tagAnalCarrie! A Fantasy

Carrie! A Fantasy


This is a fantasy about a wonderful lady that I met via Literotica [yes, another one!] Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent [and the guilty -- lol]. It is HARD ANAL all the way through so, if that is not your thing, please DO NOT read this.


I couldn't believe what I was seeing! A message from her internet address. It was Carrie! My heart pounded as I looked at the screen. Almost two years since she sent me that last message. It hadn't been unexpected but it still pained. Goodbye had always been a possibility and I had both asked for her to be honest and, to my eternal regret; I had 'frightened' her off. I had realised that Carrie did not want emotional involvement but I had realised it too late. She feared my feelings for her - feelings that she did not realise would never have compromised her. So it fizzled out after three fantastic meetings until I pressed her and she sent the last email.

Now here was a message from the woman who, unknowingly and certainly unintentionally, had changed my life - for the better it must be said.

I almost could not bear to open it for fear of disappointment but then I wanted desperately to see what it said. These feelings warred within me! Finally I clicked the mouse on the message.

"Darling Mark," she began and my blood pressure raised a notch. "It has been a while. I am sorry I was so abrupt but you know that I thought it was for the best." I had realised that she didn't want to hurt me and felt that a clean break was right way to do that. "I lied a little! There wasn't anyone just then!" That surprised me for Carrie is a very attractive woman and I was sure she must have seen other guys: although many men would be intimidated by her sparkling wit, her intelligence, and her high sex drive [when it was finally given full reign].

"I remember that you said you and Anna were living near Atlanta, Georgia. Well I am coming there next week for a conference." My heart was pumping as I began to realise the significance or her words, particularly as we now lived in Atlanta itself not far from the airport.

"It would be nice to meet again!?"

That was an understatement! She was suggesting and asking. Heck! She was, and is, everything that I ever wanted in a woman so of course it would be nice. It would be bloody wonderful!

I showed the message to Anna and her immediate response was to suggest, yes of course, meet her again. My love is like that! We have a reasonably open relationship and she knew how important Carrie had been and still was to me.

It took me a while to put my response onto paper for, I suppose, I couldn't really believe that she wanted to meet again. Of course, there was no intimation of a return to the scintillating sex we had experienced before but, even so, just to speak to her, take food, be with her - especially with Anna as well - would be wonderful. Finally!

"My darling Carrie, it would be wonderful to see you again so, of course I would love to meet. We actually live in Atlanta now not too far from the airport. When are you coming over and for how long? I am sure we can arrange something."

Her response was almost immediate. I could almost hear her voice as I read the message. "I'm taking the 'red-eye' on Sunday 7th," I smiled to myself. Business Class of course so she could sleep and be ready for conference! "I'm due to fly back on Thursday evening but it's a flexible ticket." That was the message - short and sweet. Was she suggesting, hinting, at staying longer? Leaving it up to me?

How to respond? I talked it over with Anna. She knew, and understood, just how much Carrie had meant to me. Anna also knew that my love for her would not be diminished by Carrie's reappearance - even if there was more than just a meeting! I really needed to speak to her just to get a feel for how she felt so:

"Carrie darling - can I phone you?"

Her immediate reply was, "Yes. Of course."

I quickly checked the time. It was almost 2am in the UK but I knew that Carrie often stayed up very late. My mind wandered back to the call on that emotional Sunday before I first flew to the States and of the major changes which I had made to my life. She had phoned me at 2am, was sympathetic, and listened as I poured my heart out. I phoned immediately!

"Hello," she answered, "Mark?"

"Yes Carrie love, Mark," I said softly. "How are you?"

I could hear the smile in her voice as she answered. "I am fine Mark. It's nice to hear your voice again."

I took a deep breath, trying to make sure I didn't ruin things again. "It was a surprise to hear from you - a nice surprise of course!"

She laughed - oh how I do love her laugh! "I'm sure," she said then continued more seriously, "I thought it would be nice to talk again."

That was something of an understatement! My heart was pumping away as I replied. "Yes, nice. Carrie love, I don't understand!"

"It's just that I'm in Atlanta and you are nearby. We could meet for dinner or something."

I wasn't sure but I knew I had to be bold in this. "I suspect that you'll be busy for the conference so," I hesitated, then, "can you stay on for a while afterwards? We can show you Atlanta!"

