I pulled slowly down my neighbor's long driveway. Stopping my jeep beside the house, I was instantly sweating from the hot Florida night. I could hear the driving bass beat of dance music penetrating the walls of the old farm house.

I had first met Patty and her daughter Carrie about four years ago when they moved into the old, run down, farmhouse at the end of my road following Patty's divorce. Having nearly completed renovation of my place, I was set up with the tools and skills to help them out and with the condition of that old place, they sure needed the help. I was repaid generously for the work I did for them with home cooked meals and great company.

I'm about 10 years younger than Patty. She had a rough time in her last marriage and though we became good friends, I figured out early on that she wasn't interested in anything more than friendship.

Carrie and I just seemed to hit it off right away. She was always at ease talking to me, coming over often to talk about her adventures and life in general. After Carrie's graduation about a year ago, I took a contract job out of town that was going to demand quite a bit of my attention, causing infrequent visits home. As the strict deadline loomed nearer and nearer I spent more and more time away, subsequently, I had not seen much of them in quite a while.

Hopping out of the jeep, I walked up onto the darkened porch. As I approached the door I had to walk in front of the living room window. My jaw hit my chest as I got an answer to the reason for the loud music.

Through the shear curtain I could see into the middle of the living room. Carrie was dancing. Not just any dance, she was doing what was obviously a very erotic lap dance in front of an empty chair. Stunned, I could only stand and watch as Carrie undulated and ground her hips to the slow bass beat, her long dark hair flipping wildly. She slowly ran her hands across her body as if teasing an imaginary lover. Having been to many a strip club, I realized that this girl definitely knew what she was doing! A man would willingly go broke to spend time with her! As I watched her dance I began to see Carrie in a whole new light. She had blossomed into a goddess and the effect she was having on me was becoming more apparent by the second as a tent began forming in my kakis.

As the song ended so did her dance and she stepped to the boom box. I quickly adjusted things in an attempt to conceal my "excitement" then stepped to the door and knocked. Carrie peeked through the small window in the door as she turned on the porch light. Stepping under the light so she could see me clearly, I grinned and waved. She swung the door open with a wide grin. "Hi stranger!" she yelled, as she bounded out and threw her arms around my neck, crushing herself to me and kissing me square on the mouth. Surprised as I was by the kiss, I still gave her a big bear hug.

With her round jutting breasts pressed firmly against my chest, she looked up at me, a look of concern flashing across her beautiful features, "Is everything O.K.? Mom said you were back, but I though you were staying at the camp retreat with everyone this weekend."

Belaying her fears I assured her everything was fine. "They started arguing politics and I'm not getting into that discussion." I explained, "Besides I need to catch up on some work in the shop tomorrow so I decided to come on back tonight."

"Well come in and sit down!" she said taking me by the hand and pulling me inside. It was then that I got a better look at her and what she was wearing and my breath caught in my throat. Carrie was always beautiful. Black hair, dark complexion reflecting her Crow Indian heritage, the bluest eyes I've ever seen and a great personality all made for a truly wondrous package and the past year since her graduation had filled her out in all the right places. She was truly stunning! A short white t-shirt and cut offs, so short that the bottom of her tight ass played peek-a-boo at the hem, made up her entire outfit. My gaze traveled down her well muscled tanned legs to a gold anklet and her bare feet. Her cut offs were extremely worn with holes showing enough flesh to drive a man mad. 'Oh shit!' is all I could think when she plopped down on the couch next to me and threw her gorgeous legs across my lap, her clearly defined breasts moving completely unfettered inside the t-shirt, a slight outline hinting at her nipples.

Catching my slack-jawed stare she giggled and said, "I wasn't expecting anyone this late so I hope you don't mind my "comfortable" clothes!"

"Oh Hell no, I don't mind!" I stammered out. "Damn! You look great!"

Beginning to blush she said with a sly grin "Why thank you!" the flush of her skin traveled further down and her nipples started to perk up making it harder for me to concentrate.

"So, what brings you by?"

"Well," I began, "When your mom found out I was coming on to the house she admitted that she was worried that since she'll be gone all weekend, you might throw a party or something and asked me to drop in on you. You remember what happened before. It may not be a Deputy that knows ya'll who shows up next time."

