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Carrie Gives Back


Author's note: Hello Readers! I hope you enjoy this story about Carrie Underwood "giving back" at the holidays.

If you have any ideas after reading this story for other ways that Carrie could "give back" please leave them in the comments section or email them to me and I may use them in a future chapter.


It had been an unbelievably incredible year for country superstar Carrie Underwood. She had given birth to her first child who was happy and healthy and also released another wildly successful album. Her bank account had grown a lot and she couldn't have been happier with how her life was going.

Despite being rich and seeming to have everything a person could ask for, Carrie was still a down to earth person. She realized how lucky she was in her career, in her personal life, and with the incredible amount of beauty she had been blessed with. It was those realizations that urged Carrie to want to give back to those less fortunate than her.

Carrie enjoyed volunteering at different charity events, animal shelters, and homeless shelters. It was the latter that she chose to help at during the holidays of 2015 with her husband Mike of NHL fame. The two planned to spend a few hours at a Nashville homeless shelter serving meals, playing games, and otherwise helping to brighten the dreary lives of those who didn't have a home at the holidays.

Carrie also loved volunteering for another reason. A reason that she went to great lengths to keep under wraps; especially from her husband. You see, Carrie Underwood loved to offer her body to those who were less fortunate than her. She loved making others happy and when she discovered just how happy her body could make another person when they were down on their luck or struggling in other ways during a previous charity function, she knew that it was something she had to continue. Not to mention the intense pleasure that the taboo act of offering her body and sexual favors to complete strangers gave the blonde beauty.

The young parents dropped left their son with Carrie's visiting mother and headed off towards the shelter. Carrie was dressed casually in a tight pair of jeans and a snug Nashville predators t-shirt. A golden necklace featuring a ship's anchor adorned her neck and a grey track jacket rounded out her ensemble. She wanted to be comfortable for whatever duties the shelter would tell her to perform, but also still enjoyed showing off her incredible body that she had worked hard to regain since the birth of her son back in March.

After finding a nearby parking spot, Carrie and her husband walked hand in hand into the homeless shelter. They were immediately greeted by the owner of the shelter and several other employees. Everyone was happy to see the pro athlete and country music icon show up to volunteer. They would really bring some cheer to the people who were down on their luck.

"Ok, Mike, Carrie, please follow me for a moment so you can sign the volunteer release forms we have," the shelter owner said.

"Sounds great!" Carrie replied.

Once the release forms were back in the owner's hands and safely locked away in the shelter's safe, he rose from his chair and asked Carrie and Mike to follow him for their assignments.

"Mike, you will be on kitchen duty while you are here and Carrie we have you in the entertainment area that you requested," the owner began.

"You just love your board games don't you babe?" Mike said with a smile.

That last comment drew a chuckle from the small group.

"Yeah you're right!" Carrie agreed. "Plus, I do love making the less fortunate happy and kitchen work is less glamorous."

"You two have no idea how accurate both of those statements are," the owner said, spurring both Mike and Carrie to laugh.

With a nod, Mike headed off to the kitchens while Carrie followed the owner down a long hallway.

"So Carrie, as you can imagine, some of the homeless that we work with, don't get very much happiness in life," the owner began as he led Carrie down the hall and into a medium sized room.

He allowed Carrie to walk into the room ahead of him before closing the door firmly and turning back to the stunning blonde.

"So today we are going to give them a chance to interact with you in a really special way. And by special I mean that you will be pleasuring several of our lucky homeless men sexually today," the owner said.

Carrie immediately felt the familiar thrill of the impending festivities. She couldn't wait to get down to business and make a couple lucky homeless men very happy.

"I can't wait!" Carrie exclaimed with an excited clap.

"Great!" the owner exclaimed with an excited clap. "I'll page for the homeless men who you will be pleasuring."

The owner walked over to an intercom on the room's wall and paged another employee telling them to bring the homeless men who were scheduled to meet Carrie.

After finishing with the intercom, the owner turned back to Carrie.

"Ok Carrie, why don't you take a seat in that chair right there and wait for them to get here."

