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Cascading Pleasure


Warm and sensual can describe a great many things.

The warm water drizzled down Kate's naked body. Her eyes were closed as the water splashed onto her face and wrapped her up like a blanket. She was glad she had bought that extra large water heater. Kate was the type of woman who couldn't start her day without her shower. In those moments there wasn't work to do or errands to run, it was just her and her bliss. She turned her back to the shower head, running her hands up her face, and into her hair. She shook her hair, letting the water flow thru the platinum blonde strands, making sure every inch of her was soaked. Kate opened her green eyes as her hands rubbed the water over her body. She started with her arms, caressing hard, as if she could push the water into her core by sheer force of will. Kate turned back around, letting the steaming water hit her chest, as she moved her hands to work on her torso. She started by rubbing her breasts, once again being glad she had a B sized bust, no back pain for her! Then she moved her hands down to her stomach. Kate grumbled to herself. Her family were all large, and while she ate right and worked out, she still had a handful of extra pounds around her mid section. A muffin top is what she thought it was socially called.

*Stupid genetics*

She made another turn and lent down, the water massaging her lower back, as her hands worked down her legs. She had bigger then average thighs, another family trait, but long legs so it evened out in her mind. Her hands moved back up her body as she stood up, and brushed against her vagina, and the tingle she felt made her bite her lip. She was very sexual with her boyfriend but loved to masturbate. Joey didn't mind, he was a guy and loved to know when she had takin care of herself, not to mention watching from time to time. She ran her hands up her fair skin, feeling the water on her body, as her hands moved up to her chest. Her hands rubbed against her nipples, instantly making them hard, as they continued up to her face. She stepped back so the water was raining down on her head and sweeping across her body.

Kate let her hands move along her body, tracing her fingers down her skin, until she reached her chest. She cupped her breasts in her hands, letting her fingers glide over her nipples, as she closed her eyes and took in all the different sensations. Her skin was as warm as the water but she shivered from a pleasing chill that ripped thru her body. She massaged her breasts slowly, pinching her hardened peaks lightly, as a quiet moan escaped her mouth. She increased the pressure of her grip while she pinched more strongly. She could feel herself getting wet between her legs and moved her right hand down her stomach. She rubbed her pelvic area, running her fingers thru the small upside down triangle patch of hair, as her breath began to become ragged. Kate moved her right hand lower and gently rubbed her clit.

"Mmmm." she moaned as her right hand applied more stimulation to herself. She bit her lip as her left hand pinched harder and twisted slightly. Kate extended her index finger on her right hand, moving it across her lips, feeling her wetness and warmth. Using her thumb and middle finger she opened herself up. Kate slid her finger into herself, gasping as her body went rigid for a moment, basking in the pleasure coursing thru her body. The water ran down her skin, covering her completely, adding to the exhilaration. She curled her finger inside her, using her thumb to make circles on her clit, while her left hand left her breast to roam her body. She moved her left hand up to her mouth, she bit her finger before moving up to run thru her hair, as she moved her finger in and out of herself. She was so wet now, with the added help of the shower, so she easily slid her right middle finger into her pussy. She began to work her fingers in and out of herself, gaining speed and adding additional pressure by her thumb, as her left hand moved back down her body.

Her skin was covered in goose bumps but the water continued to stay warm. Kate put her left hand against the wall to brace herself while her right fingers worked in and out of her. She moaned loudly as her climax grew, her pussy tightened around her fingers, and her orgasm rocked her body. She felt her wetness cover her fingers and continued to pleasure herself thru the moment. As Kate's body started to relax again she opened her eyes and withdrew her fingers. A shiver rippled thru her body and she turned her body back into the water. She had caught her breathe and was cleaning her hand off when she heard the bathroom door open.

"Kate? You alright?" she heard Joey ask.

"Mmm I'm great baby. Jump in here with me. I think I could be better." she said seductively. Joey didn't need another invitation and sleeping naked made it easy for him to hop in with her in no time flat. He was similar to Kate in body type, average in every way, and she loved it. He was smart, caring, funny, and trustworthy. Kate knew she had a catch. She turned around, the water coating her like a second skin, as Joey stepped closer.

"I heard you making sounds. That or you have an elephant seal hiding somewhere in here." he said looking around, making a show of it by looking at the ceiling, with a goofy grin on his face. Kate playfully slapped his belly, and then left her hand there, just loving the feel of him. She pulled him close, stepping back so he was under the water too, and rubbed her body against his.