Her last impromptu party had ended when her drunken boyfriend showed his ass by stomping the shit out of a classmate who had copped a feel of Carrie's ass while dancing with her.

Carrie rolled her eyes and groaned. "I can't get it through mom's head that I'm not a kid anymore! One party like that was enough! Besides, Billy and I are finished anyway. He is such a self centered prick! The only thing that I really miss about seeing him is the sex! God, it was great!"

I guess I looked kind of shocked at her bluntness because she burst out laughing.

"What's the matter? Didn't you think I knew anything about sex?"

"Well yes...I just...a...caught me off guard is all..." seeing my discomfort just got her would up. "Grabbing Billy's tight butt just drove me nuts, it really too bad he's such an ass, he really got me off!"

As vivid pictures of Carrie's delicate hands gripping her lover and pulling him into her filled my head, the effect on me became apparent as my cock began to swell rapidly. I shifted uncomfortably trying to conceal my growing erection without much success.

Carrie's gaze turned smoking hot as the growing bulge against her leg told her the effect she was having on me. Her nipples turned rock hard and stood out clearly through the thin material of her t-shirt.

"There has got to be more to a relationship than great sex though." She said, "There were times that he was just interested in getting his rocks off, but when he wanted to he could really push my buttons."

I could tell she was enjoying my discomfort immensely. Talking this boldly to me was something she had never done and by the way she was squirming, it was warming her up also. With a mischievous grin, she stretched languidly causing the pressure on my crotch from her legs to increase drawing an involuntary twitch from my very cramped dick. Her stretch also caused her tits to jut out towards me and her shirt to ride up more, exposing her flat hard tummy and a diamond stud in her belly button. I could feel my heart racing, my blood pounding in my ears. My face must have been beet red. She pretended not to notice my discomfort as she slid her legs across my cock and stood up asking if I'd like something to drink. I said yes just to get her out of the room for a minute to give me time to get my thoughts (and my raging hardon) strait.

She gave me that sly smile again then bent over in front of me to pick up a used plate and glass from the coffee table, giving me a heart stopping view of her ass as the short shorts rode up her crack. The base of her bare tits became visible as the hem of her shirt fell away from her tummy. I wanted to just bite down on her delicious ass and pray for lockjaw! I have always had a thing for a fine ass and hers was as near perfect as I could ever dream of. The bottom of her perfectly formed globes just begged to be nibbled and kissed! I tried not too successfully to stifle a groan and caught a satisfied look on Carrie's face as she stood and headed towards the kitchen.

She walked back in from behind me handing my drink across my shoulder. After I took a long gulp, Carrie's arms came around my neck from behind. She bent forward and kissed me on the cheek and then pressing her tits into my back lay her head on my shoulder.

She whispered into my ear, "I...I've really missed you..."

She hugged me, and then let her hands run down my chest to my stomach and leaving her head on my shoulder. Her warm sweet breath played across my neck. The clean smell of her filled me and the room temperature climbed even higher. She stood and came around sitting on the edge of the coffee table directly in front of me.

With a gleam in her eyes she just looked at me, seeming to come to a decision.

"So... how long were you standing on the porch before you knocked?" she said finally.

"I ...ah...that is...ah...I guess for about two thirds of that last song..."

"Well? What did you think of my dancing?"

I shifted uncomfortably and took another pull on my drink, stalling for time.

"I ... ah ....well...."

"Oh, come on you can tell me." She prodded, placing her hands on my knees.

"Ah shit, was damn hot! Where the hell did you learn to dance like that?"

She broke out in a big grin. "From a Carmen Electra DVD! Billy liked for me to dance for him and I liked the power it gave me over him. It was such a turn on to watch him loose control. I still get horny when I dance and think about it. Besides it keeps me in practice for the next man I dance for."

With a smoking hot look in her eye, in a husky voice she said, "I'd like to dance for you."

"Carrie...I...I don't think that would be a good idea."

"And why not? You still think of me as a little girl too don't you!" she said, a hurt tone to her voice.

"It's not that at all! Anyone with eyes that see can tell your no little girl! I just don't trust my own self restraint! I don't want you to get hurt."

