tagInterracial LoveCarolyn and John Ch. 04

Carolyn and John Ch. 04


The next day dawned warm and fine, a few fluffy clouds chasing each other across the city sky, and a bright sun beaming down between them.

Carolyn woke early, wondering for a moment where she was, then remembrance came like a warm wave, filling her with happiness as she felt the warmth of John's body beside her. She rolled into him, savouring the feel and scent of him, until he awoke himself and, seeing her face inches from his own on the pillow, he kissed her gently and hugged her to him.

They showered together, laughing and playing as they sprayed each other with water, and flicked suds at each other. Dressing casually, they made their way to the restaurant and ate a leisurely breakfast. They chatted easily across the small table, making plans to go sightseeing, blowing each other kisses and laughing at the stares of other guests. Carolyn felt like a honeymooner. For the first time in a long while her cup felt full.

After breakfast they strolled out into the morning sunshine, walking hand in hand down the streets. In the busy shopping centre they looked in windows and chatted about clothes and food, exploring each other's tastes and ideas.

They walked leisurely through a park, fountains playing in the sunshine, the water sparkling like jewels. Young mothers sat on the grass with their children, and John and Carolyn sat on a bench and watched them play for a while, his arm around her shoulders.

Whatever thoughts went through their heads at that time, they kept to themselves.

In a shady square, with little traffic, they found a small restaurant and had lunch. John insisted on paying, despite Carolyn's protests. She had already figured he had something of an old fashioned streak where women were concerned. Feminism had passed John by without stopping.

It was in the afternoon when they passed the small jewellers shop, and Carolyn paused to admire a bracelet on display in the window. Before she could stop him, John had entered the shop and was in the process of buying it.

"No, John, I didn't look at it as some sort of hint!"

"I know you didn't." he smiled, "I'm buying it for you because I want to, so you'll remember today every time you look at it. Please Carolyn, take it, I want you to have it."

In the end she gave in, and the bemused shop assistant wrapped it and handed it to her, but they were no sooner out of the shop than John had her open the package and put it on.

"I want to see you wearing it" He said "We don't know what time we'll have together."

Carolyn reflected on this as they walked. He was right, no matter how happy they were right now, it was so fragile, so ephemeral. She had to go back to her husband that evening, and when would she ever see John again? Would she ever see him again? She looked at the bracelet, bright stones glittering in a gold setting against her brown wrist, and a wave of anguish and wanting flooded through her.

She turned toward him "Lets go back to the hotel!"

He stopped, surprised. "Why? We haven't seen all the town yet."

"I've seen as much as I want to. For the rest of the day I want you all to myself"

He laughed, and arm in arm they strolled back, both knowing what was to come, both feeling a rising excitement.

In the hotel room, he pulled her to him, hugging her gently, and kissed her long and hard on the lips. Carolyn responded passionately, standing on tiptoe to wrap her arms around his neck and searching out his tongue with her own, then slowly and carefully they began to undress each other.

She unbuttoned his shirt, stripped it back down his arms and tossed it onto a chair. John took the hem of her T shirt and lifted it, and as she raised her arms he slid it up and off her, then his hands moved round behind her, stroked her back gently for a few moments, and as she closed her eyes and stood very still she felt him unfasten her bra and slide it down her arms.

He feasted his gaze on her, the firm brown breasts jutting proudly from her curvy body, the purple brown nipples already hardening with passion at his touch. From her waist the gentle inviting curve of her womanly hips vanished into her low cut jeans. Gently he put a hand up to each warm globe of a breast and stroked the nipple and Carolyn shuddered and ran her hands up and down his arms.

Suddenly she kneeled down, and her hands fumbled at his belt. Unfastening it, she popped the button on his pants and slid the zipper down, and pulled them down his legs to his ankles. He realised what was coming and felt his cock rising and hardening in his boxer shorts. Carolyn stroked the bulge of his cock through the material, feeling the shape of his erection, then she took hold of his shorts on either side and slid them down his legs, his cock springing free level with her face.

Gently, she took it in her hands and moving her mouth towards it tortuously slowly, she began to gently blow on the tip. The cold air of her breath made it grow even thicker and harder, and she put her tongue out and licked the tip of his cock with it. He moaned and put his hands on her head, holding her gently.

Finally she took his cock into her mouth, sucking it as her tongue teased it. John gasped and buried his fingers in her braids, feeling her lips slide along his shaft and the never stopping tongue tickling and teasing as her hands held the base of his cock and stroked his balls in their tight sack.

She kept this up until John was gasping and writhing under her touch, but he realised she wasn't going to make him come this way, this was just foreplay.

