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Cashing In


For her birthday, I gave my girlfriend a book of love coupons. I had seen them in stores, but most of them were either too tame or too cheesy, so I decided to make my own. Some were simple and sweet, offering shoulder rubs after long days at work or a romantic dinner. Others were slightly naughtier. The final one, the dirtiest one, was my personal favorite. For one night, I would be her sex slave. She could have anything she wanted, and I could not say no. No rules. No refusals. She smiled and giggled as she flipped through the book, taking time to read each one. The sweet ones were often met with an "aww," while the sexy ones were usually met with an "oooo." When she reached the final one, my heart started racing in anticipation of what she would think. Would she love it? Would she hate it? Was it too much? I got my answer when she smiled. Her cheeks blushed bright red, and she bit her lower lip.

"This could be fun," she said, and she thanked me for the gift. She didn't say much else, but I could tell just by looking in her eyes that the wheels were already turning.

Fast forward a few weeks. I had almost completely forgotten about the coupon as we came home that Friday night. We'd caught a movie and enjoyed a late dinner, which was rare for us due to our busy schedules. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and as we made it to the bedroom to settle down for the night, I remarked that we should to this more often.

"You're right," she replied as she shut the bedroom door and kicked off her heels. "Tonight was fun, but it's not over yet."

The words had just left her mouth as she locked the door. She turned to face me and lowered her purse from her shoulder. I watched her dig around inside for a minute, wondering what she was up to. Finally, she pulled out a small piece of paper and held it up. There was writing on it, and while I couldn't make it all out, I could clearly see the words "SEX SLAVE" printed across the top. She put her hand on her hip and grinned at me.

"I'm cashing in."

Per the stipulation, I could not refuse, not that I wanted to. I felt my eyes grow wide, and I stretched out my arms to grab her, but she put her hand to my chest to stop me.

"Uh-uh," she chided. "Not tonight. Tonight, you have to do what I say. No questions, understand?"

I nodded eagerly. I had no idea what she had in store for me that night. She reached back into her purse and pulled out what appeared to be a small black cloth. She handed it to me, and as I unfolded it, I realized it was a blindfold. She informed me that she was going to the bathroom to prepare, and when she returned, I was to be wearing nothing but the blindfold. As soon as the bathroom door clicked behind her, I quickly stripped, throwing each article of clothing wherever I pleased. I almost lost the blindfold in the excitement, but I found it and subsequently slid the smooth fabric over my eyes. I didn't know when or what I would see next. I stood there, blind, naked, waiting. It may have only been seconds, but it felt so much longer.

I jumped when I heard the bathroom door open. I could only imagine her as she came closer. I jumped again when she touched my chest. She rubbed lightly down to my stomach and back again, her fingernails grazing over my skin. Her hand made its way to my shoulder before she walked it down my arm to my hand. I was enjoying her touch when I felt the cold steel ring on my wrist. I barely had enough time to react before she clicked it shut. It wasn't so tight that it hurt, but there was no leeway. The coolness of the metal touching me sent goose bumps all over my body as she walked behind me. She grabbed my other wrist violently and did the same. My hands were immobilized behind me, directly above the small of my back. The chain connecting the cuffs was so short that I could not maneuver my hands, and if there were any kind of safety latch on them, I could not reach it.

I liked where this was going. I knew she would have something a little kinky in mind, but I had no idea what would follow. As I stood there, still getting used to my new restraints, I felt her hand come up from behind me and stroke the side of my face. I turned my face to put my lips on her fingers. She put her finger on my bottom lip and gently opened my mouth further. I tried to kiss, to bite, but she had other plans. While her left hand distracted me, her right hand forced a plastic ring into my mouth. It was about the size of the top of a soda can and kept my jaw stretched as far as it could go. I could fit my tongue through it, and I tried to speak, but everything came out as a garbled mess as she pulled the straps attached to each side of the ring tight and fastened them behind my head.

I could not see, I could not move my hands, and now, I could not speak. My intrigue had turned into excitement, but now it bordered on a mild panic. My heart was beating faster, my hands were sweating, and my breath moved faster through the plastic ring. "What else was she planning?" I wondered. She rubbed her hands on my chest once more, massaging each pectoral muscle. I moaned with pleasure, and I could imagine her smiling with satisfaction. I was disappointed when she stopped. The next thing I felt was what I assumed to be a clothespin clamp down on my left nipple. I grunted as she let it hang, but I did not have time to focus as she placed another on the right one.