She stood slowly and bent towards me placing her hands on the arms of my chair her face inches from mine. Her sapphire blue eyes looking deeply into mine steadily chipped away at my resolve.

"You would never hurt me." She said. "Besides, I've thought about this for a long time. I've never known a more gentle caring man in my life and I want you. I have wanted you for as long as I can remember. I think about you constantly. I wasn't really Billy that I imagined in that chair and was dancing for earlier it was you. And now you're really here."

She leaned slowly into me, her luscious full lips lightly brushing mine, the tip of her pink little tongue began gently probing as she kissed me and I was lost. With a groan I stopped holding back, consequences be damned. I pulled her to me, our kiss becoming deeper, hungrier. All I could think about was having her, touching her, making her MINE. As her arms came around me my hands raised to cup her pendulous breasts. The hard burning points of her nipples played in my palms, she growled deep down in her throat. Our kiss became frantic as our tongues explored and tangled.

Catching her nipples through her shirt I rolled them between my fingers causing her to throw her head back and gasp. She pulled away from me, quickly standing back.

"God I've wanted to do that for so long..." her hand came up to cup her tits and squeezed them unconsciously.

"Sit. Watch." she commanded.

I didn't argue. Turning to her stereo she switched on a slow soulful song with a lot of bass. A large mirror was mounted on the wall above the table giving me a perfect view of her face and tits while her beautiful ass was pointed in my direction. Slowly she began swaying to the music. Her hands coming up, running her fingers through her lustrous hair causing it to fan out across her back as she threw back her head, her eyes closed. Her hands ran down over her curves and she spread her feet wider, arching her back causing her ass to jut out farther, the cut offs riding up her crack exposing more of her tight globes. Turning towards me she danced slowly across the floor to stop just out of my reach.

Bending forward, she ran her hands across her body, up to cradle her tits, pulling on her nipples as she squeezed them together and moving up and down as if they were wrapped around my hard cock. She then leaned back as her hands moved down. One to the zipper of her shorts the other pulling up on the hem of her shirt. She slowly opened the front of her shorts revealing a hint of black lace.

Turning again she moved both hands to her waist band and slowly began sliding the shorts down stopping half way, exposing a black g-string and a fine bit of ass cleavage. With her back to me her hands slid up her torso taking the shirt with it. In one fluid motion it was off, exposing the flexing muscles of her tanned back as she moved, the tantalizing edges of her now bare tits played peek-a-boo at her sides.

I looked to the mirror hoping to see her from the front also but she had anticipated me and brought one arm across her nipples, grinning back at me as she drew out her tease. Spinning she bent forward again concealing her nipples with her hands as she pressed her tits together allowing me to look down her impressive cleavage. She lowered herself to her knees between my now spread legs and flipped her hair forward onto the swelling of my cock. She lifted her face slowly, her lips barely grazing my bulge as she looked deep into my eyes. She lifted her breasts into my lap pressing her firm warm flesh into my almost painfully throbbing member. Pulling her hands away she still kept her nipples hidden, pressed down into my lap as she ground them into my crotch. I couldn't help myself as I pressed back. My cock throbbed against her, causing her to moan and one of her hands shot down to her crotch. Her eyes fluttered as she touched herself and her breath started coming in ragged gasps.

Suddenly she slid up my torso and kissed me, her mouth hot and urgent. I started to bring my arms around her and she pinned them down. Breaking the kiss, she bit her lower lip seductively and shook her head telling me "No hands."

I relented and she released me. I was rewarded as she leaned backward slowly reveling her perfect round tits to me. My mouth watered as she brought them close to my face teasing me by trying to stay just out of reach. With her hands on my shoulders she teased us both by lightly brushing her nipples across my face. Suddenly she brought her hands to the back of my head and pulled my face forward into her cleavage. Burying my face in the heaven of her warm tits she grabbed her breasts and rubbed them harder against my face.

I surprised her by quickly turning my head and catching a nipple in my hot mouth, sucking hard while rapidly flicking my tongue across her swollen bud. Squealing, she grabbed my face in her hands holding my mouth to her breast. The taste and smell of her body was burned into my mind. I then moved my mouth to the other nipple, sucking, biting teasingly with my teeth causing her to gasp and grind her crotch into mine.

