tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCarrie Prejean In Love With A Woman

Carrie Prejean In Love With A Woman


[Note to readers: Carrie Prejean is so beautiful I had to write this story about the controversial Miss California. If you have not seen her photo I urge you to view it on the Internet before reading this story.]

"Morning, beautiful."

"Morning sexy."

"Carrie -- are you awake enough to talk?"

"Sure, Samantha."

"We should talk about where we are going."

"Everything is going great. Our lovemaking is getting better and better. You are the best lover ever. I can't believe how many times I came last night. You had been concerned I wouldn't like doing it with another girl - is that what you wanted to talk about?"


"Didn't you cum too? When I ate you I thought you came like crazy."

"I did."

"And when we rubbed our pussys together."

"I came then too. It was incredible. Beyond incredible. But that's not what I'd like to discuss."

"You want me to tell you how much I love you? How I love you soooo much?"

"I always like to hear that, and I love you too. But that's not it."

"Do you want me to tell you how glad I am that you picked me up - that you seduced me? And that I finally went to bed with you? A ... a month ago, I guess its been?"

"I couldn't help myself. You were the prettiest girl I had ever seen. The prettiest girl in California - in the world. Even at the beauty contest we were competing in, you stood out. I'm so glad you talked to me at the party after the contest. Especially since you have that ... conservative image. I never thought you'd consider being with me. With any girl."

"Well, I sure never imagined that when we started talking, we'd hit it off so well. That we'd see each other, first as friends, then as BFF's, and then... then, then we kissed, and then, finally, as lovers."

"It sure took me long enough to get you to bed. It wasn't hard enough seducing a straight girl. I had to fall in love with a conservative, traditional girl."

"Well, first I had to be sure I was in love with you. And you with me. I'm proud to call myself an old fashioned girl."

"That's part of what I love about you. It was so sweet you had to be in love first. Not too common, today. But that made it so much more special when we did it.

But now, you beautiful creature, you're so beautiful I can hardly look at you and remember what I wanted to say."

"Samantha, sexy Samantha, just what do you want to say."

Samantha kneels, and then gets down on one knee. Summoning her courage, she pauses, collects herself, and asks, "Carrie Prejean, will you marry me?"

Carrie is shocked! "No! Marriage should only be between a man and a woman! You know that's what I believe!"

"Why, Carrie? Don't you like making love with me?"

"More than anything in the world!"

"More than with any man?"

"Yes! Of course. I love guys, guys are great, but... you are so pretty, so soft, and so passionate - I love the sounds of your lovemaking. And you make me cum so much better than any guy ever did."

"And don't you love me?"

"You know I do. More than anything!"

"More than you have ever loved a guy?"

"Yes. I think I've never really loved a guy. Guys are nice, really great, but...."

Taking Carrie's face in her hands, and staring into her eyes, Samantha continued, almost crying, "Carrie, my beautiful Carrie, you love me. I love you. We have the best sex possible. Right?"

"Right. A thousand times Right! Please don't cry! I don't want to make you cry!"

"Then why won't you marry me?"

"Because ... because marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman!"

"But we're making love like a man and a woman."

"No we're not! Its so much hotter when girls do it. I cum so much more. I've been with guys lots of time and I know."

"But the sex is not what I'm talking about."

"But the sex is what makes a man and a woman different. How could we make love like a man and a woman? You have a pussy and tits, not a cock."

"But that's not my point. I want to know why we can't get married?"

"Because... you don't have a cock."

"Carrie, do you wish I had one?"

"No! You're perfect the way you are."

"Then why won't you marry me?"

"Samantha, are you suggesting... that you wish I had a cock? That you wish I were a man so you could marry me? Samantha - look at my face? Aren't I pretty enough?"

"Carrie Prejean! You're the prettiest girl ever. But...."

"But you want me to have a cock and marry me!"

"No! I don't want you to change. In any way! I want to marry you the way you are. I want to be your lesbian wife."

More shock from Carrie. "But I'm not a lesbian!"