Carolyn stood up, and looking round she spotted a straight back chair in the corner. Pulling it into the centre of the room, she asked John to sit in it, and when he did she peeled his pants and shorts over his feet, leaving him naked.

Standing in front of him, she unfastened her jeans and stepped out of them, then coyly slipped her cotton panties off as he watched. Wondering what was coming next, he was amazed as she stood in front of him, hips swaying like an exotic dancer, and eyes closed, she began to play with her nipples with one hand while the other slid slowly down her chocolate brown belly toward her womanhood, finally reaching the damp slit below her small neat bush of hair.

As he watched, his excitement growing, she slid one finger into her pussy slit and began to pleasure her self, her hips swaying, her lips slightly parted as she made soft moaning noises.

John felt like he was going to burst. His cock stood out like a ramrod and he began to stroke it, wondering if she intended them to masturbate in front of each other, but suddenly she opened her eyes and stepped up to the chair he was in.

Opening her legs wide, she moved forward and over him, straddling his thighs, then she slowly lowered herself onto his lap, leaning back slightly, steadying herself on the chair back. One hand dropped down between them, and taking his cock in her fingers, she guided it to her entrance and gently lowered herself onto him, his erection slipping deep inside her warm pussy.

Face to face they sat, stroking each other, kissing, his thick hard cock buried deep inside her welcoming hips, until finally she began to move, softly and gently, rising and falling, her cunt slipping up and down his throbbing cock in delicious slow strokes. He groaned and put his arms around her, running his fingers up and down her back. He thought that he could feel every ridge and ripple inside her love tunnel, his cock end was so sensitive. He realised she was moving so slow because she wanted to prolong it for them both. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing softly through her mouth. He pulled her to him and kissed her full on the mouth, and her dark eyes opened and stared into his, soft with passion. Again he marvelled at the contrast between them, her deep chocolate skin against his. She gleamed in the sunlight coming through the window, a rivulet of sweat between her breasts. He groaned and stroked the soft curve of her hips, and she closed her eyes again and quickened the pace, bouncing up and down on him faster. He slid his hands under her buttocks and began to help her move, lifting her each stroke, feeling the strong muscles tighten and relax under his fingers. Her breath began to come in short gasps and he sensed she was building towards orgasm. He began to buck his hips in the chair, digging his toes into the carpet and flexing his back. He felt the ache begin deep in his lower belly and spread into his cock and balls. Carolyn was bouncing very fast now, and gasping each time, the sound growing louder, until suddenly he felt her tighten around his thick cock and she jerked frantically, throwing her head back and moaning as she came. He felt his cock begin to pulse in waves of pure pleasure that spread through his body as he spent himself inside her, spurting his semen deep into her as she ground her hips onto him and finally slowed and stopped, panting, her head on his shoulder.

For a while afterward, they lay down together on the bed, stroking each other, then Carolyn sat up.

"John, I have to go soon." She said softly.

"I know." He answered.

"I'll just go grab a shower, then I'll pack my stuff up." She vanished into the bathroom.

When she came back out, things had changed. She didn't know how, she just knew they had. He had dressed and was sitting near the window, gazing out into the early evening. There was something about him, the look on his face, the way he held himself maybe.

Putting a robe on, she walked over and stood beside him, putting her hand on his shoulder.

"It's been a lovely day John. Thank you. Really, it's been great."

"Yes." Was all he answered.

"Is something wrong John?"

"No. Should there be?" His voice was strange, almost bitter. What had she done?

She kneeled down beside his chair, her face close to his. "John, what's wrong, is it something I've done or said."

He turned away from her, looking out of the window, then he began to speak, his voice tight, as if he was having to force the words out.

"It's been wonderful. But it's over, isn't it. Now you have to go back to your husband and tomorrow I go home to my empty house. What was the point Carolyn? What was the fucking point?"

She felt as if he had slapped her in the face. This day, this beautiful day, had ended like this, with him feeling angry and bitter. What was the point? Two people had stolen some happiness for a few hours, shared something wonderful that they couldn't find anywhere else, and he asked what was the point?

She stood up. "Well if that's how you feel, then fine. I'll get my things and go. You obviously don't want this to go on. I'm sorry it was such a disappointment to you! I'm sorry I wasted your time!"

"NO!" the cry came from deep within him, a cry of pain. He snatched at her, caught her hand and held onto it tightly, stopping her from moving. "No! You don't understand."

"Then try explaining to me!" she answered, still hurt and angry.

He held his head in his hands for a minute, rubbing his eyes, then he looked up at her.

"Carolyn..." he began and faltered, swallowed, started again.

"Carolyn, today was fantastic. I haven't been happier for years. Literally years. That's the problem. My problem. I've just left a woman I had nothing in common with, got out of a world of misery. I'm still sorting my head out, still trying to get my feet back on the ground. It would be so stupid of me to jump into anything else right now. I'm too vulnerable, too mixed up."