There was no hesitation in her response. "Yes, I can," she replied, "'til Sunday. I can fly out on Sunday evening." There seemed to be a question in her voice so my response was made almost holding my breath.

"That's great Carrie. We have a spare bedroom if you would like to stay with us? No expectations."

"That would be nice. I could get to know Anna and, yes, I know. No expectations." So the die was cast! It was strange for I sensed an almost hesitation or uncertainty in her voice that was so unusual from the usually confident manner that she displayed. We made arrangements for us to pick Carrie up from the conference centre then we chatted for a while. It was a bit 'forced' I think, primarily because neither of us was really aware of the 'real' relationship between us now.

We had had three intense meetings where I had taken Carrie in her arse over and over - because she wanted that I hasten to add! I had never met a woman like her, independent [she had never married], highly intelligent, and almost totally submissive in the bedroom. I had fucked her arse deeply in almost every position in the short periods we had spent together. I suppose, because of my situation then, I had fallen a little bit 'in love' with her. She sensed this, I think, and withdrew worried that I might compromise her independence. So, since that last email just over a year and a half ago I had not heard from her. I thought about her a lot. Don't get me wrong - I knew just how independent she was and it was never my intention to jeopardise that in any way. Now to see her again, even if just as a friend, was pretty wonderful. I suppose I was just unsure of how things stood. There had been no hint of sex in our phone conversations although she had mentioned that she had not had any guy friends for a while.

We talked on the phone a couple of times and exchanged emails, just bringing each other up to date with various happenings. I was pleased to hear that her work schedule had diminished somewhat with the successful release of two new products. Perhaps that was why she could take the short break. What I did not know at that time was that Carrie and Anna had been exchanging emails - and making plans!

Carrie phoned when she arrived on Monday morning and we arranged to meet for a quick meal on Tuesday evening. As expected, she would be tied up with business all day and into the evenings as these 'conferences' were very much business oriented. The meal went well. Carrie and Anna hit it off and spent some time teasing me. To be honest, I was somewhat overwhelmed by these two women about whom I felt so strongly. Of course, my feelings for my wife were strong, very strong for she was my life, but running alongside those were my similar, albeit weaker, feelings for Carrie. This left me somewhat tongue tied and confused. Meeting Carrie again was, however, sweet! I remembered later that evening our last meeting and contrasted it with now. I had been back in the UK tying up loose ends and had hired a car to drive up to have dinner with her. She had been reserved, almost cold. I understood later that it was her way of trying to end things. It didn't tarnish my memory of her, however, and I did get the only photo of Carrie that I possess.

Because of time pressure the meal was short and Carrie left to continue working. All through the evening I had found myself noting that she had lost a little weight which seemed to make her even more attractive. Thankfully that had not affected her gorgeous arse which, encased in tight jeans, was as desirable as ever. I did idly wonder whether she had dressed that way on purpose. I mentioned it to Anna that evening and she teased me about Carrie - and got well and truly arse-fucked as a result!

Arrangements were confirmed and we would pick her up on Thursday around 3.

The days seemed to drag on. We didn't hear from Carrie but that was not unexpected; her conferences were always very busy. Thursday did come round at last however! As Anna and I ate lunch she gave me a sexy smile and a Cialis tablet. "You might need this tonight." Little did I know just how much I would need it and why!

I wasn't about to argue knowing she was always pretty horny around this time so I quickly swallowed the pill. I knew she could tell I was nervous and her happy disposition - and her obvious pleasure at finally getting to know Carrie - helped me remain calm.

We arrived at the hotel and I sent a text to Carrie. 5 minutes and she was there. She looked fabulous. Oh I know she is in her mid-40's and thinks she carries a few pounds to many, and that her bum is too big but she is an attractive woman and, for me, her arse is perfect! Her slightly Eurasian appearance, her fabulous waist length black hair, and her shapely figure make her a very attractive, mature woman. For me, her self-confident manner and air of assurance add immensely to that attractiveness. Knowing, as I did, her almost complete change of manner in the bedroom, I was always liable to fall for her.

The journey back to our apartment only took 15 minutes and Anna was soon showing Carrie the spare bedroom and the attached bathroom. Carrie said she would shower and change - 'to wash off the work dust' - before dinner; which I was preparing.