The pain felt good. I liked the pain. She must have known it as she grabbed my balls. There were more clothespins. I winced a little as she put one on. Then another. Then another. I think there were 10 in all, 5 on each side. I stood before my brunette beauty blindfolded, handcuffed, gagged, and with clothespins hanging from my nipples and testicles. Then, for the first time since she emerged, she spoke. She came close and whispered one word in my ear:


I slowly dropped to my knees, careful not to disturb any of the wooden clamps attached to my body. I could hear them click together as I moved. She pushed my head lower to the ground to the point that my nose was almost touching the floor. I felt something run over my legs, my ass, my bound arms, and my back. From what I could tell, it was leather and firm, so I figured it was a whip or a crop. I was proven right when she placed it under my chin and lifted my head back up. She rubbed it over my cheeks before moving it above the center of my shoulder blades. She gave me a swift shot and spoke again.


I stuck my tongue out as far as it would go through the ring. She used the crop again, this time a little bit harder. I could hear the smack on my skin.


She put her big toe square on my outstretched tongue. I did as she commanded and ran it from the base to the tip of her toe. Apparently, this was not good enough, and she delivered a hard shot to my left butt cheek. I moaned.

"Don't stop until I tell you to."

She placed her toe in the previous spot, and I did as I had before. I followed by licking each toe up and down from right to left and back again. I did this several times before she switched feet, but not before she swatted me with the crop again. Sometimes she wanted me to move fast between each toe, while other times she would hold one toe firmly against my tongue, letting the taste sink in. She pulled my hair and lifted my head up so that I was facing forward again. She wanted me to do the same to her whole foot. I ran my tongue from her heel, across her sole, and to the tips of her toes. I did this to her right foot, then her left, then her right again. I continued worshiping her sweaty feet until she was satisfied.

It was difficult to concentrate on my task. Not being able to see was disorienting, and she made it hard to think. If I moved too fast or too slow, or if she just felt like it, she would use the riding crop again. She changed her target from my back to my face to my chest to my shoulders to my hips to my buttocks to my thighs at will. The clothespins were really starting to take their toll. The initial pain and shock had subsided, but the pain was beginning to seep through the numbness. My chest and groin began to twitch. I wanted her to take them off, but there was no way to let her know.

She must have started to notice because as the thoughts were running through my mind, she pulled her foot from my mouth. I heard her crouch or kneel beside me. I could feel her breath in my ear. She said that I had done well and asked if I wanted the clothespins removed. I nodded and grunted out "uh-huh." I was drooling. She said that she would take them off, but first I had to earn it. With that, she pushed my head back down to the floor.

I felt leather on my back again, but it wasn't one piece. It was several strips, and I experienced each one as she dragged them down my spine and gently brushed them on my ass. I knew what was about to follow. I knew the impact was coming. I tried to brace myself as well as possible but to no avail. The first strike hit both cheeks will full force. It stung like a hundred needles on my skin. I waited for the next swing, but instead I felt her hand reach between my legs. She grabbed one of the clothespins and slowly squeezed it open, removing it from my scrotum. The release was simultaneously excruciating and wonderful. I quickly worked out her game. Each removal would cost one lash.

She proved me right as she whipped me again and then removed the second clothespin. I held my own as she cracked the whip a third and fourth time. I did not dare show any sign of weakness for fear of what she would do. By the time the whip came down a fifth time, the pain was nigh unbearable. The spots where the clothespins had once been attached were still aching, and there were still more to go. The whip came down a sixth time, and I couldn't stand it anymore. I gave in. I let out a groan of pain and clenched my fists.

Mistake. I knew she was going to get me for that, but I was surprised as she reached for the clothespins again. But she didn't open it. Instead, she pulled it as far as it would go, taking my skin with it, until it finally slid off and snapped. I jumped and let out a long, loud groan. It hurt, but I had the feeling she was enjoying it. I had to stay strong. I couldn't let her do it again. I was determined to stay silent, but when the seventh came, I moaned again. She did exactly what she had done before. I tried again and failed on the eighth swing. She struck a ninth time, and I tried to hold it in. I tried to think about anything else to distract myself until the initial sting wore off. My strategy worked, and she gingerly removed the second-to-last clothespin. Only one more to go.

