Caroline Ended Up No Lady


He was lying face down, she asked him where it was hurting him the most and he indicated his shoulder.

"You might have to remove your shirt Toby," she said.

"Mmmm," he mumbled, "can you help me?" She gently pulled it out of his waist band, her fingers brushing his hot black skin. Her eyes rolled at the electricity that flowed up her arms. She managed to get it off and now here eyes were stuck fast on his glistening black torso, so powerfully muscular, she felt faint.

"Do you think you can massage it maam, please?" He knew where he was going. But the good Lady Caroline had no clue she was being ushered up the mountain and being readied to be pushed right off it into the black abyss below. She did so and she was stunned by the texture of his muscles, how they rolled under her fingers, his black skin bit her, her nipples were getting tighter and tighter. She knew she could not keep this up, he would have to go.

She had no idea how heavy she was breathing, laboured gasps, small moans emitting from her luscious quivering lips. Toby turned slightly then.

"Are you a little uncomfortable Toby?" she asked softly.

"Yes maam, maybe a cushion?" Lady Caroline reached for one and put it under his head.

"I think I had better turn over maam, it'll be easier that way." Her not knowing it was going to be easier for him.

She held his arm as he did so. Then she looked down at his bulge, it had become the natural thing to do now for her. She was already trapped in a bubble of her own making; her very own vivid imagination had brought her to this very inescapable point.

But what she saw nearly knocked her out! Toby's big black cock, the very core of her machinations, her thoughts, here desire, her hopes even, was staring right at her, the single eye. His shorts were undone, the zip down, no under wear!

She was rigid, she could not move, couldn't take her eyes off it, it was hard. It was also long and thick, as well as hard! The head global, round, like a mushroom, reddish pink, angry looking. He moved his hips slightly; this affected it to pop out even further.

A voice in her head spoke to her, but it wasn't in her head as she imagined.

"Touch it, hold it, and love it." She didn't hear the words come from Toby's mouth, they came from her mind. Her hand snaked out and took hold of it. 'Game over,' Toby told himself, 'Granddad was spot on, right on the nail.' The heat burned her fingers. It seared her hand into contracting around it. The overwhelming power of it destructed her senses. Then Toby put his hands on her shoulders, pulled her gently down to him and she sank into the young black boy's arms.

Her grip on his black snake was adamant, tightening but not knowing she was doing it. Her face was in his neck, she moved her hand around the black monster, felt it, stroked it, needed it, he kissed her neck bringing a submissive moan from her.

Now he needed to get some control, "Do you like my big black cock maam, hmmm?"

The Lady just grunted and her hand closed tighter.

"Tell me maam; do you like holding a nice big black cock maam, is that what you like best?"

She nodded her head into his neck, 'gently does it,' he thought.

He moved to take a nipple, a groan of delight and arousal from her.

'Got you Lady,' he said in his head. He slowly pulled her further over him, 'let her have the power for the moment,' he spoke again in his head. Lady Caroline did just that, she smothered him with her body, her right leg over his, her knee nudging into him, her hot breath burning his neck. Her left arm wound its way under and around him, to hold him to her.

He squeezed her nipple but not hard, she had to be teased in to believing it was her doing the taking. Taking him, and not the other way round. Once he got his cock into her that was the time to exert his influence and dominance over her. Everything that his dirty old granddad had told him would happen, was. Maybe not in the entire sequence he had laid out, but what he had said would happen if he got to this point was.

Lady Caroline just could not get her breath, the arousal she was experiencing was more than she had ever felt or undergone. She was off the planet somewhere, off the scale, super heated in some way. His cock was holding her in a state of suspended animation somehow, and there was no way to relinquish its hold on her, even though it was she who was holding the thick pulsing weapon in her very own hand.

The orgasm that punched her right in the stomach floored her, she completely wrapped him up, he kissed her neck and slowly rolled her over so she was now under him. Her eyes opened on their own, she looked up at the very black Adonis that she had imagined for all these years. Toby kissed her, her mouth opened on automatic, lips locked, tongues mangling, he took over, making sure she never let go of his heaving cock.

Using her nipple as a lever he opened her up, deflowered her, took her, and debased her. The Lady Caroline was about to become a black cock slut, but that wasn't what he was thinking, no! He was more interested in getting his prick into the beautiful blond Lady sooner rather than later.

