tagNonHumanCarrots Ch. 07

Carrots Ch. 07


Author Note

Had enough free time to write up this chapter. I'll try and get more on here soon.


"Oils?" asked Liz.

"Check" replied Sam.







"Best threesome ever?" Liz asked very suggestively.

"Hmm...two out of three" said Sam. "We still need your boy toy, otherwise it'll just be a hungry snake and horny bunny, and that's nowhere near as fun as this promises to be."

"Last time was a lot of fun though" Liz said in a slightly downtrodden voice.

"Mmmm, yeah it was" Sam said while imagining previous sexy times with Liz. "But this time I'll actually have a nice thick dick to really satisfy me. Dildos are great and all, but nothing beats the real thing."

"Damn straight."

"Straight? We're both bisexual as fuck and you know it."

Liz and Sam both giggled as they stood at the front desk waiting for Jim to arrive. Liz had needed to close the gym again to do some cleaning and, remembering how much fun last time had been, she had invited Sam along for a little bonus action. Sam had told Liz about what all she had done with Jim during his massage, and this time both of them would be tending to him. Everything was set up, and with no need to worry about being overheard, they were ready to have some truly wild sex.

It was about 1am when Jim finally showed up, and the girls were ecstatic when they saw he had brought take-out.

"Figured we should eat before we get around to the main event" he said jokingly.

The girls practically bowled him over to get the food, which was making them hungrier by the second with each delicious smelling sniff. He had brought Chinese, so there was a large amount of slurping, crunching, and lip smacking as they all ate without so much as a word for several minutes. Once they had finished, they all sat there for a bit, enjoying the full stomachs.

"That" Liz said, which she followed up with a massive belch, "hit the spot."

"Agreed" Sam said as she laid her head in Liz's lap.

"If you do that Sam, then you'll fall asleep and miss the fun." Sam groaned as she pulled herself back up.

"So, uh..." Jim started out. "Is this going to be like last time?"

Liz and Sam both looked at each other before looking back at Jim, grinning mischievously from ear to ear.

"No, Jim" Liz said. "This won't be anything like last time."

"It'll be much, much better" Sam said as she licked her lips with her forked tongue.

"Now then!" Liz exclaimed as she jumped to her feet. "Let's clean up this mess and go have ourselves a nice rewarding time in the massage room!"


After an hour of hardcore cleaning, the gym looked immaculate. It had helped that Sam had brought along some rock music to play over the speakers while they cleaned, as it gave them some rhythm to clean by. Liz had learned her lesson from last time, because trying to clean the rest of the gym after having very nearly been fucked into a blissful coma was not an easy thing to do. Now that the hard part was out of the way, she was ready to play with her favorite hard part with her best friend.

"Alright Jim, wait out here a sec while we get everything ready for you" Liz said as they walked over to the massage room.

It was a short wait, and when he heard Liz tell him he could come in, he wasn't quite sure what to expect. The room was dark, so he couldn't see anything for a moment until he shut the door and he adjusted to the room's dim lighting. There stood Liz and Sam, wearing nothing whatsoever, in front of a massage table. He had seen Liz nude plenty, but he hadn't seen any of Sam until now. She was scaled from head to toe, and at first glance you would miss that she was indeed nude. Her nipples were only a slightly lighter color than her lime colored underbelly, and unless you were looking for it, her pussy was even easier to miss.

He stood frozen in place, wondering what to do next. He already knew what to expect, and was afraid the front of his pants were about to explode from the force of his dick getting stiff. As he stood there, both girls walked over and started to undress him slowly, caressing his chest and arms as they removed his shirt, then undoing his pants and giggling as his bulge made removing his underwear next to impossible for a moment. Once they had him stripped, they rubbed against him, moving his hands over their breasts and rubbing their clits against his legs, letting him feel how wet they were getting for him. When they started to lead him over to the table, Jim got slightly worried about something.

"Um, won't me lying face down hurt now that I'm...stiff?"

Sam smiled before answering him.

"This is a special table I use for things like this. It has all the room you'll need to be comfortable."

As Jim climbed onto the table, Liz grabbed the towel from off it and revealed an oblong hole in the table. Jim understood then and started to carefully position himself when Liz stopped him with a soft grip on his dick. Before he could open his mouth, he felt her sliding a cock ring down his shaft. Once she had let go, he resumed his positioning and carefully put his dick through the hole as he lay down. He heard some soft music start playing from the corner of the room, and then a quiet clicking noise he recognized as a lotion bottle pump. He then felt a firm pair of hands on his back, followed by a gentle caress of his dick by a pair of soft furry hands.

This wasn't a regular massage by any means, but what Liz was doing also wasn't her usual thing either. She wasn't giving him a handjob per se, but more of a massage designed for a dick. She kept him hard, but he wasn't really getting close to an orgasm either. A sort of peaceful medium in a way. Meanwhile Sam was working out all the knots in his body, but unlike last time, she was making sure that she pressed her breasts against him while she worked, and even made sure his hand found her pussy as she stood next to him. Between the two of them, he honestly had never felt so relaxed and aroused, and that was saying something.

After roughly an hour of this, Sam asked Jim to flip over. He carefully lifted off the table to get his dick clear of the hole, then turned and lay flat. He wasn't sure how things were going to go from here, because this time he knew what was going to be happening in the long run. This time though, both girls massaged him at the same time. Sam took his left, Liz took his right, and they started to work over his chest and shoulders. They slowly worked their way down, but stopped just short of his crotch and his twitching dick and moved instead to his feet and lower legs. Slowly they worked their way up to his thighs, and then Jim felt a fuzzy hand caressing his balls while a firmer hand started to gently stroke him.

By this point Jim was starting to reach his peak, and he wondered if he could hold on while these two goddesses played with his body like it was a thing of their own creation. Next he knew they were no longer massaging his thighs. Instead they were ever so slowly going up and down his shaft with their lips and tongues, tending to him in a way he had never thought he would experience in his life. Even through this though, Jim still managed to hold himself back. He was panting hard and his dick was throbbing terribly, but he was keeping it together. For at least another ten seconds.

Liz and Sam could both tell that Jim was ready to burst, so they decided to share the moment in the best way they knew. They both licked their way up his shaft, right to the tip, and then started to French kiss each other with Jim's bright red knob of a tip right in the middle. Sam was wrapping her tongue around the base of the tip and stroking him slightly while Liz was running her tongue over his tip and poking at the hole on the top with it, all the while both of them are lip locked around him.

His response was explosive. With several loud and guttural grunts, Jim came hard into their mouths. Their lips remained locked, and they didn't spill a drop as they waited for Jim to finish. After a few more dry heaves and some extra licking, the girls pulled away, a nice long string of saliva stretching between them before they both closed their mouths and swallowed Jim's hot cum.

"Well then" said Liz as she gazed longingly at Jim's still erect cock. "Now that we're done with the appetizer, let's move on to the main course."

"Mmmm, let's" said Sam as she grabbed a condom from the small side table in the corner. "I've always loved to play with my food."

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