tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCarrie Heffernan's Strip Debut Ch. 02

Carrie Heffernan's Strip Debut Ch. 02


Carrie looked at her watch once again.

"Larry's a busy guy..." the bartender said, reading her expression. "He tends to make people wait. You sure I can't get you a cocktail?" She was an older chick with huge breasts on a small body.

"What the hell, I might as well..." Carrie said. "All this waiting is making me nervous as hell. Just get me a Cape Codder."

"You here about the dancer's job?" the bartender asked as she placed a cocktail napkin atop the bar and placed Carrie's cranberry and vodka in front of her. "Pretty girl like you could make a lot of money here."

"I hope so." Carrie took a big sip of her drink, wincing as the alcohol burned her throat. "Wow, that's a strong one..."

The bartender laughed. "You gotta deal with Larry the asshole you'll need a strong drink, honey."

Carrie shrugged. "I've dealt with assholes before."

"Not like Larry you haven't..." The bartender leaned closer. "If you work for Larry then you're at his beck and call...if you follow my drift."

"You mean if I want the job I'm going to have to put out?"

"That's exactly what I mean."

Carrie digested that bit of information. So if she wanted the stripper's job she was going to have to let the owner fuck her? That wasn't something that she was going to share with hubbie Doug. She knew he got turned on by the thought of someone looking at her naked but getting banged by someone else was another thing altogether. "It wouldn't be the first time..." she said to the bartender. If Doug knew what she'd done to get her job at the law firm he'd shit. An hour down on her knees sucking off the senior partner had gotten that position. She'd had to give the old geezer a return engagement every six months or so, which wasn't so bad really...the hard part was getting his dick erect...after that it was a piece of cake. Doug didn't know about the nice Christmas bonus she got either...that was 'her' mad money.

"You know the bartender who was working with me out here? The cute little blonde? That's Mandy. She went back to tell Larry that you were here for the job. She's not back yet which probably means that she's probably on her knees sucking his cock as we speak. Oh, did I tell you about Larry's cock?"


"He's hung like a prize bull, honey...so do yourself a favor before you go in there and get some lube inside your pussy."

Carrie felt her face flushing.

"Suit yourself..." the bartender said. "You'll wish you had..."

'What have I gotten myself into?' Carrie thought to herself. She considered just getting up and leaving but then how were they going to pay for the stupid car? The door to the office opened right then and Mandy stepped out, her hair disheveled and her lipstick smudged. She looked at the bartender and sighed. "I need to use the ladies. The fucker messed up my make-up." Mandy looked at Carrie. "Larry's ready for you now, honey..."

Carrie stared at the petite blonde. It looked like she still had a little splatter of cum on her nose. Any thoughts that the bartender was just trying to scare her with the story about what Larry demanded from his female employees were dashed. So if she wasn't lying about that...was she telling the truth about how big his cock was? Carrie felt her pussy start to moisten at just the thought. She'd always been a pushover for a man with a big penis. When she got one inside of her she went animal she came so much. Doug had a nice thick cock...it just wasn't that long.

"Don't make him wait," Mandy said. "Larry doesn't like that."

Carrie picked up her small purse and slid off of the barstool. She took a deep breath and let it out. 'I can do this', she told herself. 'I'm from New York. I not some country bumpkin.' She gave the bartender a thin smile and walked towards the office door.

The older bartender watched as the pretty brunette reached out to open the door to Larry's office. "Larry is going to have a field day with that little piece of ass. Especially after you took the edge off of him, Mandy. That poor girl has got her work cut out for her."

Mandy shook her head. "You can say that again. He's back there licking his chops. Nothing Larry likes more than taking a girl with some sass and turning her out. He told me to pass the word. Hold all his calls. He's gonna be 'interviewing' the newbie for a long time."

"I told her to lube up her pussy...but she didn't listen..."

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