tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCarrie Heffernan's Strip Debut Ch. 05

Carrie Heffernan's Strip Debut Ch. 05


The young bartender Mandy looked up in surprise when Carrie Heffernan came walking out of the office. "That was fast."

Carrie shrugged. "Why all the fuss...Larry was easy."

The older bartender chuckled. "Easy? Heard him called a lot of things...easy was never one of them."

"So where is the dressing room?" Carrie asked. "I need to get ready to make some money."

Mandy pointed. "Right back there."

There was a small crowd in the club, most of them sitting right up at the horseshoe shaped stage, sipping beers and looking up in rapt attention as a long legged black chick wearing a blue wig lazily ground her hips to the music that was playing. Carrie noted that Elmer and his brother from the garage were two of the men. She sighed...so much for not running into anyone she knew from town. Remembering how Elmer's eyes kept getting stuck on her tits when she'd visited the garage with her car, she had to smile. 'It's your lucky day, Elmer...you get to see 'em in all their glory,' she thought. Getting to the dressing room brought her right by where the tall, lanky mechanics were sitting and when Elmer casually looked up she winked at him and went on by. As she opened the door to the back she heard Elmer say to his brother: "I'm serious, Hank! It was the hot married chick...from New York City!" She looked back and the two of them were staring at her slack-jawed. "Bunch of fuckin' yokels," Carrie said out loud. "I feel like I'm in Mayberry." She gave them a sweet smile and went into the dressing room.

It wasn't much...a medium sized room with lighted mirrors above makeup counters and a bathroom with two sinks and two stalls. Along one wall was a long clothes rack on which hung a colorful array of outfits.

A big busted blonde, dressed in just a skimpy thong, garter belt and stockings turned to look at her, a sandwich in her hand. "You're new," she said around a mouthful of food. "I'm Tammi...what's your name?"


"Well hi, Carrie. Welcome to our little club." She held out the sandwich. "You want a bite?"

"I'm good, thanks." Carrie looked at the clothes that were hanging there. "Does this all belong to people or is it community property? I'm new to the whole dancing thing so I don't really have any 'stripper' clothes."

"It belongs to people but the only one that has a cow if you wear stuff is Lorraine. That's her stuff down towards this end. Don't touch that but the rest you can see what you like. There's only four of us dancing tonight and none of the other girls are as small as you."

Carrie stepped over to the rack and started to go through what was there.

"You got a funny accent. Where you from?"


Tammi frowned. "Where's that?"

"New York City." Carrie took out a black leather corset that looked like it might be her size.

"Oh, wow...never met anyone from New York."

'Dumb as a rock', Carrie thought to herself. "Well, now you have."

"It must be really exciting there, huh? With all the people and stuff?"

"Oh, yeah...it's exciting."

"That's a really cute outfit," Tammi said. "There's a matching thong inside on the hanger." She put her sandwich down and came over to stand beside Carrie. She had on a pair of platform boots with huge spiked heels that made her tower over the smaller woman. "This skirt would probably fit you too..." She pulled a black leather pencil skirt out of the rack. "It's closes with Velcro so it's easier to get out of. If you haven't danced before I'll just let you know that getting out of some of this stuff without falling on your ass is tough."

Carrie took the skirt from her. "Good to know..."

Tammi smiled. "You've got really sexy lips, Carrie." She reached out and lightly brushed Carrie's pouty lower lip.

"Well, hey...thanks..." Carrie said.

Tammi leaned down and planted a kiss on Carrie's mouth.

Stunned for a second Carrie pushed her away. "What was that?"

"A kiss, silly..." Tammi said. "Didn't you like it?"

"I don't kiss girls," Carrie said.

"Never?" Tammi asked. She made a pouty face. "I love kissing girls..."

Carrie held her left hand, showing Tammi her wedding ring. "I'm married. I like guys."

"I like guys too," Tammi replied. "I just like girls better. No big deal. If you change your mind though I'd love to get you in the sack." She smiled. "Hey, you want help with your hair? I used to be a stylist."

"Think I'm good...thanks though..." Carrie was still flustered from the kiss. She'd never had a girl come onto to her quite so brazenly. She'd intended to change into the outfit she'd picked out but now she was more nervous about getting undressed in front of Tammi than she was about getting naked in front of the customers out front.

"You are gonna look so hot in that leather thong. You got such a nice shape to your butt." Tammi half turned and looked at her own rear end. "I have to be so careful what I eat or I just start to sag." She looked back at Carrie again. "Did you need help shaving at all?"

"Shaving? Oh...oh, you mean...no I'm good with the whole shaving thing...really." Carrie felt her face flushing.

"I always have to have someone get the hard to see places..." Tammi said. She pulled her thong to the side to reveal a totally bald pussy. "I like it to be nice and smooth."

