Cartoon Hotel


I remember reading a bunch of stories called "Hotel Limbo" on here a while ago but they're gone now - anyways I liked the idea and tried my hand at it...instead of celebrities though, it's all fictional characters! Enjoy!


Lawrence had no idea where he was. One moment he was in a car accident, then the next he was standing in the lavish lobby of a luxurious hotel. With wheeled luggage in hand, he warily walked towards the front desk to try and get some answers.

Ringing the lone bell atop the marble counter, "Larry" looked around, surprised that the lobby was entirely empty, with a few leather couches placed around, and a grand piano in the corner. His thoughts were interrupted with the crisp clicking of high heels echoing through the air. Coming from the hallway behind the front desk, Larry's jaw dropped as the hotel's concierge stepped around the corner. Dressed in a shimmering red dress, Jessica Rabbit, cartoon vixen, glided towards the desk, and with a breathy voice asked

"How can of service?" With a little bite to her lip after saying 'service', Larry was glad the desk was tall enough to hide his immediate erection.

"Where am I?? Are you...are you a cartoon??" He asked, eyes wide with confusion, and awe of her incredible chest.

"How observant of you, sir," she teased, winking and reaching over to his collar, "I may be a 'toon, but I'm very much real..." Pulling Larry in by the collar of his tacky Hawaiian shirt, her lips landed on his with a cartoonish smacking sound. Larry had never felt something so sensual; her pillowy red lips parting ever so slightly, sliding her soft tongue against his. Holding him tight for a moment, Larry didn't even as he returned the passionate kiss, only feeling in that moment.

Larry was dazed as they parted; she very much was real, and just a kiss from her was better than sex with half the women he had been with in life. But he was still confused.

"That was incredible." Is all he could muster as first. " are you a cartoon? What is this place?" A moment of mental clarity after being so overwhelmed, Larry still couldn't believe his eyes. There she was; talking to him, KISSING him, a living, breathing cartoon. And not just any, but the one and only Jessica Rabbit.

"That's probably best left for your aides to explain, when you get to your room. Let's just see where you're going to be..." Punching something into the computer keyboard, Larry couldn't help but stare at her massive, swaying breasts.

"So you're not coming to my room with me then...?" He asked, trying to get another kiss from the goddess in front of him. Larry figured he must be having a dream, or some sort of hallucination, but a pretty damn fantastic one so far, so he'd go along with it.

Slyly looking back through her red locks, Jessica winked again; "Not tonight, darling, although if you're not busy at the moment, I think I have an idea..." Sliding her glove-clad hands along the counter top, she continued towards the couches in the centre of the room, gesturing for her guest to follow, as he drank in the view of her impossible frame.

Her miniature waist led to a bountiful ass, bouncing with each step of her shimmering heels. Larry, hypnotized with lust, followed, and did as she ordered when she gestured for him to sit on the couch.

Legs splayed open, the rouge beauty standing in parallel to the bulge in his jeans, Larry watched as Jessica glided to her knees, and observed her bounty. Her heavy-lidded eyes absorbing the obvious excitement of her non-cartoon partner, Jessica let her hand lazily drift over his crotch, tingling the poor man's anticipation.

She loved this part. She had been with innumerable cartoons and humans, but human men were always her favourite; so primitive. So real. And the cartoon physics of Hotel Limbo gave them some of the benefits of the cartoon world; like larger cocks, and other fun surprises. Gauging Larry's excitement by his hand rubbing the back of her head, Jessica took the lead and began rubbing his growing erection through the denim. As Jessica kneaded his meat, Larry's eyes were crossing from her expert hands' effect; bringing her face to his crotch, she nuzzled against the warmth of his hidden cock before finding the zipper with her teeth and pulling it down.

