tagBDSMCasey's Submissive Journey Pt. 01

Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 01


Karen walked into the bedroom and Casey thought he would have a heart attack.

He was reading a book in the corner chair and looked up at his lovely wife. She was wearing a pair of dark red, mid-wale corduroy jeans. Casey had a corduroy fetish, corduroy turned him on a lot. He'd purchased many pairs of corduroys for her over the years and she knew the red ones were his favorite. On her feet she donned a pair of black corduroy ankle boots that she surprised him with on his last birthday, and on top a black mid-wale corduroy vest with nothing underneath it. Her firm, medium sized breasts filled out her vest nicely, and with the red scarf tied around her neck she looked sexy as all hell.

After taking a few steps into the room she stood right in front of him with her hands on her hips, striking a commanding pose. Dangling from her left hand were several corduroy straps that looked like belts from some of her corduroy dresses, and that puzzled him a bit. The thing that almost sent him into cardiac arrest however, was the enormous twelve inch strap on dildo sticking out through the zipper of her pants. He'd never seen it before, and he couldn't believe she not only strapped it on without being asked, but must've purchased it on her own as well. It was fucking huge with a very large intimidating mushroom that looked like it would hurt like hell being shoved up someone's ass.

She just stood there for a long moment without saying a word, letting him take it all in. He was literally dumbfounded and his face showed it. Casey was a closet crossdresser and from time to time Karen would play the Mistress roll for him when he was dressed girly, but with her naturally shy demeanor it usually required a few drinks and a lot of coaxing. So seeing her dressed that way without any pressure from him was a big surprise, and an even bigger turn on.

"I want you to strip sissyboy."

Seizing the moment, he quickly overcame his disbelief and did as instructed, and his boner left no doubt that he liked what was happening. He kicked his clothes to the side. "Honey, are you going to pick out a dress for me to wear, or should I."

Her voice grew sharper. "That's Mistress Karen to you faggot, and no, I want you to stay naked."

A chill went down his spine and he loved it. She took a step forward, kissed him, and as she did she wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the top of his ball sack and gave his nuts a semi-hard yank.

"Get on the bed Debbie dear and lay down on your back."

Using his girly name so soon and acting as forcefully as she was both shocked him and made him horny as hell. He laid down as instructed and she used the corduroy belts to tie him spread eagle on the bed. Everything was getting very fucking weird, even by Casey's standards. To begin with, they seldom used bondage unless he was in drag, and at no time had she ever been the one to initiate it. He also wondered why she wasn't tying him face down if she intended to fuck his ass with her dildo.

He was confused and a little suspicious of her behavior, but the fact that his beautiful wife was initiating a night of kinky sex turned him on so much that everything else became secondary. She stood at the foot of the bed and once again just stared at him for a moment with an expressionless face. He was just about to ask her what she had in mind, but she spoke first.

"Alright Debbie, I want you to just relax. You're going to be tied to the bed for a little while because I have a lot to tell you, and I want you to keep your mouth shut unless I tell you to speak. Understand faggot?"

He stared at her blankly.

"Answer me bitchboy. Do you understand?

He nodded slowly.

"That's a good girl, because if you give me any shit I'll gag you." He'd never seen her act like this before and decided to just see where she was going.

She took a deep breath. "OK then Debbie, I'll start by telling you this. The reason you are naked is because the closet with all your corduroy girly clothes is now empty."

His eyes bulged. "What the fuck did you do Karen, did you throw out my wardrobe?"

She immediately shouted, "Shut up fag, did I say you could speak?"

The volume and sharpness of her voice shocked him. He never dreamt his timid wife could act in such a manner, and even though his concern for his feminine wardrobe was real, something about Karen actually scared him a little. She compounded that fear when she quickly pulled off her scarf and roughly gagged him with it. She then took a deep breath, composed herself and continued in a more controlled manner.

"No Casey, I didn't throw your girly clothes out, so calm the fuck down. I gave all your sissy shit to Audrey."

His grunted into the gag, he could do little else.

"That's right Casey, she knows all about Debbie and your corduroy fetish, I told her everything about you, and the reason I told her everything is because of what she told me first." She paused, then continued a softer voice.

