tagLoving WivesCarol's Birthday Party

Carol's Birthday Party

byJack and Carol Arid©


Jack smiled.

"I can't dance," I said dejectedly.

"You love to dance." Jack countered.

"Yes, with you, at a club or here at home…" my voice trailed off.

"You've fantasized about it."

"Yes, but…"

Jack rolled over in bed and slipped his fingers between my legs.

"You're soaking wet." He stated.

I pushed his hand away.

"I am not," I lied, "Well, ok, maybe just a little."

Jack grinned at me.

"Ok, ok, a lot! I love the idea—ok--I admit it! I'd love to do a strip tease in front of a room full of guys and then fuck them all—Oh My God! That would be incredible! But I don't know how to do a strip-tease!"

"You'd be a natural, baby. Besides, if you want we could go to a strip club so you can get some ideas."

"Mmm, that would be fun."

Jack lowered his head between my thighs, his talented lips and tongue joining his probing fingers. I drifted…

Jack always knows what I want, what I really want. I did want to do it. Yesss--to be the center of attention--to be adored and desired by a room full of men. To be paid! Wow, the money part was erotic! I wanted to be drooled over, leered at, and fondled. I imagined the cheers, the applause, and being showered with money as I slowly, seductively stripped in preparation of giving myself to those men. I fantasized as Jack slowly tongued me and I had my first orgasm of the night.

I have the best husband in the world—did you know that? He made it all cum true…

As this particular birthday began it's inevitable descent, I had found myself getting a tad bit depressed. Not depressed like I wanted to run out and get on Prozac, or slam shots of Jack Daniels, but just kind of bummed out. I was getting older, there was no denying that, and to be honest I had developed a bad habit of comparing myself to younger, prettier woman. I know, pretty vain, huh? But I wrestled with the feelings of just not being good enough, so to suspend those occasional negative feelings, if only for a few hours, would be a wonderful thing. Can any of you women out there relate? Anyway, over the years of hotwifing and swinging I've managed to quiet that inner voice of self-doubt and begin to believe in the Sexually Liberated Upstanding Talent (S.L.U.T.) inherent within me. My inner slut. Some people have an inner child; I have an inner slut. It is, in fact, my inner slut, which affirms life, fun, and the pursuit of feeling good! To hell with the oppression of the female libido! To hell with hiding under the covers with only one man! It was MY birthday, and I got to strut my stuff with pride.

Two weeks before the now scheduled party, Jack and I went to a strip-club. I'd never been to one before, so this was new to me. But I watched how the women moved, how they teased and enticed, and I watched how the men responded. I liked how they responded—a lot. I even went up and tipped a few of the women that turned me on, sliding crumbled bills inside their garter belts and letting my fingers linger in a gentle caress as I pulled away. Several of the women responded to my touch, reaching out and stroking my face, my shoulders, and my breasts. One kissed me gently on the lips. I watched the women do their erotically charged lap dances, and imagined how it would be when I did that to some of the guys. Oh yessss…I practically raped Jack when we got home!

Two days before my scheduled party we got together with Ed and his friend Steve and role-played that they had picked me up at a hotel bar. Jack wrote about that one, it's called "Pre-Party Warm-Up." That was an incredible night! After our staged pool game and pick up, Ed and Steve had taken me upstairs to a pre-rented room and proceeded to screw my brains out. Then Jack joined us, and, wow—what a warm up!

Two days later I was so turned on and excited I felt like there was live electricity running through my veins. I had to keep reminding myself to breath, just breath, but the anticipation was overwhelming.

Donavon met us in the hotel lobby and helped us carry our things up to the suite Jack had rented. I was grateful he had shown up early as we had a lot of stuff to carry up, you know, drinks, snacks, my bag of slut clothes, a CD player, and of course a birthday cake. We got into the room and I showed Donavon my gratitude by slowly, succulently going down on him, and then opening my legs to allow him to be the first man I had that night. All that did was to heighten my anticipation—I wanted more. Unfortunately, Donavon, while a great guy with a wonderful cock, was a one shot kind of guy. He had told us in advance that he wouldn't be able to stay for the party, and that was cool with me, I'm just glad he came before he went! LOL!

After a quick shower, Jack and I decorated the room in streamers, banners, and balloons, and then laid the snacks and birthday cake out. James showed up first. We'd met him at the Hollow a few months before, and I'd had sex with him in the backseat of our car in a public parking lot before we'd moved our fun to a hotel. Then a guy showed up named Kent that I'd never met before, but Jack had screened him prior to the party. Four other guys were supposed to show up, Ed and Steve, some guy from San Antonio I'd never met, and a fan from Dallas who I'd never met either (and neither of whom showed up either). There was a knock on the door, and I swung it open to find Ed and Steve standing in the doorway with celery stalks hanging from their mouths! LOL! I'd told them during our pre-party warm-up that I'd read that celery was supposed to make a man's cum taste sweet! Ahh, what a nice couple of gentlemen they were.

