tagNonHumanCarrots Ch. 01

Carrots Ch. 01


Splicing: the combining of DNA from a human and non-human source, resulting in animal-like humans. Genetically they are both, so having children means there's a chance of getting either a regular human or a spliced baby. It's been several generations since splicing started, so the new generations are more varied than just by skin tone. And that variety extends to the bedroom as well. You want to get boned by a dog? How about drink from a literal cow-girl's tits? How about riding a horse-man all night long? One thing's for sure, sex is on a whole other level nowadays.

"Another slow night at the gym" Elizabeth mused as she leaned on the front counter. She worked the late shift at the 24 hour gym, and so far she hadn't seen anyone interesting come in, but the gym was far from empty. There were a few latecomers over on the treadmills, and a couple more on the weight machines, but they never socialized with her. She wondered if any of her favorite customers were going to come in tonight. She hoped so, because she hadn't talked to anyone since shift change.

She had on her favorite pink Playboy tank top, a pair of black short shorts that had 'SEXY' written across the back right below the hole where her fluff of a tail poked through, and a loose hair tie holding her floppy ears back. She certainly looked like a sexy bunny, because, well, she was a bunny.

She was a rabbit spliced, and a very beautiful one at that. Her body was covered in a light tan fur that looked like skin from a distance, except for one large white patch that ran from her chin all the way down her front and between her legs to her tail. She had a tiny rabbit-like nose, and large floppy ears that were higher up the side of her head than normal human ears were. She was also very fit, with a thin frame that made her C cup breasts stick out a lot. She was also a bit short, only topping out at 5'4", though she often said that her ears would make her look taller if they didn't droop so much.

She let out a sigh, wiggling her butt in the air as she wondered if tonight would be interesting at all. You see, Elizabeth liked her job for several reasons. The first was that it paid rent and kept her fed, which is always a plus. The second, and the most important to her, was because sometimes the patrons would want a little one-on-one action in the locker rooms after a good workout, and she was more than happy to oblige. The third reason she liked her job was because her boss knew what she was doing and purposefully looked the other way, so long as she gave him a little action from time to time. She didn't mind the occasional bang session with her pervy boss if it meant getting to play with all the musclebound hotties that came in at night.

She was lost in her daydreams when she heard the front door open and snapped out of her daze. She glanced up and saw Roger, one of her favorite regulars, walk in and give her a smile and a wave. She cocked an eyebrow at him, her secret way of asking if he wanted a little extra after his session. He winked back, confirming his interest in a fuck after his work out, before making his way to the treadmills. Roger was tall, buff, and had a sexy tan all over. She was pretty sure he was from Hawaii, but she never asked, nor did she really care to. Elizabeth was now smiling happily, knowing she was a going to get a good fuck in about an hour, and the wait would only make it better in the end.

Most of the other patrons were gone by the time Roger finished up, save for one other guy that had come in about a half hour after Roger had, but she wasn't interested in him. He was fit, but he looked geeky to her. She couldn't place it, but he wasn't likely to have anything worth playing with behind closed doors. Roger made his way to the locker room, and Elizabeth slipped in right behind him, making sure no one had seen her. He put his clothes in his gym bag and grabbed a towel, then walked over to the showers. Elizabeth stripped down to nothing in seconds and followed him, her clothes lying on a bench forgotten.

The best part about having sex with strong men? The positions. Roger picked her up and pinned her to the wall, then buried his tongue in her pussy. She was already incredibly wet from the long wait, but Roger didn't ever skimp on the foreplay. He went to town, hitting all her spots in just the right way, making her wrap her legs around his head as he just kept on going. After about five or so minutes, she finally hit her peak, orgasming as quiet as she could so that it didn't echo off the shower walls. The only thing that escaped her lips was a long sigh of relief, after which Roger gently let her back down to the floor. After a brief moment to regain her composure, Elizabeth grabbed his rock solid 7" cock and steered him so that his back was against the wall, then knelt on the floor. Now it was his turn.

