tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaroline's Mom Ch. 13

Caroline's Mom Ch. 13


Sheila had just come in. I remembered taking her virginity, and the threesome we enjoyed with Caroline. However Caroline was not into lesbian sex, and really didn’t enjoy it. However her mother Rachel did enjoy it as a change. Sheila had been invited over after my women had announced their pregnancies to her. Rachel was looking forward to a threesome, in which she could participate in some lesbian sex. Her daughter was looking forward to a nights rest. I was looking forward to playing with petite Sheila’s immense tits.

Sheila walked up to each of us and kissed us as a lover would. First she kissed Caroline, then Rachel, and then me. Her tongue explored my mouth while she caressed my cock and balls through my pants. Sheila grinned at Rachel and said we both started off giving him a hand job before we had sex with him. I don’t think well waste it tonight, but it might be nice to tease him with our hands for a while. Caroline laughed and said she was going to get some sleep. Sheila and Rachel led me to the master bedroom. They both undressed giving me a very sexy show as they undressed each other. They began to kiss deeply both mouths and tongues working for my benefit. They moaned, and sighed as they built each other’s desire. They caressed each other until the smell of feminine arousal engulfed the room and then they turned to me.

Four feminine hands caressed and undressed me. Soon I was as naked as they were. One rubbed my balls, and the other stroked my cock. Soon I was leaking pre-cum. Sheila bent and licked it off the tip of my hardness. She then offered her tongue to Rachel who sucked her tongue to clean my pre-cum from it. The Rachel Licked the next drop from it and offered her tongue to Sheila. Rachel then grinned and said.

“Double blow job!”

Sheila giggled and said.

“If he lasts and hour, well share his cum, and then we will fuck him to sleep. If he doesn’t last well tie him up and fuck each other to sleep.”

After some discussion, they decided to tie me to the bed and proceed with the blow job. Rachel tied my right wrist to the bedpost while rubbing her breast into my face.

“Suck it.” She whispered

Then Sheila tied the left wrist.

“Me too, whatever you do to one you must do to the other.”

She pushed her nipple into my mouth and allowed me to suckle hers as Rachel began jerking me off slowly. She held my mouth there until Rachel changed positions with her.

As Rachel pressed her nipple into my mouth, Sheila began to lick the pre-cum from my cock head. The Rachel followed her down to my cock. Then both women began to lap the pre-cum from me. The deep kissed each other above my cock. They both caressed and stroked it and then shared my pre-cum. Then they deep kissed each other with my cock head in their mouths. Two tongues four lips and two very wet hot mouths had me on the edge of orgasmic bliss in minutes. I started to pant and moan and buck my hips. Sheila pulled away and said.

“If you cum now, I’ll have Rachel, as my lover tonight, all night. Then you won’t get her pussy or mine tonight.”

Rachel spoke.

“Only fifty minutes left.”

Then both women got off me and squatted near my feet. Sheila knelt and sucked my big toe as did Rachel. Then they both squatted over my toes and began to insert them into their vaginas. The women began to kiss and caress each other as the posted up and down on my toes. Soon the moans and groans of their climaxes were heard as their wetness dripped all over my feet. Rachel and Sheila switched feet and began licking each others spend off of my feet. My watching this had caused my pre-cum to coat my cock. Both girls giggled, and said in unison.

“Let’s clean him up!”

They both bent to the task of licking my cock clean. Both were sure to tease me more. Before long my erection was twitching and jerking just about ready to spurt. Rachel looked up and said.

“Just forty minutes more or Sheila and I will leave you tied while we make love. I think you need a break.”

With that both Rachel and Sheila stopped their attentions. Rachel squatted above my face and centered her wet cunt over my mouth. She pressed down and said.

“Lick me dry.”

As I began to lick her Sheila squatted on my chest and hugged Rachel as they began to neck. Rachel ground down on my face as her cum dripped into my mouth. My chest got wet with Sheila’s juices as they necked. Then they traded places. Now Sheila presses her wet pussy down onto my tongue and demanded.

“Lick it, make me cum.”

They continued to neck and all I could see smell or taste was feminine arousal. Both women continued until they had both cum on my tongue. They got off, and began to lick their spending from my face slowly and gently. The pre-cum had pooled on my belly as my arousal was so high that the fluid ran out in a stream almost as if it were urine. They both bent down to lick my pre-cum from me. Sheila told me that there were only ten minutes left. Rachel said.

“No more mercy we will now try to get you to cum before the ten minutes is up. If you don’t hold back then Sheila and I will leave you tied and enjoy each other. If you do then we will have a threesome that you will never forget. Either way you are in for one great blow job.”

Both women began to lick my balls dry of the accumulated pre-cum. There was more than coincidental contact of both tongues as they gathered my fluids into their mouths. Then they moved up to the sides of my cock licking every drop they could find as well as sucking it off of me. Then they began to take turns sucking the head of my penis. They shared a kiss with my cock head between both women’s lips. I looked at the clock still five minutes to go. My cock was throbbing and jerking, dripping pre-cum like water. I didn’t think I could last long enough but it was one hell of a blow job. I moaned and bit my lips, as I tried not to cum. Time seemed to stand still. Just a minute more to go then I could relax. If I lasted I could have both these beautiful women tonight. The hour was up and I began to spurt they took turns capturing my cum. Soon both their faces were smeared with cum as they licked each other clean then they shared my sperm in a deep kiss.

Sheila untied me and said.

“Rest now and watch. You have a busy night ahead of you.”

Both women fell into a sixty-nine as I watched and recovered. The moans and female scent had me hard in no time. This did not go unnoticed by the women. Rachel got on all fours and said.

“Fuck me now.”

I got behind her and entered her. Sheila slid underneath us and began to lick Rachel’s pussy and my cock as I slid in and out of her. Rachel’s head dipped and she began to eat Sheila.

To be continued.

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