tagLoving WivesCarol's Patch Job Ch. 05

Carol's Patch Job Ch. 05


Author's Notes;

I hope you have enjoyed the story. There is an erotic scene in this chapter. First one I've ever written. I was very tempted to lift one, whole cloth, from someone else's story. File off the serial numbers, change the names, shoot my conscience and I would be in business. This site, of course, is full of well written erotic scenes It is very intimidating to write one, for such an audience. I didn't borrow/steal one, but I was tempted.

Thanks again for reading.


Janice thought about how she told Carol that she would pick herself back up during the bad times. Well it was time, she squared her shoulders, shook off Mark's supporting hands and said. "I know, I was a no good cheat. But I rededicate myself to Jim, my marriage, and our family."

Ben and Mark silently exchanged looks over Janice's head. Danny's revelations had seriously troubled them. Were they wrong in giving Janice another chance and what would they tell Carol?

Jim slowly mended at home. Two months after he first got sick, he returned to work but only partial days at first. Of even more import to him, he received his first blow job from his wife in eight years. This was to become an almost daily occurrence for him. Sadly, Janice had to tell him that she was experiencing a severe vaginal infection and they would not be able to enjoy any intercourse for at least another month. But she intended to keep her man happy in other ways.

During that time, Mark told Jim about the fantastic deal he had found on a partially built house in Penny's area. Mark was sure, that if they hired some people to complete all the remaining big jobs and then finished the small stuff themselves, that the total price would be less than the current market value of their present home. Janice overhearing Mark's idea, said that it would be nice to be closer to her sister Penny and that she was pretty sure, that she could get a job transfer to that school district.

Jim started talking about getting his minivan fixed up, but Ben said it was a bad idea to put a thousand or more into a car that was so old. The transmission, rear end or engine could go out, at any time with a car, with so many miles on it. He said Jim would be better off, just getting something newer. He said that he had been seeing some fantastic deals on SUVs lately.

"An SUV is too small, what if I want the entire family to ride in one car?"

"It will be a little cramped Jim, but three can fit in the back seat."

Jim gave Ben a puzzled look, like Ben was being dumb. "Well then, where will you and Mark sit?"

Ben found Jim a fantastic deal on a slightly used minivan, with almost the full warranty remaining.

Three months after Jim's hospitalization, Janice told Jim that her infection was all cleared up and that they could resume screwing around. She wiggled her eyebrows and her hips when she said that.

It had been at least five months for Danny and he was still getting negative test results. He had also heard indirectly from his ex and she was HIV negative, as well. Janice's syphilis infection was gone and she had been receiving negative test results for three months.

Their first night, returning to full sexual relations, Jim decided to return the favor to Janice for all the oral sex, he had been receiving. He started out by giving her a slow sensuous massage. Starting at her feet with Janice on her stomach. He took his time working the erotic oil, that he had purchased especially for that evening, into her skin. Slowly rubbing it into her toes, then instep, heel, Achilles tendon area, calf, back of her knee, and up her thigh. Just when Janice thought he was going to play with her pussy, Jim moved his hands to the outside of her buttocks and slowly massaged up the sides of her back, going up to her shoulders. Then massaging down her arms and back up to her neck. He slowly massaged her neck and scalp leaving his wife as limp as the proverbial noodle. Then he started massaging down her spine, coming at last to her buttocks again. Slowly he massaged by her anus, and lightly blew in that area. Which caused Janice to shiver and curl up her toes. Then moving down to her pussy he started to gently blow and massage her lips there. He continued his ministrations there for twenty minutes. When he asked.

"Dear would you like to turn ov......."

Faster than a cat on a hot plate, Janice flipped over onto her back. "Don't you dare start from my feet again."

"But dear....."

Janice sat up, grabbed Jim's head and then laid back down, pulling his head down into her crotch on the way.

Jim then spent forty minutes paying worship to his wife's vagina by gently kissing and sucking, nibbling at her clit, and at times vigorously fingering her. He wasn't sure how many orgasms he gave her but she was moaning, whimpering and shuddering the entire time.

