bought me clothes obviously although she didn't really think about style or anything. I'll give that to her, I wasn't neglected in that sense, only emotionally.

This meant that, when Mike and Gianna got together it was as if we were a family, you know, mum, dad and me. I liked it, I enjoyed it because I'd never had that, never felt like that. When we went out shopping to Locarno it really hit home. Going in the shops with Gianna, trying things on, laughing, joking; it was wonderful. Then there was Mike watching us just like I supposed he'd watched his daughters with his ex-wife. I felt warm, loved, wanted, part of a family. That was good but it was confusing because I also loved him as a man, wanted him desperately by now -- it had been nearly a month after all and I did love him. So I was confused. It wasn't a problem really because all the emotions were nice ones but they got in each others' way and were difficult to sort out.

Then that Friday and him asking me to stay. Well I had wanted to you see, to see what they were like together -- well I loved him and, by now, I was almost in love (what sort I wasn't sure!) with Gianna. Was he like he was with me? Did he do different things -- I was hot after all! But I didn't want to intrude. They had something precious and I thought they might want to keep it separate, for themselves. I wasn't sure if I didn't want to do that -- I didn't know then. As it happened I didn't but that doesn't matter now.

So when he suggested that I stay and do as I did with Jo I was happy to sit on his face! I always liked doing that after all! It was what happened during and after my and Gianna's orgasms. I couldn't help it you see. Gianna was there with him inside her and he had his tongue in my pussy and his finger was massaging my anus (he didn't put it inside -- I had to speak to him about that later!). As my orgasm approached I reached forward for Gianna. I suppose my desire for her must have surfaced just at that moment. Strangely, she reached for me as well and we ended up kissing through our orgasms. It was bloody marvellous! I closed my eyes and let my hands wander over her body, her magnificent boobs; surprisingly firm for someone who had so many children. Then I felt her hands on mine and I just rolled sideways off him and cuddled up to Gianna who did the same thing.

I'm sorry to say that I forgot Mike in that moment of enjoyment. She felt so good in my arms and her body, soft and warm, was wonderful pressing against me. She felt the same, she told me afterwards. Well, to cut a long story short, we made love to each other. We spent ages exploring each others bodies and I introduced Gianna into the pleasures that one woman can give another. So we spent the next hour giving pleasure to each other -- it was fantastic. So different from being with Jo. It was all the feelings mixed up.

When we finally finished and realised what had happened Gianna was embarrassed. She kept on apologising.

"Don't be silly," I said, "you don't have to apologise. I like you Gianna, I like you like that, sexually and have feelings for you as if you were my mother. It's funny really but that was good. I enjoyed what we did, did you?"

She smiled in embarrassment, "Yes," she said, "I did. I've seen two women in the films but I never thought that I would do that. Now I have I want to do it again." She suddenly looked serious, "Oh, that doesn't mean I've gone off Mike does it?"

I laughed, "How do you feel about him? Do you want him inside you again, do you want him in your bottom, your mouth. Well?"

"Mmm," she said smiling, "yes I do."

"Well then, you haven't gone off men have you. It's like it is with Jo and me. We enjoy sex with each other but we love our men." I gave her another cuddle, which almost led to another round. I don't know why but I was so hot for her and she seemed to be for me.

"Come on," I said, "we'd better get downstairs. Poor Mike."

She looked shocked, she'd suddenly remembered him. "Oh dear, what will he think. Oh Lena, Lena, he'll be upset, I know he will. Oh dear. We must go to him. He'll hate me won't he?"

"Calm down Gianna, he won't hate you, he loves you doesn't he. It's what he wanted I bet. He loves us both so what better that we should feel strongly about each other. If that leads to sex he won't mind. Anyway," I added with a sly glance at her, "I'm sure he can't wait to have us both together."

She looked a bit shocked at this but then smiled, "Is that good? You've done that with Jo haven't you, I know?"

I smiled, "Yes we have and it is good, very good. Oh shit Gianna, I want him so much. I get all hot and bothered thinking about him inside me. Quick, let's get showered and dress and go and find him." So we did and he wrote about the rest of the time so I won't here. I can honestly say that those days at the villa with Mike and Gianna were some of the happiest days of my life. They'd only have been better if he could have made love to me properly -- mind, we did go back, just the three of us, late the next year.

So, back to Nardo's and the clinic. I must admit to being slightly apprehensive as we left the villa. I don't know why because I don't think I've ever felt better. I was eating like a horse and was happy, so happy it showed! I couldn't help worrying, however, that things might not be right so there was this tiny worry at the back of my mind. Still, I was looking forward to seeing Amy again, oh not for anything, but to find out whether things had progressed between her and Nardo (and Sally).

