Katie walked along the street, trailing her fingers along the sides of car after car. She marked them off in her mind in a business-like fashion as she walked, keeping her ears pricked up for the sound of police sirens. The only ones she heard were distant, which didn't surprise her. The cops didn't come to this area. Nobody cared about anyone here, especially not some little black girl like her. Going to a bad neighborhood meant pickings were a little slim, but she could usually find something that H-Dawg would buy from her, no questions asked.

She strummed her fingers along the roof of a worn-looking '72 Chevy Impala...nobody would buy that one, but she considered taking it for a joyride just to feel the thrum of the engine around her...the big cars always had a certain mystique to them, she thought. She passed a '67 Beetle that someone was driving far past its sell-by date, and she idly flashed her penlight over the odometer. 72 thousand, she thought. Sure, maybe after it had rolled over once or twice. Still, the little bugs were durable as all hell...had to admire that. She slipped by an Oldsmobile--'84 or '85, she wasn't sure which--and admired the curve of its bumpers in the same way some women might look at a nice tight ass on a construction worker. She loved cars. It was just that simple.

Then she spotted it. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a flash of red in a nearby vacant lot, spotlighted by an old streetlight as it sputtered and died. She blinked, unable to believe that she'd actually seen what she thought she'd seen, and ran over to the lot like she was trying out for a track team.

She couldn't believe it...she actually pinched herself, just like in the stories, to be certain she wasn't dreaming. There, in the shadows of the vacant lot, was a brand-spanking new 2001 Porsche convertible, cherry-red, with nobody inside. She stroked its glossy door idly, staring at it as though lost...H-Dawg would give her more money than she'd ever made in a night before for this one car...and that was after giving it a spin, putting it through its paces, seeing it run, feeling it all around her...

She pulled out a few simple tools, and popped the lock in five seconds. With practiced ease, she slipped inside the car (no, she thought. Car was too simple a word for this one; something this beautiful had to be called a Porsche...) and took a moment to look around. Inside, it was a little tacky...the seats weren't coated with leather, but with some sort of slick vinyl. Still, H-Dawg wouldn't mind that; the car itself would be worth the money. He could use seats from another car. She noticed, with a measure of distaste, that the owner had replaced the standard gear shift with one of his own--a stylized representation of a man's penis. Probably some rich guy's pussy magnet, she thought as she pulled off the driveshaft cover, feeling underneath for the ignition wires...he's off looking for some hooker or something, and he's gonna come back and find his ride gone. That's life, baby...

The door slammed shut beside her, and suddenly she could hear a loud wailing, first ascending, then descending, then ascending again. Shit, she thought as the dome light flickered on and off and the dashboard started flashing red and green, there must have been a car alarm in there. Still, in this neighborhood, who's gonna listen? She reached back into the workings, feeling for the wires...

After a moment, she stopped. She took her penlight and flashed it down into the area she'd opened up, and a chill crept up her spine. There were no wires. There was no ignition circuit for her to hotwire. The driveshaft was fake.

Suddenly, she decided to get out of the car. She wasn't sure what she'd stepped into, but it wasn't what it was supposed to be...and she didn't want to stick around to find out. She reached for the door handle, but when she pulled it, nothing happened.

Shit, she moaned again in the privacy of her head, the doors lock up when the alarm is triggered. When did they start doing that? And how am I gonna get out of here? It occurred to her that all of her skills in popping a car lock were designed to be used from the outside. She could break the window, but...this car was still a work of art; there was no sense in panicking. She just needed to think for a moment.

The alarm made it difficult, though. It bored into her skull like a drill bit, despite the fact that it wasn't nearly as loud as the other car alarms she'd had to handle in the past. It just kept getting higher, then lower, then higher, then lower, and the flickering of the dome and the flashing of the dash was giving her a headache. She rubbed her temples, trying to think of a way out of the car before it got any hotter...

Hotter. It was getting hotter in the car. Oh, God, what if that was the point of the thing? What if someone put it here to fry would be car thieves? She imagined it getting too hot to breathe, stifling...she could already feel a trickle of sweat running down between her breasts...She had to get out of her clothes. That was the best way to handle it. If she had her clothes off, she'd feel cooler...she'd be able to think better with her clothes off, and then she'd be able to figure out how to get out of the car. She just had to get her clothes off, and everything would be alright...Frantically, she scrambled at her zipper, pulling her pants down, kicking off her panties, slipping her shirt over her head, yanking her bra off...

That was better. She leaned back in the seat, feeling the sweat dry on her breasts and her arms, spreading her legs to let air in onto her pussy...she didn't feel hot anymore, she just felt...warm. She could feel warmth seeping into her body, like it was a liquid, seeping in through her skin and leaving it so...warm...idly, she flicked her nipples, watching the red and green lights as they flashed on the dashboard. The dome light was still flickering, but she didn't notice it anymore, because she was blinking in time with the flickering of the lights so that it seemed that they were always off, and all she saw was the flashing lights, and she still heard the sound of the car alarm, but it didn't bother her anymore. It was so easy to think now, with the sound of the tone going up...and down...and up...and down...and her nipples kept getting harder...she rubbed them now, letting her thumbs circle them, and idly, she felt her pussy getting so wet. But that was alright, she thought. The seat was vinyl, not leather. She could let it get as wet as she wanted...she let a hand drift down there and rub, making it even wetter...the dome light was slowing down in its flickering, now, it was off more often than it was on, but she still didn't notice, because she was still blinking in time with the flickering, and her eyes were closed more often than they were open, but that was alright, because she was so warm and so wet and suddenly she knew she wanted something inside of her, and the gearshift was right there and it was shaped just right and she slipped herself onto it and then the engine THRUMMED and it THRUMMED and she felt it all through her body as it THRUMMED and her eyes were closed almost all the time now but she wasn't sure if it was because the dome light was flickering less or because she just wanted to give into the THRUMM THRUMM THRUMM THRUMM and she felt so good all over because the person whose car it was was so good to her to let her feel this way and now her eyes were all the way closed and all she had to do was listen to the tone as it went up and down and she went up and down and it THRUMMED AND THRUMMED AND THRUMMMMM........

* * * * *

The door opened. Katie was sitting on the seat once again, her legs spread wide, her eyes closed, a dreamy smile on her face. H-Dawg looked down at her appraisingly. Slim, he thought. Athletic build. Not very sporty, but she handled well, he could tell that. There'd be a market for her. And as for the cars, well...he could always find someone else to get him more of those. He felt his cock rise in his pants as he said, "Wake up, girl."

Katie's eyes opened, but they still had a slight glaze to them, as though she was half-asleep. She said, "Hi," in a throaty purr, and H-Dawg's smile widened.

"Let's see how you handle a stick," he said to her, and she unzipped his pants without a moment's hesitation. She pulled his cock out of his boxers and slipped it into her mouth with her left hand, bobbing up and down on the thick shaft as her right hand slipped down to her pussy once again. She slid her tongue around the head over and over again, taking it deep into her mouth, all the way down her throat, and in her mind all she heard, all she felt was that THRUMM...

H-Dawg rolled his head back and shot his cum down her throat. Idly, he thought about how much he loved taking the new models for a test drive.


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