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Two couples. The real deal.

Hannah and her partner Jack (she is still not used to the term "husband") – 36 and 53 respectively, are an extremely open-minded couple in more than a few aspects. Married for nearly five years – which feels like an eternity to him, she's sure, as she is a handful – more on that later. They met 10 years ago at work and...well, it would take a trilogy to document their adventures.

Hannah is a study in contradiction. While she is attractive, so she has been told (and shy) – at 5'1", 115lb, blonde, and getting better with age (yikes! – ignore the forehead wrinkles) – she is frequently mistaken on the street for Reese Witherspoon. (it's the chin, the chin). She dresses in a rather stylish combination of classic & on-trend – but never revealing in any way – period. She prefers to be wanted for her mind first – the rest is gravy.

Her man – bless his soul – is not quite as – shall we say – prude. He does not see me naked nearly as much as he'd like ... maybe you (she) can entertain him (and him) with me. Jack grudgingly allows me to dress him – actually I demand it – and he has a great ass, nice legs, gorgeous hair and eyes – a man you feel safe with (unless the situation calls for otherwise). Jack is a red-blooded male, and I admit he is starved for some basic physical attention. I have been neglectful – it is true. And I would like to change that – with some company, perhaps.

Jack gets off on this – Literotica. I had never heard of the concept – never crossed my mind. Yep that's me – surface prude. I get off on intellectuals – men and women. But – hey we are all friends here – I actually may very well have had quite a few more ... let's say – experiences than Jack. In fact, the most rewarding was a relationship I had with a couple.

The reason it worked – that situation, and I remain very close with my girlfriend – was because we had a foundation - we knew each other to a certain degree. And of course – we were all, I'll admit – pretty damn hot.

So this is what I envision: and if you read my bio I mean it – looks are secondary to wit, intelligence, personality. Now, I will be honest; why not? – I have "been with" (definition later) more than one woman in my travels, and I consider myself a potential bisexual – sexually, that is. Jack – well, he is more adventuresome than I ever imagined years ago – these "recurring scenarios" may play out in terms of pairings/triplets in ways unanticipated – so I think I will leave that door open.

If you are still reading this, you are my kind of material. Hell I will just lay it out – I am pretty damn...impetuous and unpredictable – in the right moment. Here are a few teasers:

Imagine: lazy 3-day weekend in Key West. Hanging out, drinking at a thatch-roofed bar. Jimmy Buffet on the jukebox. Apparently a song came on that lit me up. I jumped off my stool and onto the bar, and tore off my shirt. Now – I am no Playboy Bunny – au naturel here – but the B/C, small – and very, very responsive nipples – were well-received by the pleasantly surprised patrons.

I like to be watched – Jack and I have talked endlessly about a good, quick, hard fuck on the Brooklyn Bridge, which we live right next to. I used to sit on my balcony in Manhattan naked as a newborn. I went to a strip club with a bunch of friends while I was in graduate school and...got in on the action. Sense a pattern?

Now Jack, he has been married previously, and I am open minded enough to hear tales of their escapades – a 'la Jamaica on the beach; hot tub topless – times four!.

Oh – you'll love this – I met a man who did not want to have intercourse, but he got off on me playing with sex toys. He took me to a...club – rather seedy, but I was game – and there in a public space, he thrust in and out a 7" dildo; I looked up once – and the lust in the eyes of the men watching was palpable. Average night on the town.

So – back to you.

We'd like to know you – I am a stickler for a certain degree of familiarity before becoming physically proximal with anyone; I can't do the one and done. Jack feels the same way. We are open in every respect – use your imagination (please!). I really want to see another woman with Jack – maybe I can learn some tricks! And I am dying to kiss the so-soft lips of a woman; only women truly know how to kiss – really kiss. I would totally be up for you and I (she), getting comfortable, I want you to kiss me while touching my breasts – and I will do the same. (now I prefer not-so-large breasts, but hey, everything is negotiable) I have a fabulous glass dildo – seriously, world class – a 8000 volt vibrator (I am sensitive – cannot rev it all the way up...but maybe you will. You (she) can bring your toys ... don't you love it when your husband fucks you with your huge (I am tight) dildo while you writhe on the delicious vibration/

Oh, did I mention the Sybian? Yes. You read that correctly. I have barely broken it in at all – shame on me – but maybe (please) you/she/he/Jack – can all help each other?

Damn. I forgot the best part. If it is consensual, umm...we have a video camera with a tripod. Tape is tossed. And the boys – well, they can watch – no touching until we say so.

You'd think I/we have done all this before, eh? Well I have to a certain degree...and so has Jack. But let me be up front – we are looking for a friends-with-benefits type of arrangement. No pressure.

Is this a story? It is my first. I suppose it is a fantasy wrapped in a come-on covered in an invitation.

What do you say? Hey, live fully ...we do.

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