As good as the sex was with Roger, the oral he had just given her was exactly what she needed at the time, and for that she was going to reward him with one of her world-class blowjobs. She could feel his dick twitching in her hand; he knew what he was in for. Elizabeth was known amongst her "clients" for her amazing blowjobs, and they were the reason most of them kept coming back. She always joked that it shouldn't surprise them that she was so good, because rabbits had a thing for carrots and she just loved to gobble them up whole. Jokes aside, she really was good.

She started off with a lick from his balls to the tip, making him shudder in anticipation. She followed that up by putting only the tip in her mouth, and then caressing it gently with her tongue. He moaned softly, so she went a little further and started stroking him softly while she teased his tip. He put both hands on top of her head, stroking her fur gently as he lost himself to the pleasure. She hummed in delight as he stroked her fur, sending a shock through him. He was about halfway there from what she could tell, so she decided to step it up some more.

As her hand came up to her lips, she followed it back down while sucking down on the half of his dick that wasn't on her hand. His nails dug into her skin slightly, but it wasn't painful. She knew she had hit all the right buttons with that one and she wasn't done with him yet. With her hand firmly wrapped around the base of his dick, she began to bob her head faster and faster as she sucked on his dick. His hands were now holding on to her ears like handlebars as she sucked harder and faster with each passing second.

He let out a loud grunt, and Elizabeth pulled back so that just the tip was in her mouth and began stroking him furiously with her hand as he blew his load inside her mouth. After seven strong spurts, her mouth was full to bursting with hot and salty cum. She sucked out the last tiny bit left in the tip before leaning back and opening her mouth so that Roger could see his present to her. She closed her mouth and swallowed it all, then opened her mouth again to show him that she had.

"Thanks for the tasty treat, Rog" she said coyly.

"Anytime there, Liz" he replied through gasps for breath.

Elizabeth stood up and turned the shower on for Roger before making her way back to the bench where her clothes were. As she got to the bench and grabbed her clothes she heard another shower going in the second half of the locker room.

"Probably that nerdy guy from earlier. I wonder if he heard us?"

Elizabeth giggled quietly when a thought came to mind. She had dismissed him earlier, but now she was curious to see just what he was packing. With a sly grin she quietly made her way to the other shower, hoping to get a peek at the guy's goods. As she got nearer she saw that the shower curtain wasn't closed, so she edged her way around the corner to make sure he didn't see her peeking. A customer complaint would put an end to all her fun in a second, so there was no way she was going to risk getting caught.

She could hear him breathing heavily, and there was a quiet slapping sound coming from the stall. She recognized the sound immediately; he was masturbating. She could see the opposite corner of the stall's interior now, but she couldn't see him, so she guessed he was leaning against the wall closest to her and poked her head around the corner. She almost couldn't believe her eyes when she saw him standing there in the shower, and her jaw just hung open in disbelief.

This geeky guy she had written off had a dick that almost looked like a third arm at first impression. He was easily almost a foot long in length, and his girth was enough that she doubted she could fit it into ANY hole in her body. She watched in awe as he stroked himself with a rather long pocket pussy, but it didn't even cover him entirely. She suddenly realized she had been watching him for almost a full minute and quickly glanced up at his face. His eyes were closed and he was leaning back into the wall as he stroked himself, so he hadn't seen her watching him.

Elizabeth had to wrench herself away from the show she was watching and was very quietly making her way back to grab her clothes when she heard him pick up speed. She almost broke into a sprint to make sure she wasn't caught when she heard him speaking, almost too quiet to be heard.

"Suck it! Suck my fat carrot you slutty rabbit whore! Suck it and swallow it all for daddy!"

There was a loud grunt, and the slapping stopped. Elizabeth dressed as fast as she could so she could make her way back to counter before he realized she had been spying on him. Roger's bag was gone, so she checked to make sure no one else was around before exiting the locker room. Seeing no one, she left and stood behind the counter, trying her best to act natural, but all she could think about was what she had seen.

"Holy fuck he was huge!" she said to herself quietly. "None of the guys that come in here have been even close to that size!"

The longer she thought about it, the more she wanted it. She wanted to know how it felt in her hands, how it tasted in her mouth, and how it throbbed in her pussy. She wanted it. She wanted him. And she always got what she wanted...

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