tagTransgender & CrossdressersCasey's Submissive Journey Pt. 10

Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 10


Mistress Dorothy was rubbing her husband's bulge affectionately. "Julian honey, Casey was sniffing your pissy pants while you were doing your chores, and quite frankly hubby, I think he liked it. Maybe in the future I'll borrow him from his wife and make him be your bathroom bitch, would you like that dear?"

"Yes Mistress very much. Can I be the boss of him? Can I pee in his mouth?"

"Calm down Julian, if you're a good boy today maybe I'll arrange something with Karen, we'll talk about it later."

She patted his bottom. "Right now I want you to go stand in front of Casey."

He did, and Casey loved having his large corduroy bulge staring him right in the face.

"Kiss my man's dick sissyboy, and ask him very nicely to shove it up your ass, tell him you want it really hard."

Casey lowered the armful of trousers he'd been kissing to his lap, pulled Julian to him by his hips and rubbed his face against his bulge for a few minutes. As he did he begged as instructed, making it sound very convincing, and Dottie wondered if he really did want it as badly as he sounded.

When she was satisfied with his efforts, she said. "Alright Julian, I want you to take your trousers from Casey, throw them on the bed with the rest, then kneel on the floor and bury your face in the pile of pants."

For a moment it appeared as though Julian was about to get stupid again, but instead he kept his mouth shut and did as instructed.

Casey didn't know if she was serious about letting Julian piss in his mouth or not, and he still wasn't sure if he believed the "slow train" thing, but even if it was all bullshit, he liked the way she was manipulating him. He also liked the sight of Julian's corduroy covered ass sticking out, it looked very inviting. He got very excited for a minute thinking he might get to fuck Julian's ass, or at least be allowed to rub his dick against his pants, but he quickly reminded himself that Karen had forbid him from squirting.

Following his eyes, she chuckled. "You like my husband's ass don't you Casey? Tell me you little pervert, would it like it as much if he wasn't wearing those pants?"

"With all due respect Mistress, probably not."

"Oh really, that could be taken as an insult tinkerbell, are you trying to insult my fag?"

"No Mistress, not at all, I was just trying to be honest about corduroy. I'm very sorry if you took offense."

She gave him a hard stare. "Watch it fag."

She pointing at Julian. "Get on your knees behind my husband."

Kneeling down, he positioned himself about a foot behind Julian, and being so close to his bottom made him very horny. Dorothy walked over, crouched down facing Casey and started patting her husband's ass.

"Well regardless Casey, I know you like my man's corduroy covered ass, so tell me how much it turns you on. Come on queer-boy, I want to hear you say it."

Casey was about to speak when, for whatever reason, Julian lost his mind again.

"Why is he getting to fuck my ass Mistress? You told me that if I did my chores you'd let me fuck him, this is so unfair." At that point sanity must have returned, because he shut up.

Mistress Dorothy seemed unfazed and maintained her smile, but Casey saw the rage building in her eyes. She sighed deeply, then suddenly smacked Julian's ass really hard causing him to yelp. She followed that with several more. She was seething and spoke in a loud voice to no one in particular.

"I'm going to pretend that my husband didn't just lose his fucking mind, because if he did, that means it's time for me to cut his fucking balls off and shove them up his ass."

She paused and lowered the volume. "Now, did either of you two little shits just hear a fag being insolent?"

She stared at Casey and they both spoke sheepishly. "No Mistress."

"That's what I thought."

She then relaxed, her snotty smile returned and she started patting Julian's bottom again.

"As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I'm glad you like my husband's ass Casey, because you're going to kiss it and beg me to let Julian fuck you in yours, and I suggest you make it sound very convincing sissyboy."

Unlike Julian, Casey wasn't surprised. He knew she'd never let him fuck Julian, she was just playing with him. He also guessed Julian must have felt like an idiot.

Casey backed up a bit and lowered his face to Julian's ass. Since becoming his mistress, Karen made him kiss her pretty bottom whenever she wore a pair of corduroys. She did it to turn him on for sure, but in truth, the feeling of superiority she got from making him kneel and worship her ass excited her as well. Sometimes she even farted when he was back there. It was the only time she wasn't embarrassed about passing gas, and having his Mistress laughing at him while he inhaled her stink was both humiliating and very exciting. However, this was not his wife's bottom, or even another lady's. No, this was a man's ass, and he'd never been ordered to kiss one before. He started slowly with tentative kisses, but soon the feeling of the corduroy jeans against his lips and the reality of where those lips were, began to excite him.

