Caroline's Karma


It was almost three when Caroline rang back. Rather she rang and since Janice had directed all calls into my office while we worked out my itinerary for the trip, Caroline spent ten minutes talking with Janice before either of them remembered I was actually in the room.

"Hey handsome, now before you blow a fuse I can't make tonight and I'm not going with you to San Diego."

"Its okay, it was just a thought."

Caroline interrupted me. "Jeff you really need to let a girl finish. I have a dinner tonight with Mom and Dad, some gala thing I have to show up to. I will fly down to San Diego myself, Janice has given me the name of the hotel. I've packed my thigh highs and that skirt that may as well be called a belt. I even have a flimsy vest, although I sure need to keep the bra, no sense in letting the girls out until I'm in our room."

I went very cold, even the giggling down the phone couldn't stop the image of her walking to reception, chewing gum and asking for my room number, dressed like a hooker. "That's not funny on so many levels Caroline."

The phone had nothing but a laughing woman on it now. Even when I looked at Janice she was smiling and I strongly suspected she knew what was said at both ends even though she only heard mine.

"Oh Jeff I'm just teasing. I'll be there mid-day and will go directly to my sisters since you will be hard at work. Give me a call when you plan to leave and we should get to the hotel at the same time and I promise I will leave the thigh highs at home for now."

With goodbyes said and Janice watching on, one of those silly smiles on her face. We set about the task of finishing up and sorting out San Diego's problem. I did mention to Janice that since Caroline would be busy this evening it may be a good idea if she could find out if I could get on the evening flight. She left to find out and I got busy. Minutes later she buzzed through and confirmed everything, even picking up my ticket at the airport.

******* The flight was good, I got some more work done and happy that I may now have a handle on what the problem may well be. I had only been in my hotel room an hour when my phone rang, the caller ID telling me it was Janice.

"Hey Janice, what did I forget?"

"Nothing for a change Jeff, although you may want to switch the TV on, your girlfriend is giving a speech."

With that Janice told me what channel and then put the phone down, leaving me to reach for the remote and work out the channels before I could find the right one. By the time I got to it, some socialite reporter in a very flattering evening dress was giving her preliminary speech before the camera panned the room and then settled on a wide angle of the podium.

Caroline was walking onto the stage, gave a quick hug to the guy standing by the podium. The gentleman left and the camera panned quickly to a few celebrity faces, all of whom were clapping. She smiled and seemed to wave at a couple of people at a few tables in front of her before silence descended once again. Caroline took a deep breath and subtly nodded her head. The huge screen behind her started showing various pictures and for the next five minutes, without a script, prompter or even looking at the images on the screen, gave a heart rendering speech on the charity of the evening.

On occasions the camera would pan over to some woman wiping a tear from her eye, even a senator got his face on the TV as she came to a critical point in her speech. He nodded with what seemed like his approval at what she was saying. Finally the camera panned back for her final words.

"Were all here because this charity means something to us, in some way its sought us all out, be it Mother, Son or Daughter it doesn't discriminate. This disease has afflicted someone that you know or means something to you. Please give what you can because just like this disease, research doesn't discriminate and with there help we can find a way to help everyone. Even Daddy has promised to open Mom's purse to see what falls out."

With that she moved away from the podium gave a small bow and to ear splitting applause walked halfway across the stage as an elderly gentleman came to meet her. He held her in his arms and they both walked off. Again the camera panned the crowd, some people still in tears and smiling at her parting joke others just smiling, but all gave her a standing ovation for her speech.

Finally the camera was back on the socialite reporter for her closing words. "It seems that the wild child has once again wooed the crowed with her magic at the Anderson Industries annual charity ball. This is Marsha Dexpointer reporting for KXCB News."

Caroline Anderson. Oh crap. What have I done? The phone ringing brought me out of my daze I hadn't even turned the TV off, the remote still in my hand. Even picking the phone up seemed to be done on nothing but instinct because I sure don't remember doing it until I heard Janice's voice in my ear.

"I know what you're thinking Jeff and don't you dare. That girl has put the shine in your eyes and that's the first person to ever do that."