Carrie backed away, clutching the leather outfit in front of her. "I gotta use the bathroom." She stammered.

"OK, I'm on in just a minute or two. I'll see ya out on the stage. Can't wait to see what you look like without clothes on, Carrie. Hey, maybe you and I can do a little routine together? Some of the guys here just go nuts over the whole chick-chick thing."

Shutting the door behind her, Carrie looked at her own reflection in the mirror. 'Jesus, I thought I was gonna have to fight off horny guys. Instead I got Tammi the dumbass bimbo trying to jump my bones.' She shook her head in disbelief. 'How much would Doug have loved to have seen 'that'!'

She quickly took off her clothes and tried on the leather corset and thong. The thong was a little loose and the corset was a little snug but it was still doable. She did a slow turn and checked herself out. "All I need now is a freakin' whip," she said outloud. "Mistress Carrie in the house!"

She put the leather pencil skirt on and tried pulling it off. Tammi was right...the Velcro made that easy as pie. Speaking of...she put her ear to the door and listened to see if the horny blonde stripper had indeed left to start her show. Hearing nothing she opened the door and saw that she was alone. She picked through a bunch of high heeled boots and pumps, selecting a pair of black leather knee high boots. Trying them on she wobbled only slightly on the seven inch spike heels.

The door from outside opened and the blue haired black chick with the bored expression nodded at her as she came in wearing nothing but her blue fuck me pumps. "Y'all on..." she said in a Southern drawl.

"Right, it's show time..." Carrie said, taking a deep breath. "Show time for real."

It took a moment for her eyes to acclimate from the lights of the dressing room to the dimness of the bar. She concentrated on not falling on her ass. Walking in the high stiletto heels was anything but easy. She passed by where the two mechanics were sitting, letting her hips swing a little bit more than normal...getting into the whole stripper thing.

"Damn, it really is you!" Hank said, a big smile on his lantern jawed face. His eyes went up and down Carrie's scantily clad body. "Oh, my goodness."

"Told you it was her..." Elmer said. "Fucking eh..." He was acting like a kid on Christmas day. "This is gonna be so god-damn sweet..."

"Well, hi there..." Carrie said throatily. "You boys waiting to see me?"

"Oh, yeah," Hank said.

"Where's your husband at?" Elmer asked.

"He's back at the motel," Carrie said. "It's just me..."

"I been having some pretty hot dreams about it being just you and me..." Elmer said. "Can't believe that I'm gonna get to see you naked."

"If you've got the cash, baby...you're gonna get an eyeful..." Carrie winked at him.

"We just got paid." Elmer said. "One thing we got is cash."

"Better get it out then..." Carrie said, patting his head.

Tammi was up on the stage doing some spins around one of the two poles, her big breasts already out. Carrie made her way up the stairs and stepped out onto the stage. She took a deep breath and started to move her hips in time to the music that was playing over the house system. Elmer and Hank looked up at her from their front row seats, each sipping on a long necked Budweiser as they watched her start to dance. The beer they held in one hand...in the other they were holding up dollar bills. Carrie grinned. This was going to be easy money. She leaned down and plucked the bills out of their hands, then spun around, grabbed the pole and bent over so they were looking at her heart shaped ass in the tight black leather pencil skirt. Carrie let her head drop down so she was looking between her legs to where the two mechanics were sitting. She wiggled her butt at them and smiled. "Like the view, boys?"

Elmer's eyes were locked onto the stretched tight leather. "Ah am lovin' the view, baby!" he whooped. "Shake that thing!"

Hank leaned forward trying to get a better angle to see up her skirt.

"Is this what you want?" Carrie reached back and lifted up the hem of her skirt a few inches.

"Yeah, that's what I want all right..." Hank said. He could just get a glimpse of black panties at the top of her thighs. "Higher...show me that puss."

"You wearing leather undies?" Elmer asked. "Oh that is so hot." He held up a fist full of dollar bills. "Come and get it, baby...'ole Elmer wants to see it all!"

Carrie turned around and took the money out of his hand, stuffing it into the top of one of her boots. "You want to see it all?" She leaned down so Elmer could get a nice look down the front of her leather corset at her firm tits. "Oh...I'm going to show it to you..." she slowly licked her lips. "I'm going to show you everything." She reached up and slowly tugged on the leather lacing that held the corset together, pulling the knot out until it fell apart. The snug corset loosened, letting more of her pale breasts show.

Elmer stared at the firm mounds that were slowly coming into view. He could just see a little bit of one of her nipples. He sipped at his beer, grinning from ear to ear.

"Me too..." Hank said, waving a handful of his own cash.

"I won't forget you, baby..." Carrie cooed, reaching out to snatch him money. She took the top of her corset and pulled it apart. "I'm gonna make sure you don't forget me either..."