Pulling out his cock, Jessica couldn't hide her excitement any longer. Plunging his full cock into her mouth, Larry was in heaven. Wasting no time, Jessica bobbed her head quickly, as though she couldn't wait to taste his load. Faster and faster, she worked the base of his cock with her hands, still wrapped in her silk gloves. Without warning, Larry felt himself cumming; shooting more than he had ever felt before, Jessica managed to swallow most of it, before pulling off, with one last spurt landing on her forehead.

"Sorry that was so're fucking incredible at that," Larry said. Smiling after swallowing his load, Jessica just continued to silently stroke his still-hard cock. Looking the redhead over again, with a fresh, thick load of his own cum on her face, Larry felt himself harden a little more.

Jessica smiled, feeling his cock tense up again; her hands moving a bit faster now, she kneeled a little higher now, with her massive, bouncing tits at level with his member. Larry took the initiative and pulled her top down, revealing her cartoon tits. Jessica's soft giggle told Larry it was the right move; taking her hands from him for a moment, Jessica guided her monster mammaries around his growing erection.

Taking it slow this time around, Jessica kneaded his cock with her breasts; Larry couldn't believe how real all this felt. It was one thing to imagine a cartoon character, but having their body pressed against yours, with Jessica fucking Rabbit's tits massaging your cock, is an entirely different experience. And not an experience he'd trade for the world in that moment.

Moving faster now, Jessica lifted and dropped her tits, sliding up and down him, with those impossibly soft and perky tits driving Larry over the edge.

Poking the tip of his cock from the top of her breasts, Jessica brought her mouth to the tip of his penis, her soft tongue circling the end as she continued to massage his cock with her tits. Her tongue drew circles faster and faster, Larry feeling like a little tornado was sucking him off - then in an instant, she was pounding her tits up and down his cock again like it was going out of style. Faster and faster, she knew Larry couldn't last much longer. Larry pushed into it, feeling the end coming.

Jessica reached in to finish the job, jerking him off as he groped her exposed breasts. As she pounded his meat, Larry felt himself start spurting and closed his eyes and just yelled into the air. When he opened his eyes, he burst out laughing, then immediately apologized.

You see, Hotel Limbo is a fun place, where physics disappears, and carnal lust rules. And with that, comes...unusual aspects. And the size of Larry's cumblast was an indication. As Jessica jerked him to completion, Larry shot a geyser into her chin, soaking the smiling vixen's chin and face with each massive spurt, his white goo dripping down onto her ruby dress.

"Well, I take it that's a welcome introduction to how Hotel Limbo operates, Mr...?"

"Oh, Lawrence me Larry."

"Alright Larry...and I will be calling you, Larry." She moaned as she stood up again, his hot load still dripping down her cartoon body. Waltzing over to her desk again, Larry looked on from the couch, eyeing her again as she went. He could barely move, that had drained him so much.

"Ah, here's your room," Jessica spoke after typing into the computer. Adjusting herself, Jessica pulled her dress up, for whatever effort that may offer in giving her look a little modesty, and she walked over to Larry again. "Room 114 - there's a great view from the balcony there."

Jessica slid onto Larry's lap, draping her legs over his thigh, pressing her cum-soaked breasts against his chest.

"I know things can be strange around here, darling..." she kissed his cheek as she spoke, her hand around his neck, "...but remember ol' Jessica is always here to help..." she trailed off as they kissed again; deeply. Passionately. He bit her lip as she pulled away, her cartoonishly plump lips feeling too good to release. Biting the tip of his nose delicately, she pulled away. "I'll call for the bell-boy to help you to your room...Bongo! Come here!"

Slinking away again, Larry stood and arranged himself as a massive cartoon gorilla-man stepped into the hallway, apparently patiently waiting around the corner for Ms. Rabbit to finish with the customer. She gestured towards Larry, then gave Bongo a kiss on the cheek, making the big beast blush.


Making their way through the hall, Larry tried to get some conversation from the giant bellhop.

"So, that Jessica is really something, isn't she?" He led with, "Is she so friendly to all the customers?" The ape-man didn't seem amused by this line of questions, and responded gruffly.