"Mistress Dorothy, please let Julian fuck my bottom. Please Mistress, I want your fag to cum inside me. I want to be a reward for your slave, please let him use my shitter for his fun, please make me be his fairy fuck toy."

He grabbed Julian's hips with both hands and kissed with more enthusiasm. Dorothy liked what she was hearing and told him to continue.

"If you would like Mistress, I'll suck his dick nice and hard first, then spread my cheeks and beg him to fuck me in the ass. If it makes you happy I'll be a total slut for your fag Mistress, I want to do anything to please you my queen."

By then Casey was rubbing his face all around his ass, and truth be told, he was getting very excited, and very hard. She let him go for a few more minutes and enjoyed his humiliation, but at some point she thought he was enjoying himself a little too much.

"Alright you little homo, enough beating around the bush, stick your face between my man's cheeks and kiss his asshole."

Casey did so obediently, and the feeling of humiliation became much stronger, which in itself was a turn on. As he complied with his Mistress's demands, at times his begging became muffled and he had to back his lips out of Julian's crack to repeat himself.

He heard the sound of her cell phone snapping off pictures.

"I'm going to send Karen a few pictures Casey, I'm sure she'd like to see what her husband looks like when he's kissing another man's ass."

She continued clicking away.

"That's it sissyboy, keep your nose in there nice and tight. Julian, if you feel the need to fart honey, just let it rip, you have my permission. And if he does asshole, I want you to inhale every bit of it. My hubby's like a little kid when it comes to breaking wind, he thinks it's funny, and if he does it right in your face, so will I."

She chuckled.

Casey obeyed, kissing and licking the corduroy seam pulled tightly against Julian's asshole. He didn't know if she was serious about the farting, and at first the idea of a man farting in his face was very unappealing, but as he continued to kiss and think about it, the idea was so utterly humiliating that it became perversely exciting. He suddenly realized his dick was as hard as a rock. Keeping his face glued to Julian's bottom, he re-positioned himself to get a little more comfortable and continued to worship his ass. No one said anything for about five minutes, then Dorothy's cell phone played some kind of song.

"Hi Karen."

"Your welcome dear. I just thought you might like seeing your man worshiping another man's ass."

"No, no problems, he's been pretty obedient so far. There were a couple of minor attitude adjustments required, but nothing serious."


"Yes, I'm very excited about tonight, you're picking me up at eight, right?"

"OK honey I'll be ready, and I think you're going to like the videos we're making, I'm getting you some really good stuff. In fact, I'm going to give you a real treat in a couple of minutes."

"No Karen, no more pictures, I want it to be a surprise, you'll see the videos tonight.

"Um, actually dear, I don't know, wait a minute and I'll find out."

Casey squealed a little when Dorothy reached down and roughly grabbed his bulge.

"Yes girl, you're right, he's as hard as a fucking rock." She chuckled. "Your wimp's absolutely pathetic Karen, I wish you could see this. He's got his face buried in my man's ass and a fucking boner in his pants. Are you sure he's not a queer?"


"No, I didn't let him. I only let my hubby lick my pussy, so I'll have to take your word for it. But I can tell you this, from what I've seen so far he sure loves being a cock whore."

There was a long pause and then she laughed.

"Alright Karen, I'll see you at eight, later dear."

She disconnected the call, then surprised him by returning her hand to his bulge. This time though she gave it a much gentler squeeze, then rubbed it affectionately for a moment. That made him a little nervous.

It was short lived however.

"Alright homo you've had enough fun kissing my man's ass, it's time for you to fuck it."

Both fags were confused and Julian spoke first. "But Mistress, I thought you said I..." He stopped himself, then said no more.

"Smart boy Julian, and keep it fucking shut."

She waited a few seconds to see if he understood.

"Yes Julian, Casey is going to fuck your shitter, but he's going to do it with his tongue. I haven't seen a good analingus show in a while, and I'm in the mood to see Casey the cocksucker lick another man's asshole. Have either of you got a problem with that?

