tagLesbian SexCarpet Soaker Ch. 02

Carpet Soaker Ch. 02


I opened my eyes to what should have been a brand new morning, batting them slightly wondering why it was still dark, finally realizing that I still had on my sleeping mask. This time, I wasn't surprised by the foreign thumb resting in my mouth. Jessica was breathing lightly on my neck again and I started to run last night's (or rather this morning's) events through my mind. I squeezed my legs together to silence the meowing down below.

"I see that you're finally awake, Syl. I've been waiting..." Jessica took her spittle-covered thumb out of my mouth and stroked some of my hair behind my ear. We were still lying in the spooning position, her right leg tucked comfortably between my parted legs. I still had my little tush snuggled against her crotch, both of our shorts still damp from this morning's activities.

"Yes, but barely. I'm still a little tired. I think I may fall back to sleep." I closed my covered eyes back and started to stealthily make my way back to dreamland. I half-expected that Jessica would place her thumb back into my mouth but it never came. I resolved myself to having to go without it.

"I'm sorry, Syl, but before you fully go back to sleep, I need to take care of something."

Jessica moved back some so that she could roll me onto my back. I lay there waiting, the anticipation killing me inside. After a few minutes, or so it seemed, I heard Jessica and it sounded like she was fumbling with her clothing.

My suspicions were confirmed as she said, "I guess I'll put these shorts in the bathroom to dry." Jessica climbed over me and walked to the bathroom, returning moments later. "Don't worry, Syl, I won't be too much longer." With that, I felt hair grazing my face and then some very soft lips pressed against mine. Jessica hadn't gotten in the bed and was just standing by the bed, kneeling over me and possessing my lips. She reached a hand to my neck, massaging it and stroking my hair at the same time. A special tightness returned to my stomach and, again, flashbacks of last night were haunting my mind. It was if my sleeping mask served as nothing more than a movie theatre screen, showing me all sorts of erotic pinpoints of hours earlier.

Jessica's other hand grabbed at my left hand which was closest to her and guided it up her inner left thigh, only stopping once it was resting on her mound. She kept her hand on mine and then began kissing me even more passionately. Our tongues played cat and mouse as they darted in and out of each other's mouths and wrestled. As if under a spell, my hand began to rhythmically squeeze her vagina, using my middle finger to circle her opening.

"I'm almost ready, Syl. Don't move your hand anymore and just hold it in a cupped position." I stopped moving my hand and just cupped it while I was squeezing my legs together to desperately massage myself. Jessica broke the kiss and raised my sleeping mask. She stared at me intently and, without looking away, brought her hand down to my crotch and easily slid two fingers inside me. Counter-clockwise, she finger-fucked me while staring into my eyes and then without warning...Warmth all over my cupped left hand. She was peeing into my hand while her right hand was placed over my own hand. Her fingering became frantic and I broke free of the spell of her eyes and looked over to watch the golden stream trickling down her legs, down our joined hands, traces of it following my arm all the way down back to the bed. The sight overwhelmed me and I couldn't help myself anymore. I locked my legs together in spasm, trapping Jessica's hand down there, and cumming all over it. My eyes closed wearily...


I awoke for the third time this morning wondering how long I had been asleep. Jessica was taking off her top and throwing it in the hamper.

"It's going to be hard to get through the day if you keep going to sleep, you know." With that she came over to the bed and started to pull off my shorts. She then lifted my shirt off of me and took it to the hamper as well. "Stand up sleepy-head, I need to take the covers off the bed so that we can have a dry bed."I got up and she removed all of the covers. I was still in a daze and weak from earlier.

"What are you doing to me, Jess?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You keep doing these weird things that turn me on and make me cum."

"I don't know what you're talking about." She gave me a weird look as if she was truly puzzled by what I was saying.

"Sure you know, you don't remember just a little while ago when you—"

"I said I don't know what you're talking about!" She had swiftly crossed the room to where I was and placed her hand over my mouth. Her face was stern and her eyes dared me to open my mouth again. I was in shock and didn't know what to do. While her hand was still covering my mouth, she guided me back to the wall and leaned her face in so that her mouth was by my left ear. Whispering, she said, "Really Syl, you have to stop telling little lies. We're too good of friends for you to talk about crazy things. The only thing that happened was that I peed in the bed and you helped me clean myself off." She pulled her head back so that she was looking in my eyes. "So what happened last night, Syl? Tell me."