Again, as I cooked the simple meal, I allowed my mind to wander and imagine being 'with' Carrie again. I had always longed to wake up next to her but that never happened and now, here she was, yards away in the other bedroom! I was not about to push things however, for all sorts of reasons. I suppose I should have suspected something as Anna and Carrie spent most of the time chatting. I couldn't make out what they were saying but could hear the murmur of their conversation. She appeared for dinner dressed in a simple, soft white, chiffon blouse and a short-ish white denim skirt - she took my breath away as her long black hair seemed to flow down her back and direct my eyes to her fulsome bottom. A bottom accentuated by 3 inch heeled 'bedroom slippers'. I am sure she, and Anna come to that, knew exactly what effect she was having on me. An effect accentuated by her open smile as they both joined me in the kitchen. I thought I sensed an air of sexual tension but, again, I didn't want to push things.

We sat and enjoyed the simple meal, conversation flowing easily between Anna and Carrie as Carrie talked about her job and her travels. To be honest, I felt a little awkward for I was very aware of my desire for both women but, of course, especially for Carrie. It had been such a long time and the intensity of our earlier meetings remained with me. I am sure that they both noticed but it didn't affect their conversation.

At the end of the meal we all cleared the table, washed up, and returned to the lounge. Throughout I became intensely aware of Carrie: her perfume, her voice, the occasional touch of bodies. Had I been fully aware I would surely have noticed how my two loves were manipulating the situation to increase both my awareness of, and desire for, Carrie.

It was almost 9 when we finally sat down with an after dinner drink and it wasn't long after that when Carrie stood. She smiled and said, "I think it's time for bed. It's been a long time and I have an awful lot of catching up to do!" Dense, I know, but that didn't really register with me. Then, with a big smile, she glanced at Anna, raising her eyebrows questioningly. Looking to Anna I saw her nod her head with a big smile.

Carrie turned to me. "Come on Mark - bed!" I must have looked shocked for the both laughed.

"It's not often I find him lost for words," Anna said to Carrie as she laughed. "Go on goob," she said, "your presence is required. It's all been arranged! You've got a lot of catching up to do - together!"

Carrie held out her hand to me. I glanced again at Anna and she mouthed 'go'. I looked at Carrie. Her smile was warm and inviting. "It's time to catch up on things," she said, "together. That's right isn't it Anna?"

Anna smiled. "Yes it is," she said with an approving glance in my direction. I turned and kissed Anna on the lips. "I love you," I said softly.

"And I love you. Now GO! Carrie wants you!" I smiled, stood, and took Carrie's hand. She led me into the bedroom and, with a smile, closed the door. I noticed then that the bench that was usually at the end of our bed was now at the base of this one.

"You two have been planning," I said with a smile and Carrie, smiling, nodded in reply. I was still at something of a loss although it was obvious that we were going to spend the night together. Spend the night together! I took a deep breath realising that Carrie had been watching me closely.

"Well?" she said with a smile.

"Well," I smiled in return crossing the room and enfolding Carrie in my arms. At only 5' 7" [in her heels!] she seemed to fit so well. She rested her head on my shoulder, seeming to enjoy the closeness, and then gazed into my eyes. I bent my head and kissed her. She pulled away slightly as our kiss ended.

"Oh heck! I want you! In my arse!" she murmured breathlessly, "Hard!" I took a deep breath as my cock hardened at the thought of her tight rectum guessing how she would want it the first time.

I ran my hands over her back and down to her arse, savouring her shape, her curves. Carrie has a wonderful arse. Not a 'bubble butt' but the fulsome bottom of a mature woman. She will tell you it is too big - it isn't. There is not an ounce of anything that her bottom should lose! Now I cupped her cheeks, pulling her gently close in.

We kissed again as her hands ran over my back then, again pulling away slightly as our kiss ended, she began to unbutton my shirt. That was soon done and it disappeared to the floor. At the same time I was doing the same to her blouse which quickly followed my shirt. I bent my head and kissed her shoulders then down to her breasts. Why hadn't I noticed before that she was not wearing a bra!? Carrie will again tell you her tits are too small. Well, for me anyway, they are perfect. I am an 'arse' man but I like smaller breasts with larger nipples - just like Carrie's. So now I 'attacked' them! Soft moans crept from Carrie's lips as I sucked first one nipple, then the other. At the same time both hands squeezed and caressed the cheeks of her arse.