"You see Casey, one night when we had a little too much wine she told me that Jamie was a closet sissyfag. His girly name is Angelina, or Angie for short. We all know Jamie is a little wimpy, so I wasn't really surprised, but the thing that almost made me fall out of my chair was when she told me he had a thing for corduroy. I was in total shock and thought she was kidding around, but she insisted it was true. She even described how he liked to jerk off with it and cum all over it, and the more she explained the more it sounded like she was talking about you.

I finally asked her point blank who put her up to it and how did they know about your fetish, but after a few minutes she convinced me she that didn't know anything about you, and at that point I had to come clean. I told her all about Debbie and your love of corduroy, and she was even more shocked than I was. I mean it's no secret you and Audrey don't like each other, and she wanted to start busting your balls about it right away. That's right Casey, you have no idea how much she wanted to rub your nose in it, but I told her not to.

Then after talking about it for a while, we decided that two closet sissyboys, both having corduroy fetishes and living next door to each other, was way beyond coincidence. We decided that it was some kinda sign that you two fags were meant to have sex with each other. I know you've been with a few sissies before I met you, and you've told me how much that turned you on, so I told Audrey that I wanted you to have fag sex with Jamie."

She let those words hang in the air for a minute and noticed that his boner was still rock hard. "Do you have anything you want to say Casey? If so say it now, because there is a whole lot more I have to tell you."

He thought for a moment, then nodded, and she pulled the gag out just enough for him to speak.

"Well if all that's true, why have you given Audrey my clothes, and does Jamie know about me?"

She was about to answer when they heard a voice say. "I'll answer that one Karen, put the gag back in his mouth."

Looking past Karen, he saw Audrey standing in the doorway leaning against the frame. She had her arms folded across her ample chest and she sported a snotty smile on her face. Karen's eyes bulged, she jammed the scarf back in Casey's mouth then spun around.

"What are you doing here Audrey, it's not time yet."

"Relax darlin, I just wanted to see your hubby's face when you told him, and maybe bust his sissy balls a little bit."

Audrey was 26 years-old and a very sassy, carefree kind of girl. She was fun to be around if she liked you, like she did Karen, but she could be a royal fucking bitch to people she didn't like, and Casey was one of those people. He was 45 years old, much more conservative and liked more traditional kind of women. They had no use for each other right from the start, but they begrudgingly coexisted for Karen's sake.

"Don't start Audrey, I told you I wanted you to be nice."

"Oh drop the Good wife routine girl, the cat's out of the bag, he's a fucking limp wristed cocksucker and everybody knows it now. I've been waiting months to humiliate this bitchboy, and I'm going to have a little fun with him whether you like it or not. Besides, I'd think after just admitted our little love affair to your hubby, you'd want me to take charge for the rest of the night."

Karen let out a loud gasp and covered her face with her hands. Casey's eyes darted back and forth between the two women and Audrey realized what was going on. Looking right at Casey she said. "Oh shit, the girl didn't tell you, did she fag?"

She let out a nervous chuckle.

"I guess the cat's really out of the bag now darlin, sorry about that. That's right hubby, your pretty wife and I have been swapping spit and licking pussies for about four months now. And before you get your panties in a bunch, don't worry, I have no intentions of stealing your wife, I already have a husband and I love the little wimp. Your wife loves you too, although for the life of me I'll never understand why. So we're all going to keep our happy marriages together, we're just going to have some fun too. Us girls are going to have our fun, and since you two fags could never find two ladies to replace us, you and my little Angie are going to do whatever the fuck we tell you to do. Got it Debbie dear?"

At that point Casey was completely flabbergasted. He just stared at her blankly, and for the first time he noticed what she was wearing. She was clad in a pair of mid-wale corduroy jeans very similar to Karen's, only green in color. Audrey was a big brawny girl, 6' tall and about 160 pounds with a large set of tits and long flaming red hair. In contrast to Karen, she was a rather physically intimidating woman. She looked like the kind of bitch who enjoyed giving a fag a really hard fucking. Casey had to admit that as much as he hated Audrey, he found her imposing physical stature and big tits quite a turn on. At that moment those tits were encased in a very stretched out ruby red tube top, which was covered over with a green corduroy jacket that matched her jeans. Completing her outfit was a pair of black cowboy boots and a western style hat that matched her southern demeanor and slight drawl.

When he didn't answer, she leaned over the bed, wrapped her fingers around the top of his ball sack and gave his balls a good hard yank. "I said, got it Debbie dear?"