"You peed in the bed and I helped you clean yourself off." I kept staring into her eyes. I probably shouldn't have as it was becoming quite clear that she had this power of putting me into a trance while looking into her yes.

"Good girl. That's exactly what happened." Jessica leaned in towards my face and, while still staring me in the eyes, kissed me on my lips parting my mouth with her delicate sweet tongue. My eyes closed while mixed emotions ran all throughout my body. What the hell was happening?

Jessica broke the kiss and, once again, placed her mouth beside my ear whispering, "I don't do things with girls, do you understand me?"

"But you just—"

"Do you understand me?" Her voice had lowered to a dangerous growl.

"Yes, I understand you."

"Good. Now go to the bathroom and get a shower started." Jess was still looking at me with those eyes.


I walked to the bathroom, my head swimming with all types of thoughts. Had I really just been turned into my roommate's willing submissive play toy...not to mention toilet? Down below, I started juicing up very quickly. This was too much for me. I sat down on the toilet and just rested my head in my hands.

"Syl, I don't hear any water running." Jessica had come to the bathroom and was standing in the doorway. "What are you doing?"

"I'm sorry, Jess. Let me get started right now." I got up and hurried to the shower. Jessica grabbed my hand and turned me around.

"Babe, you really have to learn to do what I say." She stroked the side of my face and kissed me on the forehead. "Sit back down on the toilet."

I did as I was told and waited for what I assumed would be punishment. Jessica reached onto the sink countertop and grabbed my electric rotating toothbrush. I didn't know what she had in mind, especially after all the other weird things she was into.

"Place your feet up on the seat."

I slowly raised both of my feet up on the seat cover. Good thing my legs were well stretched out from all the years of swimming.

"Now part your knees." I parted my knees, keeping my eyes focused on the toothbrush in her right hand. Her thumb flicked the switch on the toothbrush and it came to life, buzzing and rotating with a whizzing sound. My eyes widened as I realized what was about to happen.

Jessica got down on her knees in front of me and stared into my eyes. Damn, every time she does this I'm frozen in place. She brought her face closer to my salivating kitty and darted her tongue out and ran it from the bottom of my lips to the top in one long stroke. My legs quivered and my eyes closed. The motion was repeated three more times and I was unbelievably wet.

I jumped in a painful startle. Jess had parted my lips with her left hand, her right hand still holding the vibrating toothbrush, and had bit down on my clitoris. The pain soon subsided, though, as she flicked her tongue across the fleshy button while still holding it between her teeth. I was again quivering and holding onto the toilet seat for dear life. Then she stopped. I opened my eyes just in time to see the toothbrush being escorted to my overly aroused vagina. I screamed out...not from pain, not from weirdness, but just pure ecstasy. It kept going and going and it was sending over the edge at such a fast rate that I just opened my mouth and screamed a long, "Yesssssssss!!!" Tears were coming out of my eyes and my voice soon stopped making sounds but my mouth continued to remain open.

What an amazing punishment...

But I had spoken too soon, apparently. The toothbrush was removed from my vagina and I opened my eyes to see what was to happen next. Jessica looked up at me and smiled. "Are you ready?"

"Am I ready for what?" I looked at her questioningly, puzzled by the odd question.

"You couldn't have thought that was it for your not listening, did you? She smiled more and pulled my face close to hers and kissed my lips, sucking on the top lip. After the kiss, she pushed my head back and awaited her answer.

"No, I didn't think that was all." I lied. That was all I could do as I didn't want to be in trouble for something else already.

"Good. Open your mouth." I separated my lips and looked down at her waiting. Toothbrush still buzzing, she grabbed a lock of my hair from the back of my head and pulled. My head was tilted backwards with my mouth still open and then she took the toothbrush and put it in my mouth.