"She's Caroline Anderson. Her father owns half of everything. No wonder she has bodyguards hiding in every bush," I said, panicking.

Janice screamed down the phone. "Jeff. Stop babbling. Surely you must have known she was THAT Caroline Anderson."

I pulled the phone away from my ear for a moment to look at it, then shook my head and said to Janice. "You've seen me in the office Janice. I read the business section and the sports pages. Unless there is a picture of her in one of my technical manual, just how would I know the Caroline I know was one and the same?"

Knowing Janice as well as I did I could almost picture her at this very minute looking at the ceiling and shaking her head, the sigh I heard down the phone simply confirmed it. She knew I was being honest and simply couldn't fault me for it. When my thoughts found some semblance of normalcy. I figured now would be a good time to pace my room, Janice tried again. "Okay Jeff answer me this, who was she when you first met her in the park?"

"Some weird woman who insisted her name was Caroline and don't I dare shorten it."

I heard Janice giggle and then ask another question. "Who was she when you took her to the opera?"

"She was Caroline, in a really hot dress."

"And that's the woman who is going to be with you in San Diego for three days. Not her father, but the Caroline that has jogged with you around that park of yours, eaten breakfast with you and gone to the opera with you. Jeff she has shared with you the one thing that's precious to us all, time," Janice explained. "You need to sleep Jeff. You still have a job to do in the morning. She's Caroline and that's all. She's not her Father, she is clearly her own person, not what the news people want her to be. Remember that Jeff."

By the time we had finished talking I knew she was right. I needed to get my work done over the next three days. Caroline on the other hand was going to be another matter. The wake up call in the morning was a waste of time. I was already showered, dressed and anticipating the first ring of the phone, breakfast eaten more out of habit than anything else. At least now only half my mind was on Caroline.

Introductions weren't necessary once I was met at reception and a brief chat with a couple of the staff got me to one of their IT department. Once again Tess came to my rescue. She had been my liaison with her company during the installation of the program and an all around great lady to talk to and work along side. I know it had only been about a year since I had been here before but even the most casual of glances at her told me something had changed about her.

The baggy clothes now gone, instead a figure hugging business suit, her hair cut back to hang just below her collar. She still couldn't have weighed more than a hundred and ten pounds soaking wet but it was the glow about her face that made me look closely at her.

"You've changed Tess what have you been up to?" Tess held up her hand and a very nice wedding ring hung from her finger. Backed up with the brightest smile I had ever seen from her. I smiled at her happiness. "Well it's about time someone made an honest woman of you, congratulations and I really do mean it." The hand dropped and both arms came out waiting for me to hug her, and I did. As far as I was concerned, Tess and I went way back. She deserved her happiness.

"You need to get this damned program running Jeff. It's driven us all mad and the bosses are getting pissed at us about it. I run the department now so I will oversee what you're doing and give any help you need."

"Wow, a promotion and married. That's some fast tracking your doing in your life Tess." She clearly blushed, looked around to make sure no one was watching us and rubbed her stomach as well. The smile grew even bigger on her. My hug was gentler this time. The next four hours were a blur and other than having a coffee thrust into my hands at intervals during the day, my mind was totally focused on the job in hand. I only noticed it was lunch time when I looked up from the screen and all but two people were gone. A pang of guilt made me apologies to Tess who was supposed to be there to assist me.

I sent her off to lunch while her colleague covered and then they rotated back again. My cell buzzed once, the message telling me that Caroline had landed and was with her sorority sister at the gallery. It was the prod in the shoulder made me look up, Tess pointed to her watch and reminded me that I asked her to let me know when it was four o'clock.

"Okay I know you need to say something to your boss's so here it is. The program is corrupted, that's the easy bit to fix."

