tagErotic CouplingsCarpool Ch. 03

Carpool Ch. 03


Note: Please read Chapters 1 & 2 to get up to speed. The four carpoolers are petting under the clothing now and all four of them are anxious about the upcoming birthday party. All rights reserved.


"Tom said he was willing for the threesome," Megan said to Mark in the backseat of the car on the way home Friday night. "Maybe we can break away at the beach house?"

"I told you that Ellen will be there. It's too dangerous."

"Maybe I can keep her busy," Jim chuckled from the front driver's seat.

"Ellen is different. She just doesn't...you know..get into sex that much."

"You just haven't found out what she wants," Jim said pulling off the Parkway.

"You're just going to piss her off and then she will want to leave."

"Maybe both of us can keep her busy," Jill giggled. "I'll be there alone and won't mind trying a threesome like Megan had."

"Ellen is different," Mark frowned. "I mean she likes to touch and even gives me a blowjob sometimes but I think she just does it to please me."

"That's fine," Jim laughed. "If she gives me a blowjob I won't complain."

"You better put that away," Jill said looking back at Mark's hard cock with Megan's fingers wrapped around it. "We are getting close to the lot."

"See you tomorrow," Megan grinned at Mark. "Remember think three."


It was late Saturday morning when Tom walked into the bathroom when he saw Megan shaving her pussy. "Shit..is that for Mark?" It was the first time she had shaved it all off.

"It's for both of you," she said not looking up.

"And where do you think this will happen?" Tom asked watching her put down the razor and rubbing cream on her swollen pussy lips. He could see her clitty was already aroused.

"It will be after Jim's family leaves. He asked us to stay around and help clean up."

"And Mark's wife? What's her name? Elaine?"

"Ellen. Jim and Jill said they would keep her occupied."

"I don't think we should do this."

Megan glared up at him. "You promised after bringing Melissa here."

"But you said you really liked doing it with Melissa."

"I did but I want to do it with another man too."

"What are going to do with him? Touch and...and give him a blowjob? Have you gone down on him yet?"

"No, I'm saving it for tonight," she said sharply. "I just want to have two men touching and kissing me...all over."

"And not fuck you."


"Sorry...I'm just nervous about everything."

"Mark is nice. You'll like him."

"We'll see."


"Your mother wants us to stop by the shore house today around 6PM," Lea said to Jim as he read the morning paper.

He had been waiting all morning for the lie. "What for?"

"She said something about needing some help moving some boxes to the garage."

"Sure, we have nothing going on right?"

"I'm going to the mall with my sister so I'll just meet you there at 6:30. Don't get there early because the...uh..cable guy might be there and he won't know who you are."

"OK," Jim smirked looking away.


Lea called her boss on the way to the beach house to make sure he was going to be there early. They were to meet at the butcher to get some meat and at the market to get the rest of the food. It was around 4:30 when they carried everything into the house. As she sat down to cut some tomatoes she felt his hands on her shoulders. "We don't have time. Jim's parents will be here at 5PM."

Bill pretended he didn't hear her and curved his hand down over her chest until he cupped her soft breasts.

"Stop and you better be good tonight." She pulled his hands from her treasures and moved from the chair. After turning she saw his grin. "You're not going to stop are you?"

"Just a quick hand job," Bill whined. He unzipped his slacks and reached in to pull out his hard-on.

Lea pretended to be annoyed but it had been a few days since they had played around in the office. She sat in the chair and reached out to curl her fingers around his pink shaft. Her thump gathered his pre-cum and transferred it to her palm. Now lubricated her strokes were frictionless.

"Will you kiss it for me?" Bill asked moving closer to her face.

"Maybe but not now. We need to hurry up." Her fingers moved faster and faster until she heard him grunt. She grabbed the dishcloth and stopped the cum before it splattered onto her face. She giggled and walked into the laundry room to throw away the cloth. When she returned she saw her mother-in-law walking into the kitchen. "Betty."

"Hi dear...we came early. And it looks like you need a hand."

"We do...uh this is my boss Bill."


Jill went with Megan and Tom but pretended she didn't know anything about the threesome with Melissa or the planned one later.

"So were is Gary?" Tom asked wondering if maybe Jill would want to do a threesome if the one with Mark didn't work out. He peeked back at her long legs under the red sundress.

"Playing golf somewhere?" She said not looking up from the magazine she found in the seat back.