Finally Janice started to pull forcefully on his hair, trying to move his head up her body. When they were face to face, she kissed him passionately. "Put it in me, now!" She demanded.

To Jim's surprise, she was much tighter than before. Maybe his memory was playing tricks or maybe it was because she started exercising again? Jim pounded into Janice for fifteen minutes, when she said she wanted to change positions. She flipped onto her stomach and rose to her knees. For the next twenty minutes Jim did his best, thinking about icebergs, circuit diagrams, and migratory bird patterns. Janice was moaning and screaming the entire time. "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! AHHHhhhh" Then she would shudder, shiver violently and then she would start it all over again to repeat, and repeat, and repeat......

At the end, Janice rose up twisting her torso partially around. She grabbed Jim's head and gave him a tongue searing kiss, that just went on and on. Jim lost it, with a groan and crossed eyes he came in his wife's pussy. Janice collapsed on the bed and Jim collapsed on top of her.

Janice mumbled into the bed. "Jim, when do you think, you'll be ready again?"

"Give me a half an hour and I need a glass of water."

"Okay," and Janice closed her eyes, dozing off. Jim did the same.

An hour later after a short nap, brushing their teeth and four glasses of water; they were back at it.

Meanwhile Carol, who had brought Steve and Lisa back from the mall. Had the two of the them, playing video games with the television abnormally loud. Every time there was particularly loud thump upstairs, Steve would flinch. Lisa started asking what were all the funny noises. Carol explained that it must be the construction down the street, it just sounds like it is coming from upstairs.

"Maybe I should go upstairs and check?" Asked Lisa.

"No, no I'll check, you just keep on with your game."

Lisa was having a ball, she knew what was going on. Just because she was the baby and twelve years old, they thought she was dumb. She was going to make her brother and sister crazy with all her questions, for the next two hours. Lisa put another innocent expression on her face.

"But I need to go upstairs and do my homework."

When Jim returned to work, full time, he was transferred to another department. He still retained the same position, but instead of reporting to engineering, he reported to sales. The VP of sales, when he saw a decrease in revenue, had done a sales analysis and commissioned a report on customer satisfaction. Both local and overseas sales people had been using Jim as a closer with their customers. Jim was an extremely competent engineer. His calm and respectful manner when dealing with customers, and their sometimes aggressively sharp questions, had a habit of during a doubtful sale into a firm buy. On the support end of things, Jim was the paramount field trouble shooter for the company. The VP had talked with the president and CEO, and explained how they had an eight percent decrease in sales and a fifteen percent decrease in customer satisfaction, since Jim had been out sick. It was decided that Jim, was an extremely valuable company asset and that they needed to reward him, so he didn't start looking for another job. It was necessary to transfer Jim to the sales department, so that they could get him out of the fixed pay scales of the engineering group. With a raise in salary, plus an increase in bonus points, Jim was effectively given a fifty percent raise in yearly income. Which put him well into the six figure category, for the first time in his life. He still hated the travel, but the money along with the support he received while he was sick, convinced him to persevere.

That spring Janice met another local mother, Sally. Sally was the sales manager at the nearby BMW dealership. Janice confessed to her that her taste in expensive clothes had been getting out of hand. Sally, who was also well dressed, had the same addiction as Janice and had been admiring Janice's attire, had an idea.

"You know, we've got an opening in our showroom. We don't have any ladies on the sales floor, since I was promoted. Simply put, there are sales that only a well dressed, attractive woman is going to make. Sometimes it is another woman, who is uncomfortable with a man and wants to have a lady salesperson. Other times it is man, that will change his mind and buy, when the person sitting across from him is an attractive woman. I know you're a teacher, but you could work part time in the evenings, let's say from four to eight, two or three times a week? You could even work full time in the summer if you wanted."

Janice found the offer very enticing. She spoke to Jim and Carol about it. Jim's response was, if it made her happy and the family didn't suffer, it was okay with him. Jim privately thought to himself, since Janice was no longer spending from six pm to eleven pm at Marge's or Mary's house every night, that three times a week until only eight was a cinch. Carol thought it was okay too.