Carrie turned and fully took in the room for the first time since entering. In the center of the room was a straight-backed wooden chair. The only other piece of furniture in the room was an old ratty looking bed off to the right side. Carrie crossed her long legs to put some pressure against her already excited pussy.

"This is such a great thing you do Carrie. You are about to make these men happier than they have been in years. To win time with you today, they had to stay clean and sober for a month. You are making a huge difference in their lives by rewarding them with your body."

For her sexual volunteering, Carrie always put herself into the persona she adopted while on stage performing. When she was on stage Carrie was a sexy and confident woman who didn't back down from any challenge and always put on a great show. She might have been slightly socially awkward and shy offstage, but she knew that the people she offered her body to while volunteering enjoyed her stage persona vastly more.

Before long, the door swung open and three men were led into the room. Two of them were being pushed in wheelchairs by a couple employees who had been paged to bring them. Carrie quickly evaluated the men and felt another swirl in her stomach. They were all much older than her and looked like they hadn't had a good shower in weeks. Not to mention that two of them were in wheelchairs.

"This is gonna be a fun one," Carrie thought to herself before licking her lips and painting one of her brilliant grins across her beautiful face.

"Hey ya'll!" Carrie exclaimed as she was now fully into her onstage persona. "How are you lucky guys doing today?"

All three men couldn't believe their eyes at the sight of Carrie Underwood standing before them. They had all heard from other homeless guys who had been selected for this event years prior that the woman was usually not very attractive. They had all just decided that one month of being sober and clean was worth them getting to fuck any woman again as it had been months or years for all of them.

Carrie went up to each man and introduced herself. The men in the wheelchair's names were Randy and Earl while the standing man was named Gus. Randy had a cast on his left arm and was dressed in old sweatpants and a ratty old white t-shirt. Carrie noticed his erection already tenting his pants as she greeted him and she licked her lips again at the sight. Randy had graying hair and a mustache to match.

The other wheelchair-bound man was an older black man named Earl. He was also wearing a pair of old sweatpants along with a ratty hooded sweatshirt and an old winter jacket. He had only a few curls of gray hair left on his head along with a smattering of gray facial hair around his chin. The only man not in a wheelchair introduced himself as Gus. Gus was objectively the best looking of the three men to Carrie, but was still not a man she would have ever fucked willingly.

Gus had on a pair of jeans along with a dark blue button down shirt covered by a light gray windbreaker. He had a full head of hair and a groomed mustache.

"So who is first?" the blonde country crooner asked the room in general.

The employees who had escorted the men into the room had departed and closed the door behind them. The only people left in the room were Carrie, the three homeless men, and the shelter owner. The owner had just finished locking the door when Carrie asked her question. He turned from the door to answer her question.

"Uhh...let's see here..." the owner said as he perused a clipboard that one of the other employees had handed him before leaving. "Looks like...Randy is up first."

Carrie approached the first lucky man.

"What would you like me to do for you Randy?" Carrie said in what was a believable flirtatious tone.

"Well it's been a long time since I had the lips of a young beautiful woman wrapped around my cock," the old man said in a rough voice. "So let's start there honey."

Carrie approached the sitting man and slowly dropped to her knees. She looked up at the man in the wheelchair she was about to orally service with her brown eyes and ran her shaky hands up his thighs towards the waistband of his sweatpants. With a deep breath, Carrie began pulling the man's pants down as he raised his hips to help her release his cock.

After a second or two of struggling, Carrie finally worked the homeless man's cock free of his pants. It was already rock hard and about 6 inches in length. Carrie immediately grabbed the cock with her manicured hand and gave it a few strokes up and down before lowering her head towards it. She parted her gloss covered lips and gently wrapped them around the head of the man's cock. She heard him groan above her.

Carrie continued to give Randy the best blowjob he could ever remember getting. He was annoyed when he felt Carrie pull her mouth free of his cock, but was immediately okay with the turn of events as he watched the young blonde woman kneel back on her heels and began to remove her track jacket. Once the jacket was thrown to the side, her Nashville Predators t-shirt soon followed and left Carrie in only her bra from the waist up along with a freshly tousled head of hair. She gave her hair a quick adjustment with her hands before getting back down to business.