Julian certainly didn't, he fell in love with the idea right away. Casey wasn't thrilled about it at all, but they both kept their mouths shut.

"That's what I thought. OK Julian get on your feet and turn around, I want Casey the queer to strip off your pants."

Casey straightened up on his knees and Julian did as told. "Go ahead Casey, pull down my hubby's pants, it's only fitting that his ass licker should take them off."

Casey admired the bulge in Julian's trousers as he unbuttoned them and pulled down the zipper. She was right, there was something very degrading about stripping off another guy's pants so he could fuck you, and even more so when you were about to lick his asshole. As he pulled them down past his hips, his boner spring-boarded out and slapped Casey in the face, which caused Dorothy to break out laughing. That increased his humiliation exponentially.

When he was finished she told him to throw the pants on the bed. She then ordered Julian to resume his previous position. "Now be a good boy Julian, reach back and spread your cheeks for your ass licker."

She knelt down beside Casey with her camera at the ready. "OK fag, get going, and give me a good show."

Casey stared at Julian's ass and felt a small degree of relief, his ass was cleanly shaven, so at least he wouldn't be dealing with a hairy asshole. However, he was still staring at a brown puckering ring, the gateway to another man's shitter. He had done it once before with Jamie, but Jamie was his steady lover and it was his wife making him do it. Doing it now with two strangers felt a lot more humiliating. It also appeared that Dottie was really enjoying herself, and he wondered how many times she'd made Julian do it.

"Let's go fairyboy, give it a good lick before you stick your tongue in."

Casey complied, licking tentatively with just the tip of his tongue at first, but after a minute he accepted his fate and lapped at it with enthusiasm, like he did when cleaning a load of sperm from a pair of corduroys. As Dorothy played photographer she seemed to enjoy herself immensely, laughing and telling Casey what a wimp he was. That went on for several minutes.

"Alright you dickless wimp, stick your tongue up there and wiggle it around, tickle my man's rectum. Oh, and since you're now a turd licker, see if you can find yourself a nice hard turd to lick."

Casey re-positioned himself on the floor, sitting on his fanny between Julian's legs. He then simply shoved his tongue up Julian's shitter as far as he could. He got a moan and a giggle in response. Keeping his tongue hard and straight like a little boner he fucked Julian's shitter, occasionally stopping to wiggle it around when it was all the way in. Right away he was surprised by the taste, it wasn't nearly as bad as he thought it would be. His asshole was clean to start with, and although he would never say it tasted good, it wasn't repulsive either.

Although, the fact that he was tasting another man's rectum to begin with suddenly made the humiliation of his situation come crashing in, and Julian picked that exact moment to put an exclamation point at the end of the sentence. Without any warning he let loose with a loud fart directly into Casey's face. He could feel Julian's asshole vibrate around his tongue as his face filled with his stink, and it felt a hundred times more degrading than anything he did with Jamie. Yet as disgusting as it was, and as much as he hated to admit it, the humiliation turned him on so much that his boner started involuntarily flexing in his pants. Dorothy erupted in laughter, adding insult to injury.

When her laughter subsided, she said. "Guess what Casey? Everyone in the club, both ladies and fags, are watching you right now. They're going to see you with your tongue stuck up Julian's asshole, and they'll know you're a turd licker. Actually, not just a turd licker, but the kind who likes to lick them when they're still in a fag's shitter. I bet that'll create a lot of interest around the club, and get your tongue a lot of dates with assholes." She chuckled. "I can guarantee you this much Casey, you're going to be one popular fag."

She made him tongue fuck Julian's rectum for another ten minutes or so, doing her best to shred any dignity he might have left, and she was very good at it. She was even better than Audrey at making him feel like a worthless piece of fag shit, and that made him like her a lot.

"OK turd licker, you can stop now."

He obeyed and licked his lips several times, then rested his tongue.

"Julian, stand up and come over here. Casey, get up and take your pants off, it's time for my fag to have his reward."

They did as instructed, and Casey threw his pants on the bed. He then assumed the same position Julian was in, which left his face in the pile of pants. Julian picked up a tube of KY jelly and was about to grease up his cock, but Dorothy told him to wait. She ran to the kitchen and quickly returned with a jar of mayonnaise, then unscrewed the lid and held it in front of him.

"Stick your dick in it fag, it won't lube as well as the KY but I want you to use it anyway. Casey will thank me later."