I knew she would put everything she had into this last strike. As she teased me by dusting it over my body, I imagined the cocky grin on her face. I had to wipe it away. When she pulled it away, my muscled clenched. I closed my eyes tight underneath the blindfold and dug my teeth into the plastic ring. I waited. And waited. And waited. The leather came down a final time with great force, and all my preparations were for naught. I let out a mighty moan, and before I could finish, she ripped away the final clothespin. She let me sit there in my agony.

When I finally stopped groaning, she helped me to my feet. The clothespins were still attached to my nipples. She wasn't done yet. I was a bit surprised when she asked me if I had enjoyed the night so far. I didn't know how to respond, so I stayed silent. She said that I had been pretty good so far, so I deserved a reward. As she spoke, I felt her hand cup my still burning balls. She took my cock in her other hand and slowly began to stroke it. I had made it through the pain, and now it was time for pleasure.

I twitched and grew bigger in her hand as she pulled faster. I felt her lips press softly against my stomach, my waist, then up and down the shaft. She moved lower and gently kissed every spot that still bore the marks of the clothespins that once hung there. She blew on the marks and on the tip. I wanted her to take my now full erection into her mouth, but I was denied. She continued to kiss, to stroke, to blow, to tease. I was already secreting pre-cum, and she was rubbing it all over my cock. She snickered, asked if I was excited, and gathered some from my tip with her finger. Without warning, she put that same finger in my mouth and dragged it across my tongue. I almost gagged.

She kept her fun going as she grabbed me by my manhood and led me across the room. After a few steps, I could feel the edge of the bed with my knees. She leaned back on the bed and rubbed her thighs against mine. With her hand, she guided my cock closer. It brushed against her clit before it entered her warm, moist pussy. She sighed with content as I entered her.

"Fuck me."

I pulled back as far as I could without exiting completely and thrust. She moaned. I did it again, harder. She moaned again, louder. I slammed into her as hard as I could. She almost screamed. I did the best I could, given my restrictions. I had never had sex with anyone standing up before, much less like this. I could not see or brace myself. I had to rely solely on my pelvic muscles to please her. I pumped faster. The sound of our flesh smacking grew louder.

I could only imagine her lying before me. I could almost see her face, eyes closed and mouth open wide to let out sounds of ecstasy. I could envision her breasts sliding back and forth as I penetrated her over and over. She moaned and groaned, splicing in a few words here and there. I don't remember what they were. I felt her fingernails graze me as she rubbed her clit. She was really getting into it, which only motivated me more. I could feel it. I was getting close, and so was she. I let out moans of my own and gave a final cry as I came. It felt so wonderful. I expected the same from her. Then, she would release me, and we would hold each other for the rest of the night. I was surprised when I heard a sigh of frustration.

"Too soon."

With those words, she twisted and yanked the clothespins from my nipples. I screamed through my gag. The shock and pain forced me to one knee. She finished the job and pushed me down to both. She tapped the side of my face until I stuck my tongue back out. She rested the backs of her knees on my shoulders and crossed her ankles. One word:


I put my tongue to her already tender clit and began to flick. I ran over every part of it with both sides of my tongue. I licked her slowly, starting at the opening of her pussy. Her natural sweetness was mixed with my own cum, but I did not mind. I ate her as intensely as I could. I wanted her to come. She wrapped her legs around my head and squeezed tightly. There was no give. All I could smell or taste was her. She began to shake. She screamed. She pulled me close. She came in my mouth. She relaxed. Her legs fell.

I waited for her to catch her breath. My wrists and jaw were sore, and my mind was yelling to be released. I was relieved when she pulled the blindfold off. I squinted as the light hit my eyes for the first time in what felt like hours. I expected to see her happy, tired face looking back at me. Instead, I saw myself. She was holding a mirror up to my face. I finally saw the plastic ring that held my mouth open. My lips and tongue were stained with saliva and cum from the both of us. I looked up and saw her smiling devilishly back at me. She had made me her slave.

I liked being her slave.

I wanted more.

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