Not knowing really that her blouse was being undone and moved out of the way. Her bra being pushed out of the way, her skirt being lifted up, her panties being torn easily apart. But she did feel the fingers being pushed into her now boiling hot pussy. Her hand around his cock knew it was because it was attempting to drive it to her begging love hole. Lady Caroline Carter was past the point of no return, a place of her own making.

Later when she looked back, Toby hadn't had hardly anything to do in her seduction, her submission; she had done nearly everything for him. But he had taken every advantage, 19 years old and he took her completely, and took her to where she had wanted to go.

Now she was fully open to him, he took his shorts off to leave him as naked as she had played it all out in her mind except he wasn't in her bed, not yet! Toby rose above the fabulously wealthy beautiful woman that would now be his black cock slut, his bitch, and his lover.

He pressed forward, the inevitable gasp of wonder, the moan of ecstasy as his prick opened her further than she had ever been, deeper than she had ever known, and nothing had readied her for the wondrous sensation. Toby fully drilled her, her knees rose, widened, her feet climbed into the air, her arms went around him to hold her conqueror where he should be. Then she climaxed the climax of climaxes.

Lady Caroline Carter had achieved the unknown goal she had always craved in her mind, her eyes locked onto the black god over her, his prick commanding her very soul.

"Toby, oh god Toby," was all she could utter. He then began what was to be her total subjugation; even he didn't know the severity of what he was accomplishing. It was her total enslavement to black cock, to his black superiority. His cock was the weapon of complete rout, it was her very own 'weapon of mass destruction,' hers! He laid waste to her, as a nuclear bomb would lay waste to the target land it was dropped on.

Lady Caroline could not respond in any way, she was being fucked and loved out of her mind. The black face over hers was smiling at her as he beat her with the black meat killer in her pussy. He leaned down and kissed her for the first time, she accepted it wholly. He speeded up, his prick flashing in and out building her up to the 747 plane crash that was racing to her.

Toby grunted loudly, his prick embedded itself like a laser guided missile into her pussy, complete devastation fell upon her. His spunk jetted in, she filled with it, it squeezed out between her pussy and his cock, he bit deeply into her neck marking her. Lady Caroline didn't care or didn't know. The beautiful elegant 42 year old Lady had met her nemesis. It was in the form of black skin and black cock. Her life would never be the same again.

As he subsided from the fabulous feeling of having shot his load, his ever tingling pulsing prick put him through he gazed into the eyes of the fabulous blond goddess under him, he smiled. 'Mission accomplished granddad,' he told himself happily, granddad will be so proud of him, he loved no one more than him, he was his mentor, his guiding light. He kissed her and waggled his still half hard cock in her. Lady Caroline moaned, she rewrapped her arms tight around him.

He didn't want to tell her what to do, his granddad had warned him, 'ask her, make suggestions, don't order, she will do all you ask, be patient,' he had told him.

"Lady Caroline, I'm a bit stiff can we go somewhere else please, somewhere more comfortable?" 'Like your bed,' he didn't say. He said her reverently.

She had trouble focussing him in. "Yes Toby in a moment, please just let me get normal first, okay?"

"Yes maam," he answered, and wiggled his thick cock in her slathered pussy.

Her Ladyship moaned under him as it wrought another orgasm from her, it rode through her on the back of the thunderous orgasms he had made her have. Lady Caroline came to properly, she could not believe what had happened, she had never had orgasms like this, the black boy above her had wreaked havoc, unassailable havoc.

"Toby lets go upstairs, shall we?"

"Yes maam," he answered. This he knew was her death knell, once he was in there; she would be his for as long as he wanted her. But he already knew it would only last less then 3 months before he went. He also had a thought in his mind, 'but granddad will still be here, won't he?' He had a hard time stopping the giggle.

As his conquest led him up the huge staircase he looked around at the opulent splendour of it all. This house is worth a lottery win, 'I have just won it!' he told himself as he handled the firm round rump in front of his as it rose up the stairway. Lady Caroline elegantly tittered and said to him.

"Don't Toby, that's rude."

He carried on feeling her fantastic ass, saying. "There'll be a lot of this my Lady."