I went to get ready while the guys hung around and talked. Once I was ready I stuck my head around the corner from the bedroom and high-signed Jack to put on the music. As the Stones began singing about "Wild Horses" I strutted slowly out into the living room area, dressed in white thigh highs, a flimsy matched set of black shorts and top, and draped in Mardi Gras beads. But those clothes were just the beginning. I felt good, real good, a little nervous, but slutty. I spun around the room, swaying my hips slowly to the music, letting it enter me. I slid up to Jack, smiling, stroking his face, but when he reached out to grab me I danced swiftly away. I did the same thing to Steve, then Ed, then James and Kent, and each time they tried to grab me I slipped away laughing. I don't remember who was the first to slip a few bills into my garter, but I know when it happened something changed inside, I became less nervous and more confident. Someone's hand snaked delicately across my butt from behind and I shivered. I spun around, smiling and seductively slipped my shirt off, revealing my newly purchased Victoria Secret lingerie top. Someone promptly slipped a wad of bills inside the strap by my right breast. Mmmm, yes, I was getting into it now…

More cheers, more applause, then Sam and Dave began singing about "holding on because I'm cumming" and I nearly was, I was sooo turned on! And then I was slipping the shorts off over my hips, shaking my thong-clad butt in time to the music, and letting the shorts fall around my ankles. Slowly, I stepped one foot from the gathered up shorts and then flipped them at Jack with my other foot. They landed in his deftly in his lap. Fingers groped at my garter and more bills were slipped inside. I danced over to Ed, bent at the waist, and slowly rubbed my butt across his lap, feeling that hard magnificent cock he had waiting for me. Ed stretched the tiny thong away from my butt, laid some crumpled bills against my skin, and then let it go with a snap. It slapped against my skin, sending torrents of electricity cruising through my soul—oh yeah, I was really into it now. Like a kid surrounded by a roomful of free chocolate I danced around the room, stroking faces and rubbing hard cocks through the pants of these lust-filled men. Steve placed a folded lengthwise dollar bill by his crotch so that it stretched out from between his legs like his beautiful cock. I dropped immediately to my knees, opened my mouth, and began sucking on that dollar bill like I soon would be sucking on his cock. I was lost now, lost in the lust that now reverberated from the roots of my hair to the tips of my toes. All the men now had bills jutting from their clothed crotches, waiting in anticipation for me to suck their money like they wanted me to suck their meat. It wasn't going to be long before I would feel the pleasure of all that wonderful manhood filling me up in satisfaction.

I began kissing Steve, then Kent and James were removing my lingerie bra, and all the while my awesome Jack stood back, snapping pictures and grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Kent and James each took one of my nipples in their mouth and I withered escatically like a fallen power line in a windstorm. I suddenly couldn't stand anymore, my knees melted, and I was lowered gently to the floor. A hard cock appeared at my mouth. Hungrily, I parted my lips and let it slide inside, welcoming it's wonderful hardness with my dancing tongue. Faintly in the background I heard someone singing about "Sexual Healing" and something inside me giggled. I propped myself up so I could service this beautiful piece of meat properly when another succulent slab of manhood was offered for my sampling. Then another, and another, and I went from one man to another, servicing them all, including my awesome Jack, with all the passion and pent-up lust that cruised through my body. My inner slut was loose, and she was hungry!

Strong arms carried me to the bed and laid me gently down on its softness as more men were offered to my lips, and a tongue darted teasingly between the folds of my dripping wet pussy. I looked up around the mass of bodies gathered around me, and smiled as I recognized Jack and then his familiar cock slipping into my mouth. The talented tongue that had been ravishing my pussy disappeared, only to be replaced by a long, thick hard dick, and I moaned around Jack as it slid deeply inside me. I began cumming, and cumming, and cumming, and then Jack began spurting into my mouth and all over my face, his cum raining down to splash across my me like molten lava—I came even harder, one long continuous orgasm that screamed from my toenails to my eyeballs—Oh my God! Then I felt empty as the man inside my pussy left, but I wasn't empty long as another took his place, slipping swiftly inside to feed my need. Two more hard men were poised by my face, straining for my attention. I sucked one, then turned my head and sucked the other, then alternated back and forth as the man in my pussy pounded me relentlessly. One of the men I'd been sucking erupted, and again I was swallowing and having my face bathed in warm liquid fire, and then I felt the man in my pussy withdraw, and from somewhere off in orgasm land I heard a man groan and my stomach and pussy were splashed in heavy doses of searing wetness; more cum, more cum, more cum….

Suddenly I was alone on the bed. I looked up to see happy, satisfied, worn out men grouped around the bed, smiling down at me. I leaned up and looked at myself. I was covered in cum! I ran the back of one hand across my face, gathering up some of the thick pools that hadn't run off yet, and slipped those gobs in my mouth.

"Yummy," I said, and we all laughed. What a mess, what a wonderful mess I was! I loved it!

Kent and James got dressed and left shortly after the cum bath as they had other commitments, and I took a quick shower. I dressed in the lingerie that Ed and Steve had bought me for my birthday present, and slinked back out into the living room area.

"Anyone for Round Two?" I asked, sweetly.

Jack, Ed, and Steve jumped immediately to their feet and we all disappeared into the bedroom again. Round Two became Round Three and Round Four before we called it quits for the night, but we unfortunately ran out of film way before that. It was one evening that will forever be seared into my memory. My first ever strip tease gangbang. What a birthday party—a fantasy cum true. And my awesome Jack made it all possible. Thanks Honey!



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Thanks honey for pimping me out?

What brain dead husband does that? I wonder how many diseases she has now? A story of stupidity and abuse.

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