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Carriage Ride Delight


Carolynn was ready for her night out with Matt. They had been seeing each other romantically as a couple for the last several months. She enjoyed being with him, hearing his voice, holding his hands. Their first real kiss had been everything she had hoped for and more. She laughs now as she thinks about how the two of them grew up together in the city. Neither one ever attempted to date the other, they were friends. The idea that they would ever be more never crossed their minds, yet here they were not only dating, but for Carolynn falling in love. Flipping through a magazine she waits for Matt's arrival and thinks about what he may have planned for them.

Matt stands outside the apartment complex, waiting to buzz Carolynn's number, he wants to time this just right. He sees the surprise he has arranged for her, coming around the corner. Pressing the button to apartment 12 he waits for Carolynn's voice to come over the speaker.

"Matt? Is that you?" her voice scratchy over the old intercom unit.

"Yep. Need me to come up?" he yells back to her, rolling his eyes at the static and noise from the speakers, hoping she heard him.

"No. I'm on my way down."

Matt waits on the sidewalk, shuffling his feet from side to side. He is more nervous then usual, he had thought of this great night and planned everything just right. He knew Carolynn would have a great time and would be very surprised. He watches as his surprise stops in front of the apartment building. Waiting for Carolynn he thinks back over the past several months and the many dates that have taken place. He had always had Carolynn in his life, she was his best friend, had been around forever. He mentally kicks himself for taking so long to realize how special she was.... is. Matt turns towards the door and sees the visions of his dreams walk out.

Carolynn looks straight ahead of her, she can see Matt in her peripheral vision. What had her eyes and heart at the moment were two beautiful black horses. Their coats shone and muscles shook with each step of their legs. She loves horses and she knew that indeed tonight was a special night. Her eyes took in the animals, the driver in his top hat, and the beautiful carriage that would take her and Matt to whatever special thing he had planned. Turning her bright smile to Matt, she runs quickly down the steps, throwing herself into his arms and covering his face with kisses.

"I take it you like your surprise," he chuckles as he continues talking over her giggling excitement. "I figured since you have to be out of town for your birthday next week the least I could do is celebrate it early."

"I love it!!" Carolynn grabs his arm and drags him towards the horses, after getting the driver's permission she reaches out and strokes the horse closest to her. "Thank you Matt."

He smiles up to the driver and waves away the offer to assist them into the carriage. Holding Carolynn's hand he leads her to the carriage door and helps her climb inside. His hand slides down her back and he admires the open back of her dress, before his fingers brush against her butt. Sliding in next to her, he places his arm along the back of the bench and brings his other across his waist to hold her hand. He nods to the driver and the carriage maneuvers out into the street. He watches her face glow and her smile widen as she takes in the city in a new way.

Carolynn turns her head and presses her lips to Matt's and lets her tongue slide gently over his. Sighing into his kiss she thanks him again before turning back to watch the entrance of the park come into view. She reaches over and places a warm blanket, that had been resting on the bench, over her lap. She presses her back softly against his side and she enjoys the feeling of his arms around her. They talk of events over the last couple of days and the lovely time each one had the last time they were together. Carolynn draws circles into his skin as he holds her snugly. She moves one of his hands to her thigh and slips it into the high cut of her dress. His palm is warm on her skin and she slowly guides it up her leg.

Matt kisses the top of Carolynn's head and takes over the movement of his hand. He slowly circles her inner thigh and massages the muscle. He feels her hand slide from her dress and rest on his thigh. He tenses as she squeezes his leg, a silent request for him to continue his movements. He answers her call with his fingers, sliding them slowly up and down her leg. Softly touching her skin, feeling her shiver against him. His fingers reach further up her leg as he watches the people in the park and smile at those that show a slight interest in the couple in the carriage. He knows that no one can see inside the cubicle so he feels no need to keep him from pleasuring his love.

He slides a finger to the juncture of her hip and thigh, his knuckles not feeling any silk, satin or cotton beneath them. He moans against her ear how sexy she is and how exciting it is to feel her pussy bare for him, free of the confinements of proper decorum. He licks her ear and smiles at her gasp. His finger slowly trace the letters of his name across her pussy. Writing his ownership into her skin, branding her with his name. M-A-T-T-H-E-W. He moves his tongue across her neck and she shivers again, gripping his leg tighter. He lets his palm cover her pussy, pressing it firmly against her soft hairs.