They pulled into the house at 5:50PM and parked around back to prevent Jim from seeing all the cars. As they walked up the back steps Megan saw Mark sitting next to a cute slim woman with short blonde hair. "Come on and meet him," she whispered in her husband's ear.

Mark sat up when he saw Megan and Jill and who must be Tom. As they neared he stood and looked into Tom's eyes. They were not friendly. "Ellen this is Jill and Megan and I guess Megan's husband Tom." Mark grinned.

Ellen was wearing a long slinky grey dress that didn't hide her nice round boobs and ass. "Hi, I've heard so much about you two. Thank you so much for carpooling with my husband."

"Our pleasure," Jill said moving forward to take Ellen's thin fingers in her own. She had been thinking about messing around with her later if the opportunity arose.

Ellen saw the interest and was surprised. She held onto Jill's fingers as Tom and Mark shook hands. "Where is your husband?"

"Golf," Jill grinned looking at her lips wondering how soft they would feel.

Lea saw them all standing and walked out to meet everyone. "Come on inside before Jim gets here," she grinned.


Jim slowed down as he approached the house to make sure he didn't get there before it was time. He practiced his surprised look in the mirror and after parking the car walked up the front steps. He opened the door and stepped back.

"SURPRISE!!" The group of people yelled from the inside of the house. He took a step in and saw his wife running up to him. "You devil," he said looking over her head at her boss Bill standing with a white apron on. On the side were Jill and Megan grinning.

Jim played the birthday boy for the next two hours. They gave him some funny "Over The Hill" gifts and his mother and father surprised him by giving him the house keys and the beach house. "Wow...that's great."

As the festivities continued Tom found Mark alone on the upstairs patio overlooking the small hot tub and beach below. "Hello."

Mark was about to take a drink of beer when he turned and saw Tom. "What's up?"

"I guess we are," Tom tried to joke. He walked out and looked out at the full moon projecting off the dark waters. "So I just wanted to say that all of this...you know...I'm cool with it."

"Yeah...but I'm not. I mean with my wife here. She doesn't have a clue about...the carpool and..."

Tom continued. "And all of you kissing and touching."


"I'm not into guys...Just want to get that straight."

Mark laughed. "Same here."

"Your wife seems nice. I mean...it might be better if...you know..the four of us.."

"She won't," Mark said looking over the rail at Lea's boss cooking the burgers. "I think we need to eat."



Ellen sat alone on the sofa in the living room with her eyes closed. She was tired from the club tennis championship that morning and was hoping that Mark wanted to leave early. Her eyes opened when she felt someone sit next to her. "Oh hi Jim."

"What is a sexy woman like yourself sitting alone?"

She had known Jim for a while and knew what a flirt he was. "Waiting for you," she grinned. "Happy Birthday. I haven't had a chance to tell you."

He looked back at the door. "Don't I get a birthday kiss?"

She was bored and decided to play around. "Sure.' She leaned his way to lightly peck his lips but his hand moved behind her back and pulled. Her eyes closed when their lips touched but opened when she felt the naughty tip of his tongue.

"Ummphh," she grunted trying to pull back and dislodge the slippery eel. His tongue pushed into her lips and made it to her tongue while his right hand moved down to her waist. She was about to slap him when she heard voices. He quickly pulled back and they turned to see Jim's mother and father walk in.

"We are the last of the family to leave," his mother said. "Happy birthday son." She kissed him and his father smacked his back before they left.

"Where is Mark?" Ellen asked feeling nervous being alone with him.

"Outside with Tom and Megan," Jim smiled. "You know I've always found you very desirable."

"I'm not interested," she said firmly. "You've had too much to drink."

"I haven't had a drink," he whispered moving closer and pushing her onto her back.

"Jim..don't," she said softly not wanting others to hear. She tried to roll off the sofa but his hand dropped to the seat cushion. As he moved onto her she turned her face to prevent him from kissing her lips. But instead his lips and tongue attacked her neck and earlobe.

She felt his hardness on her leg and felt her resistance ebbing. "What about Lea?" She asked hoping to make him feel guilty.

"I think she has a thing for her boss," Jim whispered.

"She wouldn't."

"I'll bet she's messing around with him now."

"I don't believe it."

"Go with me upstairs and we can look over the patio. He was cleaning the grill."