Julian stuck his dick in the jar, and when he removed it globs of mayonnaise were clinging to its full length. It felt cool but he knew that wouldn't last, once inside Casey's ass it would melt into a warm slippery cream.

"Should I grease his ass, Mistress?"

"Don't bother fag, just shove it in, and make sure you go right to the balls."

"Listen to me Casey, if you need to squeal like a little piggy, make sure you do it into the pants, I don't want you disturbing the neighbors. Besides, I'm sure you'll enjoy a face full of corduroy while you're being fucked like a whore."

Julian positioned himself behind Casey, grabbed his hips and obeyed his Mistress. A lightning bolt of pain shot straight up Casey's rectum, along with Julian's eight-inch boner. His asshole screamed, it didn't like being treated so rough, and the top of his rectum didn't like being stretched so suddenly either. In short, he just had a telephone pole shoved up his ass without mercy, and he could feel Julian's balls slap against his own. He buried his face in the pants, bit hard on whichever pair was on top and let out a high pitched, very unmanly squeal.

The idea that he was being a proverbial pillow biter ran through his mind.

Julian had no mercy and kept grinding his hips against Casey's bottom as if trying to get his dick in even deeper. When the initial wave of pain began to subside and he stopped squealing, he could hear Dorothy laughing up a storm somewhere behind him.

"OK Julian, do it again."

He obeyed, pulling his cock all the way out and ramming his fat mushroom right back in, roughly popping Casey's cherry again, and getting the same reaction. He then repeated the same balls deep, one thrust raping eight more times at Dorothy's command. Eventually Casey's ass adjusted, and he no longer squealed into the trousers. Sounding a bit disappointed, she told Julian he could bugger Casey's ass as hard as he wanted.

"He's your fuck toy now."

She returned to her chair, picked up the TV remote and turned it on. Julian took her up on her offer and proceeded to give Casey's shitter a good hard fucking. As he did, he started talking to Casey, telling him how good his ass felt and how much he liked fucking him. He even offered to wear corduroy for him whenever he wanted, as long as Casey let him fuck his ass when he did.

Casey pulled the pile of corduroys to his face and took turns kissing each and every one of them, grunted in response to Julian's raping as he did. He was in his own world by then, dreaming about sucking a cock sticking out of each of them. He fantasized about all of them being filled with horny dicks, and him going down the line sucking one after another. He liked the idea of them taking turns cumming in his mouth and ass, he wanted to be their corduroy whore all night long.

They continued like that for another 45 minutes with Julian really banging Casey's ass hard and fast. He would take himself right to the edge, then ram it in all the way in, pinning Casey to the bed until his boner settled down, then renew his raping with vigor.

Casey could feel his pre-cum running down his leg and wondered if he was making a puddle on the rug, he figured he'd probably catch hell for that, but with Julian's fat mushroom pounding his prostate there was nothing he could do about it. Finally, after what felt like hours to Casey's poor little pooper, Julian sounded like he was going over the edge. Casey guessed he was about to get a hot sperm enema.

"Mistress, may I?"

She sounded bored. "Yes fag, go ahead, put the bitch out of his misery."

He grabbed Casey by the shoulders and rammed his dick in and out as hard as he possibly could, pulling Casey's butt back into him with each stroke. By then his rectum was loving every minute of his raping. Julian cried out, calling him a bitch several times, then let out a long sustained grunt, and Casey felt a hot sensation deep inside. Julian's ball sack must've swelled to the size of a softball, because Casey only felt that sensation when a guy gave his ass a huge load of jizzum. With one last thrust he buried his entire dick up Casey's ass, then moaned and collapsed on his back, totally spent.

Casey savored the moment by rubbing his face in the crotch of the jeans Julian had been wearing, and he liked the fresh smell of his sweaty balls. Being a little cock whore, he always loved it when a guy shot a big load of sperm up his shitter, it made him feel like his sissy ass had served its purpose. They stayed like that for about ten minutes, both of them enjoying the feeling of Julian's dick shrinking in Casey's ass. The bliss of their afterglow was soon interrupted however.

"Alright Julian, you had a nice fuck, now it's time to get back to work. When you're finished with the rest of your chores I might let you cum in the bitch's mouth again, but for now let's go, get on your feet."

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