He looked up at her, his face full of emotion.

"But I love you Carolyn. I never wanted to, but I've fallen in love with you. I'm not ready for this, and for all I know you never will be, but I love you, and I know it's real. I never felt like this about anyone before. When I bought you that bracelet, it wasn't just to remember today. It was to remember me. It was a token of how I was feeling. I hoped you'd realise." His head drooped. "Now you can go. It's best. I'm so, so sorry. I've spoilt everything. Just go."

Carolyn looked at him for a long moment, then she turned and walked to her bag. Bending, she took out her cell phone and dialled a number. When she got an answer, she put on a cheery voice.

"Hi! It's just me. Do you mind if I stay on here another night? You know what us girls are like when we get together. We still have so much to talk about. You're OK with it? Great! See you tomorrow evening then!"

Closing the cell phone, she tossed it onto the bed, and came back over to John in the chair. "Well that's hubby sorted." She said casually.

She looked down at him for a moment, then she kneeled. Took his hands in hers, looked up into his face, her brown eyes shining. Softly she began to speak.

"John. My John. You are so lovely, and you are the world's biggest fool. How could you not see? How could you not tell?"

She took his head in her hands, kissed him gently. A tear crept from one deep brown eye and trickled down her cheek.

"I love you too John. I've loved you since that first day in the meadow. I love the way you look at me, the way you talk, your gentleness, your honesty. I thought I might never see you again after that day. Do you know what it means to be here with you, now? Do you know how many times I've dreamed about being with you? And more than that...." She hesitated " I've dreamed about being free to stay with you, to start again with someone who loves me the way I want to be loved. Whatever happens between us, John, my marriage is as dead as yours. He loves his work, not his wife. It's only a matter of time, choosing the right moment to tell him. To be honest, I don't even think he'll care or miss me. I'm just a distraction to him now. If you really want me, then you can have me John, all of me, forever. But I'm not going to rush you into anything. You need time, like you said, and I'll give you all the time you want."

He sat, stunned, unbelieving, then with a sobbing cry he flung his arms around her and hugged her so tight she couldn't breathe. Finally he let her go, his face alight with joy.

He went out and bought a bottle of wine, and back in the room they sat and drank and talked and talked. Like a storm after a drought, the words poured out of them, all the feelings, all the pent up emotions, the misery of the lost years, everything poured out in a stream of speech until exhausted they lay in each others' arms.

John finally broke the silence.

"Carolyn, you know when we were in the park this morning, watching those kids? I just got this picture in my head, that one day we could do that. Take our kids to the park and watch them play. Oh Carolyn, I know it's too early to talk about stuff like this, but I really would love us to have kids. I haven't got any, my wife and I, we kept putting it off, always something else to think about, a better house, a bigger car, a promotion to work for. By the time we were where we wanted to be we'd already drifted so far apart we weren't even sleeping together anyway."

He turned to her, not noticing her stiffness, how she wasn't meeting his eyes any more.

"I know you haven't got any kids Carolyn. Same reason I guess. But that's past. We won't make the same mistake. I love kids. I would be the happiest man in the world if you had mine. But like you say, we have plenty of time yet. We aren't even properly together yet. But children mean so much to me Carolyn, I've dreamed about having them for years."

Carolyn said nothing for a while, then she turned to him, her face a mask of sorrow.

"John. I have to tell you something. Before I met my husband I only had one other lover, only one other guy I ever slept with. I thought I was in love with him, but I found out that he was playing the field. When I found out he had other women I dumped him. A year later I met my husband."

She paused for a moment, gathering her thoughts, then continued.

"A couple of years after we married, we started trying for a child. After months of nothing happening, we went for tests. He was fine, so they started to look at me. It turned out I'd had an infection, a sexually transmitted one. The only place I could have got it was from my first lover. It wasn't serious, nothing that was going to kill me or my husband, they cleared it up soon enough with some meds, but it had done its work."

She looked at him, her eyes meeting his, hers wet with tears.

"John, I'm sterile. It destroyed my fallopian tubes. Scarred them to hell. I can't have children, ever. Not with you or anyone. I'm sorry. So sorry."

He stared at her, his face a mask of pain and disbelief. Finally he rolled off the bed and almost ran to the door, grabbing his jacket. He shot out of the room, the door slamming behind him like a gunshot. Minutes later Carolyn head an engine start in the car park. She ran to the window, in time to see John's car pull out of the hotel and drive fast down the highway.

Carolyn stood for a moment, her mind numb, then she flung herself on the bed and her body shook as she sobbed, her heart breaking.

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