"But Carrie - last night we made wild and crazy love. And you came more than you have ever come with a guy, right?"


"But... you love making love with me, a girl. That makes you at least partly a lesbian."

"No. I'm not a lesbian."

Samantha pauses, and then kisses Carrie, a kiss that lasts for 10 minutes, a kiss that eventually includes each girl rubbing her hands all over one anothers' body. Finally, Samantha breaks it off, and whispers, "Didn't you like that, Carrie?"

"Yes. But lots of women, most women, kiss other women. That doesn't mean most women are lesbians."

Samantha then resumes kissing her, and soon starts to kiss her breasts. After 10 minute of breast and nipple play Carrie moans, and then louder and louder. Finally Samantha reaches for Carrie's clit. Within seconds Carrie looses control, shakes hear beautiful head from side to side, her gorgeous hair flying, as her screams get louder, and finally she climaxes so loudly Samantha worries the neighbors will think someone is being murdered.

After Carrie's breathing returns to normal, Samantha gently whispers, "Carrie, didn't you like that also?"

"I love it when you make me cum. But it doesn't mean I'm a lesbian. I just... like having my breasts and clit get attention from a sensitive and patient lover. Any girl would cum when an expert like you does that to them. Especially when it is done by someone they are in love with."

"But Carrie - you said that when a guy does it to you, you almost never cum!"

"That's because guys don't really know how to do it. Like the old saying, only a girl really knows how to satisfy another girl. Besides, I have never really been in love with a guy, although I always thought I was at the time. And being in love make the sex a lot better."

"Carrie, you cum when you rub your pussy on mine. You love being on top of me, and you rub your pussy on mine, and kiss me, and our nipples rub, our clits rub, and we both cum. Right?"

"Yes, but this just means ... that I appreciate beauty. Its just that even though guys are great looking, girls are soooo pretty. Especially you. I love looking at your sexy face while you cum, and that makes me cum. And having our clits rub is the hottest thing in the world.... But loving beauty and passion, and cuming from rubbing my pussy on the hottest pussy in the world - any woman would cum from that, I bet, especially if that pussy belongs to the woman they love. It doesn't make me a lesbian."

"But Carrie - you love me and you have never really loved a guy."


"You're in love with another girl!"

"I am. So what? I guess that... I think that girls are better at making love, and also for being in love with. And guys ... are for marrying."

"But why not marry the one you are in love with?"

"Because the Bible says not to."

"But doesn't the Bible also say that girls aren't supposed to make love with each other?"

"No. No. It does not. I checked."

"But isn't there a line about men not being with other men..."

"Yes, from Leviticus. 'If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act.' But the Bible doesn't say that women shouldn't lie with another woman. So what we're doing together is fine!"

"Even for guys it might only have been referring to promiscuous sex, or sex without love, but never mind. Carrie, where does the Bible say that only men and women can get married?"

"Well, if a man should not lie with another man, then it would follow that two men also should not get married."

"But what about two women? You just said its OK for us to make love. So shouldn't it also be OK for us to get married?"


Carrie? Carrie Prejean?"

"I........" Carrie lies down and stares up, at nothing.

"If the Bible had wanted to say that women should not love each other, or make love with each other, or get married to the one they love, it could have said so explicitly. That would have been easy to do. But it didn't. Instead of doing what some preachers do, and interpreting some vague passages in a convoluted way to reach an anti-love conclusion, admit that the Bible doesn't say that two women making love with each other is wrong."

"It doesn't. I already said that."

"So, about us getting married...."

Samantha goes over to Carrie, gazes down upon her beautiful face, and asks again, "Carrie Prejean, will you marry me?"

Carrie pauses. Tears well up in her eyes, which are followed by a great release which is part crying, and part joy. "Yes, Samantha. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!" Carrie grabs Samantha and kisses her so hard, and wraps their naked bodies together so hard, that the two girls almost merge into one.

Epilogue: Carrie and Samantha do get married, and they live happily ever after

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