She finally pulled herself back out of my reach taking up her dance once again. Again she turned, her hands going to her hips. She slowly lowered her shorts exposing the most fantastic ass I've ever seen. She stepped out of the shorts and with one foot she flipped them back at me, grinning. Backing very close to me she bent forward legs spread wide, wagging her ass seductively, I could clearly see the outline of her pussy through the thin black satin G-string. I brought my face closer and breathed in the musky smell of her as she traced the outline of her snatch with her finger shuddering as she touched her clit. Slowly she pulled the fabric aside and slipped a finger slowly into her folds. She groaned in almost a whisper, "Oh Fuck!!"

I could take no more as I slid forward onto my knees behind her. I grabbed her hips and buried my face in her pussy plunging my tongue into her as far as it would go. With a yelp of surprise and a giggle she pressed back into my face. Switching tactics I caught her clit in my mouth and flicked my tongue rapidly alternately sucking for all I'm worth.

"Oh Yes...Oh Fuck...Fuck Yes... Yes Lick Me...Suck On My Clit Baby! Ahhh.. FUCK YEAH

I plunged my tongue into her deep again and caught her clit between to moistened fingers and gently rolled it. That's what it took to set her off, she started cumming hard as I continued to fuck her with my tongue. I continued to suck on her pussy, occasionally flicking her clit, bringing on strong aftershocks. Finally her knees gave out and she dropped to the floor and rolled onto her back.

Her breath was coming in ragged gasps as she looked up at me with a dreamy smile.

"You cheated!"

Licking my lips I laughed, "Like Hell I did! If you had teased me any longer I'd have creamed my pants and I have a much better place in mind for that!"

Giggling her hands shot up to my belt and started unbuckling me. "Yeah, so do I!"

I pulled my shirt over my head and grabbed her pulling her up to her knees. I kissed her hard letting her taste herself on my tongue. Not to be stopped this time, my hands made their way up to cup those magnificent tits that my fingers had been itching for. I weighed them in my hands rolling her nipples between my fingers as she frantically worked to get me out of my pants. Finally succeeding she slid a cool hand into my shorts circling my cock with it and pulling it out. I groaned leaning my head back as her cool soft hands slid up and down my throbbing length. One hand slid down to cup my tight balls causing me to shudder with pleasure.

"Stand up." She said. I got shakily to my feet stepping out of my jeans. She made no move to stand but pulled me back in front of her, my hard cock aimed right at her face. Gently she blew hot breath across me sending tingles all along my spine. Again she took me in her hands examining every inch of me as her hand slid up and down my shaft slowly.

She looked up at me and smiled, "You're beautiful!" she said.

The next instant she had swallowed me whole sliding my cock all the way to the back of her throat in one fluid motion.

"Oh Shit!!" I said as my hand came to the back of her head.

She held me in her mouth slowly swirling her hot little tongue around my cock. She lightly tickled my balls with her free hand and began slowly bobbing her head up and down the length of me.

After too short a time I could feel my balls begin to tighten. She must have noticed my cock begin to swell and started to move a little faster moving her hand to fist me into her mouth. One of her hands was furiously busy between her legs. She began a low guttural moan as she climaxed again. The vibration of her moan was all it took to send me over the edge. She just sucked that much harder as my cock began to twitch.

"Oh God here it comes!"

She sucked me all the way down again, as I shot stream after stream into the back of her throat. She pulled back again slowly leaving just my swollen head in her mouth, pumping me with one hand as she frantically fucked herself with the other.

The next second she was cumming again, crying out around my cock still twitching in her mouth. She continued to suck and lick me, cleaning up any drops that she might have missed until I had to fall back onto the couch to catch my breath.

She crawled up from the floor and lay down with her head in my lap. I let my hands play across her silky skin enjoying the light sheen of sweat glistening in the soft light. Now that we had crossed the line I just couldn't keep my hands off of her and it didn't take long for my cock to begin to stir again rising against the side of her face. She turned her head and intercepted my now probing cock with her lips planting a series of hot kisses down its length before sucking me down to the base, using her tongue to tease me back to rock hardness.

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