"No. At least, not with the guests..." he trailed off, Larry catching a bit hesitation in his voice.

"Have you and her...?" Larry pushed the conversation,

"What? No! I mean, not since...but no! Not anymore!"

"Not anymore??" Larry thought to himself, inwardly laughing at this beasts timidness, and turned on by the thought of Jessica again.

The rest of the walk was filled with awkward silence until Larry reached his room; before leaving after bringing in Larry's luggage, Bongo added "...don't mention what I said to Jessica, ok?" before slamming the door.

Larry looked around his room; it was massive, with a king-sized bed in the centre, and huge windows overlooking the beach and ocean. Larry still didn't know where Limbo was, but he was pretty damn glad to be there in that moment.

Outside the window, he noticed some movement - making his way to check out who it was, he nearly dropped dead when he turned the corner. He was greeted with the sight of three gorgeous women, all sunbathing topless on his balcony; they were toons too, but he couldn't make out who they were; just that one had red hair, one black, and one brown.

" this not my room?" The women all jumped, and Larry began to apologize as they laughed, and he struggled to piece together who they were.

"No, it is! Sorry - we were a little early, so we thought we'd stretch out here!" The beauties made meagre attempts to cover themselves up; as they stood, Larry finally clicked as to why he knew them; these were all cartoon princesses!

Jasmine, wearing her trademark blue pants even, Belle, without her Beast, and a not-so-little Mermaid Ariel! With the exception of the latter, who looked like she had been plucked from her early twenties, the other two could have been taken straight from their movies.

With one notable exception, which Larry couldn't keep his eyes off of: they were STACKED. Not to the level of the lovely Jessica, but the princesses had it going on in the chest department, which they still were trying to hide from the man.

"Give us a minute, and we'll take you on a tour of the Hotel!" Ariel said, grabbing Jasmine by the hand and leading her to the bathroom, Larry assumed to get dressed. Belle followed, but lingered for a moment, looking back at Larry.

Running back, she grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the balcony.

"They're going to be a minute...let's give you a proper introduction to the Hotel" she whispered into his ear, before plunging her tongue down his throat. Larry picked up the rhythm of the hotel pretty quickly, and immediately responded in kind. He grabbed Belle's pert ass, hoisting her up and holding her tight against his body.

Soon, he had her pressed against the wall; humping her thong-clad pussy, he couldn't take it anymore, and pulled out his cock, moving her flimsy bottom to the side and plunged in. Belle couldn't keep her voice down any longer, and started to scream with pleasure as the older man drilled her to orgasm after orgasm.

Jessica's mouth was beyond imagination, but Larry needed to fuck someone, and this incredible beauty, so eager and excited, was more than appropriate.

Pounding her tight pussy against the wall for longer than they realized, a small giggling audience formed beside them; Larry looked over to Ariel and Jasmine, dressed in their movie costumes, and couldn't take it. Pulling out of Belle after she came for the third time, Larry dropped her to her feet and turned to face the other princesses, shooting his load at them, and onto their pristine clothes.

Laughing with feigned shock and disgust, the princesses playfully cussed out Larry and Belle. "We're gonna have to get you back for that..." Ariel coyly said as she flicked Larry's softening cock, "But we really have to get going! It's the big dinner!" Belle gasped, remembering, and ran to the bathroom.

"You really should get dressed to..." Jasmine spoke, giving Larry a once-over.

"Yeah, it'd be a real shame if the guest of honour was late..." Ariel continued, catching onto the game..

"So, I guess it'd just be terrible if I were to go to that big ol' bed..." Larry said, "...and maybe get to know a couple of new friends better?"

"That'd just be awful..." Jasmine replied, pushing Larry to the mattress. "...just. Awful."

As Larry fell to the mattress, quickly followed by Ariel, in her soft pink gown lying to his left, and Jasmine to his right, he thought to himself "Well, as far as things go, I can't complain..."

It's safe to say that they were late for dinner.

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