"OK," she was willing to do anything to get him off of her.


Tom and Mark were again standing by the rail looking out over the ocean when Megan walked up behind them. "Let's go down the beach," she whispered as she walked up behind them. Over her shoulder was a blanket.

"The beach," Tom gulped figuring that it was time. "What's the blanket for?"

She rolled her eyes and didn't answer. "Jim is busy with Ellen," she grinned to Mark.

Mark looked at Tom for acceptance. "Let's go," Tom said following his wife down the steps to the beach below.

"Let's run," Megan giggled taking off her shoes. She was wearing a white sundress that the guys could easily see in the full moon light as she ran ahead of them. "COME ON!"

Mark took his shoes off and ran to catch her and Tom didn't want to be left behind.

Megan stopped when she figured she was far enough from the house. They were behind another house but it looked dark and unoccupied. She tossed down her shoes and flipped open the brown blanket. She stood grinning as the men ran up to her and stopped. "What took you?"

The guys looked at the blanket and then at her.

"Let's go skinny-dipping," she whispered while pulling the sundress straps off her shoulders. She thought she would be nervous undressing before them but she wasn't.

Mark had touched her bare breasts and fingered her pussy but he had not seen her naked. The moonlight was enough for him to see her white breasts and dark nipples when the sundress moved to her waist.

It was weird seeing his wife stripping naked before another man. He was proud of the way her breasts looked. He was rock hard as she pushed the dress down over her new panties. He glanced at Mark to make sure he was not undressing.

Mark was hard as well seeing her push her panties down over her pussy. He had to look close to see that she had shaved her pussy.

"Well?" she giggled pulling the panties from her feet and tossing them on the blanket. "Are you getting undressed?" She turned showing her white ass and walked seductively towards the water.

Neither man spoke as they quickly stripped. Tom was naked first and took the time to check out Mark's bigger cock as he removed his boxers. They both turned and saw Megan's body halfway submerged.

"Let's go," Tom grinned. They took off and heard her laughing.

Megan could see their cocks bouncing while running and jumping into the cold water. Her eyes moved from penis to penis until they were standing next to her. "Ummm, are those for me?"

Tom watched her walk directly between them and reach down to capture their manhood's. She stroked them equally until she turned to Mark and leaned up to his lips.

Tom moved up behind her and pressed his hard cock into her soft behind. She let him go and pressed her whole naked front into Mark's for the first time.

Megan was sucking Mark's tongue. When he felt Tom's body move up behind her he pulled his hands to the front to prevent touching him. He quickly captured her breasts.

It was much more intense and better than she had imagined. Feeling a hard cock against her ass and one against her stomach was overwhelming. They stayed that way for a few minutes until she broke the kiss and turned to kiss Tom. Now it was Mark's bigger cock jabbing into her ass and her husband's familiar one jabbing into her front. They had touched her breasts but not where she wanted. "Touch my pussy," she whispered to her husband.

Tom's middle right finger did as she asked and a few seconds later felt her guide Mark's fingers there as well. As Tom finger-fucked her hole Mark rubbed her clitty.

She turned back and forth kissing their lips and touching their cocks for a while longer until she was ready for the blanket. She let their dicks go and moved towards the beach. "Come on."

They both had known the rule that Mark couldn't fuck her so when she moved onto her back Tom immediately moved between her legs. But she stopped him and kept her legs together. "Kiss me...kiss me all over."

Tom moved on her left side and Mark the other. They leaned forward to kiss her neck as their hands cupped the nearest breast.

Megan felt their hard shafts against her hips but didn't reach out to them. It was her turn to receive pleasure. Their lips teased and licked down her neck until they each found a nipple. It was a feeling she would never forget. "OHHHH!"

Lips moved over her breasts and back up to her neck. As Tom frenched her mouth Mark's face moved down over her shaven lower stomach until he licked into her moist slit.

"OH GOD!!" She screamed pulling her mouth from Tom's.

Tom turned and watched Mark's experienced tongue working on his wife's pussy. He had been wrong about sharing her. It was hot...hotter than hell. He moved his mouth to her ear. "Do you like it baby? Do you like his tongue inside of your pussy?"

Megan opened her eyes which were rolled back from the pleasure down below. Mark's lips had engulfed her swollen clitty and was gently pulling on it. "Yes...Yes."