His ass slid down the bed following his balls and he squealed into the gag, nodding vigorously. She then yanking a little harder. "You see Karen, if you treat these little fags like the useless turds they are, everything works out fine. Your husband's inner queer just needs a little training, that's all. Trust me dear, he'll behave."

Finally letting go of his nuts, she stepped in front of Karen and wiped a tear from her face. Karen stood and Audrey took her in her arms.

"Come on girl, it's all going to work out, we just have to give your sissy bitch some training, now come on and give Audrey a kiss."

Karen looked up at Audrey, and after giving Casey a quick nervous look, the two women kissed passionately for a minute. Casey was happy to have his balls back, but all he could do was watch as this woman kissed and groped his wife. It bothered him a lot on one level, but after a few seconds his mind stepped back and enjoyed the view. He was watching two sexy ladies dressed in corduroy and making out right in front of him. Needless to say, he still had a raging boner.

When their kiss ended Audrey told Karen to go sit in the chair and relax a bit while she finished explaining things to her husband. Karen did, and Audrey quickly stepped into the living room before returning with two pairs of corduroy trousers. She shook them out to unfold them and dropped them on Casey's cock. He wasn't sure, but he thought he'd seen the pants before. Audrey sat next to him, roughly grabbed his boner through the corduroys and gave it a hard yank, almost lifting his ass right off the bed.

"Do I have your attention faggot?"

He squealed into the gag and quickly nodded. She eased her grip.

"OK fag, so let's get back on track. When I walked into the room you were asking why your closet was empty. Well Casey, your wife gave me all of your girly clothes, and she did so for three reasons.

Number one: I asked her to. You see fairyboy, when it comes to our husbands and corduroy, the ladies are now in charge. Got it?"

He nodded, and Audrey gave Karen a wink.

"Number two: For the next three months you'll be trained to act like a horny little homo for our entertainment. You see fag, just like it turned you on watching me kiss your wife, it turns me on watching two masculine guys suck and fuck each other, and recently Karen confessed that she likes it too. In fact, a couple of times we fingered each other while watching some homo porn, and we liked it a lot. All that sissy fag stuff can be cute, and I guess because it's so weird it turns us on a little too, but that stuff is mainly for you fags. What turns us ladies on is seeing a guy on his knees sucking another guy dick. Or even better, seeing a horny stud pull down another guy's pants and fuck him in the ass really hard, especially if the stud has a big dick."

She yanked on his boner through the corduroys again. "Are you getting the picture Casey the cocksucker?"

He nodded enthusiastically.

"Karen tells me that you have some kind of hang up about having sex with another guy. Well Darlin, if you want to play out your sissy fantasies with my Angelina, then you're going to learn to act like a homo for the ladies' entertainment. For the next three months we're going to train your sissy ass to man up when you have sex with another guy. In fact, you won't be allowed to masturbate with your girly things at all. No fag, the only corduroys that'll touch your dick will be my Jamie's corduroy man pants. You remember these don't you Casey?"

She held up a pair of brown wide-wale pleated dress pants and he immediately recognized them as Jamie's.

"Sure you do fag, I saw you staring at my man's bulge when he was wearing them the other night, and we both know you wanted to suck my Jamie's dick. I got news for you sissyboy, he intentionally didn't wear any underwear that night because he wanted to make sure you saw his boner tenting his pants."

She then pulled up the other pants and dropped the wide-wales back on his dick. Shoving the soft black mid-wale jeans in his face she said.

"Give the crotch a good sniff Casey, he had these on just an hour ago, I bet you can still smell his sweaty balls in them. I'm going to love watching you lick my man's balls like a horny little queer."

He grunted into the pants in protest but couldn't do anything about it, and as much as he wanted to deny it, the fact that she was teasing him with Jamie's corduroys was getting him horny. So was the idea that Jamie loved corduroy too.

"Until further notice Casey, if you want to cum, the only way you'll be allowed to do it is by jerking off with my husband's corduroys."

She paused and her voice soften just a little.

"Now, if you learn real well, and can convince us that Jamie in his corduroy man pants turns you on just as much as Angie in a corduroy dress, I might just give you your girly clothes back. But until you do, your sissy dick will remain caged unless Karen decides to let you jerk off with my husband's trousers. There will be a lot more to your training, but that's enough for now.