'A lot more when I get my prick up it,' he sniggered to himself.

Lady Caroline was heading into total submission, not only to him but to black skin and black cock. Seth would end up being the owner of her. If she had had any idea of her impending doom she might have been able to avoid it, or at least contain it. But in reality she was already too late. The blacking she had just received downstairs, all brought on by herself, was all that had needed to be done to confirm it.

In the bedroom she turned and went into his arms willingly, need fully, happily, and so sexily, she wanted nothing more than to have him inside her again. To feel his thick black long log doing what she now knew it could. Lady Caroline Carter sank to the floor to worship in front of him. Her soft perfectly manicured hands cupping first his big black hairy balls, the tight curly black hairs tickling her fingers. Then lifting his beautiful prick to kiss it, inspect it, love it and practically swallow it whole.

Toby put his hand in her hair, it was so soft, thick and luxurious.

"That's it, you suck on the lovely big black cock Lady, you love it don't you, hmmm?"

Lady Caroline nodded her head, Toby pulled her mouth off, "I asked you a question," he said challengingly, "you love sucking big black cock don't you, my big black cock?"

She looked up at him; this was the first time in her life that she could remember when she wasn't in control of it.

"Yes," she said, she knew what he wanted from her, "I love sucking your beautiful big black cock."

He patted the side of her face, and said. "Well now why don't you just get back on it and see what you can do for me, hey?" He jammed her mouth over him again and she got to work.

"I'll show him," she thought as she attacked the hot living thing between her pouty lips. Caroline worked as hard as she could, Toby leaned over and crushed her nipples hard. It made he recoil but his hand at the back of her head prevented her from slipping off his turgid prick.

"Go on Lady, do it properly, you're not very good at this are you?" She went into a rage in her head; how dare he speak to her this way, it was then she realised that he could, and she would accept it. She sucked and slavered like she never had on a prick. 'I'll show him what I can do!' Toby suddenly pulled her off, picked her up and threw her on to the bed.

"I can see you need a good fucking Lady!" He told her. "You need this big black thing in you again don't you?" It was more of a taunt than a question. As he spoke Toby leaned forward and raked his fingers into her pussy, there was no argument after that!

"Yes Toby, yes I do, please hurry." The only thing in The Lady Caroline's sight was what she was looking at, his hard, solid, thick heavy black prick. Her mind was now fully fixed on it, the memory of what he had done with her on the rug downstairs was indelibly imprinted in her, she had been branded totally.

Lady Caroline was trapped now. Going black? No way back? She was in up to her swan like neck, no escape; black cock was her life giver. But even now she was unaware of the depth that she had sunk to, unaware of her position, her status before this young black stallion that stood at the side of her marital bed.

Toby showed her his dominance; he ripped away the clothing she still had on.

"Now," he said, "ask me nicely and I might give you what you need Lady."

"Toby," she tried," don't take liberty's, I am your employer you remember?"

"And you need this more though don't you Caroline?" He had used her first name. She looked at him, now slowly beginning to understand what was/had happened in her life.

Toby waved his beautiful black weapon at her, "Come on Caroline ask me, ask me to fuck you even harder than I just have done, isn't this the thing you want most, my big black meat in your hot little pussy again?" He fiddled with her pussy again, then he took the risk, he felt he had to, to keep the control, to harden it, make her give in to him.

"Caroline, if you are not going to be my beautiful fuck toy, if you don't want this again?" He waved it in her wide open beautiful face. "If you tell me you don't want it again right now, just tell me, and I'll be out of the door in two minutes. Now what is it to be, are you going to ask me to fuck you again, do you want my thick black slab in you right now!" It was demand, he was actually saying to her. Make your mind up, put up or shut up! He waited for her answer.

Lady Caroline wilted, looked about her as if to get some help. But her eyes just recentered on his beautiful young black cock and she gave in. Her need was growing by the second, bigger than the last one, more urgent than the last one, it was an irresistible force driving her to his demands.

"Please Toby," she whispered softly, knowing she was going under. The destructive force of the long held suppressed desires for black cock was now about to hit her with the force of a runaway truck. His portrayed prick in her mind would not let her think straight, it was too much for her, it was there right in front of her eyes. The long thick hard and slightly upturned cock that had been held in the annals of her mind was now to the fore. She only had to do what he told her to do, and t would be hers.