It seemed the moon was brighter or maybe it was their eyes getting more accustomed to the light. Mark used all of his techniques until Megan's hips were off the blanket a foot. His hands cupped her soft bum and held his after dinner desert up for his pleasure.

"Oh God...I need you to fuck me," she said to Tom. "Now."

Mark heard her request and pulled his tongue from her depths. He moved back onto the sand wondering what his next role would be. Megan was the director.

"Wait..let me get on my hands and knees," she giggled at Tom who stood up next to her with his hard shaft in his hand. She moved into the doggie position and looked at him. "OK."

Tom enjoyed the doggie position but he knew it wasn't one of Megan's favorites. But when he took his place and she motioned for Mark to kneel by her head he knew why she wanted it. He had a perfect view of her mouth as it opened and engulfed the large crown of Mark's cock. "Fuck...," he said before pushing his hard shaft under her soft ass and into her dripping need.

"Ummm," she sounded feeling his cock enter her pussy. Her tongue licked around the invader in her lips before she moved her head closer to him. The eight-inch cock slowly disappeared until only three inches showed.

Only the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh and deep moans from them all filled the dark air. Even the sounds of the ocean waves seemed to be died out as the three raced to get each other off.


Lea stood by Bill to help him take away the cleaning tools. She had two many glasses of wine and was a little unsteady. "Thank you so much for helping."

"My pleasure," he said finishing the last section of grill. "Besides you promised me something."

"What?" She asked not thinking too great.

He looked around and didn't see anybody and leaned her way. "A blowjob."

She giggled. "You're so bad. I can't do that....here."

Bill had seen Tom, Mark and Megan heading down the beach with a blanket. "I think everyone else is to busy right now."

She looked around. "Doing what?"

He grinned. "The same thing we are going to do." He turned and pulled her softness into his hardness.

"Ohhh," she moaned feeling his tongue on her earlobe and his hands on her soft ass.


Ellen tried to move away from Jim as they walked towards the steps going to the third floor. She figured there were bedrooms up there and didn't want to be trapped. She had been in this position many times in high school and college and managed to keep them from her precious treasure. "Where are we going?"

"Upstairs balcony. We can look out at the ocean." He looked around for Jill but had not seen her in a while. As Ellen moved up the stairs ahead of him he managed to look up under her dress at her tanned thighs. "Out that way," he said when they reached the top.

Ellen moved quickly to the rail to hold onto it so he couldn't try anything funny. She looked over the rail and saw Lea in the arms of the cook. She forgot his name. "Oh God."

"Who is it?" Jim asked moving up behind her. His hand rested on he middle of her back as his head moved next to hers. "Looks like my wife is kissing her boss," he whispered.

Ellen tried to shift to the side but his hand moved to her waist and held her close. His nearness was causing some serious issues between her thighs. She was proud of the way she was always in control but she heard the warning bells in her head when he started nibbling on her earlobe. "Jim....oh please."

Jim didn't hear the word "no" so he dropped his hand down until he covered her whole right buttock. It was obvious she was wearing a thong. "Tell me what they are doing."

Ellen was breathing rapidly with short breaths. "They...they are kissing and...he is touching her breast." She tried to concentrate on his hand as it moved down the back of her right thigh. She felt his fingers on her bare flesh and then felt him pulling her dress upward. Her fingers clutched the rail harder when his bare fingers touched her bare butt cheek. "Her...her dress is down and he is kissing her...her nipple."

She moved to the side, which dislodged his palm from her bum. She turned facing him and blew the blonde bangs from her forehead. "We...I mean you need to be a good boy." She backed up slowly until she felt the wall behind her. "Jim..."

"Shhh," he whispered. His body moved up against hers while his right hand dropped to her dress hem. He slowly pulled it upward until his knuckle pressed into her covered sex. He felt her pussy lips but she quickly pushed him back and escaped under his left arm. "Hey..."

Ellen was still in control and was enjoying the teasing of her husband's best friend. She maneuvered to the rail again and turned ready for his next move. But he threw her for a loop.

Jim reached into his pocket and felt the handful of ribbons he had put there when he opened presents before. "Give me your hands?" He moved next to her and took both hands. She closed her eyes when he looped the blue ribbon around her wrists. Jim immediately felt her body trembling and saw the lust in her eyes. He had found the button...her button. He lifted her dress again and was about to invade her sweet honey pot when he heard a voice behind him.

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