tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaroline, My Hot Sister-In-Law

Caroline, My Hot Sister-In-Law


There are always stories from people on how bad their in-laws are. Hey, being married, I know. They can be obtrusive, opinionated, selfish and overbearing. But, being the optimist that I am, I can always find the one good thing about almost any situation. My name is Rob, and in this case, her name was Caroline.

She was my sister-in-law, and she was absolutely gorgeous. She was about 5'7, 120 lbs...pretty damn good for 30. She had short blonde hair, and naturally pouty pink lips. Her skin was porcelain, and she had one tight ass with a set of very perky breasts and knockout thighs and legs. Damn, I fantasized about her all the time. I needed a plan, because I knew it was going to be tough to pull this one out. She was my wife's sister, and very much in love with her husband. This would be a challenge, but if successful, then it would be more than worth the level of difficulty.

Thankfully, we both live very close, only about six blocks from each other. Sometimes my wife and I would watch their dogs and house sit, and she would pass out early after about just 1 beer. This gave me time to go up into the master bedroom and play with her stuff. I would sniff her dirty panties, and wrap them around my face, enjoying the smell of her pussy, even if that was the closest I could get. I would pick up a pair of her pantyhose that she wore recently, and wrap them around my cock while I masturbated to her fantastic pussy scent. It was always a treat to go to their house. I have always been a pantyhose and nylons guy, and placing her dirty panties in my mouth and over my nose was a new fascination of mine. All of it turned me on, and it led to some of the best jerking off I could ever ask for. Just unbelievable!

Well, one night, we all hung out together at their house. We were all drinking rather heavily, because it had been a long week. We decided to kick back and play some games. Now, Caroline and I were really the big drinkers, while my wife and brother-in-law were more just social drinkers. We were just playing some board games while becoming fastly inebriated, and we ran out of vodka. My wife and bro-in-law volunteered to go out and get some more alcohol because Caroline and I were too drunk to go anywhere. Thankfully for me, the nearest liqour store was about 25 minutes or so away. I knew this night may be my only chance to bag my beautiful sister-in-law.

We were sitting on the same couch to keep each other warm, as it was a cool summer night. Caroline asked if she could stretch out and relax, and I said sure. She looked especially sexy tonight, wearing a tight pink top with light khaki shorts. She had no shoes or socks on and she was laying down on the couch, with her feet and calves streteched out along my lap. I could tell she was slowly beginning to pass out due to the liqour, and this was exciting me even more. Her shorts were not too tight, so when she laid down, I could see her panties. They seemed like ones I held up to my nose and mouth a week ago, as I could see the white panties with green and pink flowers. With her calves and feet on my lap, I was quickly becoming aroused. Gently, I began to massage her feet. I rubbed my large hands all over her precious little feet. I could tell Caroline was a bit excited as well, because she began to wriggle around a little, and I could hear some soft sounds coming from her gorgeous lips. I brought one of her feet up to my mouth and began to slowly suck her toes. I placed them in my mouth, one by one, and just sucked and licked her foot. This was amazing. I never knew of this foot fetish, I just thought it was legs. As I continued to suck her toes and kiss and lick her feet, I knew this was my night. Caroline was pretty out of it, but I could tell she was enjoying it as well. She was slowly moaning and wiggling about.

The trip to the liqour store was only about 5 minutes or so along, but I knew I didn't have all night long, so I had to get going. With one foot still in my mouth, I used my other hand to start caressing her other leg. I began down at her calf, and slowly but roughly worked my way up to her creamy silk thighs. I kept rubbing and moving my hand up and down her thighs. Finally, I stuck my large strong hand up under her short shorts. I gently tugged at her panties to see what kind of a reaction I would get. Much to my hope, there wasn't much of one at all. I slid my finger up under her panties and slowly slid it into her pussy. My feelings of her enjoyment were reinforced when I found her hot pussy was also getting wet. Even though mostly passed out, she had a smile or a smirk on her face when my finger was probing around inside of her pussy. My time was now.

I picked her up and pulled her up to me. She finally spoke, and asked "Rob, what are you doing? Where is everybody else?"

I told her, "Don't worry Caroline, they'll be back in a little bit. I'm just playing a game until they come back."

I sat her on my lap, and told her it was time for the next aspect of the game. She said she was ready and that she was going to win. Clearly, she had no idea what was going on, and that was perfect. I had one hand rubbing her thigh, and with the other one I pulled her head and face close to mine. She attempted to protest, saying, "Hey, wait a minute. What kind of game is this? We can't do this. We're both married, and I..."