"I missed you Mark," she whispered quietly. That surprised me.

"And I missed you," I responded, leaving her nipples for a moment. I had found the catch and zip to her skirt so unclipped and unzipped then, with hands on her hips, slid it down noticing, as I did, the absence of any more clothing! Carrie stepped out of her skirt then, with a big smile, knelt at my feet. I was wearing 'lounge shorts' which weren't doing a very good job of hiding my pretty full erection - something which seemed to amuse Carrie as she pulled them down 'capturing' my cock as she did so!

"Mmmm," she murmured, "just a big as I remember it." Then she added, beginning to play the game, "It might be too big!"

I smiled, "It fit before," I said with mock sternness, "a bit tight but it will go! Use your mouth to get it really big and hard!" Her hand gripped my cock at the base and began to masturbate me as her other cupped my balls, caressing gently. Her eyes gazed up into mine as she bent her head slightly and licked the tip of my cock before sucking the head inside.

"Oh fuck Carrie," I moaned as she gently sucked and washed my cock, continuing to stroke the base. There is nothing much better than having a woman kneeling at your feet sucking your cock - particularly a woman as attractive and willing as Carrie. And one as practised in fellatio! I took her head in my hands and began to, slowly at first, fuck her mouth. The 'transfer of power' was taking place as she became more submissive.

"Suck Carrie - get it nice and hard for your arse. You know how you like it." She sucked hard and her tongue worked overtime. I couldn't take too much so, after a while of pleasant enjoyment I stopped her.

"You want me in your arse?" I asked quietly.

Carrie stood. "Yes," she replied fixing my eyes with hers. "No lube." I raised my eyebrows questioningly. She smiled, "I got ready," and then she added softly, "no prep Mark. I want your cock to be the first thing in there!"

I looked pained then smiled. "No tongue?"

Carrie smiled sexily. "Well, yes. Tongue is OK - but no fingers," she added with mock severity.

"Sure?" I didn't want to hurt her. I was well aware of how important 'prep' is in relation to anal sex.

"Sure," she said. Carrie is experienced in anal sex so she knew exactly what she wanted. "I want to 'feel' every little bit!" she whispered softly. I reached down and lifted her, taking her into my arms and enjoying the soft warmth of her skin next to mine.

"I refuse to fuck that gorgeous arse of yours," I said with a smile, "unless I get to 'play' first!"

Carrie giggled. "Play?"

"To stroke, caress, and kiss your gorgeous cheeks . . "

"It's too big," she interrupted with a coy look.

I laughed. "No - You know it is just right for me -just right for fucking," I said, "licking, and kissing. Not too big for my tongue!" Carrie took a deep breath for, as this interchange took place, my hands continued to caress her arse cheeks, my fingers floating between and teasing her anus. No penetration however, for I knew she meant my cock to breach her anus first [after my tongue of course!].

"Yes!" she whispered softly, "your tongue - then your cock!" she added with a wicked smile.

"Chaise!" I said, my hands pulling her arse cheeks tightly to me so that my erection pressed into her body. "Minx! Kneel. Bottoms up ready to be fucked. Ready to take this," I pushed my cock into her, "in your arse!"

I released her and she turned towards the bed then looked back over her shoulder. "You know it will be too big!" she said - but she didn't stop. Reaching the chaise, positioned at the end of the bed for just this purpose, she knelt. Carrie knew the position. Head down, bottom thrust back, legs about 15" apart and back dipped. She was an arse man's dream! My cock twitched, almost with a will of its own, as I contemplated her there and what the next minutes would bring. I just hoped I could hold on long enough for her real pleasure because she would be tight. Tight and extremely provocative for Carrie liked to be 'taken' in her arse: almost forced even, to accept the full 7 inches of my wide cock deep in her rectum. I knew she enjoyed the discomfort, pain even, of her first sodomy and would protest volubly but never actually tell me to stop. There was something intensely exciting about fucking Carrie in her arse; a sense of power, of control. Dangerous for all sorts of reasons but exciting nevertheless.

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