I tried to move my head a little at first until she jerked my head some and then I faced my fate. She began to brush my teeth with my cum-covered toothbrush. Tooth by tooth, my teeth were glazed in my own cum and then she got to my tongue. Once here, I was able to taste myself and I admit that I really liked the taste. Jessica stopped probing my mouth with my electrical cum-glazer and put her tongue in my mouth and swabbed it around.

"Hmm, very tasty." She then took the toothbrush and placed it in her own mouth. I couldn't believe what was happening. That's saying a lot considering all the weird things that have been happening since early this morning. Jessica brushed her teeth with my toothbrush for about a minute and then pulled my hair back even more so that I was facing the bathroom ceiling. Jessica stood up while still holding my hair back. She placed her face over mine and I stared at her.

"Open your mouth sweetie." I obeyed her and did what I was told.

Jessica spat her saliva, my saliva, and my cum back into my mouth filling it completely. She shut my mouth for me and rubbed my throat.

"That's right Syl, swallow it all." The disgusting (and erotic?) mixture slid down my throat lazily. Man, did she know how to punish someone. I grimaced as the saliva-cum concoction made its way to my stomach.

"Now start the shower." She released my hair and walked out of the bathroom. I immediately went to the tub to turn on the water, definitely not hesitating to take my right hand and shove two fingers into my vagina to rub against my walls. If you could die from being too horny, I was definitely close. After the water was the right temperature, I walked out the bathroom to find Jessica to tell her it was ready.

"Jess, where are you? The shower is ready!" I walked into my room and she wasn't there.

"Okay, I'm getting some towels out of my room."

I walked to her room where I found her gathering some towels out of the drawer. "The water is ready for us." I stood there sheepishly waiting for her to acknowledge my presence.

"Thank you, babe." She had the towels and was facing me now.

"I'm sorry." I looked down at the floor unable to face her magical eyes.

"Sorry for what, Syl?" She stepped to me and raised my chin up.

"Sorry for disobeying you when you told me to do something." A tear escaped my right eye.

"Awww, it's okay Syl." She hugged me and I felt better having her acceptance. My DD's were smashed against her dancer's body and everything felt right. She put her mouth next to my ear and whispered.

"Just make sure it never happens again." She kissed my left ear and continued down to my neck. I instinctively craned my neck towards the right to allow her all the access she needed to the nape of my neck. After kissing my neck a few times, she bit into my neck softly and pressed her hand into my lower back causing me to moan a bit.

"Thank you. I won't mess up again." I put my left hand behind her head and urged her to bite into me more deeply to which she obliged me.

"Now let's get to the bathroom." She gathered up the towels in her left hand and led me by her right hand back to my side of the apartment.


We were in the shower and Jess was behind me lathering up my back. How did this go from one drunken night to her being my captivator, lover, dominator, mistress...

"Have you used the bathroom today?" She grabbed onto my shoulders and pulled me back into her body, shifting her lathering of my back to my breast.

Nipples hardening, I replied, "No, I haven't."

"Good. Turn around and just stand there." I turned around to face her and then she knelt on her knees. "Put your left leg over my shoulder." I placed my leg over her right shoulder and awaited further instructions. Jessica snaked her head right under my little kitty and placed her mouth over my flower. "Whenever you get ready to let loose, release into me." I held onto the shower walls and, with the water cascading over my back, I relaxed myself and gently began to stream myself into Jess's waiting mouth.

I looked down to watch how the scene was playing out. Jess had her eyes on me as usual and her mouth was opened. My stream of golden essence quickly filled her mouth and she didn't flinch one time. Instead, she continued gazing at me as she let the golden puddle overrun her mouth. She then closed her mouth and swallowed, groaning her approval. As I was not yet done urinating into my friend's mouth, she opened her mouth again let it fill up. This time, she waited until I was done and then closed her mouth but did not swallow. She stood up, her mouth full of my urine. She grabbed my hair again as she had done on the toilet and jerked my head back. After looking at me for a few seconds, she placed on her lips on my mine. She grunted her desire for me to open my mouth and I parted my lips. As soon as I had done this, she released my warm piss from her mouth and let it stream into mine. While this was going on, two fingers entered my honey hole and they weren't mine. I began to frantically hump these fingers. There was so much going on today that I just couldn't help myself.