Even as we walked to the exit, I could see the look on her face. She was pissed and I knew why. The program was working perfectly for just over a year now, so it was corrupted either manually or artificially. That was going to be tomorrow's project. We hugged and I said my farewells, signed out and jumped into my waiting cab. Reception gave me some messages and I had them all read and prioritized by the time I got to my room. The smell of her perfume caught me before my ears hearing the shower running gave me any indication that she was actually in my room. So many thoughts entered my head, all carnal. However, Mom did raise a gentleman, so with a sigh and a very sarcastic 'thanks Mom' in my thoughts I stayed a gentleman. I knocked on the door to the bathroom and said, "Caroline I'm back. So put something on other than a towel when you get out okay?"

The shower finished about half way through me making some calls and I had only just put the phone down when she stepped out of the bathroom in a bathrobe, a towel on her head. My breath caught in my throat for a moment and I just shook my head. Caroline noticed and paused mid-stride not sure now if she should continue to walk towards me.

"Just how is it possible for you to look so beautiful in joggers and just as beautiful in a bathrobe and towel?" Her smile lit up the room and within three more paces was now sat on my lap, her arms around my neck.

She gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, "So let's see if I have this right, not only do you like your women sweaty and gross, but semi naked as well."

I chuckled before I could stop myself and gave her a hug before saying, "How many times do I have to remind you, I like my women naked?"

Caroline giggled and buried her head into my neck until she calmed down. "I need to say this and please Jeff you need to listen. You have romance in your heart any girl can see that. I've grown fond to the point of loving you so quickly that it should terrify me, yet it seems so natural which has been made easier since my karma has already said we were supposed to be together."

She leaned over and kissed me, her arms tightening slightly to make sure I didn't move. As if that was going to happen. The smell of her freshly washed body and the perfume of her hair mingled with the air and rushed straight to my brain. I was hard for this woman and we both knew it. As our lips parted, our eyes locked and I knew I was hopelessly in love with Caroline. I simply didn't give a shit about her last name or who her father was. In one swift move, she stood and quickly straddled my legs and sat down again facing me. Her eyes took on a look of innocence, the rest of her features lustful.

"Well now Mr. Jeffery Andrew Marshall it seems you're faced with a few choices, so I will try and simplify them for you."

Again she pulled me to her for a kiss before she would continue. Caroline unbuttoned my shirt and had already pulled it over my head before she slid back onto my legs, her hands already pulling at my belt. Suddenly she stood, bent down and took hold of my pants legs and gave one quick pull. I'm sure my underwear ended up in the corner of the room somewhere. I noticed the quick look she gave my solid erection, the way she run her tongue along her lips gave her away. As she sat back onto my lap she then took one of my hands and placed one end of the tie on her bath robe into it.

"First off, I'm yours. I want this to happen as often as you want it to. I can never refuse you either tonight or in the future and we do have a future Jeff. So with the introductions made, it just leaves you with one choice in the matter. Do you want to unwrap me here or in the bedroom?"

My hand took a firmer hold of the tie and started to pull, she smiled. "A wise choice, if I may be so bold."

Her body heat seemed to increase as I pulled the cord and it separated in the middle. Her hands instantly went to the robe and pulled it even further apart, pausing only to slide it over her shoulders. For such a long time I simply couldn't breathe, although her cheeks were flushed her eyes held hunger within them. Caroline's neck now matched the color of her cheeks, as she leaned towards me her tits hung free. Those nipples so thick and hard now extended out from her body as I looked at them.

She was having the same trouble breathing as I was. "Like what you see Jeff?"

All I could do was nod my head as my hand wandered up her thigh, stopping for a moment on her hips as I spotted a small tattoo about three inches from her hip bone. It was clearly an original, in the middle was the letter C. Surrounding it were four other letters, the letters touched at the base almost like they were protecting the letter C in the middle. The warmth and then wetness now on my stomach giving away her state of arousal. My thumb brushed the hood of her clit and she jumped. Her fingers curled inward and her nails scratched their way down my chest, stopping just short of my hand.

Her eyes were closed, a smile danced across her lips as she said. "Thank fuck you're not a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am type of guy." In response I pushed the hood of her clit with my thumb again and she quickly breathed in. The color in her cheeks went a deeper red and her smile increased. Caroline's hands moved back to my shoulders, I felt her thighs stiffen as her body lifted a few inches off of me.

"Look between us Jeff, you did this to me."