"Those are so pretty..." Elmer said as she showed him her hard nipples.

Carrie shook her tits at him, the corset loosening to the point where she needed to hold it up to keep it from falling off.

"Your nipples sure are hard," Hank said. "You like showing off your goodies, don't you?"

"They get that way when there are big, strong men like you two around..." Carrie whispered. "I can't help myself..."

Elmer shifted himself in his seat. His cock was stiff and needed to be adjusted so it wasn't being crushed by his jeans. He stared at the petite brunette's round breasts. "No kidding?

Carrie let the corset fall to the ground. "Cross my heart..." she covered her breasts with her arms, tossing her ringlets of hair back from her face.

"Fuck, you got me going, girl..." he dug in his pants for more money. "You keep it up I'm gonna bust right out of my britches."

Leaning back against the pole, Carrie raised her hands up over her head, gripped the pole and started to slide down, her legs going apart as she slowly did the splits, her skirt hiking up around her waist as she lowered herself to the stage.

"Sweet jesus..." Elmer said, his eyes locked onto her black leather covered mons.

"Is it hot in here...or is it just me?" Carrie asked. She reached down and tore the black leather skirt off with one hard tug of the Velcro, tossing it to one side and smiling at the two brothers in nothing but her black leather thong and knee high black leather boots.

Elmer tossed the money he had in his hand onto the stage.

"Why thank you..." Carrie said, sweeping up the bills and stuffing them into the top of her boots. Then doing the same to some more money that Hank leaned over to hand her. "This darn thing was a bit loose..." she said, adjusting the leather thong slightly. "I hope I'm not 'exposed'..."

The two mechanics could see about a half inch of her mound, a few curly brown pubic hairs sticking out from the edge of the black leather.

"How's this?" she asked sliding the thong a bit to the side so that they could almost see her slit. "Oops...wrong way. Gosh, I'm so embarrassed..." She slid the thong back the other way. "I almost showed you my little kitty kat."

Elmer actually groaned out loud.

Hank took out a few more ones.

Carrie frowned. "You wouldn't have something 'bigger' than that...would you, baby?"

Hank peeled off a five.

"I mean 'much' bigger..." Carrie whispered.

Hank took a twenty from his roll and held it up for her.

"Thank you so much," Carrie said with a big smile. She looked at Elmer. "How about you?"

Elmer chipped in with his own twenty.

"Well now...I think you two deserve a nice long look...don't you?" Carrie slowly unhooked one side of the thong. "I don't usually show my kitty kat to strangers but you've been SO generous I guess I have to don't I?"

Hank and Elmer both nodded their heads up and down, mesmerized by the view they now had of the top of her neatly trimmed snatch.

Carrie slowly reached across and unhooked the other side.

As the narrow strip of leather dropped to the stage, Hank and Elmer's eyes bugged out as they got their first look at Carrie's cunt, the trim lips split apart so that they could see the glistening pink flesh inside.

"Fuck me..." Hank muttered. "Look at that..."

Elmer went to take a sip of his beer and missed his mouth, dribbling Budweiser down his chin as he ogled the open beaver a few feet from him. "It's tiny..." he said almost to himself. "I never seen one that small..."

Carrie looked down at her exposed pussy. "Poor little kitty kat...she's gonna catch a cold." She put her hand over the pouting hole.

Hank had his free hand in his lap, squeezing his swollen cock through his pants. "I thought we was getting a good look? I gave you twenty bucks..."

Carrie moved her hand, letting them see her again. She found herself enjoying teasing them the way that she was. She slid her bottom a few inches closer to them. "Is this better?" she cooed. She leaned back against the pole again, her pussy opening even wider.

"Look how wet she is..." Elmer said.

"She's a naughty little kitty..." Carrie said. She took her hand and gave her pussy a light slap. "A naughty..." Slap. "...naughty..." Slap. "...NAUGHTY...little kitty."

Hank was rubbing himself through his pants, his mouth agape.

Elmer looked like he'd been smacked silly. "Naughty little kitty..." he murmured. "Naughty, naughty..."

"She gets me in so much trouble..." Carrie whispered.

Hank moaned softly.

"She just wants to cum...over and over and over..." Carrie's voice dropping lower...getting throaty and dirty. "She's such a greedy little kitty kat. She just can't get enough..."

"Over and over..." Elmer repeated.

Carrie shook her head. "Oh, my...I was getting carried away..." She swung her leg around so that she sitting sideways to her audience. She smiled sweetly at them. "That bad little kitty...I have to watch out for her all the time...God, knows what kind of trouble she'd get me into if she had her way..." She reached out and grabbed her skirt, thong and corset. "Bye boys..." she said brightly. "You come back and see me again." She swung herself up with help from the pole and quickly made her way down the stairs and back into the dressing room, her heart shaped ass bouncing erotically with each step.

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