tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCarrie Heffernan's Strip Debut Ch. 03

Carrie Heffernan's Strip Debut Ch. 03


Carrie Heffernan knocked on the office door. "Ah, hello?"

"Come on in." a gruff voice replied. "Lock the door behind you."

Carrie stepped into the dimly lit room. "Hi, I'm Carrie..." she said with a nervous smile.

"Well hey, Carrie. I'm Larry. I understand you want to work here as a dancer?"

"Yes. That's right." As her eyes adjusted to the lighting she could see the strip club manager better. He was a dark haired man who was going to fat but still had an aura of power about him. He sat behind a big desk in an equally big chair, smiling at her. "My car needs a new transmission and I need to make some money to fix it. Our car, actually...I'm here with my husband, Doug..."

"He's OK with this?"


"Really? He doesn't care that his wife is showing her pussy to a bunch of strangers?"

Carrie felt her face flushing slightly. "No, he's all right with it..."

"Good...then show me your pussy, Carrie."

"What?" Carrie stammered. "You mean right now?"

"No, I meant a week from now." Larry patted the desk in front of him. "Park that ass right up here, Carrie. I like to get a nice look at what my customers are gonna be seeing."

Carrie walked around the big desk in a daze, not believing what it was that he was asking her to do. He pushed his chair back just a bit so she could sit her rear end up on the wide wooden desk. Carrie waited nervously with her knees pressed together.

"I saw you over at the café yesterday." Larry leaned back in his chair. "You were wearing that little flowered sun dress."


"With no bra..."

"It was so hot yesterday," Carrie said.

"You gave me a woodie...right there in the restaurant. I could see your nipples sticking out right through that dress."

Carrie felt her face redden. Her eyes fell to his crotch the bartender's words ringing in her ears. She knew that the strip club manager had a large penis. Sure enough she could easily make out the outline of his cock beneath his pants, the thick bulge running down his thigh.

"Show me those titties now, Carrie..."

She slipped the thin straps off her shoulders and slowly let the top slide down. Her brown nipples came into view. They were already stiffened slightly and as she watched they stiffened some more.

"Yeah, that's nice..." Larry started to lightly run his fingers along the bulge in his pants. Not real big but nice and firm."

Carrie's eyes were locked on his growing cock.

"Open up your legs..."

Carrie spread her knees about six inches apart.


She moved her legs further apart, her skirt bunching up a bit. She knew that from where he was sitting he was getting a nice view of her plump, panty covered mons.

"That's what I'm talking about..." Larry said. He took his zipper and slowly pulled it down. "Tell me something, Carrie...why are your nipples so hard?" He slipped his hand inside his fly.

"It's chilly in here..." Carrie lied. Her eyes widened as the strip club manager pulled his semi-hard phallus out of his pants. The bartender hadn't been kidding. His prick was the biggest she'd ever seen. She swallowed, her mouth suddenly dry.

Larry grinned. "No, it's not..." He started to slowly fist his impressive tool. "This whole stripping thing has got you a little excited...hasn't it, Carrie?"

"I'm only doing it for the money..." she protested, staring as his already large cock just kept growing. He had to be ten inches and was a little thicker than Doug. The thought of all that meat up inside of her pussy made her start to moisten.

"Pull your skirt up..."

Carrie took the hem of her short skirt hand lifted it, letting him see her crotch completely.

"Sexy panties, Carrie. Did you put those on for me?"

"I guess..."

"I notice you seem to be staring at my cock, Carrie. Why is that?"

"I...ah...I'm not..." she said softly.

"You like 'em big, Carrie?"

She didn't answer him.

"This one bigger than your husband?"

She nodded. "A little..."

Larry grinned. "That's good, Carrie. You won't have a problem handling me then." His cock was fully engorged now and he took his hand off the jutting pole and let her get a good look.

"Handling you?" Carrie couldn't tear her gaze away from that swollen phallus. "I just want make some money dancing...that's all."

"Here's the thing, Carrie. Before you get to get up on that stage and make your money? You're gonna show 'ole Larry that you 'really' want the job. You know what I mean?"

"Why don't you tell me exactly what you mean?"

"It's really pretty simple...every female that works here sucks my cock whenever I feel like it..." Carrie started to speak and he held up his hand. "...and if that means I want you to suck my cock four times in one shift? Then that's what you're gonna do."

Carrie took a deep breath deciding whether she really needed the job that much.

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