tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCarrie Heffernan's Strip Debut

Carrie Heffernan's Strip Debut


"How much?" Carrie Heffernan looked at her husband in shock.

"Almost three thousand bucks...the tranny is shot."

Carrie groaned. "We don't have that kind of money, Doug."

"I know that." He closed his eyes and sighed.

Carrie thought about their situation for a few moments. The "Dancers wanted" sign that had been below the marquis at that road side strip club flashed into her head and the 'fantasy' that Doug had shared with her about his being turned on by the thought of her stripping for other men. "I might have an idea about how to raise the money we need."

Doug looked at her quizzically. "What...sell body parts to science?"

"Sort of..." Carrie said slyly. "I was thinking about that dancer's job. You know the one that got you so excited?"

Doug's mouth dropped open. "Are you serious?"

"Hey, it's not like anybody out here in East Bum Fuck is going to know me. I'll never see these guys again, ever...so I'll take their money and give them a little show. No big deal."

Doug felt his cock getting stiff in his pants at just the thought of Carrie getting naked in front of a room full of strange men. "You sure, honey?"

"Positive." She sorted through her suitcase and pulled out the bottle green silk panties and bra. "I figure about five nights should do the trick. As long as that chick Monique wasn't lying about what you could make over there." She stepped into the skimpy little thong panties.

"You're going over there now?" Doug said, his eyes riveted to her taunt little tush as she bent over to pick up on of her pumps. "I was kind of hoping we could get some 'alone' time..."

Carrie looked over her shoulder at him. Her eyes dropped to the big bulge in his pants. She slipped her arms into the straps of her bra. "Oh, sure...last night when 'I' wanted to fool around you passed out. So tonight when I need to go make us some money...tonight...you want some alone time." She picked up her shortest skirt and stepped into it. It was black leather and really showed off her legs and tush.

"God, Carrie...you are turning me on so much..." Doug said. He stared at her bare midriff and that cute little belly button of hers. "Just the thought of you getting naked up on stage is making me hard as steel. You know that's a fantasy of mine..."

Carrie zipped up her skirt. "Well...tough titty, 'Fantasy Boy', cause you aren't getting to watch."

"Why?" Doug whined. "C'mon, Carrie...why wouldn't you let me watch?"

"Because this is going to be a one time thing and I don't want memories of me showing my cootchie to a bunch of horny strangers to be rattling around in that twisted little brain of yours."

"So I'm not allowed in the club?"

"Not if I'm dancing."


"No buts...if I see you then I'm off that stage and we take the next Greyhound bus home."

"What am I supposed to do while you're dancing?"

Carrie pulled a snug knit top over her head, shaking her ringlets of brunette hair out. The top was cut high so that her taunt stomach was shown off and the neckline plunged to show off her cleavage. "There's a Mets game on the television. Get a pizza...watch some baseball."

"What if they don't hire you?"

Carrie looked at her reflection in the mirror, sticking her chest out and turning so she could look at her butt. "If they hired Monique...then they'll hire me." She said cockily.

"What about this?" Doug pointed to the bulge beneath his towel.

"Let me see..."

Doug undid his towel. His swollen phallus jutted up in the air, thick and pulsing with hot blood.

Carrie licked her lips. "You're really turned on by my doing this...aren't you?"

"So much I can't even begin to tell you..."

"That's good. Because when I come back here I have a feeling I'm going to be 'just' as turned on, baby and you better be ready because I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked..."

Doug groaned. "I have to wait?"

"I have my lipstick on..."

"Please baby..." Doug whined.

Carrie sighed. "All right...I'll give you a blow job, Doug but that's all. I'm not messing up my clothes." She came over to the bed. "And you have to promise not to cum on my face." She sank to her knees in front of him.

"I promise...oh, God...Carrie..." Doug croaked as she wrapped her fingers around his throbbing pole. "You look so sexy, sweet heart..."

"So hard..." Carrie murmured, squeezing her husband's thick shaft. "You are excited...aren't you?" She started to stroke him up and down. "Thinking about me up there on that stage, baby?"

Doug moaned loudly, nodding his head.

"Your Carrie...showing her tits to a bunch of strange men..." She leaned down and nuzzled his balls with her lips, looking up at his flushed face. "Letting them get a good look at how hard her nipples get when she's turned on?" She stuck her tongue out and slowly licked his left testicle.

"Oh my God!" Doug said, gripping the bed spread. "I love it when you talk dirty, Carrie..."

"All those men waving their bills in the air..." She ran her tongue over his right testicle. "All of them wanting to see my little pussy..." She put her lips on his wrinkled scrotum, leaving an imprint there from her blood red lipstick. "Their cocks getting hard in their pants as they watch me slowly push my panties down..."

Doug's eyes glazed over, a slack look coming to his face. He was practically panting. "Please baby? Put it in your mouth...I'm not going to last very long..."

She cupped his balls in her small hand and slowly licked her way up the bottom of his swollen phallus. When she reached the knob of his prick she teased the bottom of his glans with the tip of her tongue.

"Oh, Carrie..." Doug said. "You haven't given me head in so long..." He looked down at his beautiful wife as she opened her lips and took the end of his cock inside her warm mouth, sucking at him gently, while her hand milked his scrotum. "Oh...God..."

Carrie looked up at him with her big brown eyes as she swirled her tongue around the velvety soft head of his penis, tasting the pre-cum that was leaking from him. She felt his balls constrict in her hand.

"I'm going to cum..." Doug gasped, his hips jerking.

Carrie rocked back on her heels, his prick wet with her saliva as it popped out of her lips. She moved her head to one side as Doug cried out and shot a thick white gout of semen six feet into the air.

'"Oh, Carrie..." Doug said, his hips jerking spastically as she continued to caress his hairy scrotum. "Oh my God, baby...that was so good..."

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