"Yes or no!" He demanded, he started to turn away thing he had blown it.

"Yes yes yes Toby, yes I want it please Toby, don't go, don't leave me, not now, please stay, make love to me again." Tears were filling her gorgeous deep blue eyes. She reached for him, her hands holding onto his strong muscular thighs. Her open mouth was seeking it once more. Toby took a small step back and nearly jumped for joy.

"Make love to you? Don't you mean fuck you? Ask me Caroline, go on, ask me!" There was no mistaking the depth of his voice this time it was strident, strong, loud, and powerfully unbending.

"Toby please?"

"Okay I'm going, goodbye," he turned to go.

"Toby please fuck me, please Toby fuck me," she called out to him falteringly. "I'm begging you," she wept sadly, forlornly. "I'll do what you want, be what you want, but please don't go, please?"

Just to make sure she knew where she now was, he told her, "ask me again, I didn't hear you properly."

She looked at him knowing full well she was way below the horizon now. "Toby I'm begging you, please fuck me, I'm so desperate for you," she said, but her beautiful eyes were locked onto his magnificent manhood. Her eyes glued to his unwavering prick pointing right at her. He smiled and got on the bed with her.

Lady Caroline sighed with relief, she wouldn't go through this again, she promised herself.

"Now that wasn't so hard was it Caroline, well, not as hard as this hey?" He rose above like a black wave. Lady Caroline swooned as he plunged deep into her boiling hot sweet pussy.

"Oh," she moaned in ecstasy, "oh Toby, yes darling yes." He looked across at the clock, it was 1pm, and he had the rest of the weekend to fully debase her, let her now her position, her status, which would be at the bottom f the pecking order, his pecking order, and that of Seth's when he handed her over to him.

The beautiful aristocratic Lady was now owned by a 19 year old black boy, with a fantastic prick that God himself had carved out for her pussy. She would learn to do anything for him this weekend, including telling him that, yes, she would buy him the BMW he wanted.

Toby got to work; this was a joy, a thing of pleasure, how many young guy's got to fuck and older woman such as this. A titled woman, a Lady in her own right, married to a super wealthy man and had all she would ever want. To have her begging him, she had lost it totally.

Toby pounded her pussy, told her he loved her, said everything she wanted to hear, he even called her a black cock slut, and she repeated it when he asked her what she was.

"My black cock slut, my black cock whore, is that what you are now Carol?" he asked between a thunderous thump into her pussy.

"Yes Yes Yes I am, I am Toby, I'm your black cock slut, and I'm your black cock whore." She wailed as he pulverised her. He kissed her and loved her, he knew to treat her well as he made love to her. He was well aware of this woman's needs, even if it was black cock, he knew she needed to be loved at the same time.

Toby eventually spouted huge amounts of cum into her, it ran out and on to the bed. Lady Caroline was crying huge tears of joy, submission and utter thanks to God that he had given her life's dreams in the form of this young black Adonis over her. Toby rolled away off her, but gathered her up in his arms, pulled the covers over them and loved her the way she loved to be loved. And she needed to be loved. She really was on cloud nine, utopia.

Thirty minutes passed, Toby was waiting for her to make the next move, he knew things could change once the thrill of being fucked had lessened. Lady Caroline turned her head to him, and whispered. "Toby I have never had this before, not this good, no where near, you are just wonderful."

Now to make sure of her, he said, "So my black cock is what you have wanted? For how long have you?"

She thought for a moment before saying, "forever Toby, for ever."

"Good I'm happy about that, so you like being my black cock slut then?" She looked at him pensively, in the cold light of day she wasn't sure she liked being spoken to in that way. Toby started to get up.

"Where are you going Toby, come back please?" She said.

"Nah, I'm not playing games here," he told her gruffly, "you are either my slut and my whore or your not, if it's a no, then too bad, see you on Monday, Lady Caroline." He picked up his bits.

Caroline was mortified, 'he can't just leave not just like that?' She quickly succumbed to the pressure.

"Yes Toby I will be, I am your black cock slut, your whore, please stay with me please?"

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