I sat in the back of the Jaguar with Gianna on the way back. We chatted about lots of things and that was when I worked out how to deal with Silvio. Mike was concentrating on driving so I don't think he heard us talking. As I've written before, that's the good thing about the car, you can talk in the back without affecting the driver.

"Gianna," I said as we were talking, "I've been thinking about the meeting with Silvio." She immediately looked sad, it wasn't something she was looking forward to -- it could so easily wreck the rest of her life.

"Oh Lena, I don't like to think about it but I suppose I must. I really don't know what he will say, or do come to that. He might get angry. Lena I worry about Mike."

I smiled, "Umm, yes, I do as well but he can take care of himself can't he. Anyway, I think it would be a good idea if I convinced Silvio that you two getting back together was my idea and that I arranged it all. If I put on my 'little girl' clothes and, you know, lay it on a bit, he's much more likely to accept you and Mike. What do you think?"

She looked at me and raised her eyebrows, "Caroline, you are a remarkable woman you know, to come up with that idea." She thought for a moment, "He certainly likes you, probably fancies you as well, and dressing up a bit younger will appeal to him. You'd have to convince him that it was you however, I don't think he'll believe that you would let Mike behave like that."

"Oh," I said, "I can do that," I smiled, "I can be very persuasive if I put my mind to it." Then I said seriously, "It's Mike I'm worried about, he might not want me to behave like that. He can be very funny sometimes, sweet but funny. Will he go for it?"

She looked lovingly at the back of his head, "Yes," she said softly, "I know he loves me and wants me so settling with Silvio is important to him. Oh Lena, I so much wanted to stay there, here in Italy at the villa. Just leave it all behind and stay here with you and him. I'm so frightened Lena, frightened that it will all go wrong and I'll lose him again."

Now she started to cry softly so I cuddled her. "It won't Gianna honestly. I won't let it happen so with two of us not letting it happen it can't can it. Shush now before he notices. We'll talk to him about it on the way home. Don't worry, he'll agree," I ended smiling, "he loves me as well you know."

She smiled back and then kissed me. A full, sensual and sexy kiss that sort of cemented us together in our love for him. "I think I love you as well," she said smiling, "you are so lovable."

That meant I had to kiss her back. This kiss was funny. It was all my feelings mixed up together, some sexual, some familial. It was nice!

For the rest of the journey we just chatted. I desperately wanted to make plans for us both with Mike but I felt that Gianna wasn't ready for that because of her worries about how Silvio would react. So we talked about all sorts of things and the journey passed fairly quickly.

Nardo was outside to meet us at his villa with Amy standing alongside. Looking at her it was pretty obvious that she had progressed to his bed. She looked at him in 'that' way. I laughed inwardly; she was obviously besotted with him -- was that how I was with Mike? Sally was there as well and I watched her closely. She was looking at both of them with a great deal of affection, as if she enjoyed the two of them being together. I was pleased but surprised all the same. Still, I thought to myself, at least we didn't introduce a succubus into their marriage. Mike went over to Nardo and hugged him in the Italian way and I followed, hugging both him and Amy. I did feel a certain tension in Nardo, as if he was worried about something -- he was actually but I didn't find out until after lunch.

I was feeling very happy that Amy had found her man and I turned to wink at Mike before I said to her in my most suggestive manner, "How are you Amy, you look very well indeed?" I meant well fucked really but I couldn't say that could I?

Well, Amy blushed from head to toe and Nardo looked embarrassed. He seemed unable to look Mike directly in the eye -- I wondered why. I should have realised I suppose but I didn't think.

Amy finally managed to find her tongue, "Yes thank you Lena, I'm very well. How are you?" she said smiling. Well I wanted to find out what had happened so I hustled her off into the house to give her the third degree. As we left I saw Mike go over and speak to Sally. He told me later that he had, sort of, asked her if she was OK with Nardo and Amy. She'd intimated that she was so that was good news.

I got Amy into the kitchen and started to 'interrogate' her playfully. "Well," I said, "tell me all? You've bedded him haven't you?"

She blushed again, "Is it that obvious?" she said.

"Well, I suppose not. Only if you're looking for it like me. Come on, I want to know everything. How did it happen, is he any good, what about Sally? Oh Amy, I'm so pleased for you but I'm dying to know all about it."

"I'll tell you later," she said nodding towards the door as everyone followed us in. With that she was buttonholed by Sally and they busied themselves sorting out lunch. They looked happy together, good. As if they were used to each other. I could see that quite a lot had happened in the last two weeks.

So we had a nice lunch, chatting and discussing things. Gianna was a bit subdued, I think she was worried about how Nardo would react to her and Mike being together again. Strangely, Nardo seemed a bit on edge as well. After lunch Mike grabbed Nardo and they went off into the library. I turned and whispered to Gianna, "I'm going to grab Amy and find out what happened, you talk to Sally." She raised her eyebrows quizzically, I don't think she was used to my Machiavellian ways but she did, helping Sally with the clearing up.