Janice took to sales, like a born salesperson. She didn't see them as customers, but as new friends that she could socialize with. She especially enjoyed talking with other well dressed women. The talk would turn to fashion and where to shop. Bonds would form and then they would not consider buying from anyone else, but Janice. With the men, Janice would innocently flirt. She would still do well selling to them, but her lady customers were her strength.

Janice was really enjoying her part time job. The dealership had an espresso machine and a selection of fine bakery for potential customers. Janice would sit and chat with customers or the staff at the dealership. She looked forward to working there, it felt more like she was socializing in an expensive coffee shop than working. But she did sell cars, boy did she. With her commissions, she was almost making as much as her full time job. When summer came and she started working full time, she nearly doubled her part time income.

That summer their new house was completed. Every time Jim returned from a sales trip. He would find Ben, Mark, Carol and Steve feigning exhaustion. With the real construction people high tailing it down the road. They came close to being caught once or twice, and Jim was really suspicious, but he could never prove he was being scammed. Ben even had a deal with the material suppliers. Jim would be charged sixty to eighty percent of the actual cost, and then Ben would make up the difference. The kitchen, which should have cost Jim and Janice, over twenty-five thousand, cost them sixteen. Ben knew about Jim's improved income, but he just wanted to help his brother and his family.

Jim was happy as a clam. He was living out in the country, making more money, he had his loving wife back and his sex life was better than ever.

Six months after Janice started therapy, she decided to end it. She thought she had learned enough about herself and with two jobs, she really didn't have the time. Also Doctor Ward, could be extremely hard on Janice at times. Janice was just tired of the her polite criticisms, no one was perfect, lighten up.

Instead of going away to a four year university, Carol decided to go to the local college for the first two years. Much like her Dad and Uncle Ben had done. She had some misgivings and wanted to stay close to home.

Janice and Jim got in the habit of going out once a week to romantic places. Janice had forgotten what a good dancer Jim was.

It was the middle of the second summer after Jim's sickness. The kids were at a water amusement park, for a few days. Janice had arranged the trip. It was a happy man that entered the house, with the kids gone they could make as much love as they wanted and not have to watch the noise. He enjoyed Janice's wicked mind. Instead of coming into a house with his wife waiting in a negligee. Janice was severely dressed and sitting at the dining room table, there was a small stack of papers in front of her.

"Jim, I'm sorry honey, but we need to talk." Janice patted a chair next to her, for Jim to sit down. He had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"Jim I love you, but I don't love you as a wife should love her husband. I love you as family and as a wonderful Father of my children. But I need to stretch my wings a bit. I need more excitement, than the role of a wife and mother gives me. I'm so sorry Jim, I tried so hard." Janice cried, softly.

Jim leaned back and looked at his wife. "Who is the strange person," thought Jim.

Janice had her eyes partially closed and was expecting Jim to lean in and put his arms around her, but it wasn't happening. She looked up to see, and saw Jim leaning back, with a complete look of shock and disbelieve on his face.

Jim felt his heart drop out his chest, go through his asshole and hit the floor. "Janice everything has been so good lately, you must be joking, right?"

"I'm sorry Jim." She slid the stack of papers over to him. These are the divorce papers, I'm asking for very little. I know you've paid for almost everything over the years. I think we should share custody of the children. I've already put a down payment on a condominium." Which was more than true, she had already purchased a condominium from one of her customers. Janice had just finished furnishing it, too. "This is just so hard for me Jim, please understand. I've already moved my clothes out. I've got to go now Jim, this is just too hard." Janice left the house crying. When she got in her car, she stopped crying and took a deep breath, relieved that she had finally done it. "This is really the best thing for us. Maybe in time we will even get back together. But I need this." She started her car and drove off.

Jim left sitting at the table. "What the fuck just happened? What the fuck just happened." Jim whispered to himself, staring blankly at the divorce papers.

Carol, Steve and Lisa came home the next day. Uncle Mark was waiting on the front porch."

"Before you go inside, I've got to talk to you. I've got some bad news."

Carol was having none of that and pushed by her Uncle. She saw her father sitting on the couch, he was highly distraught. Uncle Ben was with him, Uncle Ben looked up at Carol and slowly shook his head.