The sight of Carrie Underwood's lovely breasts, still engorged from motherhood, spilling out over the top of her bra and her toned midsection caused Randy to begin to lose control. As Carrie sucked his cock into her mouth once again, he grabbed her head with his good hand and began to thrust into her mouth as much as he could. All it took after that was one gagging sound from Carrie for the old man to begin shooting his load into the singer's hot wet mouth.

Carrie did her best to swallow the rancid tasting jizz and continued sucking until Randy finally slumped back in his wheelchair and let go of Carrie's head. She then sat back once again and ran the back of her hand over her mouth before breaking out into another smile.

"Yummy!," Carrie said.

"Anything else Randy?" Carrie questioned after a quick cough to clear her throat.

"Well I don't think I'll be able to get it back up again, but I'd sure love to get a taste of those titties," the homeless man said.

"Sure," an increasingly turned on Carrie replied with another megawatt smile.

The 32-year-old Smoke Break singer climbed back to her feet, her breasts bouncing sexily, and approached Randy's wheelchair.

"Is it ok if I sit on your lap Randy?" Carrie asked.

"Sure thing honey," the man replied. "I think I can handle that."

Carrie gave a little giggle before trying to find a way to straddle the older man's lap without causing him too much discomfort. After a moment or two of attempting different positions which was difficult due to the design of the wheelchair, Carrie finally was seated on Randy's lap. She had one of her long, sexy legs on either side of Randy. One leg was draped over the left arm of the wheelchair while the other was at a slightly uncomfortable angle on the other side. Carrie was thankful for her high level of fitness and flexibility from all of her yoga.

However, her thoughts of yoga were quickly ended when she felt Randy pull her head to his face for an unexpected kiss. Carrie immediately returned the kiss. Kissing was one of her favorite things especially with one of her charity cases. She was never really sure why that was. Randy's tongue probed the singer's mouth before turning his attention to Carrie's breasts.

"Get this bra off," Randy gruffly ordered as his good hand mauled her tits over the undergarment.

Carrie did as she was told and reached her toned arms behind her back to release the clasp on her blue silk bra. Her larger than normal breasts sprang from the restricting bra as soon as the clasp was released. Carrie slipped the straps down her arms and tossed the bra to the growing pile of clothes off to the side.

Randy immediately began to fondle and grab her breasts with his only good hand before lowering his face to get a taste of the firm tits that proudly hung from Carrie's tanned chest. Carrie closed her eyes at the sensation of another man using his mouth on her tits. She instinctively arched her back to present her tits to the homeless man even better.

Randy was now sucking on her right breast while using his right hand to twist and pull on her left nipple. Carrie let out a little moan at the sensations now coursing through her sensitive tits. After a few more minutes of mauling Carrie's tits, Randy finally pulled back for air.

"Them are some real nice titties," the old man said.

"Thanks," Carrie whispered as she began to climb off the now exhausted man.

Carrie rose back to her feet and turned to the other three men who were still in the room. She amazing to be standing topless in front of a group of strangers, and her onstage persona was still in charge and kept her seeming confident and extremely sexy.

"Who's next?" Carrie asked with her hands on her hips.

"Ummmm...uhh," the shelter owner stuttered as Carrie's naked breasts left him almost speechless. "It's ummm...Earl. Earl is next."

"Great!" Carrie said as the also wheelchair bound man slowly pushed himself forward.

"Hi again Earl," Carrie said. "How can I pleasure you today? Would you like a blowjob too?"

"Nah I don't need my dick sucked today," Earl said. "I want to see if you taste as sweet as you look. Get them jeans off."

Faced with the order to strip fully nude for the old black man, Carrie almost moaned at simply the thought. She had never done anything sexually with a black guy before and was unsure about the whole thing, but couldn't wait to try. With that thought in her mind, Carrie reached her hands to the fly of her jeans and began to work it open.

Earl had wheeled his chair over closer to the bed and watched the stunning blonde country star work the zipper of her tight jeans down. Earl, who had always been a leg and ass man, had seen Carrie's legs in a magazine before and couldn't wait to see them in person. Once her zipper was down, Carrie began to wiggle her shapely hips to work her almost skin tight jeans down her heavenly legs.