For the second time today, I began to tear up just as my mistress' lips covered mine and sucked madly to gather traces of the pungent liquid on my lips.


We exited the shower and I went straight to my bed but was dismayed at remembering that I had no covers on them.

"Don't worry, Syl, just go to my room." Jessica had come behind me and pulled my hand guiding me back to the other side of the apartment.

I had a towel wrapped around me that Jessica pulled off as soon as we entered her room...our room.

"Go get in the bed, my sweet baby."

"Okay, I'll be waiting on you." I walked over to her bed and got under the covers. With the covers pulled up just under my breasts, I watched Jess. She dropped her towel and went over to her laptop and began clicking away on iTunes. She always had her computer hooked up to her surround sound stereo and had just selected a song from good ole Enya. This was definitely the artist to pick as I was feeling as if I needed to be relaxed after all of today's events.

Jess then took both of her hands and ran them through her hair, staring at me seductively.

"So, how has your day been Syl?"

"It's been great. I really enjoyed myself." I swallowed hard just thinking of it all.

"Good. That's good. And what exactly happened that made you enjoy yourself." She eyed me pensively and I thought about this question carefully.

"Not too much. I just enjoyed having a shower after a nice drunken night." She cocked an eye at me.

"Is that all that happened?"

I remembered what happened earlier and made a wise choice.

"Yes, Jess, that's all that happened." I eyed her not knowing what the reaction would be.

"Good girl...very good girl. Good girls should be rewarded." Jessica walked to the bed slowly, lifting and pulling away the covers as she did so. Soon, my body was exposed again and Jess sat at the edge of the bed near me, fondling my breasts.

"I see you learn very well." A smile was plastered on her face.

I nodded and began twitching my legs again.

"I'm about ready for a nap. But first, I need something taken care of. See, I haven't really came in a while." She rubbed and twisted my right nipple between her thumb and forefinger. She then licked her lips and spat right onto my slightly parted mouth. "I'm sorry about that, let me get it." Jess brought her face closer to my mouth and let her tongue slowly, and sexily, lick up all that she had spat onto me.

Jess got all the way onto the bed and moved down towards my feet. She grabbed both of them and used them as handholds as she spread my legs apart sensually. I was staring right at her face. For the first time today, I wanted her to entrance me into her spell. She readily gave me what I wanted and looked at me, winking her right eye at me and blowing me a kiss.

As my legs were spread, she took her right big toe and placed it on my kitty and began circling it in a clockwise manner. I soon caught onto the pattern of her toe masturbation and grinded my hips to match her pattern. The toe slipped into my moist pussy and I couldn't resist. Moans escaped my lips as I was being toe-fucked. After a few moments of this, she held my left leg up in the air and slid her own parted legs around it. Pretty much, she had her left leg on one side of my left leg and her right leg on another side. I believe this is what's referred to as scissoring.

"You're really going to love this, Syl. Turn on your side so that this is a little bit more comforting." She began bucking her hips, her pussy and juices grinding directly against my juicy pussy. I was going insane with pleasure and my eyes kept periodically closing with all the intense pleasure. Then like a madwoman, Jess started grinding against me super-fast and I came three different times within thirty seconds. I thought it was all over but boy was I wrong.

After my third orgasm, Jess wrapped her juicy lips around my toes and began sucking furiously. Her bucking became more intent and she said, "Oh shit, it's about to happen again."

I thought she was prepared to pee again into my vagina but she couldn't have that much pee still inside of her. What did happen was that her eyes glazed over and she began to spasm wildly and a jet of milky substance came out of her vagina, some landing on my lips which I didn't hesitate to taste. Most of the pressure of it, though, went directly inside my little cooty and, oddly enough, it felt like a liquid penis invading me. I screamed loudly and then the room went dark...

Jess had fucked me with a squirting orgasm and my brain on overload maxed out. Right before I passed completely out, I was in time to see Jess crouching over my mouth with her vagina leaking milky fluid. I assumed she forced my mouth to take in some of her juices.

I just remembered gasping out, "This pussy and body is all yours Jess, forever and ever."

"I know, baby." A hot pussy lowered itself onto my mouth and I sucked on it as I had done the thumb the night before.

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