The third reason I have your girly clothes is because I'm going to give my Angelina a little reward. Lately my hubby has been very good, and because of that and the fact that he won't be able to play with your sissy dick until your training is done, I'm going to let him play with your girly corduroy wardrobe instead.

You see Debbie, even though we're going to let you two fags have sissy sex every Saturday night, until your training is over your penis will remain caged, I don't want it touching any corduroy. You'll still be able to have a lot of fun being my Angie's whore, sucking his dick, taking his ten inches up your ass, jerking him off with your corduroys or whatever, but your sissy little dick will not be having any fun."

She pulled the jeans away from his face and gave his boner another yank with the dress pants.

"Are you starting to understand what your situation is Debbie dear?"

He nodded and Karen spoke up. "OK Audrey, I think you've played with my husband's dick quite enough, please move on."

Audrey laughed. "Oh come now girlfriend, you don't really think I'm trying to seduce your man, do you? For heaven's sake Karen, if I want to play with a cock I'll go play with my husband's ten inch dick, not this puny little pecker." She gave it a hard squeeze through the corduroys. "Actually darling, what is it, seven inches? I still don't understand how this wimpy little thing can give you an orgasm."

She then continued in a more serious voice. "Look Karen, I'm just trying to make Casey understand that the only corduroys his sissy dick will be touching for a while, will be my husband's corduroy man pants."

She looked back at Casey. "And Debbie dear, I have all of Karen's corduroy clothes too, all of them fag. In fact, right now my Jamie is wearing your red Laura Ashley corduroy sailor dress and jerking off with your wife's blue corduroy dress pants. He really liked seeing Karen in those pants the other night. I gave him permission to splatter his creamy sperm all over them, and my Jamie's ball sack always gives up a huge load. And just so you know Casey, after he jerks off with her corduroys for a week or so, and sperms them up real good, Karen's going to put them on and make you lick his dried jizzum. That's right sissyboy, your beautiful bride will be wearing a pair of pants with another man's sperm stains all over them, and you fag, are going to get on your knees and lick them clean."

She chuckled. "Actually, I think it might be fun to watch Jamie give your ass a good hard fucking while you do it. Or better yet, maybe when you're done Casey, I'll make him jerk off and pump a fresh load of jizzum on her pants for you to lick up. I bet you'd love that, you little sperm whore."

Karen suddenly blurted out. "Oh god damn it, not now."

Audrey looked over and saw her massaging her tummy. "What's the matter girl?"

"I have to take a shit right now, I've been having problems down there all day."

"Well go do what you've gotta do dear, I'll take care of hubby here til you get back." She chuckled. "Unless you want to take him with you to lick you clean when you're done."

Karen stood up, undid her pants and quickly removed the strap-on. "God Audrey, sometimes you can be so fucking gross!"

Audrey laughed. "Might as well start training him right, that's all I'm sayin."

"Yeah right Audrey, he'd better still have a boner when I get back, that all I'm sayin." She ran out of the room.

Audrey looked at Casey with an amused smile. She then pulled the gag out of his mouth, reaching down and gave his balls a really hard yank. "Oh dear, it's just you and me now Casey, isn't that nice?"

Casey gasped and let out a whimper.

"Whose balls are these Casey?"

He knew exactly where she was going. "They're yours Audrey, my balls belong to you."

She pulled on them a little harder, just short of being outright painful, and her hand was wrapped around them as if she might give them a hard squeeze.

"I didn't hear you Sweetie-Pie, what did you say?"

"I said my balls belong to you Mistress Audrey!"

"That sounds better you little prick. Karen may own your sissy dick, hell, she can have the little pecker for all I care, and pretty soon my Jamie's cock is going to own your mouth and asshole. But these balls Casey, these balls belong to me. You see wimp, I like owning people, that's what turns me on. I know you think Jamie's a wimp, that's because you don't know jack shit. When I first met Jamie, he was sharing that big cock of his around with a lot of women, the prick thought he was some kind of lady's man. Well in a very short time I got him to admit his secrets to me, what really turned him on, and then I made his fantasies come true. He was so grateful that he's been perfectly willing to be my little slave and do whatever I tell him to ever since. You see Casey, he acts like a wimpy mama's boy now because he knows that's what I want. I own my Jamie and I always will, because I make his dreams come true. Understand fag?"

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