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After our wonderful visits in NY, you decided to come visit me on the coast. Any visit to the coast naturally necessitates a visit to the casinos. I took you to the most beautiful one for our special night.

Our first stop was for dinner. It has several nice restaurants, but you wanted to spoil me and so you took me to the best. I was wearing a gauzy sundress without panties just like you prefer. You had on a nice pair of slacks and casual light blue shirt that offset your eyes. You know I love those blue eyes.

The waiter sat us towards the back at a very intimate table. We ordered prime rib, you medium and me rare, and you selected a nice wine. The wine came and we were chatting, but both of us felt that urge to be daring. You slipped off your loafer and started to rub me under the table with your foot. Not to be outdone, I took my high heeled foot and started to tease your cock. I could feel you already getting hard.

"Umm, David. Remember the idea I had about a wineglass," I purred. Your eyes widened at the memory. "Uh huh." I took my glass and slugged down the wine. "Here," I said.

"Go to the men's room and fill this up for me. I'm very thirsty." You smirked, not sure I meant it, and then jumped up when you saw I did. "right back," you stammered. A very few minutes passed and you were right back, holding a nice glass of fresh creamy white cum. I licked my lips when I saw the glass.

"Oh baby, I'm impressed," I purred again. I reached for the glass and you shook your head.

"Tell me how much you want it." I grinned. I love your little games. "David, I want it really bad. Let me have your cum." You shook your head no. "You don't sound too convincing. Put more feeling into it." I smiled again. "David, I want to roll your cum around my mouth. I want to savor every salty drop. Mmmm honey, please let me have it. I want to feel it slide down my throat."

"Nope. You didn't say it." I put my tongue in my cheek and smiled again, "Give me that cum. I need that cum. You know I'm a cum whore." I must have said it a little louder than I realized because of table of four businessmen looked up and stared at me. You saw their reaction and made a dramatic gesture of handing me the glass. Of course by now, I was totally into turning them on and I made a big deal. I took a little swig, just on the tip of my tongue. I let some slide into the back of my mouth and swished it around. I took my finger and scooped off some from the glass that I had purposely let drip. The whole dog and pony show. I finished every drop and then ran my tongue over my lips and said, a little louder, "God, I love cum. Nothing tastes better." The one guy almost fell off his chair. Then I looked straight at them and said, "oh it's true. I could drink gallons of it."

The youngest one of the guys, a guy around 35, couldn't let that one go. "I doubt that honey." Hook, line and sinker. I had them. "Well, this is a casino. What do you want to bet?" The other guys all laughed. None of them thought I was serious except the young one. "I'll bet you a $1000."

"Mmmmm. And if I lose?" He thought about it for a minute and looked at you, paused, thought a little more and then said, "I get to take you to my room and fuck you all night." I looked at you and could tell you were so excited. You nodded your head and I said, "you're on." Meet me out in the main lobby in five minutes.

You poured me another glass of wine and I sipped it nonchalantly.

Five minutes later we all met in the lobby. "Where's the glass," the young guy asked. "Glass? I want it straight from the container. I love cock."

"Geez, you beat everything lady."

"So, how about we all go up to your room to conduct this little bet?" The guys all looked at each other and nodded. Up we went.

We were all in the room, and they all were sort of standing around 'like what do we do now'? You walked over and sat down in a chair and I walked over to the bed. When I sat down, I sat so they could see that I didn't have panties on. The grey haired man, about 50, was fidgeting and sweating a little. "Let's see what everyone has. Take out those cocks so I can see what the competition is." I looked over at you and said, "oh you too big boy. There are five cocks here and I better get them all." Zippers flew open. I pointed to the grey haired guy and said, "you first." He stumbled over to the bed and I went to work. I moaned and sucked and slurped, making it noisy and sloppy and he was done in no time. He seemed relieved. I took the other two the same way, leaving the young guy for last. I knew he would be so hot by then and I wanted to really make him beg. It came to his turn and I told him to lie down on the bed. I got up and straddled him, my ass in his face, the dress hiked up. He was almost as big as you, but not nearly as thick so taking him deep in my throat was easy. I took my time though, doing his balls, licking up to his ass. I wanted to make him really hot. And it did. He pulled me to his face and started to lick my wet pussy at the same time. It started to be a real contest then to see who would cum first. He worked my clit with his tongue, flicking and licking as he put one finger into my wet hole. I kept to the challenge and worked his cock deep and hard. He inserted another finger into me. I could feel myself closer but kept concentrating. Then the third finger and I was out of my mind. He was stretching me wide, moving his fingers furiously. I started to shake and quiver and then let out a stifled moan on his buried cock. He kept working the fingers and I sucked faster and he came. And he came. And he came. I gulped and drank, almost choking, but wanting all that cum bad. He kept coming and I kept gulping and he kept licking and moving those fingers and I came again. I almost collapsed on the bed. The other three guys were just staring, stroking their cocks, hypnotized by the show. I got up and moved off of him and looked at you. You were wild with excitement.

"Your turn, darlin," I said. You came over to the bed and said, "not your mouth whore. Get on your hands and knees." I assumed the position as you love to say and you started to rub the juices that were pouring out of my pussy on my ass. You didn't really take time to prep me. You just wet your dick and started to shove it into my ass. Hard. Deep. I cried out in some pain since you hadn't been in my ass since NY, but the pain eased and the fullness started to take over my senses. You started to move in and out faster and faster and one of the guys came and put his newly hard cock at my lips. I sucked him in and worked him hard.

Every movement you made into me forced him deeper into my mouth. I was nearly gagging on him, but you didn't stop. Finally he came and the assault stopped. But you were still pounding hard, right to your balls, fingering my pussy and I was wild with lust. When I came this time, it was so hard I fell onto the bed. You filled my ass with your hot cum and the feeling soothed me. You pulled out and I could feel streams of you pouring out my ass. I reached my hand back and scooped some on my fingers and brought it to my mouth.

The young guy stood by the edge of the bed, his cock ready again and he looked at me with a question in his eyes. Did I want more, they said. I reached up and pulled his cock to my lips. I licked and teased him and sucked lightly on the head. The look on his face. He knew this blowjob was costing him a $1000 and loved every minute. I gave him his money's worth. Spent, he pulled back and looked at me in amazement. "Ahhh, I think you won." I laughed.

"Yeah, I think so. I'm going to the ladies room." I went to the bathroom to clean up. When I came back out, the other three guys were gone. Just the young guy had stayed with us. He reached into his wallet and counted out ten $100 bills. I looked at you and smiled with pride.

"So," I said. "How about double or nothing?"

He laughed. "I don't take sucker bets. I know I'll lose." I looked my sweetest flirtiest little look.

"Chicken." He looked at you and then at me. "Here's the bet. The two of you fuck me all night long. And if I ask you to stop, I lose. Anyway you want. As much as you want. One at a time or both of you."

"Holy shit. You can't be serious."

"Oh she's serious. She can't get enough cock."

"Ah, I can't afford that bet. I think you'll win."

"Ok. I understand." I started to walk to the door and he said, "Wait." I stopped but didn't turn around. I had a big grin on my face. I was going to be a major slut and make $2000 too. I was loving it. "Ok, it's a bet. Stay." I turned around and pulled the dress over my head. There I was, naked except for nice spiked heels.

The next morning I walked over to the blackjack table and put down a nice bet. I doubled down and won. Guess it was just my lucky day at the casino.

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