The jeans were so tight that Carrie had to take a seat on the ratty old bed to pull the pants from her ankles. The rational part of Carrie's mind couldn't believe where she currently was. She never could have imagined that today she would be sitting on a dirty bed in a back room of a homeless shelter wearing only her grey cotton panties and golden anchor necklace while an old, black man in a wheelchair watched. Not to mention that the old man would soon be tasting her most intimate area and possibly doing even more to her. Yet, this was the exact thing she loved to do while volunteering.

"Mmmm...stand up and let old Earl see them legs girl," Earl said.

Carrie did as she was asked and stood up to present her body to Earl. She lifted one of her perfect legs up and placed her foot on Earl's knee as the old man immediately began to run his rough, calloused hands all over it. Carrie shivered at the rough hands smoothing over her toned thigh and jumped when Earl's thick fingers grazed over her panty-covered pussy.

After getting his fill of feeling Carrie's leg up, he pushed it off his knee and with a surprising burst of strength and speed for an old man in a wheelchair, he shoved Carrie's gray panties to her knees and pushed her backwards to that she fell with a bounce onto the edge of the bed. Carrie let out a cute little yelp at the fall onto the bed and before she could even recover from the fall, Earl had pushed his chair forward and pushed Carrie's legs apart.

As soon as Carrie got herself up onto her elbows and looked down, Earl's head was between her sexy thighs and his tongue ran from the bottom of Carrie's moist pussy all the way up to her clit. Carrie had one of the most beautiful pussies that Earl had ever seen on a white girl and he loved that it was completely shaven.

Carrie threw her head back in lust as an almost complete stranger used his tongue to pleasure her. She let out a moan as Earl's tongue continued to work its magic on the much younger woman who was currently exposed on the old bed in front of him. Her hips thrust up off the bed when Earl added two fingers to his routine and inserted them into Carrie's rapidly moistening cunt.

The taboo of the situation and the sheer physical manipulation currently being applied to her by Earl had Carrie close to an orgasm.

Once Earl focused his tongue directly on Carrie's now engorged clit, the young mother and wife exploded into an orgasm.

"OHHHH YES...FUCK YEAH...I'm cumming," Carrie yelled out as the waves of pleasure tore through her sexy body.

Earl kept licking as Carrie orgasmed before finally removing his fingers and tongue from the blonde beauty and sitting back up in his wheelchair. As Carrie recovered and removed her own hands from her tits where she had been helping Earl get her to orgasm without even realizing it, Earl was busy getting his sweatpants down far enough to release his now hard cock.

Carrie was taking deep breaths into her lungs as she came down from her release. She was feeling unbelievably sexy and powerful. These old men had been without anything good for so long and now her body was making up for some of it and making them extremely happy for a day. That thought gave her a secret thrill. The same kind of thrill she got from strutting her sexy body onstage while showing off her legs and swinging her hips to her popular songs. Seeing the men, and some of the women, in the crowds at her shows stare at her with lust had always been exciting to her on some level.

Carrie finally felt recovered from her orgasm and sat back up. Her eyes grew wide as they settled on Earl once again. He had managed to get his cock free of his pants and was slowly stroking it as he stared at Carrie's body. For her part, Carrie couldn't believe the size of Earl's cock. It had to be close to 9 inches long and was quite thick. It was one of the biggest cocks that Carrie had ever seen and was definitely bigger than her husband.

"Why don't you come ride this dick girl?" Earl said. "Least you can do after I got you off so good."

Carrie just dumbly nodded her head before scrambling to her feet and walking towards Earl. There was something about his big black cock that put Carrie into some sort of trance. She couldn't wait to have it inside of her tight pussy.

Carrie quickly straddled Earl while placing her hands on his shoulder for support. His wheelchair was of a different design and easier for her to get on top of. Earl used his hands to guide Carrie's hips into the ideal position before holding her still with one hand had using his other to rub his cock all over Carrie's wet outer lips. Carrie moaned in anticipation before groaning in a mixture of pain and pleasure as Earl pressed the head of his cock to her opening and allowing it to slip inside.

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