"You know what I was doing, but I want more, think you could help a girl out?" she asked in the tone of someone asking for help to change a tire.

"Of course baby. Don't want you frustrated for work. You'll get even less work done then normal." Joey said as he rolled his eyes. Kate's mouth dropped in an exaggerated fashion. She then gave him a smirk and leaned against the wall. The shower stall was far larger then standard. Kate had spent a pretty penny on it so it had plenty of space for interludes like this. It also contained many ledges, shelves, and even a seat.

"Stop talking and use that mouth for something else." Kate said with a look of lust in her eyes. She put her left leg up on one of the ledges as Joey got down on his knees. Kate moved the shower head and pointed it so it would continue to pour down on them. He kissed her stomach, caressing her legs with his hands, letting his tongue run along her skin. Kate's hands moved to his head, her fingers digging into his shaggy hair, while she watched the water begin to soak him. His tongue moved down her stomach while his hands moved up her body and cupped her breasts. He kissed the inside of her thigh and moved his mouth over her pussy. He exhaled, his breath sending a shiver over Kate, then slid his tongue over her clit. Kate gripped his hair hard as she moaned loudly. Joey smiled and rubbed his fingers over her nipples. He ran his tongue up and down over her clit, flicking it with the tip, then made circles with it. Joey then moved his tongue lower, licking her opening, tasting her sweetness. Kate started to grind her hips against Joeys face, pulling him closer into her, as his tongue worked over her.

"Mmm. God baby you always taste so good. Sweet as honey...honey." he said up to her. His hands moved back down Kate's body as he slid his tongue into her. She felt him slide in, her body opening up to his tongue, as his hands grabbed a handful of her ass.

"Oh yes baby. Haaa that feels so nice." Kate said breathlessly. Joey continued to work his tongue in and out of her all the while massaging her ass. Kate looked down to watch as Joey ate her out, biting her lip, and moaning. He removed his tongue from her and went to her clit. Taking it in his mouth he sucked it and rubbed it between his lips. He moved his right hand up and slid two fingers into her. He moved his fingers in and out, curling them when in her, as he sucked harder on her little bud. Kate moved her hands back up to her chest. She cupped them and started massaging roughly while she hissed air thru her teeth.

"Hoooo fuck baby that feels amazing. Keep going. That's it. Mmmm don't stop!" Kate cried out. Joey moved his left arm under her leg and lifted it up. Kate's leg rested on his shoulder and he raised her off the ground. He moved his fingers faster and harder in her pussy, rubbing her clit with his tongue, moaning into her. Kate moved her hands back to his head, gripping his hair tightly, holding on as he drives her closer to her second climax. "Oh yes! I'm close! Oh! Oh!" she said as she felt it building to release. "Yes! Oh yes! YESSS!" Kate cries out as her body shudders and her orgasm sweeps over her. Joey moans loudly, drinking her up as her juices cover his fingers and tongue, never stopping his movements.

Kate caught her breath while Joey removed his fingers from her. He inserted his tongue back into her, her taste coating it, moving his head up and down and back and forth. Kate tossed her head back, closing her eyes, crying out in pleasure. His tongue worked inside her over and over again. Joey moaned into her as the water cascaded down onto them.

"Oh Joey yes! God that's amazing! Mmmm here it comes!" Kate screamed as she climaxed again. Her orgasm ran thru her body, starting at her toes, and going up her body in a wave. Her toes curled, she gripped his hair tighter, she was gasping for air, and a tremor made her body shake uncontrollably. Her pussy flooded, her juices being taken out by Joey, as it tightened again and again around his tongue. Joey never stopped working on her until she collapsed against the wall, exhausted, and almost giggling to herself.

Joey set her leg down and Kate wrapped her arms around him. They held each other tightly as the water rained down over them. Joey picked up the wash clothe and began to clean Kate off. Wiping down her legs and pussy, then applied soap, and washed her body. Kate stood there looking at him and couldn't help but love that just pleasing her had made him so aroused. He stepped closer, his large member still rigid, and pointing right at her.

"So how about you return the favor? I mean I can't walk around with this all day. I'll close it in the car door or something." he said.

"I'd love to baby but..." she turned the water off and stepped out, "I think we're almost out of hot water." Kate had to conceal her smile. She knew she still had 10 minutes before she had to get dressed for work and knew she'd take care of him. Joey stood in the shower, the sound of dripping water being the only thing to hear, with his mouth wide open. As Kate headed for the bedroom she heard him over her shoulder.

"Oh now that's cold!"

The End

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Derek Snow

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