Carolynn lets her head fall to his shoulder and watches the stars flicker in the night sky. She breathes deep as each trace of Matt's fingers run across her skin. She moves her hips hoping he will soon enter her. She feels the heat of his palm cover her pussy and the moistness from her body begins to slide out from deep inside her. Biting her lip she allows her eyes to close and her body to feel. Her fingers dig into the tuxedo pants and her nails pierce into his leg. She feels the muscles tense under her grip and she eases it slightly. Her stomach contracts as he lets his palm rest on her, warming her cunt to his hands temperature. "Please." She hears the desperation in her voice and longs for his hot finger to slide into her.

She scoots her body closer to his hand and stops breathing for a moment when his middle finger slides into her. She bites down harder on her lower lip, tasting a small amount of blood. She releases her lip and licks the sore spot cleansing her wound. Carolynn leans her head to the side and offers her neck for Matt's mouth. Her pussy clenches his finger gently as his mouth moves to suck on her neck. She spreads her legs further, the blanket slips a small bit from her lap, not yet exposing his hand to the public. Whispering his name she presses her hips against his hand pleading with him to ease her discomfort.

Matt answers her call to him letting his middle finger slide deeper into her pussy. He feels her slick wet walls as he slide his finger over the left side then the right. He slips in and out of her, slowly letting her pussy become accustomed to his invasion. The other fingers continue to pet her lips, hair, skin. Each thrust of his finger lifts the heel of his hand on and off her pussy. He moves his hand from her cunt letting the cool air caress her skin, before he slides two fingers deep into her hole. Quickening his pace he moves his fingers deeper with each thrust. Her wet juice covers him easing his fingers deeper. He moves his thumb over her clit pushing it hard against her. He curls his thumb and runs his nail across the swollen petal. Each time she moans he whispers in her ear how he longs to have his cock or his tongue replace his finger.

He continues to stroke each side of her wet pussy, again he removes both fingers. He grins into her neck as he gently nibbles it with his teeth. He waits for her breathing to settle before he opens her folds and enters her wet cunt with three fingers. He lets his free hand press against her hip holding her down as her body tries to raise itself up, a natural reaction to his driving thrusts. He can feel the need her body has to lift itself up to swallow his fingers deep inside her. He nuzzles the side of her face coaxing her to move her head so his lips can drink in her moans and growls. Matt continues to move his fingers in and out of his lover's body, each thrust of his fingers brings more searing hot liquid down her body and onto his skin.

Carolynn is on the edge of a cliff, trying not to fall but knowing that it will happen and wants it to happen. She wants to fall from this cliff, to hit the rocks below and feel her body shatter and break as he brings her to orgasm. She feels his fingers moving faster and faster, twisting and scraping against her. She tries to thrust her hips, tries to force his fingers in deeper. She begs her body to not give in, to not let itself free its liquid treasure. Her lips are sore, her pussy on fire, her lungs hurt from the starvation she is causing them to experience. Her breath comes hard, heavy and quick. Matt kisses her hard and moves his lips back to her neck, slipping his tongue to her shoulder.

Caroylnn falls from the cliff as his teeth sink into her skin. Gritting her teeth she contains her scream as her body feels as if it is falling into the air. She moans and her hips rock as the feeling of weightlessness descends upon her. Each spasm of her body releases more hot juice and she feels her body landing on the ground. Slamming hard against his fingers her pussy clenches and tightens around his digits. She locks her legs holding his hand against her pussy as she feels her cum slip and slide down the walls of her body, meeting his fingers. She feels the liquid hit the outside of her pussy and immediately feels the brush of cool air touching the warm moisture.

Matt kisses and licks at the bruised flesh of her shoulder and continues to treat her skin with his tongue as she slowly clamps and unclamps his hand. He moves his hand slowly from her pussy, first removing one finger and letting her pussy feel just two sliding slowly inside her. Next he moves the second one out, again slowly pumping the last finger in and out of her. He savors the feel of her against him memorizing this moment before moving the last finger from her sweet lips. He cups her pussy again, warming it with his palm. Resting his palm against her hot cunt, he kisses her temple. "Happy Birthday."

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