I never realized how difficult it was to look away from the beauty above me to look between her legs. My rampant cock twitched with anticipation. A few strands of Caroline's juices still clung to the tip then snapped as she moved another couple of inches off of me. A drop of cum left her pussy lips and came to rest on my stomach another followed seconds later before her head now rested on my shoulder.

Her hips twitched a bit and the now familiar wetness slid down my stomach and her pussy connected with my cock. She gasped and then pushed further down. The head of my cock got very warm and very wet in an instant. Within seconds that same sensation took on the rest of me finally stopping when I was all the way inside her. Caroline smiled and clamped her vaginal muscles a couple of times, her eyes now open, her pupils totally dilated.

"Jeff I'm going to make you a deal. We are on the couch. You get us on the floor and I will make sure your good bits don't leave my good bits on the way down."

I simply couldn't believe what I had just heard. My cock seemed to get harder as my own brain picked up on the lust in her voice. Caroline's smile was so big and beautiful understanding came to her eyes as she felt the hardness inside her. One arm held her close to me, the hardness of her nipples now forcing themselves deeper into my skin, reinforcing in my mind just how turned on she was at this moment. I twisted my body over the couch, no sooner had we cleared the couch than her legs wrapped themselves around me, locking me inside her.

I landed on my knees with my arm outstretched, her body relaxed and her back got comfortable with the hotel carpet. Our lips locked and passion took us both. I was slow and rhythmic with my thrusts. Caroline's own pelvic adapting to my movements and soon started to meet my inward thrust with her own upward one. I once tested her legs and she let me know she wanted the same, if I thrust into her to quickly she would clamp her legs slightly letting me know there wasn't any need to hurry. But even at my pace the furnace that was Caroline's pussy was simply to much and with a grunt I pushed myself into her one more time and held myself there.

Her legs relaxed either side of me and came to rest between my legs. Her arms now around my neck and a smile as big as I have ever seen on her face stared back at me. For a moment Caroline didn't move she delighted in feeling the odd twitch of my cock inside her as it sent the last remnants of cum into her womb. As I went to withdraw, she quickly shook her head, what followed kept me in awe of this woman. As her vaginal muscles set to work on my slowly wilting cock she moved her hands to the back of my head and moved me to one of her bullet hard nipples.

My mouth opened and I sucked greedily on her, trying will all my might to make it even harder. Every now and then I would suck as much of her into my mouth as I could, gently clamp my teeth into her breast to the sound of gentle moans from Caroline that reached something deep inside me, as my head pulled away from her breast her moan seemed to change ever so slightly in pitch and her pelvic would join her cunt muscles in trying to make me hard again. Finally with only her gloriously thick nipple left inside my mouth I would both dance my tongue around it and gently bite down on it at the same time.

Instantly her pelvic would push itself up towards me, her muscle would clamp down on my slowly hardening cock and a slow moan would leave her lips, followed by an. "Oh fuck yes."

With only her nibble remaining between my lips, she pulled my head away from her, her nipple now swollen and the redness emphasized by the saliva I left there. We kissed again and Caroline adjusted her feet to once again lock me into her furnace like tunnel. We mixed gentle with hard this time, Caroline content with me choosing the pace, the heels of her feet resting on the small of my back, simply daring me to leave her as my cock would withdraw almost to the point her pussy lips would scream to her my exit.

Her first orgasm caught me by surprise, one moment she was staring up at me, her smile lighting up her face, the movement of my body into hers still keeping that glow around her neck and cheeks. Then just as suddenly her smile faltered. Caroline's looked surprised, her breathing became very irregular. Now I was worried, I genuinely thought I had broken something. Her head went back her mouth opened and a slow moan escaped her, just as quickly her mouth closed and her whole body seemed to convulse.

If it wasn't for the fact that my groin had just become soaked and her vaginal muscles clamped so hard onto my cock that I thought I would loose the use of it from this moment on, I would have mistaken her orgasm for a fit. With her muscles holding me still within her, all I could do was watch in wonder as her body finally calmed to the point that she could breathe regularly again.

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