"That bitch," Carol muttered.

She ran up to her parents bedroom and opened their closets. She saw that all her Mother's clothes were gone. "THAT BITCH!" She screamed.

It was two years after Janice had moved out. "Things had been rocky at first," she thought. "But it was for the best, I've got a good relationship with the kids again and I even see Jim for the holidays. Though it is funny that he hasn't invited me for Thanksgiving yet, it is already November." Janice was meeting Carol at a fancy dining and dancing establishment. Not the usual place for a mother/daughter meeting, but Carol had picked it out. She had joked that maybe they could pick up some men together. Janice and her daughter were escorted to a small elegant booth in the back, just the right place for a bit of private conversation.

"You know Mother, you never really knew how devastated Daddy was, after you left him like that. He was a wreck for the first two weeks and had to take time off from work. He couldn't bear to see you for two months. Uncle Ben and Uncle Mark virtually lived with us for that whole time. You had him completely fooled. I should have warned him, I knew you were planning something. But do to it so suddenly and completely, while he was all alone, that was cold."

"I'm sorry Carol. I just didn't know how to do it any other way. It's not like I took anything from him. I took my part of the retirement and Jim forced me to take twenty thousand more from our savings." She had taken so little, because she knew Jim would take care of the children. Janice also, did have her pride and she knew that most their savings, the kid's college funds, and their private retirement accounts were the fruits of Jim's hard work and careful management. But in the back of her mind, was the possibility that she might want to return home one day, so she also wanted to leave a home that she could return to.

"Look at the bar Mother. See that group of men, waiting to get their drinks because the waiters are so slow here?"

Janice looked at the bar and saw a fine bunch of well dressed attractive men, standing there. One in particular caught her eye, yum. He was so distinguished and dressed so well, if Carol wasn't here. "My god, that's Jim."

"Yes it is. You took Daddy for granted for far too long. You conditioned yourself to never see him as sexually desirable. Your friends thought he was sexy as hell, but that didn't matter to you. You couldn't see him that way, the grass was always greener somewhere else. Heck, my friends think he is hot. My best friend Linda dreams about him and if he wasn't my Father, I would jump his bones in a heartbeat."

"So this is part of my revenge Mother. I still love you, but you hurt my Father. If he had done something to hurt you, I would have wanted revenge on him as well. You promised me that you would do everything in your power to keep your marriage together. You lied, you gave up after only slightly more than a year and a half. Don't think of this as, I love Daddy more. This is payback. I can't let you get away, without balancing the books for Daddy."

"Keep looking at him Mother. See how well he is dressed. Now that he can afford it and there is someone in the house, that cares how he is clothed. See how almost every woman here is staring at him. See how he is talking at the bar and he has everyone's attention. Oh, see how as he walks back to his table, drinks in his hand, he moves so gracefully. And again, all the women are following him with their eyes, a few deep sighs there too. Doesn't it just a little bit, make you hot for Daddy? I know it does for me, sometimes I'm sorry I'm his daughter."

Janice had to admit, that in this setting with Jim dressed so fine and not seeing him for eleven months. She felt more than a twinge of desire. Maybe she should ask him to dance. Compared to the men she had been seeing lately, he seemed more of a thoroughbred. None of the men she dated, lasted for longer than a month or two, she grew bored with them. She remembered Jim's tight body. Why hadn't she realized what she had, before she let it go. She took a couple of deep breaths, it would be so good. She could make it so good for Jim.

"Why Mother, I do believe you are getting flushed. Is Daddy turning you on?"

Janice realized that for all her love making, in the last year of her marriage, she had just acted and had hardly ever let herself go. She hadn't wanted to recognize Jim's good qualities, because then it would have been harder to have her romantic dreams about other men. Maybe absence does make the heart grow fonder, or maybe it is comparison? She would ask Jim for a dance and seduce him on the dance floor. He probably had a date here, but it didn't really matter. She knew that she looked good and she had gotten quite good at the seduction game. It was time to get back to her marriage. She had always loved Jim and she didn't want to grow old alone.

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