"Come on Amy, let's go and have a chat," I said to her holding her arm and giving her little choice. We went into the small study. A quiet room with two lovely easy chairs.

"Right," I said smiling at her, "I want to hear it all. Don't leave anything out!"

"Oh Lena," she said breathlessly, "he's marvellous. I think I love him no, I do love him. He makes me feel so, so, so, oh I don't know Lena. I can't put it into words."

I smiled at her, "I think I know how you feel," I said, "I feel like that about Mike but, come on, that won't do. I want chapter and verse. How did it start?"

"Well," she said, "it was after you and Gianna left. He seemed to grow in confidence. I suppose his mother being here made him feel a bit inhibited. He didn't go to work that Tuesday, he said he wanted to talk to me. Oh Lena, I thought he was going to tell me to go away. He must have known what had happened at the villa," she smiled at the memory, "well, not everything, but he must have realised that I'd been with Mike again.

"He brought me in here and we sat down. He said that he couldn't get me out of his mind and out of his heart. Oh Lena, he was so lovely, like a little boy. Are men always like that when they do that sort of thing?" I don't know why she asked me, I suppose it was another example of her seeing me as much older.

"I don't know," I said laughing, "but they are often like little boys, not to often mind, otherwise they wouldn't be much use would they?"

She laughed back, "No, I suppose they wouldn't. Anyway, he held my hand and said that he wanted me to stay and to work for him but that he wanted much more. He wanted me to share his bed. Well, you know I thought about him and I wanted that too but I was worried Lena, about Sally, so I asked him about her, did he still love her, how would she feel. You know, all those sort of things. He said that he couldn't hide anything from her, or me for that matter and yes, he did still love her. I told him I wouldn't do anything to jeopardise his marriage or his love for her. He said he understood that's why he'd spoken to her about his feelings for me.

"Oh Lena, I was surprised. How could he do that. Then I realised that they must be very much in love just like you and Mike if they could talk like this. He told me that they couldn't make love any more because of her problems. It started after little Gloria was born. She has to have a hysterectomy and she finds lovemaking difficult. Oh she does all the other things but not in her bottom so he's, well he's been without for quite a while. I said I felt strongly about him, I didn't know whether it was love. I'd laughed Lena. I said I hadn't been in love before so I didn't know how it felt but I did feel funny around him and when I thought about him.

"Anyway, to cut a long story short, I said that I liked him a lot and I wanted him, you know, like that. Then I had to tell him about the villa, Mike and Guy."

"You told him everything?" I asked.

"Yes," she said, "Lena, I had to. I didn't want to start our relationship hiding anything. I told him about Mike, about Guy and about the double teaming." She laughed, "He got quite excited then I think. Then he said it didn't matter. That was before he'd, sort of, declared himself so he didn't see that as an issue. Oh Lena, he was so, so thoughtful, considerate. He wasn't judgemental about the villa." She looked at me questioningly. "He asked me whether I wanted to go with Mike or Guy again or whether Mike expected me to, you know, sleep with him."

"What did you say?"

She looked uncomfortable, "Oh Lena I wasn't sure." She fixed me with her lovely almond eyes, "I like Mike and I owe him, and you, such a lot. I think I would like to go with him again, not Guy, just Mike but, oh Lena I don't know how to say this. I think I love Nardo and, well I don't want to upset him and he might be if I went with Mike. I said I didn't think that Mike expected anything of me. Lena," she asked questioningly and with a degree of apprehension, "was that right?"

"Oh Amy, you silly," I said as I moved across and hugged her, "of course it's right. Mike doesn't expect anything. He likes you, he's fond of you and, if you wanted, he would bed you again but he doesn't expect anything. You're a free agent Amy. You owe him nothing other than to be happy. It's all he generally wants you see, for the people around him to be happy and if you're happy with Nardo he'll be happy too."

"Lena, he won't mind will he? You know, me and Nardo?"

I laughed, "No he won't mind. Well, as long as Sally is OK about it. Is she?"

"Well, after we'd had that little discussion I said I wanted to talk to Sally. I told him I wanted to be sure she was OK about us being together. He said he wanted me to, to be sure of him so I went to talk to Sally. Lena, she was lovely and sad as well. She told me she loved him and he loved her, still as much as ever, but she couldn't satisfy him any more because of her problems. And she couldn't have any more children. Lena, I realised then that they had really thought this through. They really wanted a 'household of three'. I can't remember the French."

"Ménage a trois," I interjected.

"Yes," she said laughing, "one of those. Once I knew she was all right about it, it was like a burden lifted. I knew than that I wanted him, wanted him badly, so I made it clear that I felt that way."

I smiled, happy that Amy had found her man, "OK," I said, "so, what about bed time?"

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