I told her to just shut up and kiss me. I pulled her face close to mine and kissed her lips softly at first, then a bit harder. She was trying to groan out no, but I parted her lips with mine and stuck my tongue down her throat as far as I could. I swirled my tongue around her mouth, and she tried, in vain, to pull away. She just had no strength to work with. She was still trying to push me off, but I just kept kissing.

As she continued to push off, I thought her hands would be better served elsewhere. I grabbed hold of her right hand and stuck it down by my crotch. I unbuttoned the top of my shorts and forced her hand down my pants. Suddenly, Caroline was stopping her fight. She had exhausted all of her energy and now just gave in; either that or the alcohol was really getting to her. Now, with the little strength she had left, Caroline began to weakly jerk me off. Now I was extremely close to cumming, but knew I needed to save it for her in another way. I picked her up and carried up to her bed. I threw her head down on the bed, and removed my shorts. I ripped off her top, and could tell she had mixed emotions. As much as she wanted to say no, her body could not resist.

I sat on her breasts right after I finished ripping at them as she screamed in pain, just not too loudly. I placed my entire 11 inch cock in her mouth and pulled up her head off the pillow. I started to gyrate around as my cock poked the back of her throat. She had tears coming down her pretty face, but I could not tell if they were from pain or the fact my cock was choking her violently. Either way, I could not have cared less.

I cummed a little in her mouth, and made her swallow it. I got up off of her and again passionately kissed her mouth. It was time, as they had been on their alcohol run for about 45 minutes now. I knew I only had about 10 more minutes or so to finish myself off, as well as her, and get her cleaned up. The time was now.

I took my cock away from her face, tears and all running down past her pouty lips, and she begged me to stop. "Please, Rob, don't do this. You had some fun, and now its time to stop. I promise I won't tell anyone. Just don't hurt my pussy. It's still sore from earlier this evening."

Well, sloppy seconds were not going to prevent me from finishing this job. I had come too far. "Caroline," I told her, "my fun has just begun. I'm going to fuck you - hard and long, and you're going to enjoy it. My cock is much longer and thicker than your husband's, and this is going to be great for us both. If I have to muffle your crying or screaming or unwanted sounds, I will."

With that said, I entered her pussy. It was still hot and wet, so her protests were going against the will of her body. I shoved myself in as far as I could go, and she yelled as loud as any woman had ever yelled. Immediately after this initial scream, I covered her mouth with my right hand. Now, her moans and screams were sounding more like "mmmmmmpppphhhhhhhh." This was getting me even hotter. In between placing my hand over her mouth, I shoved my tongue down her throat. Still screaming, her hips were bucking violently as I rammed her pussy in and out, harder ad harder. I looked at her sexy eyes, and she was begging me to stop because she had something to say. Finally, I took my tongue out of her mouth and warned her to first keep it quiet.

"Please pull out of my pussy! I can't take it anymore! And you can't cum in my pussy. We've been trying to have our first child, but it's been taking awhile. I've been off the patch for a few months, so please don't cum in my pussy. Please! I'll even let you cum in my mouth and I'll swallow it all. I promise, just please pull out. Just..."

"Dammit, I'll pull out in a minute, I promise. Just shut the hell up before I change my mind and fill your fucking pussy all up with my man juice!"

She nodded as more tears continued to fall, but felt a little more relaxed with my promise. Her pussy lips even loosened up a bit, as opposed to before when she was scared of becoming pregnant with my baby. I knew I was going to cum within the next couple of minutes.

I also knew I had to wrap it up soon anyways because we would soon have guests with more vodka. I continued my attack on her pussy and pelvis, and told her to stay still and silent so I could enjoy myself enough, but pull out and stick it in her mouth. I kept my right hand over her mouth and my left hand over her eyes. This was for good reason. I was going to fuck her wishes, finish fucking her, and cum all in her pussy. Back and forth, in and out my cock went, pounding her hot, now red pussy and pelvic area, I let out the biggest load any man could ever let out. I held her body close to mine so she could not avoid my cum going down her pussy. As I finished cumming in her, she began to cry again so loudly. I reminded her that in a few months, she would probably become pregnant with my child, but she could never tell anyone of this night, or I would say how she seduced me and it would destroy her husband and sister. My plan was fool proof. I fucked my sister-in-law, and nine months later, their new baby had my eyes. What a life!

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by Anonymous03/31/18

Non concent by definition is Rape

Non concent is all Rape reguardless if in the end they want it.

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by Anonymous11/02/17

lmao at all the haters

Like seriously, you're on the wrong site and especially the wrong section of said site. This is nonconsent/reluctance, which is a rather large margin for stories on the site. Just because you prefer themore...

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